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FAO those interested in history - new Second World War project
at 16:21 7 May 2024

I've just created a new Instagram page @veterans_project where I intend to share the stories of as many Second World War veterans as I am able to locate and arrange meetings with.

I've so far carried out three such meetings and I will begin to post about these soon.

If anyone is interested in following the project then please head over and follow the page.
Shameless plea for Huddersfield tickets
at 07:39 1 May 2024

For personal reasons which I've mentioned on the board before it would mean an incredible amount if my brother and I were able to get our hands on tickets for Saturday.

I'm not mentioning the personal element for any other reason than to express genuinelly how truly grateful we'd be if anyone who happens to have a spare ticket or two for whatever reason were willing to get in touch.

I appreciate it's very much a longshot as A) why would 99.9% of people not go if they have tickets and B) anyone who does have spare tickets will probably have a list as long as their arm of people asking.

But if you don't ask you don't get, so here I am asking.

Would be happy to pay face value plus make a charitable donation.

Thanks for reading. COYB.
Is anyone on here a whizz at Photoshop?
at 17:13 29 Apr 2024

[Post edited 29 Apr 19:48]
Spare ticket for today
at 08:59 13 Apr 2024

For the second game in a row I've managed to get hold of a couple of tickets at short notice, but no one to offer it to who isn't either already going or busy.

Again, if anyone wants to take it then PM me.
Free ticket available for tonight
at 15:11 10 Apr 2024

I've got two tickets in Britannia upper, but no one else to join me tonight.

Happy to offer it to anyone who wants to join me.

PM me if interested to arrange. First to message gets the ticket.
[Post edited 10 Apr 16:43]
Town TV
at 16:39 5 Apr 2024

I've never used it but might end up doing so tomorrow.

Is it just a case of registering and logging in then paying to stream the match?
When do Huddersfield tickets go on sale to ST holders?
at 10:58 3 Apr 2024

This is probably posted elsewhere, so apologies for being lazy and not looking properly.
Looking for D-Day veterans
at 11:01 18 Mar 2024

Random question for the TWTD collective. It's an aspiration of mine to be able to meet a veteran who served in Normandy on D-Day, to have the opportunity to shake their hand, to be able to speak to them about their experiences, and to be able to say 'thank you' for what they did.

I was having a look at attending Normandy in June this year while the 80th anniversary commemorations are running but I don't think it will be feasible.

Are there any posters on here who have any family members in the East Anglia region who served in Normandy on D-Day and for whom it could be possible to arrange a meet up over a drink/lunch?

Extreme long shot but thought I would post all the same in case anyone can help.
How long do you need in Krakow?
at 08:46 17 Jan 2024

My girlfriend and I are planning to go there in a couple of weeks. We will either go for two or three full days, with an afternoon and evening, or a morning and afternoon, on one side or the other.

We'll go to Auschwitz, Schindler's factory and the salt mines.

I've been before and done all these things, but it was almost 10 years ago so can't remember how long I was there for. I recall Auschwitz and the salt mines were done on the same day trip but obviously it doesn't need to be done that way.

I don't think there was much else to do. Can you go in the royal castle?
[Post edited 17 Jan 9:09]
Are Morsy and/or Luongo good enough for the Premiership next season?
at 10:05 29 Dec 2023

If we get promoted this season. I was having this debate with a friend the other day. Morsy will have been instrumental in getting us up. So will Luongo to a large extent, and he has also retired from international football to help us to get there.

Neither have played in the Prem before, but both are now early 30s.

Would either of them be a regular starter or a regular squad player?

Would KMc keep them in the squad to reward their efforts and give them the opportunity to play in the Prem, or would a brutal approach be taken and upgrade if given the opportunity?

I feel that out of the two, Morsy is the one most likely to play more games should we get up there. But I could see both retained in the squad, even if one or both don't start many games.
This could be the best result of the season.
at 14:24 23 Dec 2023

A collective kick up everybody's arse going into the transfer window and the second half of the season.
Haven't been this excited (and nervous) for a game of football in years
at 10:21 16 Dec 2023

COYFB. The atmosphere is going to be incredible today.
RIP Captain Raymond Holt
at 09:15 13 Dec 2023
Question for jigsaw puzzlers
at 14:08 7 Dec 2023

If someone already has a few (four) 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles, would it be underwhelming if someone bought them a 500 piece puzzle as a present for Christmas (created using one of their favourite photos of their two cats)?

The 1000 piece version would also be available, it's just relatively quite a bit more expensive (as you'd expect).

Random thread of the day...
FAO anyone in recruitment re salary conversation in interview
at 12:44 22 Nov 2023

I have an interview tomorrow for a job as a virtual Health Coach, with a London/Stockholm-based, virtual healthcare, start-up company who are operating in the UK and a few European countries.

The advert simply stated 'competitive compensation package' so I am guessing they might ask me what my salary expectations are. I have no idea how to answer this in an interview, so can anyone please give me some recommendations?

They know from my application that I would be bringing knowledge and experience through working as a physiotherapist. If I were still in the NHS I'd probably be a Band 6 by now, which would be £35,392.

Although this role isn't specifically that of a physiotherapist, I'd not like to be relatively highly underpaid for the transferable skills and knowledge that I'd be bringing, although I'm not imagining that they would be offering £35k for this role.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Longshot. Does anyone know of any jobs going?
at 17:05 15 Nov 2023

I'm a qualified physiotherapist and current Master's student in strength and conditioning (also soon to be level 3 qualified in personal training) recently in between jobs after something came to an end.

Hoping to stay in the general remit of physiotherapy/coaching/training, but would also consider anything related.

Daily visits to various job boards are yet to throw anything up and therefore starting to stress a little bit. Needing something permanent and reliable.

Longshot like I say but if anyone has any leads I'd be very grateful.
Ticket(s) for Saturday
at 12:28 8 Nov 2023

Shameless request. I've not been able to get to a game for a while and would like to go on Saturday but have so far been able to source anything.

If anyone has one or two spare which could be available I'd kindly appreciate a PM :)
RIP Matthew Perry
at 17:12 29 Oct 2023

Sad. :(
This EU associate membership thing that Starmer has likely been discussing
at 14:44 21 Sep 2023

Sounds promising.
I've become oblivious to all football outside ITFC
at 20:34 12 Sep 2023

Just turned on the England match. I've never even heard of the guy Guéhi who's playing at CB, nor several of the subs.

Anyone else?
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