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What is your feeling currently about Mick?
at 21:17 20 Feb 2018

What is your feeling currently about Mick?

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An appeal for unity - let’s roar the lads to victory!
at 08:17 18 Feb 2018

This is an appeal for unity. All of us together for a big push at Carrot Road!

For all us today at the match or watching on TV, it’s important that we don’t panic if we concede possession to them for large parts of the match. The big complaint from budgies that I know is that Farke gets his team to play lots of passing football in around the back and middle, but that they lack a cutting edge - and that it’s the most boring football they’ve seen for years.

So, it’s important that we understand that from the outset and don’t get on our team’s back, support them throughout, regardless of the stats. Our strategy today is likely to be to let them have the ball, fiddle around with it, intercept it in midfield and put them to the sword. It has worked lots of times away this season and we’ll be aiming to deploy it again today.

Loads of our fans want Mick to go. I totally get that. And we don’t always agree on him. But let’s bury all of that today, get behind the team and do everything we can to help them to victory!

Come! On! You! Blues!!!

(From the bus replacement to Witham)

Edit: just realised its Sir Bobby’s birthday today, he would have been 85. Another reason to win today.
[Post edited 18 Feb 8:24]
This Juve-Spurs match is a cracker
at 21:02 13 Feb 2018

Can see Spurs getting something here
Latitude line-up
at 12:21 12 Feb 2018

Killers, Solange, Alt-J, Wolf Alice, Rag & Bone Man, Harry Hill, Charlatans, Breeders, etc etc.

Can't wait...
Warnock book The Gaffer
at 09:42 8 Feb 2018

Just a quick tip - I picked this up on Kindle the other day (it's just 99pm at the moment) after someone posted about another of his books.

It's actually a brilliant read - a really interesting insight into a manager who (like him or not) has a lot in common with McCarthy and which refers to McCarthy several times throughout. They are obviously close.

I know a lot of people don't like Warnock, but as a guide to life as a manager in and around clubs of our size, it's really fascinating. And there's a whole section on his time at QPR obviously, when it was a bit of a basket case club. The section on how deadline day 2011 panned out is particularly fascinating (and gobsmacking in its randomness), as is the account of Anton Ferdinand's spat with John Terry.

Anyway, highly recommended. And for less than a quid, if you tend to read books on Kindle, it's worth grabbing while you can.
At the moment, Mick’s selection is looking pretty good
at 15:49 3 Feb 2018

Mick's gone imho.
at 14:01 26 Jan 2018

In the press conference today, he was being asked about McGoldrick. Was saying he hasn't received any calls from any managers, so says he's not going anywhere at the moment.

He was then asked whether he would like Evans to offer him a new contract.
Mick replied, "Didz might want to leave with me..."

It was an odd thing to say, there hadn't been any discussion about Mick's own position immediately before and it seemed like a slip by Mick.

Later in the conference a journalist said this meant they had to ask about his future. Asked directly whether Mick *wanted* to stay, he outright refused to answer. This was justified by saying that we have a match tomorrow to focus on, but it was an odd thing to not answer.

Surely, the obvious and simple answer (if it was true) was to say, "Yes, I do want to stay, but we haven't yet had that conversation"

In my view, he's gone. No doubt at all in my mind.
Fifty years ago today Johnny Cash recorded this...
at 11:02 15 Jan 2018 Folsom Prison.

If you have never listened to it (or even if you have) today might be the day to introduce yourself to one of the greatest recordings ever committed to vinyl.
Bobby Robson documentary in production
at 16:19 10 Jan 2018
Suffolk MP is new culture secretary
at 20:55 9 Jan 2018

Matt Hancock has been given the job in today’s reshuffle.

Also, apparently, the new Lord Chancellor is a Town fan.

Surprised no-one has mentioned it.
If Martin O'Neill goes to Stoke, the Ireland job becomes vacant...
at 17:07 9 Jan 2018

I wonder who the FAI would want??
Love this piece on Ted by Mel Henderson
at 16:57 9 Jan 2018

Brings a lump to my throat
Terribly sad news about Ted Phillips - did anyone on here see him play?
at 13:34 9 Jan 2018

I'm too young to have seen him play, but grew up in awe of the stories of his exploits with Ray Crawford, as one-half of the greatest strike partnership Ipswich Town has ever seen. Imagine being able to score 46 goals in one season, as Ted did in the Fifties? Amazing.

It would be great if any of the posters on here who saw him play shared any memories they might have.
Mark Hughes sacked.
at 20:10 6 Jan 2018

Another candidate for the summer.

Evans would love him here.
For those who think the world is ending right now.
at 19:53 6 Jan 2018

McCarthy says he is not actively looking to sell players - “I’m not looking to get shot of players, no” - and neither is owner Marcus Evans: “No, we’ve got to have a team that competes. We were on the back of the top six four weeks ago. I’d like to be tagging along the back of that again. I don’t want to be getting shot of players.”

It’s the transfer window, we have good players, of course other clubs are interested in them.

But we’re not hawking them around, we’re being asked about them.
Tommy Smith can’t get into the team and his former NZ manager has asked about taking him to Colorado. Who wouldn’t be tempted?
A striker we signed for £10k less than a year ago, who we have barely played, has received a bid of £750k and £10k a week. Of course we’re listening.
Bart is the best keeper in the division, we’ve received interest from Palace, but they seem to have lost interest.
McGoldrick has a few months left of his contract, but we haven’t had a bid.

The only deal that HAS been done is where we’ve picked up a promising young striker from Ireland who everyone over there is raving about.

Who knows what is going to happen over the next few weeks. But there are a few people who should probably calm down a little. I certainly hope none of them have high blood pressure...
Anyone watching the Liverpool-Everton match?
at 20:40 5 Jan 2018

How Holdgate has just stayed on after pushing Firmino into the crowd, I don’t know. Incredibly dangerous play.

Any other thoughts?
[Post edited 5 Jan 20:40]
Maitlland-Niles playing well tonight
at 21:04 3 Jan 2018

Starting to get a regular start for Arsenal.
Decent chance of making the World Cup Finals squad?
Extending wi-fi reception - any advice?
at 19:53 3 Jan 2018

I know there are a lot of people on here who are a lot more technical than me with these things, so wondered if there was any advice anyone would give.

We live in a fairly solid, Edwardian terrace, the wifi comes into the front room, which is where the router is. But close the door to the front room and the WiFi reception in the rest of the house is vastly reduced.

On New Years Eve the Sonos in the back downstairs room started to cut out and we’re about to get Hive too, which also relies on strong WiFi (it comes rolled into the British Gas package for a new boiler).

I’ve tried using Powerline plug ins, but the downstairs is on a different electrical circuit to upstairs (so doesn’t work there) and it is variable downstairs too.

I’ve seen this from BT, but just wondered whether anyone has any experience with this kind of system - or whether anyone has any advice.

[Post edited 3 Jan 19:54]
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