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North & South Korea
at 10:34 15 Jan 2018

Technically still at war (?) but are going to field a joint womens ice hockey team at the Olympics.

I could be tempted by the ‘lost slot of riches’...
at 20:08 11 Jan 2018

Anyone know where I can find such a thing?
So Ross Barkley then.....
at 20:39 5 Jan 2018

How much a week do we think he is getting for the next 286 weeks?

60k? 80k?
Good to see the blunts finding their level
at 21:42 8 Dec 2017

at 19:50 22 Nov 2017

That will smart.
Jake Ball
at 07:41 22 Nov 2017

Sigh. Please prove me wrong.

Fast bouncy pitch so let’s pick someone who is half fit to skid it through with little conviction, slowly losing his pace and spending a few overs bowling at the middle of the bat.

Picked on wishful thinking. Someone is hoping he morphs into Simon Jones overnight and starts reverse swinging the old ball.

In other news.....
at 20:20 2 Oct 2017

University Challenge contestant Chevallier (Emmanuel) is well worth a look on BBC2 now*.

*In so much as a ginger is ever worth a look.
at 11:59 23 Sep 2017

Now I appreciate that I am very fortunate to get so far in life without having it previously confirmed to me that HMRC are not your friend........but...

They have decided I need to complete self-assessment, despite 99.95% of my taxable income passing through PAYE. Likely just a massive pain in the bum, but should (hopefully) not be painful other than the wasted time form filling for no reason......but...

Having gone in through the 'government gateway' there is no obvious link to complete self assessment. No problem, I thought, I will give the helpful people a call so they can point me in the right direction.....

....after 5 minutes of answering questions from a bot they had established that I needed help registering for self assessment. Well done bot. They then warned me that they were busy and suggested I might want to call back I was resigning myself to a long-stretch listening to hold music the bot then announced that they were busy and couldn't help me right now.....then hung up!!!

Is this normal? I am guessing the answer is a resounding YES.....

Mostly I am still just a bit stunned that having wasted 5 minutes of my time I have just been hung up on by a bot.

Actually, thinking about it, maybe it was Gromheort getting his/her own back for me being mean during the GE.
Half Marathon
at 13:26 3 Sep 2017

This morning I left my house and ran a half marathon for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I think I can say with a good degree of confidence that the mid life crisis....albeit belatedly ...has started to kick in.

For those that like this kind of stuff it took me 1 hour 55 mins.

Going to have a sit down now.
Oi, Benters....
at 16:57 25 Aug 2017

In return for gifting you the Red Arrows at lunchtime, I need to know the best Curry restaurant within a 15 minute radius of Great Bentley.....

Hit me with it.....
Young bloke on the train using 'I'm from Ipswich''....
at 23:55 14 Jul 2017 his opening gambit in an attempt to pull quite a fit girl.

Good luck with that....
Who culled all those threads?
at 12:12 11 Jul 2017

Threads have feelings too!
Friday afternoon jokes....
at 14:19 30 Jun 2017

Libero having tea with his mother-in-law the other day and out of the blue she said, “I’ve decided I want to be cremated.” he said, “Alright, get your coat.”

Getting Liberos mother-in-law to accept a free foreign holiday was easy. The hard part was convincing her Dignitas was Swiss for spa.

First man: “My mother-in-law is an angel.” Libero: “You’re a lucky fella, mine’s still alive.”
Thank you Guthrum & Bloots.
at 10:17 10 Jun 2017

Bit of a random (and slightly tired and emotional) post from me, but I just want to say a personal and very public 'thank you' to both Guthrum and Bloots.

In your own very different ways you have been a shining light on here for me over the past few weeks. Whilst the board has been jammed with politicos, bots and petty squabbling (guilty as charged) your unswerving fact based posts and top class irreverent humour have given me faith in my fellow Town fans.

Thank you.
End of Round 1.....
at 19:40 31 May 2017

I assume Farron gets eliminated at this point!?
My great grandmother was from Huddersfield
at 15:33 30 May 2017

Quite a character she was. Tough as nails. She also had a bit of soft spot for Town despite, as far as I am aware, never having seen them play.

As I understand it, the affection was the result of a pen-friend she adopted from one of the special schools down here. She used to write letters regularly to a boy about her age who followed Town. Think it was part of his treatment and in an attempt to make him feel part of society etc.

Apparently it all went a bit pear shaped when he broke out and turned up on the doorstep. Not sure her father was much impressed and she palmed the window-licker off on her adopted sister after that.
So will Wenger stay or go tonight?
at 19:06 27 May 2017

Part of me thinks walking out of the door as the most successful FA Cup manager in history is a good way to go.

Head says he will cling on until he is taken out in a box.
Dhoni contriving to make another game closer than it needs to be....
at 18:33 21 May 2017

.....hope he stuffs it up.
Today is the Day!!!
at 08:08 27 Apr 2017

Def info.

Of course it probably isn't, but I thought if we all pick a day and type this over the next two or three years one of us is going to emerge as a soothsayer of sorts. My turn today.

US Military Spending
at 09:48 26 Apr 2017

I know it is not new news.....but wars are an expensive business.

In the link below about a Chinese carrier there is an analysis of US spending. Putting aside that the numbers are eye watering to start with, I estimate that the US has spent approx €2,860 Billion more in the last 14 years than they would have if they had taken an inflation only approach to their 2000 baseline. You can do a lot of good with €2,860 Billion I imagine.
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