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This is going to be a wild transfer window
at 12:10 16 May 2021

but I don't think Cook is going to muck around!

Bring on next season, it could be an exciting one
It was rumoured Mourinho opposed the ESL idea
at 23:38 19 Apr 2021

which may have played a part in his sacking, fair play to Jose if that is the case or good PR on his Agents part if that is complete bobbins
Even the Statement from the Owners
at 23:27 7 Apr 2021

seems to suggest they have a plan

I'm not expecting instant results, it's going to take time but they seem to know what they are doing, their track record albeit on smaller projects has been good

Phoenix Rising seem to have a modern approach, aren't afraid to try different things, they seem to have some celebs on board with Phoenix Rising so perhaps they'll have a look at this as well, marketing seems to be one thing which would be a positive for us asides the playing side

My other take from today, given the players linked to other clubs. It explains an awful lot about some strange performances from certain individuals in recent weeks.
Ipswich have the best squad in League One
at 10:46 28 Mar 2021

this wasn't even true when we were first relegated

I would say it was about 6th in the league and for me the issue has always been a lack of balance

We lack pace and power through out the side. The team we started with yesterday (KVY aside) was so slow and cloggy, exactly the vision I had of bang average League One sides whenever I had seen them appearing in the FA Cup.

We have a total lack of athletes with no real agility.

Bennetts is a frustrating player but he offers us more than the motley crew we put out yesterday.

The same is true with Parrott and I think both of them improve the balance of our side if nothing else.

Dozzell and Bishop are both talented players but that's a powder puff combo in the middle of the park. We suddenly look short on options with Downes out, Skuse well off the pace, Huws a shadow of his former self and Nolan seemingly cast into the wilderness. McGavin may have done a better job in there but we can't use him either!

Norwood is the only striker who looks up to it and I like the look of Parrot but he isn't ours ultimately.

Kayden Jackson has proved to be disappointing, Sears looks a shadow of the player who McCarthy first signed, Hawkins seems to have disappeared and Drinnan looks like he is playing a league or too high.

I've no doubt Drinnan is going to work hard but he doesn't look quick enough to really make a defence sweat for me. He had a rare burst forward against someone I forget and actually looked quicker than I was expecting but that seemed to be a rare flurry where he looked up to it.

If we somehow fluked our way into the playoffs and won them, we'd need a complete squad rebuild or we could crashing back down with a similar points haul to Wycombe.
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This is comfortably as bad as the Northampton game
at 16:58 27 Mar 2021

Cook is learning about this side and squad

But oh dear, I can't see us making the play-offs with this bunch of no hopers
Is Bennetts actually injured
at 16:11 27 Mar 2021

or just dropped?

Don't get me wrong, he's not the long term answer but generally seems to balance us out better than this current mob
The Wolf on for KVY
at 16:07 27 Mar 2021

hopefully just a precautionary measure although not necessarily good for our attacking game
This is going to be a hard watch
at 15:22 27 Mar 2021

we look like such a slow cloggy team

The amount of times we punt the ball to Norwood and no one is within 50 metres of him

The rare phases where we start to move it, we then play the wrong ball or a team mate seems to be on a totally different wavelength
The Dobra sub
at 14:52 20 Mar 2021

hasn't worked

What a mess this second half has been!
Flynn Downes injured
at 15:37 13 Mar 2021

It's turned into a bit of a nightmare season for him. It's a shame for this game because he is more suited to this 442 than Bish
Cook quickly learning
at 13:20 6 Mar 2021

how much work there is to do
Anyone heard any rumours coming out of the club tonight? (n/t)
at 21:00 25 Feb 2021

Brentford's new ground looks decent
at 14:20 24 Jan 2021

not that their fans can enjoy it, another club who are miles ahead of us now, sad times indeed!

[Post edited 24 Jan 14:29]
New Owners at Ipswich Town
at 10:38 15 Jan 2021

A hypothetical scenario, the only way I can see a way out of our current mire. Ipswich must be available at a knockdown price currently with Evans' primary income being in the hospitality industry. We also have the new CoVid wage caps kicking in next season.

It must be remembered we were very close to be being bought by Sullivan and Gold before Evans stole in and hoovered us up. Karen Brady is our Chief Exec in a parallel universe somewhere and I'm sure we're not playing in League One but we are where we are sadly.

What are the likely options out there?

Mike Ashley - Much rumoured to be interested, if he can ever get Newcastle sold, probably not the dream candidate but has a better record than Evans and probably has more capital. Newcastle expect more than us but Ashley probably wouldn't seem to tight in comparison to Evans

The owners of Godolphin, relatively local with their Newmarket connection, we already have a horse on our badge and we play in blue. I'm led to believe Alan Brazil has continually pleaded with the Godolphin people to buy us, on his various Newmarket visits. As many have said before, the moral compass of the owner is highly questionable and would be likely to put many fans off.

The owners of the Port of Felixstowe, if only for some kind of semi-local connection. The company who own Felixstowe own most of the major ports around the World, if they had any interest in sport, they may have already bought someone if they don't already own a Chinese Club?

Red Bull are supposedly keen to own an English club, the obvious choice was MK Dons however they have distanced themselves from them, I believe West Ham were mooted also and you certainly sell your soul to the devil with Red Bull but they certainly know how to achieve success.

Another modern football consortium, much like Watford's model, however for every Watford success, there's a failure like Charlton so be very careful what you wish for!

Ed Sheeran, always an unrealistic prospect I suspect, he is very wealthy and he wants to stay that way but he might be able to attract someone to the club who does have the cash flow required. It's fair to say, no one buys a football club to make money, there are other reasons for owning a football club, sadly in some cases they become a bit of a play thing for someone where money has ceased being an issue, that's modern football sadly but ultimately you need a decent owner who is ambitious. I believe Evans threw the ambition out the window once Paul Jewell was gone. McCarthy was a very decent manager but he was never given the budget he deserved to get us over the line.

There are countless other candidates out there I'm sure, Burnley are about to be taken over, hardly the sexiest prospect but far more appealing given their recent Premier League success.

We are a gamble at the moment, anyone with any ambition would be buying us on the hope to take us back to the Premier League and that's probably a ten year project at the very minimum. The main appeal is we are probably available on the cheap, not that Evans will necessarily take a cheap offer.
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“They (Ipswich) are a hard team to break down, they’re a solid outfit".
at 15:46 10 Jan 2021

No we aren't John Sheridan but either way, fair play for absolutely schooling us

Okay, Swindon's second and third goals don't go in very often or shouldn't do but they deserved that win, whatever way we want to dress it up

If they could defend, they'd be a competitive side at this level

I liked the look of their left back and the lad who scored the cross for number three

I wasn't looking for Twine but he isn't going to be at Swindon very long if he can do that?

Who was the lad that SkySports were lauding, the guy who seemed to be hounding our players all the time?
[Post edited 10 Jan 15:47]
Just catching up on the game
at 11:23 10 Jan 2021

as I work 1530 - 2230 which means I see virtually no live games now but oh deary me, what a shocker!

And Paul Cook is sitting in the studio, commenting on this chaos

Swindon clearly have some talented players, there's a decent football side in there, even if they concede goals like it is going out of fashion

Yes there are mitigating circumstances, we haven't played for a month, some players maybe feeling the effects of CoVid and many of our best players are recovering from injury so I wasn't totally surprised by the result but we really made Swindon look like Barcelona on the first half

Swindon deserved more than one goal in the first half and we got away with it

In the second they score an absolute worldie and then score a freak goal from a cross but on merit probably deserved more from earlier on

In terms of Swindon's position, it's a massive opportunity missed with the games we have coming up and I fear we will pay for it even further

I don't get the first half line up, I genuinely don't understand why we are farming Jackson out on the wing

We could do worse than signing Swindon's left back though, he would add a lot to us

We are clearly very reliant on Norwood, we don't seem to have another reliable outlet upfront. I know Ched Evans is mud but we need another player of that calibre upfront because I don't think we have much else. Jackson is being utilised really poorly, there's a player in there but we don't suit him at all.

We really could do with more pace and power throughout the side, we look like one of those bang average league one sides with little athleticism or agility throughout the side. We are easy to play against, there's talent there, mainly from the academy players but the spine of our side is a bit powder puff. I can't see us touching top sides unless we get all our best players back, fit and regularly playing.

What an absolute mess we are and the salary cap next season could kill us, it's probably more likely to guide us to League Two.
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How good was Colin Bell then guys?
at 12:16 9 Jan 2021

I assume Town would have had some run ins with him?

I guess he is Beattielike for City fans?
What is the likelihood of League One
at 11:32 31 Dec 2020

finishing after 23 games and then just having the playoffs like last season?
Luke Hyam
at 15:55 11 Dec 2020

What is he up to nowadays, surely a player like him would be an experienced pro who would do a job in our squad at this level and surely wouldn't cost a lot in wages?
Watching the Championship Football today
at 13:43 29 Nov 2020

and realising just how far behind these sides we are nowadays, it's all very depressing to see
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