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I might be delusional
at 19:42 9 Sep 2018

There was a paper called the Blue'un wasn't there?

Does it still get published?
The Gerken save in the second half
at 15:15 2 Sep 2018

Looked like a miraculous, reaction save from the lower North but saw someone say it was straight at him in another thread. Can someone with a better view clarify?
Warning - computer game thread
at 10:44 21 Aug 2018

Today marks the rerelase of Shenmue 1 and 2 on the PS4 and Xbox 1. These games originally debuted around the turn of the century and were, at the time, fairly pinoneering in a number of ways. They were also the most expensive games made at the time and some put Sega's demise down to this franchise and the irrefutable failure of the Dreamcast.

That said, they hold a very special place in many people's hearts. Not only are they visually excellent, they had groundbreaking interactivity, depth and unparalleled story telling. They brought Japan and Hong Kong to life.

These games are definitely worth looking at if you are a fan of gaming as they are historically very significant steps towards what gamers now take for granted.

Sorry about the tabloid link but it's a fair summary

Top 10 chocolate bars
at 11:17 14 Aug 2018

Any movements in your opinion:

1. Toblerone
2. Double decker
3. Boost
4. Toffee crisp
5. Lion bar
6. Drifter
7. Picnic
8. Yorkie (biscuit and raisin)
9. Mars
10. Twix
Norwich at home
at 09:53 7 Aug 2018

Lower North pretty low on decent availability at 9:15. Get them early.
Really good article here on battling injury
at 10:47 28 Jul 2018

It has really got my juices flowing for an iron man 70.3.
[Post edited 28 Jul 10:47]
Do ads help run this site? (n/t)
at 20:32 10 Jul 2018

Anyone been watching missions on BBC 4?
at 21:30 27 May 2018

Absolutely excellent, niche Sci-Fi.
Giro highlights
at 14:34 26 May 2018

Anyone watch the giro highlights from yesterday's stage? Froome played a blinder. I know he has his detractors but yesterday was one of the most interesting stages I've ever seen unfold. Well worth watching.
4 (n/t)
at 16:53 28 Apr 2018

On the plus side
at 18:04 7 Apr 2018

Watching Man United getting embarrassed is pretty enjoyable. 2-0 Citeh and Sterling just missed a one on one by 20 yards.
Big one this weekend
at 12:59 21 Mar 2018

Who's going.......................

Colchester half marathon that is, anyone done it before and got any tips?
[Post edited 21 Mar 12:59]
Update as our accounts were filed last week
at 11:48 17 Mar 2018

Not really anything seismic in the accounts. Evans via a multitude of group entities is owed circa £90m (including some preference shares that are classified as debt - that I'd think he would want). We made a loss for the financial year to 30/06/17 of £4.3m, which is broadly what I and probably most people expected.

We all know the biggest KPI is league attendance and for the period it does state quite a drop from essentially 19k to 17k as comparative period is 15/16 where we were in the playoff mix and probably had a much better feel around the place. There's a little Brexit reference in the principal risks and uncertainties but I'd assume KPMG recommended this as it seems a bit arbitrary.

The wage bill is up from £16.6m to £17.8m, still broadly chicken feed for this division. I'd imagine pension costs will go up next year as auto enrollment to pensions takes full hold of the admin staff but would struggle to see it being over £18.75m. We have a liability to pay someone £260k if some performance criteria is triggered, I assume it's Garner or Waghorn related as it wasn't present last year. Other than that, the accounts are pretty uninteresting including the related party notes that can have some unexpected, juicy items in them.

For completeness and for reference by everyone, our average consolidated loss over the last 4 years is £3.2m:

30/06/14 - £7.3m loss
30/06/15 - £5.5m profit
30/06/16 - £6.6m loss
30/06/17 - £4.3m loss

Interestingly if you extend this to 30/06/13 when we lost £9.8m, this creeps the average loss up to £4.5m per year which is probably less than I'd expect.
State of play
at 02:50 14 Mar 2018

Wasn't there last night as I'm away, but I've followed the events of the last few weeks really closely. Must be pretty toxic but it feels especially so considering it stands to reason that the majority of fans who want him to go the most don't even go anymore. I know some obsess over attendances to ludicrous degree but the last few have felt really disheartening, especially with renewals around the corner with the inevitable early bird rhetoric.

Standing back, it's untenable to have a manager who wants to divide the fans and players, which it seems like his Phil Brown and post match comments were trying to do. Evans needs to act immediately, it's embarrassing for all parties and will only get worse as the season goes on unactioned. It's also slightly ridiculous that the only person who can pull the trigger is the same person who is ultimately responsible for the majority of most fans angst.

To sort this out in the long term, Evans can't continue on the same trajectory. I think he has the following options to arrest our decline towards an inevitable relegation in the next few years:

- Invest some more meaningful funds. This feels pretty unlikely. To remain competitive in the championship it's not really optional. MM ground out result after result but often by attrition and to the detriment of developing our own talent. McDonnell, Patterson, Downes, Dozzell, Rowe, Marriott to name a few who are obviously talented but should have all had more game time on top of the slim amount they've had in preference for more experienced, often loanees who are frequently grafters.
- Separate church from state - by this I mean actually have a group of football minded people who are given the power to run their respective part of the club at their discretion. We all know Milne has no power to affect any decision, it's always Evan's decision. This isn't fair, get a football minded MD who his given strategic goals and given autonomy to achieve them in a way they see fit. Imagine asking your boss' permission before you do anything in your job. No effective organisation operates without segregation of duties and with single points of failure.
- Sell the club to someone who is willing to invest in the club's future and understands its stakeholders.
[Post edited 14 Mar 2:51]
Train options for Sunday
at 17:23 15 Feb 2018

Was considering getting the football special from Stowmarket on Sunday at 10:13 (or similar) is it normally rammed to the extent you might not get on? I normally go on the Cambridge North to Norwich line but timings are a bit off. Any feedback that doesn't involve Gatwick would be great.
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