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'Boris Johnson claims plot... to rejoin EU'
at 11:15 23 Jul 2022

Obviously just trying to appeal to Tory Brexiteers, but how much chance (or lack thereof) is there of this ever coming true?

With Starmer having ruled it out a few weeks ago, it would be one big U-turn for Labour to team up with the Lib Dems and Scot Indies after the next GE (which they hopefully win) and look to go back.

Post-Brexit isolation
at 12:08 17 Jul 2022

Is it just me who feels a real feeling of 'isolation' since Brexit?

Whenever I meet someone from the EU I feel jealous that they are still a member of something that I didn't want to be apart from, and like I am no longer in the 'in club'.

Instead of being an EU citizen I am now unfortunately* just a Britsh citizen, and seeing as Britain is f****d on so many levels this makes me sad. I can't think of a single reason that I'd prefer to be the latter. I feel no affinity to this country whatsoever and would trade citizenship in a second.

I've even thought about options such as moving to Ireland for 5 years in order to be able to claim citizenship, but then you lose it again if you leave.

Pointless rant over but just wondering if anyone else feels similarly.

* I know I'm somewhat lucky to be British, but I still hate what it has become, feel embarrassed by the state of it, and not one single shred of anything resembling pride.
Things to do in Budapest?
at 11:30 15 Jul 2022

Going next week Tues-Sun and want to fill my time as much as possible.

Cheaper (or free) the better. All suggestions welcome :)

I WILL be going to the shooting range where you can fire loads of weapons from the Second World War. Costs £100 but will be worth it.
Fundraising appeal (another one) for St Elizabeth Hospice
at 12:21 5 Jul 2022

Hi everyone,

I know that there are approximately 127 of these posts every week, but I would like to share something that I am doing to raise funds, in this instance for St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich.

In September I will be fighting in a charity boxing bout, at a white collar boxing event at Trinity Park. I have never fought before, so will be stepping into the ring for the very first time on the night.

I am doing this to raise money for the Hospice, which is where my father passed away in 2021.

The Hospice is an independent Suffolk charity, which every year delivers care to over 3,000 patients and their families.

These services cost £12.9m to facilitate each year, and the Hospice is heavily reliant on donations.

100% of the money that I raise through donations will go to the charity.

Of course times are tough for everyone from a financial point of view, and I appreciate that I am a complete internet stranger to the vast majority of yourselves, but if anyone would like to support the Hospice via myself taking part in the event then really anything at all would be greatly appreciated by myself and the Hospice.

I've just set up the page and I hope to raise a minimum of £500 over the coming weeks (not all via TWTD!).

Full details can be found here:

Thank you for reading.

101-year-old former concentration camp guard jailed for 5 years
at 12:27 28 Jun 2022

3,518 counts of accessory to murder, due to serving at Sachenhausen as an SS guard.

As someone with a big interest in Second World War history, I struggle to decide my moral position on stories such as this. On one hand, if he actively took part in the killing process then justice should be pursued, however if he is guilty by association purely through having been a guard there, is it proportionate in 2022 to convict and jail a 101-year-old? Not all SS guards were necessarily brutal and directly involved in the killings. How do you prove what he did and his level of involvement?

What do other people think?
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Diesel at Morrisons 198.9
at 14:13 27 Jun 2022

I could cry. At this rate it will be cheaper to buy and burn Rembrandts to turn into fuel.

Is this the 'new normal'?
Red Hot Chili Peppers at London Stadium last night
at 09:34 26 Jun 2022

Best. Night. Ever.

Seriously f*****g good.

If you're seeing them tonight or elsewhere, you're in for a treat.

[Post edited 26 Jun 9:39]
Johnson today on Rwanda policy
at 08:39 24 Jun 2022

'A lot of prejudices about Rwanda need to be blown away... A creative attempt to solve a problem that affects countries around the world... to address something that is frankly evil... people taking people across the channel in unseaworthy vessels, and we've come up with a plan to fix it'.

The amount of contradictions and hypocrisy in this one statement is staggering.

Is this one of the benefits of Brexit?

The absolute state of the UK. You could cry.

at 14:30 22 Jun 2022

Is this current so-called government the most incompetent and corrupt (not to mention generally bigoted and xenophobic) in British history?

Relatively speaking, exactly how bad are they?

Genuinely interested in knowing if we are in 'peak' times, or if there was ever worse.
How would you get to London Stadium next Saturday?
at 14:16 18 Jun 2022

Going to see RHCP with my pal, and we are struggling to work out travel logistics due to the tube strikes. Is the 'best' option to brace for the traffic and drive into Stratford? But then will there be parking available anywhere?

Sensible shouts only please!
Remote/online work advice
at 12:44 5 Jun 2022

I would greatly appreciate some serious and useful advice please.

I am considering the possibility of finding a remotely-based job, as a means to create a better work-life balance.

Having never done this type of work, I've no idea what is out there or where to begin looking (beyond Googling 'online jobs').

I don't necessarily mind what the work is, as like I say it would be a means to facilitating an overall different lifestyle.

However, ideally I would like to be able to make use of the fact that I have a degree (in Physiotherapy, but I'd be more than happy to use the fact as a means to something completely unrelated), if there are any online jobs for which it is a requirement.

Online English teaching is probably one suggestion I will receive, but of course I want to find something consistent, reliable and secure.

I don't yet have enough experience in physiotherapy to do something like online disability claims assessment, for example.

If anyone could offer me advice I would be most grateful.

[Post edited 14 Jun 10:19]
Fascinating listen on the Ukraine situation
at 17:23 20 May 2022

Putin to come out of the Kremlin in a box in the next couple of years?

at 13:26 1 May 2022

Worth a look for a few days? Considering it over the next long Bank Holiday weekend.

Any specific tips and recommendations?
The reality of moving to the EU for work post-Brexit
at 19:10 14 Apr 2022

Aware me please. If one were to randomly travel around Europe for 90 days (more specifically, France), making contacts, seeking out English-speaking firms etc, what are the chances of being able to find long-term employment which would qualify for a work/permanent/whatever visa?

As far as I'm aware a company would have to justify paying for your visa; what if you were willing to pay yourself?

I'm reasonably well-educated (degree in Physiotherapy), and I also still might take a TEFL course.

I'm frankly tired and embarrassed now of living on this small little island and would like to roll the dice before I'm too old.

I could use my qualification and work experience eventually to look at places like Canada/NZ, if I stick it out for longer.

But does anyone know what's up re Europe?
End-game to the Russia situation
at 15:40 27 Feb 2022

How real is the chance of this ending in complete nuclear armageddon? Or will the West/NATO/Putin himself/Putin's Generals prevent it from going that far? *

Just wondering as I'm trying to make some plans for the future and would like to have all the relevant information.

* Serious questions; not being at all flippant.
FAO any Red Hot Chili Peppers fans
at 18:22 28 Jan 2022

First snippet of music by John and Flea since 2006.

I'm unbelievably excited.

Turning level 3.0 tomorrow
at 18:08 7 Jan 2022

[Post edited 7 Jan 18:22]
My PCR result came back this morning
at 16:41 22 Dec 2021

and it's positive (no surprises there). I'm 48 hours into symptoms now, and it's still like a moderate cold. Questions to anyone else who has had it lately: Were your symptoms similar? Did they get worse? How long did they last?

Or does that all just depend largely on what version you get?
at 14:50 20 Dec 2021

Just tested positive on a LFT after feeling cold-like since yesterday. That's my Christmas getaway off. I knew I shouldn't have gone to PR on Saturday; I bet that's where I've caught it.

Following my recent struggles in the past few months, which I've posted about on here, I'm feeling really f**king fed up with life.

And probably more restrictions to come for us to 'look forward to'.

Someone end me please.
Just got tricked by a scam text - Urgent advice please
at 20:13 12 Dec 2021

I received the following text earlier:

PostOffice: Sorry we missed you today at 14:26 PM on 12/12. Please schedule a re-delivery for your parcel via: [link removed].

Despite not having ordered anything, it looked completely legit and I put in my card details, DOB, and name to pay a 're-delivery' fee. I'm not sure what I was thinking; perhaps that someone had sent me something, and that my phone number was in the delivery info somewhere.

I've since Googled this and have seen that it is indeed a scam.

I've transferred all the funds that were in this account into another account, so there's £0 in there if anyone gains access.

Is this enough to ensure I am 'safe' or is there anything else I can/should do?

I've tried calling the Halifax for their advice but they said I'll be waiting an hour or more (hence why I am posting about about on here in the meantime).

I feel very dumb, or like a 90-year old who fell for it a good'un.
[Post edited 12 Dec 2021 20:55]
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