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at 15:21 26 Oct 2021

What's the current state of play with the pies on offer at the ground? I recall reading after the Shrewsbury game that the club had appeared to have changed supplier, and that the new pies weren't as good, and didn't even come in a foil tray.

Is this still the case, and seemingly a permanent change to the menu, or does it appear that it was more a case of supply issues at the time?
at 13:16 24 Oct 2021

Sorry if I've missed a thread, but I'm surprised not to have seem him get a specific mention after yesterday.

I thought he was very good, particularly at receiving the ball on the flank, bringing it across his body, and cutting in to drive at goal. We certainly lost something when he was forced off.

Hopefully he's not been too badly hurt, and we can have him back by next weekend - he's fast staking a claim to being a fixture on the team sheet.
Harassment allegations - advice?
at 08:37 19 Oct 2021

I've recently commenced a money claim in the Small Claims Court against a former client who has opted not to pay for my services, despite the existence of a contract etc., essentially a fairly straightforward affair, but that's by the by.

Yesterday I received a call from an officer at my local police station advising that the defendant has made a complaint of harassment against me, and we have agreed that he will visit me this evening to discuss her claims.

I do not believe that I have undertaken any conduct that constitutes harassment. I have sent the defendant three letters:

*The legally-required Letter Before Claim
*A letter containing a copy of the claim form sent to HMCTS along with an offer to settle
*A subsequent offer to settle (and confirmation of my intention to see the claim through) following the defendant's refusal to engage with the HMCTS-appointed arbitration service

I don't believe any of the above conduct is unreasonable in the context of an ongoing legal case, and I would suggest that the lack of unreasonableness is sufficient to meet the following defence:

That in the particular circumstance the purported action is held to be reasonable.

I guess the counter-point is that this is the first time I have been involved with the police as a suspect and, sitting on this overnight, I'm worried that it might not go as simply as I'm hoping. I know that this is simply an attempt by the defendant to try and frustrate the process and intimidate me into dropping my claim, but on the other side I know that the police tend to have a bit of a thing about harassment, especially when it's alleged to have been committed by a man against a woman.

Can anyone offer me any thoughts as to what I should expect?

Part of me is inclined to believe that the officer will try to offer me a First Harassment Warning in that it will allow him to easily tie the matter up, and I'll be let off with no real action, but given that an FHW can be disclosed by an enhanced DBS check, and (as is my understanding) I've done nothing wrong, I don't want to feel coerced into accepting this outcome. What is likely to happen if an FHW is offered and refused?

These fuel shortages - a thought
at 13:01 25 Sep 2021

However incompetent the current government is, the last 18mths have proven that they're experts at getting the public to blame anyone but them, and to start fighting amongst themselves.

Is it beyond the wit of reason that the government may have played a blinder here?

If they were aware that fuel shortages were about to become a thing, it seems like a tactic right out of their playbook to stress that supplies are sufficient whilst doing just enough to incite panic buying.

Hey presto, the fuel shortages that may have been happening anyway occur, yet the blame is laid at the feet of the general public, rather than the government or Brexit...
County Championship - penultimate day
at 10:28 23 Sep 2021

I've got a day at home today, typing up some reports, and fancy having some cricket on in the background to keep me company.

Which of the two deciding matches is most likely to be the best listen?
Prince Philip's will sealed for 90yrs
at 08:24 17 Sep 2021

It seems odd to me that there would appear to be no public-interest argument in not continuing a practice that was put in place back in 1910 in order to prevent controversy and preserve the image of the royal family.

It also strikes me as odd that it was deemed that no public-interest representations would be required, as it was deemed that the public interest was being served by the presence of the Attorney General.

That's despite the fact that the AG argued with the Queen's solicitor that the will should be sealed for an even longer period of time, and also argued with the Crown that a public hearing would not be in the public interest.

I wonder what they don't want us to see...
[Post edited 17 Sep 8:57]
Pinter home brew system
at 13:20 16 Sep 2021

Just took delivery of one of these today, and have got it all set up and brewing the Stars and Stripes American IPA that they do.

Has anyone else got one of these, and had any experience they'd be happy to share?
Generator won't start
at 15:15 1 Sep 2021

After some advice from the hive mind, please.

I've been clearing out my late uncle's garage, and have come across a Clarke 1,000w inverter generator.

Unpacking it, both the oil reservoir and fuel reservoir were dry, so I filled both up with oil and petrol that I found in the garage. However, it won't start.

Having done some research, I've discovered the ability of petrol to 'go off' and have no doubt that the petrol that I found was off, given that it would have been sitting there for a good 5+ years.

Will old petrol have been enough to stop the generator from starting, or are there other things I should be checking before I drain the fuel tank and head down to the local forecourt?
Window tinting
at 11:56 1 Sep 2021

Hi folks

I recently bought a second-hand Civic Tourer. One of the factory options from new was window tinting but, alas, mine didn't come with that option. I'm considering getting it done now, both for security, and because it turns out that the tinted versions actually look rather nice:

Does anyone on here have experience of getting after-market tinting done? What's the best route to go down for this?
Cazoo / Cinch etc.,
at 11:15 27 Aug 2021

Is there a reason for the sudden proliferation of national second-hand car dealers? It just seems strange that these two in particular have suddenly popped up out of nowhere and are desperate to get as much exposure as possible.

I've got a hunch that they're likely to be more concerned with selling finance to people, and that selling second-hand cars is just the most profitable mechanism of achieving this?
Tom Carroll
at 13:16 21 Aug 2021

Just encountered him in his Mercedes G-Wagen at the SBR/Pioneer corner looking confused and lost. Had to give him directions to the players' entrance.

Isn't that very basic PLO stuff, providing directions to key club locations? 🤣
MK Dons allocation
at 14:18 20 Aug 2021

527 tickets.

Any idea why we allowed them such a small number of tickets? Given that they've sold out, it seems like they could easily have sold more.
Late 90s
at 11:20 18 Aug 2021

My memory may be playing tricks on me, as I was only about 10 at the time, but didn't we have some fairly shocking starts under Burley whilst we were in Division One in the late 90s?

What was the general attitude to the poor starts back then? Were people clamouring for Burley's head, or was he given time to get the side into gear?
MK Dons Tickets
at 11:34 17 Aug 2021

An MK-based friend of mine is hoping to come to the game, but apparently MK still haven't received the tickets from us, and so can't sell them.

What on earth is going on at the ticket office? It seems as if the club is happy to, essentially, throw money in the bin because they can't get their act together and print and post a thousand or so tickets.
Number 2 shirt
at 15:26 16 Aug 2021

Discounting the fact that it could just be because neither KVY or Donacien want the number, does the continuing vacancy of the 2 shirt suggest there might be one more signing in the offing?

I'm 99% happy with where we are now, but I certainly wouldn't say no to us making one final signing of a vastly experienced senior pro.
Trevoh Chalobah
at 23:09 14 Aug 2021

Amazing goal. Looked very impressive for Chelsea today.
My tickets have finally arrived...
at 13:28 12 Aug 2021

For the Newport match on Tuesday. That's despite having ordered them on Thursday last week.

Given their late arrival, one wonders whether they were even posted in time.

The issues with the ticket office are baffling - they seemed to be such a well-run department of the club up until this season.
Short-sleeved GK shirts
at 22:06 7 Aug 2021

Are they only available in Planet Blue? Can't find them on the website.
at 16:00 7 Aug 2021

Looking a very good pairing in the deep midfield positions. Quite a congested midfield, but they look to have excellent vision and passing range to get the ball out to the wide players to very good effect.
at 14:53 7 Aug 2021

Looks to have cut up a fair bit in the Cobbold/SBR corner purely off the back of the warmup. Seems like it could well need some careful management over the season.

Christ knows how long it would have taken the previous lot to realise it needs a full re-lay.
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