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at 13:49 11 Oct 2021

If you are coming by car I would recommend getting off the A14 at junction 33 (science park) parking in Chesterton near the Haymakers pub (fantastic pub), where it's free and making the 10 minute walk to the ground over the green dragon bridge. That part of Cambridge is mainly fair game for parking but exhibit common sense. The other side of the river is tougher and park and ride is less stressful as others may have experienced.

There is some great pubs around the central station like the old ticket office, Devonshire arms, Kingston arms and Cambridge Blue. If you are making a day of it, Smokeworks is worth checking out.

Closer to the ground is a bit sparse.
Tom Cruise
at 08:53 11 Sep 2021

Maybe it's just me but what is the world's obsession with him? He's seemingly touring Britain's drabbest locations filming a banal sequel to a tired franchise that hasn't been interesting for 20 years.

Yet every other day I see 'Tom Cruise shocks Birmingham by going for a curry'. It's not news, it's not even noteworthy.
Anyone else thinking this?
at 08:39 15 Aug 2021

Just looked down the forum and there are for more posts having a go at flouncing, toddler lists, overreactions, 'supporters' and the forum will be unbearable tonight than there is actual people moaning about the result. I could only find one real bratty thread.

Am I missing something?
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Best article I've read on Sunday
at 08:47 13 Jul 2021

Just thinking back to how dangerous it was at the steps to Wembley. It's so fortunate there was not a profoundly horrific occurance given the bottle neck.
Cracking result
at 00:21 8 Jul 2021

A little nervy but we did enough and are now in a final!

Amazing atmosphere, just carted back across the city to meet a mate for a lift home and it was pretty mental. Home by 2.

We've gone the distance now just need to do the business.
Most amazing experience
at 19:17 29 Jun 2021

One the most amazing results in decades. Atmosphere was surreal, especially 2nd half.

Feel very privileged to have seen it in the lower England end for €50. Makes up for not getting any groups a million times over.

Thought we were absolutely excellent 2nd half all over the pitch. Pickford save first half and Muller(?) Miss at 1-0 were absolutely key.

Shout out to Hammo56. We are definitely overdue a game like that.
When moving houses (only a few miles)
at 18:36 8 Jun 2021

What approach would you recommend?

- men with ven
- proper removals company to do everything
- pack some yourself and get someone to shift it

[Post edited 8 Jun 18:37]
Email from the England Supporters Club
at 23:52 7 Jun 2021

They are delaying the 3rd ballot (after cancelling 19k tickets) for group games as Uefa have indicated there may be some more tickets.

For the game on Sunday.

Amazing to cling to a remote chance of getting a scrap of a ticket but can't wait until it's over so that I can stop getting emails giving me hope!
[Post edited 7 Jun 23:53]
Peep Show
at 23:24 12 Mar 2021

Haven't watched it for absolutely ages. There is so much gold in it. Basically everything Superhans says is genius.

In one episode a lady asks Jez 'whats the name of your band?' and he responds 'various artists, just to f**k over people with iPods'.
I don't do social media so can't confirm this
at 21:42 28 Feb 2021

Someone told me Kayden Jackson liked the post on the club's instagram saying he's gone?

Gone (n/t)
at 21:29 28 Feb 2021

Come on Evans
at 21:56 16 Feb 2021

It's getting ridiculous. Put him out of his misery.

Brenner: do you deserve a chance to sort it out?

PL: waffle about bad spells

Brenner: have you thought about walking away?

PL: inaudible waffle about not walking away or something
[Post edited 16 Feb 21:57]
Brenner and Mick
at 19:42 16 Feb 2021

Basically saying it's an unwatchable shambles. Any green shoots on or not on ifollow?
[Post edited 16 Feb 19:43]
at 21:26 10 Feb 2021

Government has 3 photographers on its payroll. One on a £100k a year day rate equivalent and one on £60k. Not sure about the third.

Scintillating waste of money considering free school meals shambles, recent surveys of the quality of military accomodation suggesting some is so bad they can't even charge for it and wider cash for matey contracts.

Bishop and Downes
at 19:40 9 Feb 2021

Are they playing? I only see them giving away stupid fouls and jogging slowly around 3 seconds behind play.
at 16:39 6 Feb 2021

Although he does look a bit like Tracy Beaker he's been really excellent today.
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