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You have to take your hat off to Lambert.
at 18:52 8 Dec 2018

Despite everything apparently going against us, he really is continuing to try keeping the spirits up. I felt really down after the result was confirmed today and I saw the league table. But he’s continuing to fight the corner, and after reading his post match comments, he makes me feel there might still be a chance.

8 points is a big gap to bridge, but if we can kick things off with a win vs Wigan next weekend and maybe a draw or win vs Sheff Utd, maybe it is still possible.
Seven games until New Year
at 09:20 27 Nov 2018

How many points do we think?

I'm going for 9 out of a possible 21 - leaving us with 20 points from 25 games.
Hopefully, that will keep us in touch.

Bristol City H - 3
Forest A - 1
Stoke A - 0
Wigan H - 3
Sheff Utd H - 1
QPR A - 1
Middlesbrough A - 0
Inside info on Drinan
at 16:18 26 Nov 2018

His return was as much Sutton sending him back as us asking for him - it was a bit of both.

He will be a decent player in time. But he wasn’t scoring enough goals for Sutton who needed to cut their wage bill after going out of the FA Cup. They have also sent another player out on loan who scored 2 at the weekend.

This is from a Sutton high-up.

Just watched the England-Croatia match
at 16:43 18 Nov 2018

It left me utterly disinterested.

Am I the only one who can’t get at all excited by this Nation’s League thing?
It just feels to me like a footballing equivalent of yet another World Boxing federation inventing another belt, so two (or now four) boxers can be world champions at the same time.

It’s obviously a massive money making exercise, it means we’ll have two European Champions at the same time and I just don’t buy the “excitement of the various permutations”... in 10 minutes Croatia went from being “one of the best 4 teams in Europe” (according to Sky) to being relegated. What the...?

Sky are hammering it to death of course... I look forward to them selling Ireland vs Austria now, the definition of a dead rubber.
Today’s United Nations report on poverty in the Uk
at 14:04 17 Nov 2018

I have long since given up on discussing political issues on here, or raising topics outside of football (on the whole). It seems to me that people are most entrenched in their views and discussing on here rarely (if ever) persuades people to think otherwise.

But this story shocked me today and I would just ask people to read it and view the video. You’ll notice I have posted both the Guardian and Telegraph story, in case any thinks this is just the reflecting the agenda of one media outlet,

I just wish we lived in a time when we had a Government who would hear feedback like this and at least consider it worthwhile to look into the assertions made in this report and, if genuine, try to do something about it.
What age do players have to be to play in the FA Youth Cup?
at 08:22 16 Nov 2018

Just wondering which of our excellent kids will be eligible and whether we’ll consider playing our best team, including those who might have broken into the first team squad...
Went down to Shrouds Of The Somme this morning.
at 12:05 11 Nov 2018

It really is quite something.

It’s in the Olympic Park in Stratford. If you are in or around London over the next few days and have the chance to pop along, do take some time to do so.
A hearty welcome to Larry Lambert
at 09:13 27 Oct 2018

Let’s get behind him and climb that table.

Fascinated to see how involved he is today. Will he intervene if things start to go wrong, will he go into the dressing room pre-match, guide our choice of formation etc?

Looking forward today even more.
First and foremost...
at 22:16 25 Oct 2018

I’m so glad Paul_knows won’t have to change his user name...

Phil, presumably this is a typo...
at 14:08 23 Oct 2018

'Quizzed on whether he has had any feedback from Evans following Saturday’s match, which he attended, he said: “No, I have spoken to him since Saturday.”'

Presumably he said "I haven't spoken to him since Saturday"??
[Post edited 23 Oct 14:09]
Hurst has to get some serious points from the next 4 games
at 22:34 20 Oct 2018

I wasn’t at today’s game (badly scheduled family wedding to attend) but I thought we needed 8/9 points from the five games before the next international break, for us to be still in with a fighting chance of staying up.

We now need 8/9 from the next 12 points. If we lose vs Leeds, we’ll need 8/9 from the next 9 points.

It gives me no pleasure to say this, but Hurst is a dead man walking.
Just my opinion.
Bit personal about Eugenie, this...
at 13:49 12 Oct 2018
So pleased for Trevoh
at 15:47 8 Oct 2018

Must be quite a thing, to score the winner in your first first team win.
The Essex Serpent
at 13:51 8 Oct 2018

Has anyone else read it? If not, do yourself a favour - it's great!

It's an historical novel set in and around Colchester, about an ancient creature, previously believed mythological, which is awoken fro its slumber by an earthquake in the area. It's written by Sarah Perry, who hails from Chelmsford, and won the Waterstones book of the year a couple of years back.

Given where it is set, I thought it might have come up on here, but I haven't seen anything about it.
This story linking Dozzell with Arsenal//Spurs
at 12:06 7 Oct 2018

I guarantee you, this is total and utter guesswork. Not even worth worrying about for a second.

Look at the wording of the final sentence of the story...
It says that Dozzell has played in two matches this week and then adds:
“And Dozzell’s comeback is sure to send top-flight scouts flocking back to Portman Road.”

“Is sure”... in other words a total guess by the reporter. Spurs and Arsenal have done and said nothing.
Important not to get carried away
at 19:47 6 Oct 2018

PH is absolutely right in his post match interview. That’s one win, but we need more, probably 10 more in the 34 games - one win in three, absolute minimum.

So pleased for Hurst and the team today. Andy Legg on BBC Suffolk seemed to be suggesting that, going forward, our midfield and attack were linking up well, which is where our problem has been until now. If so, that’s great news.

But the next five games are critical. As well as Leeds, we play QPR, Millwall, Preston and Reading, four teams who are in and around us and who we have to take decent points from. There’s no point winning today if we do a Hull/Rotherham. If we don’t take 7/8 points from those four games, we will be back where we started.

You know what else I’d like to see? If it is correct that Hurst is going to get more time, I’d like Chambers to come out and do an interview putting to bed some of the rumours which have been going about, telling us all that the players are fully behind Hurst and his team, that they believe they have it in them to win the 10-15 games needed to keep us in this division.

Is it correct that we don’t practice set piece defending?
at 08:14 30 Sep 2018

Someone tweeted or posted something suggesting Paul Hurst has said that we don’t do specific practice, it’s down to the players to get themselves organised. Is this right? Anyone got any evidence of this?

If true, it’s nuts, especially when you see how many set pieces goals we’ve conceded...
Grant Ward is one of my current favourites
at 17:51 20 Sep 2018

Does anyone else have a slightly unusual favourite from our current crop of players?

I know he's not everyone's favourite, but I really like him as a player. He glides across the pitch, has really good touch, nice turn of pace etc. He seemed to go into his shell a bit after scoring a hat-trick on his debut. He seemed to stop doing the obvious and as reluctant to shoot on sight.

He's one of our players who i really think could do something under the current manager, who could really come out of his shell.
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