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I like who Lambert has brought in but not how they are being played
at 11:13 20 Jan 2019

This is my own opinion of what i see personally but i am some what dissapointed.

The physicality we needed and he addressed and the players with experience we needed has been addressed. What hasn't been addressed is the balance of the side in the middle.

In most games it has been defensive mistakes that have cost us or inability to bully and hold or move the ball up through midfield providing service to our strikers. No goals from central midfield has been a problem since Bullard or Andrews left.

Chalobah and Skuse as a pairing just are not doing it for me, Chalobah in midfield i do not understand currently as we are being swatted away by teams through the middle consistently. We have at long last got a player in Judge who is a proven number 10 who scores goals and could be put in a position we desperately need but then isn't?

Not only this but then instead he is put on the wing in a position he says he is not good at in place of some one who is a natural proven wide player like Edwards or Lankester who have both scored, the latter also looking great in the majority of games i have seen.

Its the managers keeping coming in and finding the need to accommodate players and show horn them into a position at the expense of others. It infuriates me and has been our downfall for far too long.
We need a centrally experienced attacking midfielder, we have got one, please dont put him on the wing. He has already had another team try that and have failed hence he is now here. Put him where he can help him self and help us at the same time and put a winger on the wing.
at 17:56 15 Dec 2018

Good save gerken from free kick that would have crept in. Scrappy goal but they all count..

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What free agents are their out there at present?
at 15:47 1 Dec 2018

Confidence will be shot to bits again, not expecting a result against Forest especially with an inform Big man like Grabban but it would be nice to try and sort out some form of structure with players that compete before January.

Again no one can compete with a physical front line. Chambers and Pennington too powder Puff and we keep allowing crosses to come in.

Needs a new approach as it makes no difference if your consistent backline is playing like Guff
Its really so so simple
at 21:25 24 Oct 2018

We have Evans who will not spend money to compete, Mick knew this so purchased hard working, scrappy, physical players to compete which was enough to bring the opposition down to our level.
You can buy a bargain if small, skillful, lower league players and expect them to compete with multi million pound players. It will never work.

We have no physicality in defense since Berra and smith went and also not getting Tilt or re signing carter bickers. Chambers is too small and dominated way too easily. Pillkington too young and not street hardened.

We have no midfield muscle, scrapper or wisened general.

We have no physical presence up front- in fact we have no one upfront.

Physical means was the only way of competing on a budget and we have not one physical player.
Marcus' new plan strategy?
at 21:03 4 Oct 2018

I have been thinking, worrying, thinking some more over our predicament and massive overhaul to the Sqaud and of course negative results which have followed.

I cant decide that maybe Paul Hurst and Evans had already discussed and knew that this was the possible outcome and that before things can get better they would most likely get worse first. With such a drastic change of style it wasn't possible with keeping lots of players we had and of course you have to build from the floor upwards.

It was a demolition job and with it was the possible outcome of relegation which maybe Evans has discussed and even allowed to happen before getting the players at a competitive level with one another and to play the way Hurst wants them to play. If the same Sqaud stays even after relegation, we can see that the players are to a decent standard on an individual level just not together as a squad for the time being?

Just thinking aloud and come to the realisation that this is what has been planned and maybe Evans has all ready accepted relegation as the risk and possible outcome before the rebuild and playing style can be ingrained for quick promotion and better togetherness and competitiveness in later years?

Ressies looking good
at 19:33 20 Aug 2018

Weak hull team, we're camped in their half.
Morris looking very lively, lankster and Rowe on the wings have been best players.
Emmanuel trying to hard to take players on when easier balls on.
Mizouni playing very well and breaking play up on middle of park.
Huws not done too much and keeper and defenders not had to do anything really but a few good overlapping runs made and ok balls into box just need to gamble a bit more and get more players in box. Oh just missed the goal typing this up damn it
Here is the problem as I see it.
at 08:44 19 Jan 2017

before long if we keep doing what we are doing then relegation looms.
Mick understood from the off that we don't have the money to buy skilled enough players to outplay the opposition so went about getting dogged and physical players to frustrate and bully instead.

As supporters we didn't like this and it seems like some one else pointed out that Mick is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. He has slowly replaced the dogged physical core and replaced with more technically able, but who are being played out of the game by the other half of the team stuck in a previous mindset or not skilled enough to change styles.

I also hate to say our main problem at the moment and this is no coincidence is Webster coming in and smith being injured. Berra is half the player when smith is not along side him, the two together rarely lost an aerial battle but at the moment time and time again we are second to aerial balls.

I also note that if we keep in loaning in players, selling our better or skilled players and not replacing like for like but with squad fillers and lower league then we will soon be joining the leagues that theses players came from. Our main core is getting older and will not sustain this leagues level as is already happening, the good loan signings leave at the end of their stay and leave a vacant position which takes time to fill again so usually ends up with a squad filler out of position playing there.

We try buying in younger lower league, some will work some won't but as time goes on the squad is getting smaller and smaller, the players we used to rely on are getting older and can't be relied, we are getting injuries but no longer have the physical attributes to stand up to teams do like us a few seasons ago, the bully has become the bullied.

Basically it's not sustainable what we are doing, too many loans, not enough like for like replacements after key sales, too many squad fillers with other teams throw aways will lead us to relegation. This division is already breaking away and if you can't or don't want to compete with spending then it's all down hill. I heard we have put in multiple high value offers but offering a high amount that we know isn't enough is the same as not offering st all, it's pointless and seems to be done every season more to look good and appease the fans rather than knowingly being enough to get the sale. I can put a stupid offer in for a Ferrari but if it's half the amount on the price tag it wil be rejected. It's being done more it seems so we have an excuse for the fans not because we think it will be enough to get the player.

Sorry for grammar And spelling but done on iphone
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highlights of yesterdays game
at 17:19 3 Jan 2017

i will admit if have only just watched the highlights as have been working, but everyone seems to think we played good football and Micma is playing more of an attacking team so things look to be improving.

i get frustrated like verybody else but we always said we wouldn't mind as fans losing if we were playing nice/ok football and yesterday seems to contradict this?

we played ok but lost to what i am going to upset a few by saying 2 cracking goals, the first ok Berra got caught out by the guys long thow but the swivel and volley finish was a peach and the ball from QPR's defender and touch before rounding the keeper would have been praised on match of the day if in the premier league for the entire episode.

This was not Websters fault if you ask me, i cant say for the posiitoning of the defenders for the first goal was great as i'm sure we must have researched the guy who takes throw ins and should have been deeper but hindsight is a wonderful thing but to blame a defender for that second goal is absurd.

I would be praising QPR for that, ok it was a smash and grab but you will get one long ball and finish like that per season against you.

I hope we continue to play this style regardless of what happens, if we do i will be happy.

[Post edited 3 Jan 2017 17:21]
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