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What is your voting intention on December 12?
at 21:01 29 Oct 2019

What is your voting intention on December 12?

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[Post edited 30 Oct 6:17]
Red button on Virgin
at 14:03 23 Oct 2019

I'm pretty sure our match tonight will be available to watch on the red button. Does anyone know how to do this via Virgin Media?
[Post edited 23 Oct 14:03]
Contactless payment in the North Stand
at 22:21 31 Aug 2019

Has nobody mentioned this, this season? A lot of people were very upset when it wasn’t available in the club - but they had this at the North Stand Lower bars today. Good stuff.

It was a busy North Stand today too, and yet the queues seemed to go down fairly quickly. Perhaps the contactless helped?
Flynn Downes suspension?
at 11:29 1 Aug 2019

Can we assume that, given we've heard nothing on this by now, that he won't be suspended following his red card at the weekend?
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Ipswich Town v Sunderland prediction logged
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Burton Albion v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Fit and unfit players?
at 09:33 29 Jul 2019

With just a few days to go, can anyone give an accurate rundown of who is fit and who unfit? It's all a bit confusing now...
Any chance of Sunderland at home being on TV?
at 09:38 20 Jun 2019

Do we think?

That will be a peach of a game to start our season at home with.

Big crowd, decent opposition, less pressure than (for instance) the likes of Rochdale etc at home.

Sadly, I'm on holibobs. Fingers crossed its on TV.
Gav - any chance of adding an additional thread "type"
at 23:32 11 Jun 2019

Maybe "Music", alongside "Football" and "General"?

Or "Politics" alongside the rest?

I've been on here increasingly little recently, because I can't be bothered with the political threads which clog up the board so much.

If i could filter those out and just discuss football and other finer things, like music, books, films, without the distraction of the pointless, repetitive political threads, this would be a much finer place to be.

Just a thought.
Anyone checked out
at 23:28 11 Jun 2019


I know there a few fans on here.

It takes some wading through, but there are some genuine gems on there.
And for £18 it's pretty incredible value.

And I say that as someone who hasn't liked much of what they've done since HTTT.
Four Four Two mag's Top 51 players in the Football League...
at 14:56 11 Apr 2019

...makes fairly miserable reading...

1. No Ipswich player in the list... (granted, not particularly surprising)
2. Our best player (mentioned in the list of teams not featured in the Top 51) isn't even ours... Trevoh Chalobah.
3. It's littered with our cast-offs... Kieffer Moore at 18, Matt Clarke at 26, Adam Webster at 30...
4. Can't even bring myself to count the number of budgies in the list, including at Number 1.

That said, It's a great read - first issue edited by magazine editing genius James Brown.
Only 11 teams have never played at the new Wembley.
at 08:21 9 Apr 2019

This is since 2007. Almost impossible to believe this...

For those interested in music books...
at 11:22 24 Mar 2019

... this oral history of Joy Division by Jon Savage is out in a week or so. Here’s an excerpt in today’s Guardian.

I reckon this is going to be a great book.
Climate Change protests today
at 13:26 15 Mar 2019

Anyone seen them in the towns/cities where they are today?

I work just south of Westminster Bridge and have just walked to Carnaby Street area and back again for a meeting - there are tens of thousands (maybe 100,000, I don't know) of young people on the streets, marching, singing songs. All very life-affirming to see them all, getting up & out to protest about something they believe in and making their voices heard.

I do hope this gets the media coverage/attention that it deserves over the next few days.
Some Valentine's Day advice from one of the older fellas
at 10:22 14 Feb 2019

Valentine's Day may be a marketing scam invented by card manufacturers, but never ignore it. It tells your loved one what they mean to you - and wins you bundles of brownie points. This is especially the case if your partner forgets/can't be arsed.

In this instance, lay it on thick with a trowel. #winner

Me, I bought my wife (a Blondie obsessive) a book of Chris Stein photographs signed by the great man himself. She got me nothing.

That will keep me topped up with brownie points for a few months...

RIP Albert Finney
at 14:05 8 Feb 2019

If anyone hasn't seen Saturday Night Sunday Morning, give yourself a treat this weekend and check it out. An absolutely superb film, too rarely mentioned as one of the all time great films - with one of the great performances from Albert Finney.

Excellent Supporters Club meeting in London last night.
at 10:11 30 Jan 2019

Anyone else there?

Genuinely came away feeling we're in good hands. Great to hear so much positivity from the floor too.

Chatham House rules, so it was agreed not to share the details, but they clearly are very committed to club for the long-term, genuinely appreciate the fans (I think Lambert is genuinely a bit taken aback - he said he was concerned about the reception he might get from fans given his NCFC history. No problems there.

Of course, I'm sure there will be people saying, "why the positivity, we're bottom of the table". But we are where we are, for me it's all about doing what we can this season, but if it goes wrong it's about building back for next season. And we have the right people in charge, imho.

Did anyone else go?
Steve Bruce - what day this week does he start at Sheff Wed?
at 16:31 28 Jan 2019

There's been a bit of coverage about this today, criticism from Ruud Gullit and Danny Murphy asking why he hasn't started yet. Personally, I don't care if he's had a holiday before starting in the job - and wouldn't if he was joining us, given what he has gone through.

If anything, right now, I'd particularly like him to join very late this week so he can have only minimal impact on Sheff Wed. Would be annoying for their new manager bounce to happen against us...
Can someone explain something to me about the U-23s?
at 14:43 28 Jan 2019

So, before today's game we were 7 points clear at the top of this league. Which league is this? Do we win promotion to the division above? if not, how do we put our reserves up against better teams, to give our second string players more competition and enhance/accelerate their development?

It seems a little pointless to be playing inferior teams and winning 4-0 every week, to be honest...

Donacien starts for Accrington...
at 12:18 26 Jan 2019

... Waghorn for Derby.

On tv at 12.30pm.
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