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Turning level 3.0 tomorrow
at 18:08 7 Jan 2022

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My PCR result came back this morning
at 16:41 22 Dec 2021

and it's positive (no surprises there). I'm 48 hours into symptoms now, and it's still like a moderate cold. Questions to anyone else who has had it lately: Were your symptoms similar? Did they get worse? How long did they last?

Or does that all just depend largely on what version you get?
at 14:50 20 Dec 2021

Just tested positive on a LFT after feeling cold-like since yesterday. That's my Christmas getaway off. I knew I shouldn't have gone to PR on Saturday; I bet that's where I've caught it.

Following my recent struggles in the past few months, which I've posted about on here, I'm feeling really f**king fed up with life.

And probably more restrictions to come for us to 'look forward to'.

Someone end me please.
Just got tricked by a scam text - Urgent advice please
at 20:13 12 Dec 2021

I received the following text earlier:

PostOffice: Sorry we missed you today at 14:26 PM on 12/12. Please schedule a re-delivery for your parcel via: [link removed].

Despite not having ordered anything, it looked completely legit and I put in my card details, DOB, and name to pay a 're-delivery' fee. I'm not sure what I was thinking; perhaps that someone had sent me something, and that my phone number was in the delivery info somewhere.

I've since Googled this and have seen that it is indeed a scam.

I've transferred all the funds that were in this account into another account, so there's £0 in there if anyone gains access.

Is this enough to ensure I am 'safe' or is there anything else I can/should do?

I've tried calling the Halifax for their advice but they said I'll be waiting an hour or more (hence why I am posting about about on here in the meantime).

I feel very dumb, or like a 90-year old who fell for it a good'un.
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Tallinn recommendations
at 16:54 21 Nov 2021

I'll be there for a few days over Christmas. Can anyone recommend anything specific to do/visit*/eat etc?

* apart from the obvious Christmas Market.

Thanks in advance.
Is Warsaw a decent place for a break?
at 10:45 27 Oct 2021

I'm in desperate need of a few days away, somewhere cheap. Looking at Warsaw, as it looks nice and has a bit of Second World War history to it, which I'm interested in. I'd be going by myself, for a few days.

I've been to Krakow before, but would rather go somewhere new.

Can anyone recommend it?
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The emotional impact of football.
at 17:43 23 Oct 2021

I posted on here a few weeks ago about my recent struggles with mental health, following the death of my Dad after a long illness, and then my relationship with my girlfriend breaking down.

The last few weeks in particular have been really dark and really difficult. My head has been a horrible place to be at times.

I was in tears this morning yet again, and my brother bought me a ticket to go with him to the match today (my first time at PR for over 3 years). I used to go regularly with my Dad/brother but had lost interest in recent years (no surprise).

Anyway, what I wanted to say was when Celina's goal went in it was the first time I had felt 'alive' and a genuine flood of positive emotions in the last couple of months, to the point where it made me well up a bit, just remembering that it is possible to feel good again.

Have a good evening all.
Just received my new blue passport!!
at 14:54 8 Oct 2021

Anyone else?!

Piece of worthless cr@p. Can I exchange for another red one?
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Where in Ipswich or Felixstowe can I buy diesel?
at 16:39 30 Sep 2021

Serious answers please :). The absolute state of the UK in 2021 - having to ask where you might be able to get some fuel.

at 17:27 2 Sep 2021

Even by my own naturally depressive standards I am thoroughly unhappy at present and wondered if anyone can give me any practical tips please?

I have been through a lot recently. I lost my Dad in May after a traumatic 9 months, and 5 weeks ago me and my girlfriend broke up.

I've had no appetite for the last month and it takes me about 3-4x as long as usual to eat my meals, which are all smaller portions. A feeling of sickness/nausea/anxiety is present in my stomach about 90% of the time.

I'm currently not doing a lot because since finishing University 2 weeks ago I've at least another 5-6 weeks until I start my first post-grad job (although I'm in late 20s so have worked before).

I am occassionaly doing some of my exercise/activity-related hobbies but even that's a struggle as I'm not eating much.

Socially I am very isolated since moving back to my hometown from where I was for University. I do see people once a week when I go to [sporting activity], but my closest friends live quite far away and I'm not seeing them a lot lately. Also now I'm obviously not spending time with my girlfriend either, and I'm not feeling entirely like getting out there at the moment and meeting someone new.

I did go and see a counsellor recently (someone I've seen before) but there's not really a lot at the moment that they can really help me with as I talk about things on the phone/text with friends every now and again which has the same effect of getting it out of the system I guess.

I have 'thoughts' quite often but for me that's quite normal and nothing I am really alarmed about. I don't want to go to the Docs to get any medication because it's just like sticking a plaster on top and numbs me to the point of feeling nothing (would rather feel at least something).

Is it just a case of 'give it time' and 'keep busy'? If so I am trying to be productive but there's not a lot I either need or want to do at the moment. The last 2 or 3 days I've spent most of my time sitting on the sofa flicking through the TV/laptop for hours on end. I go for a long walk every day as a bare minimum, but that only kills half an hour.

Maybe I could look for some sort of voluntary work or something as a way to keep a bit busier and interact with more people.

Like I say, I have a long history with depression, but at the moment I have actual 'things' which have been stacked on top of that.

Just fairly angry with the world most of the time lately and fancied a rant and a request for advice. Thanks.
[Post edited 3 Sep 2021 10:15]
EU-based organisations for UK healthcare-qualified applicant
at 12:38 2 Sep 2021

Afternoon all. Huge long shot, but thought I would post on here as my own research isn't going too well, on the small chance someone can suggest something.

I qualified a couple of weeks ago with a physiotherapy degree, and for some months I have been doing research into job opportunities on the continent for someone with my level/type of qualification, for really any type of healthcare/public health type roles.

I've pretty much drawn a blank so far, having checked out organisations such as WHO, for example.

I would also be willing to use my degree to get a job in another different industry on the continent, if anyone is aware of any jobs/companies for English speakers which require a degree qualification of any description.

A bit vague in places, but basically, does anyone know anywhere I could look at as an English speaker, re working in Europe as a university graduate (even if the specific field is relevant or not)? I do speak intermediate French as well, although I'm a bit rusty at the moment.

Any pointers hugely welcome. Thank you.
According to my poll from about three years ago
at 18:47 5 Jul 2021

42% of the population believe that the Third World War will happen before Town reach the Premiership or England win another major tournament.

Does anyone dream to update their vote?
at 19:47 28 Jun 2021

Why are so many people so confident that he's a good signing and going to be an important player for us on the push to the Championship?

He's 30, and his last two clubs were St Mirren, and a League 2 club.

I thought we were going for high League 1/Championship standard players, with more of a proven record at these levels.

What am I missing? Has anyone seen him play and confirm he's that good? Is he notably better than Holy and/or Cornell?

These are genuine questions. I'm not being negative. I want zero down arrows from this post.
[Post edited 28 Jun 2021 19:47]
Flu could be a bigger problem than Covid this winter, expert warns
at 09:43 21 Jun 2021

So will/should our winter lockdown this year be to protect the NHS from Covid, or flu, or both?
Johnson on Delta variant
at 12:14 16 Jun 2021

'We took the most drastic steps possible to put India on the Red List before that variant was even identified', and saying how well the government now understand the variant.

That's OK then and the issue is all cleared up now. Can't blame them for not realising that the scenes in India might have been caused by a new variant. Sounds like it was a good option to let it flow into the UK so that we can confirm it was a new variant and be able to better understand it.

Good to see Starmer slating him for this. Not surprising to see the turd completely swerving the questions.
[Post edited 16 Jun 2021 12:14]
Cities with a large population (250k-500k +)
at 12:48 14 Jun 2021

which still feel very spacious/relaxed/friendly. No upper limit to population size. Bonus if in easy reach of picturesque scenery and nature. Answers on a postcard please.

A preference for suggestions in the following order:

1) Europe
2) UK
3) North America
4) Rest of the world


Edited to 250k-500k+ to cover a broader minimum level.
[Post edited 14 Jun 2021 13:02]
Anyone graduating soon?
at 17:32 10 Jun 2021

Looks like I'll be getting a 2:1 from my BSc Physiotherapy degree in the summer (barring either a complete miracle or a complete disaster at this point).

Part of me is almost disappointed that it's not going to be a 1:1, but given the fact it has been a pretty traumatic time in the last year, with the lengthy, almost year-long sickness and recent passing in the last fortnight of my Father, as well as the strains of going out on placements all over the place during the pandemic, I suppose I can be proud of that.

Other soon-to-be graduates please share your experiences.
I'm sure this has been covered. Portugal added to the Amber list
at 09:40 5 Jun 2021

with very few cases.

India not added to the Red list for several weeks, despite cases being absolutely rampant over there. Resulting in the easing of lockdown in the UK being in jeopardy, once again.

Am I missing anything?*

I'm sure the so-called 'government' won't make any more crazy decisions like this, however, as they have our best interests at heart. They've got to learn eventually from such rookie 'mistakes'.

* Something about a trade deal being organised with India?
John and Flea
at 09:12 5 Jun 2021

'New music'. Sharing for those on here with a red hot taste in music (I think there are a couple).

Cook out
at 14:43 6 Mar 2021

Since he's been in the dugout we've a 100% loss rate and have conceded 3x as many goals as we've scored.

This type of record can't go on much longer. He's got to go now, surely?
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