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Better, but ....
at 14:31 17 Apr 2021

My word we are painful to watch when we work the ball into an attacking position. Final ball or decision almost always wrong and it's as much as we can do to actually keep it in play. Fair result today and we looked reasonably stable but there is such a lot to do.
at 20:18 13 Apr 2021

Red card or not, did anyone else notice him sliding in late – and fortunately missing – a couple of times in the first 10 minutes and think "uh-oh" ... ?
Brett Johnson looking to Australia next
at 12:02 13 Apr 2021


Whether that one comes off or not, it does seem we are about to be at the heart of something very fresh and exciting with these people.
Dire, again
at 17:04 10 Apr 2021

Incredible that we're still in the hunt for top six, today's results haven't actually gone badly for us.

But just no sign at all of where a goal is coming from – if anything our attacking cohesion is getting worse by the week. It's a big concern and we need to make some big early additions in pre-season to make sure things have time to knit together.

Pluses – Downes being back does make such a difference, and that was a very encouraging cameo from Nydam given time out.

Struggling otherwise. If we can't manage a shot on target against that defence it speaks volumes.
We are in for quite a ride
at 12:34 7 Apr 2021

It's clear the only way the new guys get much out of this is promotion to the Prem within the next few years. They'll get good people in to try and achieve that, I'm sure, although you also need luck. Either way – the club is about to look very, very different and overall it is what we badly need.
Absolutely abysmal
at 16:56 5 Apr 2021

Was tempted to put a rerun of the Wigan match next to it for comparative entertainment. Plenty of similarities though: no urgency except from the young sub Dobra in a game we had to win, no periods of sustained pressure, not a single clear chance created.

Wishing Evans all the luck in the world selling season tickets because he's going to need it. Let's be real about this, it's very likely to be a second season without mustering a proper play-off challenge. There should be hell to pay.
In one way the club is finally in perfect sync
at 10:54 28 Mar 2021

Vacant, spineless, passive, sterile, timid, dull, devoid of ambition, bereft of initiative – at last we have a team & squad that perfectly reflects the club Town has become under Evans.

It's been heading slowly this way for years and I'd count myself firmly among those who didn't acknowledge it early enough. Hands up, many of us are optimists. But where we are now – a mid-table L1 side two seasons running unless something changes fairly significantly – is an absolute disgrace.

I see posts urging people not to pile on the players and that's fine, shouldn't be abusive to any of them, they generally seem like nice lads and I'd wish them well for their careers elsewhere. But I'm afraid they have to be front and centre: too many of them have failed time & again, shrunk when it was time to stand tall, neglected to deliver when the opportunity was screaming out.

Some of them, along with others who have failed here before, are good players so the biggest concern is that much of this is clearly environmental – the result of years' muddled planning and a crushing lack of belief that has come to infect the entire place. Others just aren't up to the challenge. It's a bit from column A and a bit from column B – but it feels like we've reached the point we were heading towards for so long, in all departments and at all levels.

Weak performance, weak group, weak club
at 17:01 27 Mar 2021

Enjoyed the five minutes in which Dobra offered more initiative and urgency than the rest of them put together, but otherwise

Actually look, I can't be bothered. In total isolation a point is no disaster but it comes down to this: if you think we're ever going to get a tune out of this lot, or that this club is going to recover until it has a complete overhaul from top down, I'll have some of what you're on.
We have to get going today
at 11:03 27 Mar 2021

Looks like 76 points to guarantee play-offs – might shrink slightly given some of the run-ins of those above us although I wouldn't say that confidently.

Means two points a game over 11 games. We managed exactly that in our first 11 but since then haven't come remotely close.

I think it's probably beyond these players. Here's a possible route there but it still requires us putting those teams away properly:

Wigan (a) – Win
Bristol Rovers (h) – Win
Rochdale (a) – Win
MK Dons (h) – Draw
AFC Wimbledon (a) –Win
Charlton (a) – Lose
Northampton (a) – Draw
AFC Wimbledon (h) – Win
Swindon (a) – Win
Shrewsbury (a) – Draw
Fleetwood (h) – Draw
Ex-Ipswich coach doing well at international level
at 13:08 23 Mar 2021

Interview here. Ben is a real credit, he'll go far: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/mar/23/briton-ben-pugh-leading-cayman-

It's just not good enough at the end of the day
at 15:33 20 Mar 2021

Nice to see a better performance, because that was the absolute baseline expectation. But the points made the other night remain: it's a club used to losing, to not seeing things through, to not going the extra mile – and that applies off the pitch as well.

No blame to Cook, who has an enormous job and probably won't have to worry about the end-of-season distraction of play-offs as he rebuilds. The squad needs a reboot but so does the entire club, because things under Evans have run their course.
We have to start again
at 21:45 16 Mar 2021

Look, we might yet make the play-offs, that's very possible in this division ... but beyond that, does anyone really think it's happening for us this year? That was really terrible, as bad and uncompetitive as I've seen from us, even taking the conditions into account. It's a nice team full of nice footballers who don't know how to win, or to turn the tide on the many occasions when they are losing. Wish them all well but wouldn't really lose sleep over any of them. Cook has one hell of a summer ahead.

And obviously Marcus Evans didn't lose this match for us (on the night at least) – but it's abundantly clear that we need a reboot, a cultural shift, a fundamental change in mentality at all levels. Cook will help with that to an extent. But this takeover has to happen.
It is an *actual* big game today
at 12:45 13 Mar 2021

Feels vital for the early momentum of the Cook era, especially given the many away trips to come. If we get the result we should then we're back in the top six and it's entirely possible we could push right on; anything else would suggest to me that overall there might be too much to do. Looking forward to it.
at 20:50 27 Feb 2021

So much happier with him back there, just knows where to be for stuff in a way that Woolfenden and McGuinness don't yet. Not perfect but we exude much greater stability under pressure.
Doncaster game is a big one now
at 21:53 23 Feb 2021

Putting aside everything else for the moment, there's a fair bit on that one. If we can get the required result it would suggest we can turn this round. Big if, but it'll soon be now-or-never territory.
In a team that can't score goals ...
at 09:57 17 Feb 2021

... it makes very little sense to jettison two of the more likely players to provide them. Jackson and Nolan are hardly blameless where our last two and a half years are concerned but in a functioning L1 setup there should be space for both – and especially Jackson. What an absolutely abject mess, it all just feels like a sick joke at the moment.
He's got one thing spot on
at 22:27 16 Feb 2021

"Everybody at the football club needs to take a right hard look at themselves – everybody – with what’s happened to this football club. There’s no way it should have happened."

Evans can appoint whoever he likes next but it will only be a sticking plaster if things don't change *drastically* and, like his last five appointments, will only end badly.
[Post edited 16 Feb 22:28]
"In the mix to make the play-offs"
at 16:20 12 Feb 2021

Honestly, what am I reading? "We have to make a run for it"? This wasn't the deal – it really wasn't. In two years' time it'll be "Hope to have a shot at the play-offs" at the start of the season and we'll be asked to think that is totally reasonable. This has been going on for years now and there's no sign that we won't keep sinking lower and lower, is there? What a mess.
at 22:24 9 Feb 2021

Before the game I was willing to regard it as, if not exactly a clean slate, then a chance to get a good result with a fit & freshened-up squad and give ourselves a pathway to salvaging the season regardless of who is or isn't manager.

Didn't happen, did it (though after the half-hour I could only half-watch so correct me if I missed anything). No point raking over it all; yes Posh knew the pitch but we were completely outplayed after the first 20 minutes and so the familiar cycle begins yet again.

Lambert not doing the media has infuriated me. I usually have a pretty thick skin for this stuff. But this is the worst Ipswich team of our lives, the worst situation the club has ever been in, and to duck the local media week in, week out is utterly abysmal behaviour. Insulting and uncalled for. Disrespecting the community and town he set such great stock in early on. Everyone should be disgusted.

What the hell are he, Evans and the club thinking? It just gets worse and worse, to the extent I'm pretty much beyond words.
Two really good signings today, in isolation
at 19:03 1 Feb 2021

Just the sort that could add a bit of sparkle to help a promotion challenge over the line. The problem is that it's all just such a mess and it's really hard to feel enthused.
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