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Doncaster game is a big one now
at 21:53 23 Feb 2021

Putting aside everything else for the moment, there's a fair bit on that one. If we can get the required result it would suggest we can turn this round. Big if, but it'll soon be now-or-never territory.
In a team that can't score goals ...
at 09:57 17 Feb 2021

... it makes very little sense to jettison two of the more likely players to provide them. Jackson and Nolan are hardly blameless where our last two and a half years are concerned but in a functioning L1 setup there should be space for both – and especially Jackson. What an absolutely abject mess, it all just feels like a sick joke at the moment.
He's got one thing spot on
at 22:27 16 Feb 2021

"Everybody at the football club needs to take a right hard look at themselves – everybody – with what’s happened to this football club. There’s no way it should have happened."

Evans can appoint whoever he likes next but it will only be a sticking plaster if things don't change *drastically* and, like his last five appointments, will only end badly.
[Post edited 16 Feb 22:28]
"In the mix to make the play-offs"
at 16:20 12 Feb 2021

Honestly, what am I reading? "We have to make a run for it"? This wasn't the deal – it really wasn't. In two years' time it'll be "Hope to have a shot at the play-offs" at the start of the season and we'll be asked to think that is totally reasonable. This has been going on for years now and there's no sign that we won't keep sinking lower and lower, is there? What a mess.
at 22:24 9 Feb 2021

Before the game I was willing to regard it as, if not exactly a clean slate, then a chance to get a good result with a fit & freshened-up squad and give ourselves a pathway to salvaging the season regardless of who is or isn't manager.

Didn't happen, did it (though after the half-hour I could only half-watch so correct me if I missed anything). No point raking over it all; yes Posh knew the pitch but we were completely outplayed after the first 20 minutes and so the familiar cycle begins yet again.

Lambert not doing the media has infuriated me. I usually have a pretty thick skin for this stuff. But this is the worst Ipswich team of our lives, the worst situation the club has ever been in, and to duck the local media week in, week out is utterly abysmal behaviour. Insulting and uncalled for. Disrespecting the community and town he set such great stock in early on. Everyone should be disgusted.

What the hell are he, Evans and the club thinking? It just gets worse and worse, to the extent I'm pretty much beyond words.
Two really good signings today, in isolation
at 19:03 1 Feb 2021

Just the sort that could add a bit of sparkle to help a promotion challenge over the line. The problem is that it's all just such a mess and it's really hard to feel enthused.
Parrott done
at 14:04 1 Feb 2021

Spurs apparently want him to be playing up front rather than on the wing, which is where he was used at Millwall (as per Dan Kilpatrick from the Standard).
Pretty stark quote in that Serbian fan group's statement
at 11:57 26 Jan 2021

"We came from following our club to having to chase it."

Town should be doing everything to engage groups like this one, whatever the size. It shouldn't take much. The club is very fortunate to have their backing. Yet another example of the inattention and drop in standards that has led to where we are now.
The stats are damning aren't they
at 17:03 23 Jan 2021

Five home defeats in six ... 10 points from nine ... 10 points off the top two.

In the third tier.

Pretty speechless that this is being allowed to continue. The club is in such massive trouble.
Tom Hunt, such an embarrassment
at 10:55 21 Jan 2021

What's that, five of his last six tweets either attacking Labour or trying to whip up a culture war that I don't imagine for one moment the people of Ipswich are interested in. Slightly more important things going on. Surely people aren't going to stand for his quite obvious attempts to drip poison and foment division in the town he was parachuted into and cares nothing for.
Thomas is a good signing – if we take it in isolation
at 15:41 19 Jan 2021

Operates at a high intensity, quick, bright, creative, tidy. I like him, I saw him a few times towards the end of last season and on a couple of those he genuinely stood out. Very good to have him here with all the games coming up. But we are right in sh6t or bust territory now: not a single excuse from the management is going to wash if we mess things up again.
Needed to win that, so will take it
at 16:57 16 Jan 2021

Horrible mucky game. At least when we did put a sustained spell of pressure together we got a goal out of it. Good minutes also for the returning players.

Tuesday is when we see exactly what our level is though.

[No it isn't – Saturday is. Probably a good thing]

[Post edited 16 Jan 17:02]
Charlie Brown has signed permanently for MK Dons ...
at 10:05 13 Jan 2021

Yet to do it in senior football but it's very difficult at Chelsea, of all clubs, and especially as a striker. He was belting them in past Europe's best teams for fun at youth CL level. Good environment for him to do well at MK, I think it might go well for him there.
In three months' time the club will be asking for season ticket renewals
at 09:32 10 Jan 2021

Those renewals and purchases will require a considerable leap of goodwill in any case given that next season will almost certainly begin with very low capacities. Evans has to wake up right now because I don't see or hear much of that goodwill from people I speak to, even those for whom cutting that bond would cause some serious emotional pain. I've said this until I'm blue in the face but, in the Football League, the clubs that come out of Covid-19 looking upwardly mobile are the ones that will be able to handle the next five years or so. Absolutely no guarantees for the others and we'd be stupid to think there are any.

Haven't seen yesterday's game but have seen the goals and have also read Woolfenden's interview. I am always cautious about reading two much into quotes but what about this: "You need to go in with a clear mindset of what you want to do." Our guys haven't for a long time now and it doesn't surprise me if the current regime are poor communicators.

Get Danny Cowley in, get everyone in tune with exactly what is required of them, and we should finish comfortably in the top six, perhaps better. But the games are coming very, very quickly now and the season will have passed us by before we know it. It has to happen straightaway.
[Post edited 10 Jan 9:33]
Bennetts / McGuinness
at 10:13 16 Dec 2020

On a positive note, that was a really good first half from Bennetts last night so let's hope he isn't out for long (I know ... ). Took up intelligent positions, played with purpose, great run and finish for the goal & could have had a couple more, use of the ball in general was better too. There's a big, if raw, talent in there so hopefully we can get an important half-season out of him.

A bit concerned about McGuinness, he does some really good things and for long periods looks a class act. But he does make several misjudgements a game and his two yesterday should have cost us. His timing tends to be a bit off – especially with a bouncing ball, as with their chance near the end. Reminds me a bit of Matthew Pennington, albeit with more impressive attributes and a much higher ceiling IMO but you'll get what I mean. He'll be a very good player for someone but worried about what he will cost us in there over a full season and think we really need KVY back/Chambo inside as soon as we can.
Pretty underwhelmed
at 22:57 15 Dec 2020

Good to win and earned it because of two bad teams we were the one trying to, but otherwise very disappointing. Enjoyed our approach in the first 10 and it did seem that we'd been instructed to play higher and faster. But it didn't really take much to have us reverting to type and, while Burton didn't threaten at all bar the goal and the late miss, the five minutes before their equaliser were a warning sign for what would come. Pleased for Huws, whose performance did gradually improve but still looks way off, but apart from the very good Bennetts we looked so laboured and it's difficult to see how these players pick it up to match Posh.

I came up for the game, wanted to get a feel for things, but sat in Block J out near the NS it was hard to tell what if anything the vibes towards Lambert were. A few boos after their goal and at HT but generally supportive. People want and need us to do well. It's just very hard to see how that happens at the moment.
[Post edited 15 Dec 2020 22:57]
The injuries might be debilitating but ...
at 17:09 12 Dec 2020

... you still don't lose 0-7 on aggregate at home to Hull, Charlton and Pompey I'm afraid.

Whatever that says about Lambert – which is the obvious – this is our lot now til someone takes over from Evans. He's pretty much told us that himself. We need a miraculous intervention from somewhere before it's too late.
[Post edited 12 Dec 2020 17:20]
at 10:58 6 Dec 2020

No big overarching point to make here, just to say that was the first time really that Hawkins in a "plan B" capacity has massively influenced a match, and long may that continue as it's probably his best role. Really good movement and chest down from him for the winner to match the ball from Ward.

As an aside – think the quality of Nolan's finish for the other goal needs a greater mention, ball was sitting right up and so many of those end up in the stand, it was superbly taken.
[Post edited 6 Dec 2020 10:58]
This is just horrible on all levels
at 16:36 28 Nov 2020

No words really.
Something else Evans needs to consider
at 10:22 25 Nov 2020

We will not see a full Portman Road for a long time but it's reasonable to think we'll be back to full capacities in the next year or so. Crowds will inevitably be quite low at first, here and at most places, because some people will feel cautious and – this is the thing – others will need encouragement to get back into the habit. If Town are still drifting or worse there is a very high chance of returning to the 8k/9k crowds we sometimes saw in the 90s once it's all shaken down, with no obvious escape route from that this time.

In particular it's going to be a battle to attract an already hard-to-please younger generation, now used to watching PL football at any hour of the weekend. Even more so, possibly, if and when Norwich get back to the top flight six months from now and continue establishing themselves as the regional power. If Town can't find a way of emerging from this period with a semblance of freshness or momentum then I *massively* fear for us – and this is before we get into salary caps and the like. The clubs that come out of Covid-19 in good shape – on the pitch, off it and in the stands – will be the ones equipped to face the next five years and leave everyone else behind.
[Post edited 25 Nov 2020 10:22]
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