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Peep Show
at 23:24 12 Mar 2021

Haven't watched it for absolutely ages. There is so much gold in it. Basically everything Superhans says is genius.

In one episode a lady asks Jez 'whats the name of your band?' and he responds 'various artists, just to f**k over people with iPods'.
I don't do social media so can't confirm this
at 21:42 28 Feb 2021

Someone told me Kayden Jackson liked the post on the club's instagram saying he's gone?

Gone (n/t)
at 21:29 28 Feb 2021

Come on Evans
at 21:56 16 Feb 2021

It's getting ridiculous. Put him out of his misery.

Brenner: do you deserve a chance to sort it out?

PL: waffle about bad spells

Brenner: have you thought about walking away?

PL: inaudible waffle about not walking away or something
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Brenner and Mick
at 19:42 16 Feb 2021

Basically saying it's an unwatchable shambles. Any green shoots on or not on ifollow?
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at 21:26 10 Feb 2021

Government has 3 photographers on its payroll. One on a £100k a year day rate equivalent and one on £60k. Not sure about the third.

Scintillating waste of money considering free school meals shambles, recent surveys of the quality of military accomodation suggesting some is so bad they can't even charge for it and wider cash for matey contracts.

Bishop and Downes
at 19:40 9 Feb 2021

Are they playing? I only see them giving away stupid fouls and jogging slowly around 3 seconds behind play.
at 16:39 6 Feb 2021

Although he does look a bit like Tracy Beaker he's been really excellent today.
Anyone else a bit shocked to read
at 06:22 31 Jan 2021

All the threads of STH who are 'this close to cancelling their DD'?

Bar a couple of games with trivial crowds we've not at a proper crowd access game in a year, with it unlikely to be back any time soon.

I know people think they are being loyal. However, we live in extraordinary times. We need a untied fan base who all accept that things can't continue like this. Evans is the problem and cash is the only thing he understands.

Evans treats the supporters with contempt at every turn. Issuing vouchers to STH that must be spent in store during a highly contagious virus!

Issuing statements saying be careful what you wish for.

I'm honestly at the point where I'd take us going under and coming back as a phoenix. At least then we have some self determination. Some authority on our own destiny. Under Evans we are stuck in this nightmare, condemned to make poor decisions at every turn. We are forced to accept his poor decisions, his glacial indecision and his patronising condescension - when he can be bothered to actually appear or release something in person.

I defunded ITFC long ago. You should do the same.

Lambert out.
Evans out.

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Caller on Suffolk
at 17:25 30 Jan 2021

Says sacking Lambert would be a knee jerk reaction.

State of this club.
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8 losses out of 8 against top 6 sides and 6 home defeats in 7
at 22:09 26 Jan 2021

And all I see is 'the players showed commitment and graft'.

Have it right, this league is dross, absolute dross. 10th in league one. Don't stand for it. We are better than this.
Some juicy headlines today
at 08:08 25 Jan 2021

EADT and the Ipswich Star

Both calling for Lambert to go.

Wowsers. Some clever vlogs can probably put pictures here.

Free Brewdog
at 15:55 10 Jan 2021

Brewdog are doing a free 4 pack if you login. You only have to pay the £1.95 postage.

I had to queue for 15 mins but did bag some.

The world is grim atm so thought this might be of interest
at 15:31 21 Dec 2020

Although the 2nd highest mountain, K2 provides a ridiculously challenging technical difficulty namely due to the infamous bottleneck and shoulder before the summit. This provides a level of objective danger not really matched elsewhere.

Due to its Northern location in the Karakoram the weather is notoriously difficult. Climbing it in the winter is one of the last great challenges in mountaineering.

It's well worth reading up on its incredible history. Particularly the Duke of Abruzzi who actually got very close for the day and age. Also Alestair Crowley's attempt in about 1902.

I'll be watching closely for updates:

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For anyone there today
at 17:04 12 Dec 2020

How were the green shoots that you can't appreciate on ifollow?
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