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Food and Drink
at 08:11 11 Sep 2021

What are they like now a days with letting you take your own food and soft drinks into the ground?

I’m aware I’m acting as though I haven’t ever been to a game before.
What time does the ground open?
at 16:15 4 Sep 2021

Going to go to my first game post-COVID next week (wow look at me), but would like to get there early and watch the crowd enter, look around, get to see the players warming up.

I used to turn up 5 mins before every week and want to soak it up (+ it will help remove the final few nerves I think).

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at 12:23 18 Aug 2021

Never forgotten. Today especially, but everyday.

Love to Pagan, Will, Newcy and all others.
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Cook in.
at 21:43 17 Aug 2021

at 20:04 17 Aug 2021

Is a player reborn.

Love him.
Just a miss kick under pressure wasn’t it.
at 20:02 17 Aug 2021

Poor miss obviously - but no different to what happens all over the pitch when someone miss kicks it.

I’m back just to say…YES ALEX. (n/t)
at 17:16 14 Aug 2021

Byeeeeeeee (n/t)
at 17:03 14 Aug 2021

Online radio stream?
at 14:21 7 Aug 2021

Legal obvs.

Any way of listening? I’m on a train and know Suffolk will cut off on my phone at 3….

Thank you!
Anybody else constantly going back and forth..
at 16:34 4 Aug 2021

about going Saturday?

I don’t want this to turn into a COVID worrier/COVID denier thread. Just curious. I want so desperately to go and see the dawn of the new era, but find it all a bit much.

Would be good to know I’m not alone!
Time for my annual Friends query.
at 20:57 13 Jul 2021

Just watching the episode where Ross meets Mona at Monica and Chandler’s wedding.

She says she works at Monica’s restaurant, and presumably she knew her well enough to be invited to the wedding…yet Monica and her never seem close during her relationship with Ross, nor is Monica particularly bothered when they split up.

What do you all think? I’d love to know your thoughts, thanks so much.
Rashford and his present…
at 17:50 13 Jul 2021

Has this been covered on here?

Such a fantastic role model and all round wonderful person.

The content of the letter was so important, more so than the gift:

“ We are not kind to be noticed. We are kind because it's the right thing to do. It feels good to help others. I've been so proud reading stories on my Twitter about the work you have been doing, and how it has helped people in the last year. To show my appreciation, I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged these kind gestures with a gift.

Not all gestures are going to be rewarded but know that you are appreciated, and every time you look at this gift remember how good it feels to look out for others."
Logging off.
at 23:02 11 Jul 2021

Can’t handle people losing it.

Well done England; well done Gareth.

One step closer.

[Post edited 11 Jul 23:02]
“I know people think they’re smart and they’re clever and they leak things
at 10:48 9 Jul 2021

out on social media to try and be the first to announce something, but let me be really clear to the fans – that hurts Ipswich Town Football Club. It really, really hurts us, because it sets us back in the deal"
[Post edited 9 Jul 10:48]
I honestly can’t believe this Celina thing!
at 10:06 3 Jul 2021

But it seems to have legs. Absolutely mad.
First Time Buyer - Advice.
at 22:12 27 Jun 2021

Hey TWTD-hivemind,

You’ve probably gathered that I worry and overthink EVERYTHING, but I think this sort of thing is justified in this instance!

I have rented for the last 12 years but in a month or two will be in a position to seriously start looking for a house to buy with my partner. I also appreciate this last year has been hell for a lot of people, so I’m sorry if this seems tone deaf.

We looked into it a few years ago, but not really in any meaningful way.

I feel a bit of over my head, am worried about getting it wrong, about missing something and also literally where to start. Do I get a mortgage advisor? Do I do some soft-applications online?

I find talking to someone in person much easier and am also terrified of getting it wrong, subsidence, damp, surveys, missing things etc.

If anyone fancies reaching out or give some high-level advise about where to start, that would be great. I’ve disappeared down a Google wormhole and feel worse!

Thank you.
Birders: Hoopoes
at 12:55 24 Jun 2021

Hi TWTD birders,

I have set myself a target to finally see a Hoopoe this year. I have wanted to see one for about 27 years now. I always seem to miss them/never find out until after they have flown and left Suffolk.

I used to check BINs regularly, and was a much more active birder a few years ago (when doing an internship at the RSPB) but life has sort of got in the way.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for sites to monitor? I'm a bit out of the game now.

Alternatively if anyone becomes aware of one being spotted, please feel free to contact me!!!

Thank you TWTB.
Jabby Jab Jab Advice
at 22:16 21 Jun 2021

I had my first one 22nd May, but I’ve now been offered my second one this Thursday.

That seems soon to me, but I haven’t actually been keeping up with it since it moved from 12 weeks.

Is that about right now?

Here I am, enjoying a lovely afternoon and watching the footy and PL pops up.
at 13:42 14 Jun 2021

Actively makes me recoil.
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