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LWB Cars - experiences?
at 13:50 29 Jul 2022

I'm in the market for a used car and have found myself extremely taken with a LWB Jaguar XJ. It ticks all the boxes, but comes in at about 5.2m in length.

Has anyone got any experience of owning LWB cars like this? Is the length manageable, or is it just going to be a right old faff that'll make me regret ever buying the thing?

Edit: And before anyone makes the obvious observation, yes I've asked Leif for his thoughts on the matter
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Joe Lycett winning the entire Commonwealth Games...
at 21:29 28 Jul 2022

Prince William
at 14:55 28 Jul 2022

Oh my.
Oh goody. The lawyers have discovered football...
at 20:46 22 Jul 2022

F***ing leeches.
New phone recommendations
at 17:42 12 Jul 2022

One for the hive mind, please:

I'm looking to get a new phone to replace my Sony Xperia 5 II which has a few bugs and annoyances with the software which render it unusable at times.

I need dual sim capability (although this needn't be a physical second sim if someone can convince me on eSims) and a fairly decent camera, otherwise I think it's all much of a muchness.

I've been tempted by the Google Pixel 6 Pro that's currently on offer at Amazon, but have heard that its dual sim functionality is a bit ropey at times.

Can anyone give me any real-world info on the Pixel, or anything else that might tick the right boxes?

Probably 75/25 towards Android over Apple, and under £750 would be the goal (although negotiable for something utterly amazing)...
at 18:28 5 Jul 2022

On the basis that Johnson won't be going until the 1922 Committee changes the rules on confidence votes, how long until Dorries ends up as Chancellor?

Either that, or she manages to resign by mistake.
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New Nodge kit (sorry!)
at 08:56 30 Jun 2022

Hate to say it but, if you ignore the fact that it's them, they've got this spot on:

*dons tin helmet and ducks*
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Zak Crawley
at 16:10 26 Jun 2022


The absolute definition of a walking wicket.
I know it's all about minutes in legs...
at 14:27 25 Jun 2022

...but that feels like a good result, given that it's the kind of game that, in previous seasons, we'd have scraped a win by the odd goal, and probably conceded at least one sloppy goal.

Good to see us being able to get the goals from the off.
"Armed Forces Day"
at 12:04 25 Jun 2022

Not come across this one before. I assume it's a relatively recent invention?

What's the difference between this and Remembrance Day?
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Flight amendments
at 14:49 24 Jun 2022

I've got some flights coming up with KLM, and have just received a notification that they have cancelled one of the flights and have moved me onto a different flight of theirs which departs at a much less convenient time.

They've offered me a refund on the flight if I choose to reject the changes.

The problem is that if I choose to try and book onto a more convenient flight with another airline, it will cost me significantly more given that prices have risen since I originally made my booking.

Do I have any right to compensation from KLM in respect of the extra charges incurred if I was to book the more convenient flight today, compared to what it would have cost me at the original time of booking, or do I just have to suck it up and be grateful that they're actually going to fly me to my destination in the first place?
Sheff Utd players charged
at 15:30 23 Jun 2022

What are the odds that the players in question were just trying to defend/protect themselves, after everything that happened with pitch invasions at the end of last season?

Scrub that. After having seen the video, McBurnie fully deserves everything that's coming to him.
[Post edited 23 Jun 16:44]
"No interest in Boyce"
at 17:54 22 Jun 2022

You sure about that, Phil?

Johnson's indecent proposal
at 08:14 27 May 2022

Except for the British public, our figure has been judged to be between £400 and £1,500...
at 23:54 22 May 2022

Are they as bad as the reviews suggest, or is it a typical case of disgruntled customers always being 10x louder than satisfied ones?

Looked at a suite in their showroom today which seemed to tick all the boxes, and we've come away to sleep on it.

Trustpilot reviews seem overwhelmingly positive, but on scrolling through them they seem to be requested/submitted at the point of sale. Post-delivery reviews seem to be a completely different matter.

Can anyone here speak as to their personal experience or, if we should be giving Sofology a hard swerve, suggest any other companies?

Ideally we're looking for something that'll come in under £1,500-£2,000 but that will last. Is something like an Ektorp from IKEA going to be the realistic safe bet in this price bracket?
Türkiye - tipping
at 17:25 3 May 2022

Well-travelled TWTD folks:

The present Mrs Zx and I have booked an all-inclusive trip to Türkiye next month. The usual percentage-based tipping conventions probably won't apply, given the board basis, so do any of you who have been recently have any thoughts on tipping convention with regards to how much and when/how frequently?

Given how significantly the Lira appears to have tanked in the last 6-12 months, I'm loath to rely too much on older articles found online, which may be based on a more buoyant Lira than at present.
Your regular reminder (next manager odds)
at 09:22 3 May 2022

The next manager market is a fickle thing, with little money needed in order to move the market.

Pop into a bookies and stick a tenner on [insert name here] to become next [insert club here] manager. That will most likely be enough to move the market.

BetVictor don't have the inside line on McKenna's thoughts, they just have £20 from Barry from Croxley, who happens to think he might be worth a punt.
Chelsea and Three
at 18:20 28 Apr 2022

Is it just me that thinks that the continued appearance of Three's logo on Chelsea's shirts, despite their public announcement that they were terminating their commercial arrangements with the club, smacks a little bit of saying the right things for the sake of good PR, yet doing something else entirely?

I understand the argument that the sanctions on Chelsea/Abramovic would prohibit Chelsea from purchasing new shirts, but surely all that is needed is some strategically-positioned gaffer tape, similar to when West Ham's sponsor went bust once?

Or, if Three really don't want to be associated with the Russian state, couldn't they just donate some new unbranded kits to the club?
Company Car - tax implications
at 09:09 20 Apr 2022

TL;DR - am I missing something here?

I've been offered a new job, and the package gives me the option of a company car or a car allowance. I've done the maths and the decision seems a bit of a no-brainer if I've got it all right.

If I take the car allowance, I'd end up with base salary + £250 each month, but to go with a company car would cause me to lose £475 a month in BIK taxes.

It seems somewhat counter-intuitive, but I'm I understanding the whole situation correctly?
Squires - spot on as always
at 08:28 15 Apr 2022

I'm not crying, you are.
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