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…or is it Kieron Dyer’s job to lose?
at 12:01 6 Dec 2021

The speculation here is that it’s McGreal’s job to lose. I suspect McGreal won’t get it full time. It’s not an overwhelming appointment following an unremarkable time in League Two but a solid interim to see us through the short term.

Interim managers only get the job if they go on a great run as interim so the club can’t not hire him, and that momentum seems to fall away after the appointment is made permanent. See Ole GS.

Dyer is now part of the managerial team.

This would be good experience for Dyer, another step up the ladder and greater involvement/exposure in running first team games. Hiring Dyer as the replacement for Cook would probably be too soon, but his promotion is partially going under the radar.

Owners like stability/continuity behind the scenes when managers change to minimise disruption. Someone who ‘gets the club’. With the correct tutelage under the next manager then Dyer is taking another step towards the first team.

We may be looking for our next manager, but we may have already hired the manager that follows them?
Brett Johnson announcement on LinkedIn
at 11:51 3 Dec 2021

It's been my greatest professional honor to be a Founder, Co-Chairman and Alternate Governor of Phoenix Rising Football Club. I could not be more excited to pass the baton to Tim Riester, as I now shift my attention to the launch of professional soccer in Rhode Island through Fortuitous Partners at Tidewater Landing. It's never been a more compelling time to be involved with professional soccer and I'm thrilled for whatever I'm able to contribute to United Soccer League (USL), as it transforms communities throughout the United States.

It looks like Brett is stepping back from the more established Phoenix Rising and taking a bigger role at the smaller Rhode Island club, but I'm not sure if that means he's switching companies (i.e. leaving the fund he works for who now own ITFC). I suspect not.

Either way, it looks like Brett now has to grow two football clubs! Rhode Island and...
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News archive
at 11:22 21 Jul 2021

Morning - does anyone have a link for the news archive?

I'm trying to find the story from April/May to prove to someone that yes, Paul Cook really did put the entire team on the transfer list.

at 19:08 20 Apr 2021

With Teddy Bishop’s contract up in the summer, his injury track record and Cook demanding the players show him why they deserve to keep their place in the squad, the timing of him withdrawing from tonight’s game with “a slight illness” isn’t ideal.

I get that he may have chosen that phrase so no one thinks he’s got Covid, but it’s still not Bert Trautmann stuff.
please delete
at 07:24 16 Apr 2021

please delete as I'm too technologically incapable to find the button - i answered my own question
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Shirt sponsorship
at 13:04 13 Apr 2021

Has anything been said about this?

If I remember correctly, our sponsor is still ME he's just 'gifted' the current season to Carer's Trust.

He's retained a 5% stake, did he agree a renewal of the sponsorship deal too? Unlikely, the new owners will see the front of the shirt as a good asset to sell, but still a possibility.

Has anyone seen anything on this?
What does this mean for Lee O’Neil?
at 08:23 9 Apr 2021

Mike O’Leary has been brought in as chairman and disclosed he plans to spend 2 days a week with us. The new consortium, Three Lions, are actively hiring a new CEO to be the ‘driving force’ of the club operating under MOL’s oversight.

‘Driving force of the club’ seemed to be the position LON found himself in for better or worse (answer: worse, we’re now a mid table League One club).

LON seemed to rise through the ranks to become Marcus’ favoured son and engineer that role for himself. Reading between the lines he put a few noses out of joint in the process of his ascendency, especially within the academy setup, and he may have played the political game. That’s the impression I got from the big Athletic piece a few months back.

He also intrinsically tied himself to Paul Lambert and positioned them as a package in the eyes of many. Bit daft when you consider the average life expectancy of a football manager.

It’s looking like LON will need to take a reduced role if he stays, something I suspect he won’t.

Indeed, Lee already departed during the new owner fanfare?
Thoughts with Stuart Taylor and family
at 14:52 1 Mar 2021

What an unimaginably awful weekend for him. To lose your job is one thing, to lose your dad is something completely different.

O'Neill: Lambert's Exit Cumulation of Things and Not Related to Proposed Takeover 1st Mar 2021 14:37
General manager of football operations Lee O’Neill says Paul Lambert’s departure from Town last night was down to a “a cumulation of things” and insists the Scot’s exit has nothing to do with the proposed US-backed takeover. 51

Did Evans, who met with Lambert on Thursday and then spoke to him again on the phone on Friday, not his ambitions? “No, not at all. Marcus has still got the same ambitions for the football club to get back into the Championship as soon as possible and try and get the club into a much better position than it is currently at the moment.

“It’s a wonderful thing about football, people have disagreements or differences of opinions, and that’s football.

“Look, they got on really well, they had really good conversations, just unfortunately it just got to a point where the change was needed.”

Assistant manager Stuart Taylor has also left the club at a difficult time for him with his father having died over the weekend.

“Our condolences from the football club,” O’Neill said. “Stuart Taylor has had a very tough few days and from that point of view the timing wasn’t very good.

“But it’s part of the business side of football, the decision needed to be made and we had to make that decision. But he’s had a very tough weekend.”

Asked to reflect on Lambert’s two and a half years in charge and put to him that it had been poor, O’Neill said: “I think if we reflect right back to when he came in, I think it gave the whole town a lift [him] coming in, and there were a lot of good things that have been done, that maybe have been overshadowed in the last few months.
No central midfielders on the bench
at 18:32 24 Nov 2020

Not a moan - I appreciate they're all injured, Downes, Bishop, Dozzer, Nolan, etc.

Given we're playing with three in the middle then hopefully none of them get injured (...or remotely tired!) tonight.

Cornell (gk)
Nsiala (def)
Kenlock (if he doesn't know then how are we supposed to)
Drinan (fw)
Jackson (fw)
Hawkins (fw)
Lankester (wing)
Coronavirus: A blessing for Lambert/Evans?
at 10:24 14 Mar 2020

If the season had continued as normal we’d be on course to finish outside the play offs. A pretty awful result given the strength of our squad, pre season predictions and our league position in January.

If the season doesn’t finish and our final position isn’t crystallised it will partially hide what is a terrible result. No one will be angry that we’ve finished 8th (for example). There will be no terrible outcome to point towards and make the situation untenable.

I’m not decided that the problem is with Lambert. He hasn’t done a great job but he’s hamstrung by a dysfunctional and distant structure behind the scenes. That The Athletic called out a “Cold War” within the club under McCarthy shows we have personnel and administration who are not afraid to undermine and are easily split in two, even if this was under a previous manager. So perhaps it isn’t all Lambert’s fault.

However surely coronavirus is going to at least partially hide what has been an awful season.
[Post edited 14 Mar 2020 10:25]
Betting variables
at 15:28 26 Aug 2019

My friends have developed quite a successful spreadsheet for building accumulators.

They have to input the results each week, but then the spreadsheet takes the previous few years results that they’ve been inputting and works out stuff like avg amount of goals that teams are scoring at home and conceding away, and if the home team that week is scoring more than avg over the past few games, and away team conceding more than the league avg they lump on a home win. It does a few other bits too along those lines that takes into account quality of the next opposition rather than just the previous. Bit nerdy, but they’re a few thousand pounds up so not the worst way to spend your time.

I’ve just quit my job and am whiling away a three month notice period in the office, so I’m going to try and put something together myself.

What would you suggest are the main factors to look out for?

- Amount of goals home team has been scoring more than the league average vs away team conceding
- How a team did against the team that came 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc last year. Some teams seem to unexpectedly do well against the top teams and lose against the bottom teams.
- How many points a team gained each week last season (0.4, 1.8, 2.3 etc) or has gained over the previous 10 games to give an idea of the relative quality of each team. If they’re within 0.5 of each other then it might be a draw, if not then a home/away win.

I’m happy to share the spreadsheet once (if) I’ve put it together with anyone who suggests a factor to include.
at 21:49 20 Aug 2019

Is he injured or just not getting a look in?
Team for U23s vs Maldon- anyone know it?
at 20:02 7 Aug 2019

My dad appears to be the only one there apart from staff and hadn’t got a clue who’s playing (the fact the shirts aren’t numbered at this level doesn’t help)
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