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Planning policies and restrictive covenants anyone?
at 07:00 20 Feb 2021

Any advice on the following gratefully received as my brain is spinning on this, I'll (try) to keep it brief:

Applied for planning permission for garden room/man cave as it would be sitting forward of my house, the house opposite to me, same plot shape and hand, has exactly the same already in place and approved.

Received email from council yesterday saying likely to be denied permission as policies have changed.

Council email also said 1.8M high fence at front of my property (Installed by previous owner) should have had planning permission, and I now have to apply for retro permission to keep it.

I'm not massively fussed about the man cave position as I can build it on permitted rights behind my house line, it just suited the shape of the garden more to have it in front.

I am however p1ssed off that I may have to take the fence down, but noticed on my title deed that one of the restrictive covenants states that the original purchaser had to erect a close boarded fence not less than 5 foot 6 high and maintain it forever after, in the position it is in now.

Question is, do the council have the right to overrule that covenant, or do I point it out to them and say that I surely don't need permission for the fence if that is one of the covenants?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can offer advice on this.
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2 questions.
at 15:41 21 Apr 2020

1- Should the government be telling people to walk on the left pavement in the same way as traffic?

Being a conscientious jogger I've gone into the road to avoid oncoming pedestrians recently, and almost put myself in bother with a car earlier (I know, slow down, look properly. The question still stands).

2. How many people could you fit into PR with the current seating if everyone was spaced at 2M?

I reckon our current attendances wouldn't suffer too much.

My personal answer to Q1 would be yes, and if you can be bothered to find out the answer to Q2, you're a better man/woman/insert preferred identity here, than me.
at 20:52 29 Feb 2020


Any takers for Cuthbert and Dibble.
Early Pre-season anyone?
at 09:54 30 May 2019

When does pre season normally start for Town?

I know everyone is entitled to a holiday, and footballers by the nature of their job only have a limited time to get some serious time off, but if I was Lambert I would be getting everybody back a few weeks earlier than the norm to try and get the biggest advantage possible over other teams early on in the season.
VAT on players?
at 08:26 5 Aug 2018

Do buying clubs have to stump up 20% VAT on top of whatever fee they may be playing for a player? My gut feeling would be yes as they are a commercial asset, but I was wondering if there was some kind of exemption?
Somewhere kid friendly to watch Eng v Sweden
at 15:08 4 Jul 2018

I'm guessing Fanzone won't be happening this weekend because of a music event at PR, unless someone can tell me different?

If that's out of the window, Can anyone recommend a decent kid friendly venue to watch it at.
[Post edited 4 Jul 2018 15:10]
Keiffer Moore goal vs Brentford
at 20:45 28 Apr 2018

He didn't mean that... did he?
Is a welcome post a thing??
at 21:01 27 Apr 2018

Hello all.

I've only really been what I'd call a close fan of Town for the last 24 months, since I took my son to his first game and got the father and son bug.
We have both since become avid fans, got season tickets for 18/19, and roped the Mrs in for good measure.
I've posted a few times now, but feel a little introduction to everyone would be courteous, I have enjoyed reading many points of view on here recently, and look forward to putting my point of view across too. And receiving all the abuse for having a point of view.
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