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I really like Mark Ashton
at 11:31 19 Mar 2022

Brizzle fans may hate him but having watched the video on the improvements to the facilities

I feel like we have the right guy at the helm

Far more dynamic and driven than anyone we have had for quite some time

I'd also suggest he understands football and people far better than anyone Evans had in charge

Yes it helps to have wealthy backers who are enthusiastic too

But I think there is a buzz around the club we haven't had for years

It will be amusing as we go above Brizzle and wave as we pass them by
What's the feeling with Tyreece Simpson
at 11:30 13 Mar 2022

Is he just unlikely to sign now, it feels such a waste, even if he may or may not be ready currently, he looks like the best striker we have produced for a while?

Edit: I'll rebump this, what's the story with Simpson

Is he likely to be leaving?

It seems a waste, he's a really raw talent
[Post edited 10 Apr 16:18]
A million followers for Elkan Baggott on Instagram
at 08:36 5 Jan 2022

I'm not sure if it has already been mentioned but Elkan Baggott now has a million followers on instagram

He could become an influencer before he is even made it as a pro

Let's hope he kicks on far us, he could be an interesting career
[Post edited 5 Jan 19:36]
The Ashes over
at 01:02 28 Dec 2021

in less than 2 and a half games!

Absolutely shocking

Silverwood to go
Root to lose the captaincy?

A review of the county cricket system potentially
KP has been mumbling about a Franchise Red Ball Tournament

Do England need to practice on drop in pitches in the lead up Ashes Series, perhaps use the Kookaburra ball too?
Would a Director of Football or Sporting Director
at 00:59 17 Dec 2021

likely to be coming in as well given we are going down the head coach approach?
Managers we could tolerate?
at 14:42 8 Dec 2021

Tony Mowbray
Frank Lampard
Karl Robinson
Nigel Pearson

I'm not seeing a lot of names popping up who are filling me with a lot of confidence, I must say
Ipswich Barrow on TV
at 10:50 5 Dec 2021

Why wasn't this covered by terrestrial TV? I see we have Rochdale Plymouth today, why is that more appealing to the Beeb?

I'm not complaining, they would have been there for blood, will our replay get any coverage does anyone know?

Edit: Despite the mixed results in the cups, I do think the value of the bigger squad is demonstrated, given we can still put out some competitive second strings out

The bigger issue has been our inability to put the foot on the throat sadly
[Post edited 5 Dec 2021 10:52]
The Vaccine effect on saving lives
at 15:14 2 Dec 2021

Hi guys, I've made the mistake of debating the vaccine with anti-vaxxers

Always a mistake

I'm sure someone had shared graphs the other day which showed the massive drop in deaths as the vaccine kicked in

Does anyone have any of these graphs they can share?
I quite enjoyed that game despite the result
at 01:25 2 Dec 2021

Arsenal played in a Premiership style, there's clearly some very talented youngsters in that side

But let's be honest Town should have been out of sight before Arsenal fluked their first goal, which came from absolutely no pressure at all. That's as soft a goal as you can concede.

After that they gave it a go and their second had some quality about it, however I thought they were poor and we should have ground them into the dirt

I think under Lambert and Evans, we'd have comfortably lost that tonight, just through sheer ambivalence to the competition.

Our first choice side would surely have anihilated Arsenal but considering that side had had 11 changes made and hadn't necessarily played together all that much, they were bound to be a bit incohesive and so it proved.

The biggest disappointment was the complete lack of going for the jugular when in charge and taking the foot off the pedal when we were, which ultimately led Arsenal to penalties which we then subsequently lost

Some of those Arsenal players will go on to be Premier League regulars, others will fade into obscurity

Why Premier League clubs are in this tournament, really is the puzzler, greed I guess.

Would you take any of those Arsenal youngsters on loan, I'd be tempted to go for the roaming centre back maybe, he could be interesting, not that we need someone with a lack of experience at the back added to this leaky back four?

Adding Premier League youth teams certainly ruins the crowds for the actual League clubs but it was least a chance for our lads to play a different style of opponent tonight

Hopefully Cook has learnt a few things none the less
Be honest, who had their doubts about Aluko?
at 09:41 29 Nov 2021

For me he is a player and always has been really talented, I'm always surprised he didn't go further as a player

He always looked a handful whenever he played against us

I think if he could strike a ball, he'd have played for a top club
Punch Football Kits
at 12:11 8 Nov 2021

Am I right in thinking the club owned or ran the Punch brand?

Surely a fairly unique setup, have other clubs ever done that?
Steve Bruce to Norwich
at 09:51 7 Nov 2021

Are we all hoping this happens?

He must be one of their all-time players, would that extra nostalgia be attractive to them?
I see Look East's optimism for the Budgies
at 13:24 23 Oct 2021

against Chelsea given they were missing Werner and Lukaku was short lived

3 - 0 at half-time

550k for Downes
at 10:13 9 Aug 2021

could be an absolute bargain for Swansea to be fair to them. I hope there's a hefty sell on fee in there.
Matt Crooks
at 13:20 15 Jun 2021

It may have already been posted but it's been suggested to me today that he is in Town speaking to the club
Edwards to Wigan
at 21:18 10 Jun 2021

I got the impression certain players had already been speaking to clubs during the season and were playing within themselves to preserve their fitness

For me this free transfer explains an awful lot
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