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Some sympathy for Lee O'Neill
at 16:52 1 Mar 2021

I suspect I will be alone in this, but I really do have sympathy for Lee O'Neill.

He is in an impossible position. He is the most senior, day-to-day executive at the club. In the absence of Evans, he has to come out and talk today.

But no doubt he has been given very clear guidance on what he can and cannot say - and he has been told he can't comment about any sale.

The party line is clear - we have had no formal offer (which may strictly speaking be true), and that any managerial change is not connected (which has to be self evident if you are going to say there is no deal). No doubt O'Neill (and Evans) would be bound by a fairly tight NDA or some other confidentiality provisions (these may by in LON's contract, if he is not close enough to the deal to be personally bound by NDA), in any case.

Personally, I wouldn't have said all the stuff which seems to be vaguely supportive of Lambert, but we also don't know how close Gill continues to be to Lambert and we need him (and Walker) continuing to work for the club and doing their all over the next match, two matches, however long it takes.

I'm not saying that LON isn't being paid handsomely to do what he is having to do at the moment. But it isn't easy and there isn't a lot more he can do for now, aside from keeping the club ticking over in the middle of a pretty critical period of the season.
Will we get enough points this season?
at 10:53 3 Feb 2020

I was really down after Saturday. Terrible performance, which we need to improve on quickly - starting at Sunderland. It made me wonder about the points total we might need and whether we are likely to get anywhere near it.

Having looked through the matches we have to come, and having a stab at the points we might get, it is not beyond us to get something like 80 points given our run-in. And a recent estimate suggested that 79-82 could be enough for automatic promotion.

We currently have 48 points - and 32 is definitely possible from these games.

Of course, this means dramatically improving our home form - but we have the kinds of teams to play at home which could very well help us do this, especially in April.

What does anyone else think?

FEB - 10 points
Sunderland A - 0 points
AFC Wimbledon A - 3 points
Burton Albion H - 3 points
Oxford United H - 1 points
Blackpool A - 3 points

MARCH - 7 points
Fleetwood Town H - 3 points
Coventry City H - 1 points
Bristol Rovers A - 3 points
Portsmouth H - 0 points

APRIL - 12 points
Southend United H - 3 points
Bolton Wanderers H - 3 points
Shrewsbury Town A - 3 points
Rochdale H - 3 points
Doncaster Rovers A - 0 points

May - 3 points
MK Dons H - 3 points
“Aiming for first win against a team in promotion contention”
at 19:40 13 Jan 2020

I’ve read this claim a few times in relation to our match vs Oxford. We did beat Fleetwood away, didn’t we? Or am I dreaming that trip?

General Election Lotto
at 11:14 12 Dec 2019

As a bit of fun, I have asked all of my team at work (and our extended work teams) to predict the number of seats each of the 4 biggest parties will get. Fascinating so far - 10 votes, only 5 predicting a Conservative majority.

What does everyone else think? Here are the seats when Parliament was dissolved on Nov 6. Where do you all think they will end up?
Conservative - 298
Labour - 243
Lib Dem - 21
SNP - 35
Others - 53
Great to see Ed displays a Framed Town shirt in his office! (n/t)
at 10:14 11 Dec 2019
[Post edited 11 Dec 2019 10:16]
Register to vote...
at 09:16 26 Nov 2019

If you haven't already, or are not sure if you have, don't leave it to chance. Today is the last day to register.
Any indication when the Oxford away match is being rescheduled for?
at 09:56 25 Nov 2019

I see the TWTD fixtures list has it down for July 1, which is a little late in the season...
Your own John Lewis Xmas ad...
at 12:43 15 Nov 2019

Mine would be Ed Sheeran performing January (a number 1 for Pilot)...
What is your voting intention on December 12?
at 21:01 29 Oct 2019

What is your voting intention on December 12?

Your Vote:

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[Post edited 30 Oct 2019 6:17]
Red button on Virgin
at 14:03 23 Oct 2019

I'm pretty sure our match tonight will be available to watch on the red button. Does anyone know how to do this via Virgin Media?
[Post edited 23 Oct 2019 14:03]
Contactless payment in the North Stand
at 22:21 31 Aug 2019

Has nobody mentioned this, this season? A lot of people were very upset when it wasn’t available in the club - but they had this at the North Stand Lower bars today. Good stuff.

It was a busy North Stand today too, and yet the queues seemed to go down fairly quickly. Perhaps the contactless helped?
Flynn Downes suspension?
at 11:29 1 Aug 2019

Can we assume that, given we've heard nothing on this by now, that he won't be suspended following his red card at the weekend?
Fit and unfit players?
at 09:33 29 Jul 2019

With just a few days to go, can anyone give an accurate rundown of who is fit and who unfit? It's all a bit confusing now...
Any chance of Sunderland at home being on TV?
at 09:38 20 Jun 2019

Do we think?

That will be a peach of a game to start our season at home with.

Big crowd, decent opposition, less pressure than (for instance) the likes of Rochdale etc at home.

Sadly, I'm on holibobs. Fingers crossed its on TV.
Gav - any chance of adding an additional thread "type"
at 23:32 11 Jun 2019

Maybe "Music", alongside "Football" and "General"?

Or "Politics" alongside the rest?

I've been on here increasingly little recently, because I can't be bothered with the political threads which clog up the board so much.

If i could filter those out and just discuss football and other finer things, like music, books, films, without the distraction of the pointless, repetitive political threads, this would be a much finer place to be.

Just a thought.
Anyone checked out
at 23:28 11 Jun 2019


I know there a few fans on here.

It takes some wading through, but there are some genuine gems on there.
And for £18 it's pretty incredible value.

And I say that as someone who hasn't liked much of what they've done since HTTT.
Four Four Two mag's Top 51 players in the Football League...
at 14:56 11 Apr 2019

...makes fairly miserable reading...

1. No Ipswich player in the list... (granted, not particularly surprising)
2. Our best player (mentioned in the list of teams not featured in the Top 51) isn't even ours... Trevoh Chalobah.
3. It's littered with our cast-offs... Kieffer Moore at 18, Matt Clarke at 26, Adam Webster at 30...
4. Can't even bring myself to count the number of budgies in the list, including at Number 1.

That said, It's a great read - first issue edited by magazine editing genius James Brown.
Only 11 teams have never played at the new Wembley.
at 08:21 9 Apr 2019

This is since 2007. Almost impossible to believe this...

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