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The sooner this season is over the better
at 17:00 23 Feb 2019

What a terrible season! I do think Lambert has started to turn it around but it is all far too late, nothing is going to fall for us.

Bring on League One where our fortunes should turn around if nothing else.
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How many times do Radio Suffolk
at 15:06 23 Feb 2019

seem to get technical problems

Is this common for other broadcasters?
We have it a really good go, we just aren't very good
at 14:00 10 Feb 2019

Pukki is a funny kind of player, he isn't particularly athletic but his movement is good and is a deadly finisher

It will be interesting to see if he can cut it in the Premiership, whatever way he ends up there
Nodge look far more vulnerable when you pass the ball
at 13:06 10 Feb 2019

to team mates consecutively

That first 15 minutes was absolutely shocking. We have at least grown into it and offered some cohesive play which suddenly started to make them think.

Vrancic looks like their best player to me so it is good to see him having dived himself to injury.

If we can sort our set pieces out, we certainly have a chance
Look East must have set a new record today
at 18:53 1 Feb 2019

going on about the fact Nodge have a top of the table clash

It's obviously a slow news day, we saw the last of the Sports Reporter at 1850

It must have been a 10 - 15 minute report which told us nothing
[Post edited 1 Feb 18:53]
The Godolphin link
at 23:32 29 Jan 2019

So we play in Blue which are their colours, we are also based in Suffolk and have a horse on our badge.

If they for some unknown reason they fancied venturing into Football would they genuinely have any interest in us beyond convenience of location in relation to Newmarket? Would there be any sporting benefits to linking up Suffolk's two biggest sporting venues on a business level, would it have any corporate benefits by having another sporting venue on their portfolio?

Putting the controversy of the owner aside, you need owners with this kind of money if you have any ambitions to finish higher than lower mid-table in the Premier League for more than a couple of seasons at least. I can't imagine we're a prime investment opportunity when you have bigger candidates like Leeds or Newcastle for example but who knows?

Stranger things have happened, 10 years ago I was at Uni when Bournemouth were on their knees, they're now an established Premier League club whilst we could be playing in League One next season.
Wolves certainly know how to amp up an atmosphere
at 21:40 7 Jan 2019

That little entrance must have cost a pretty penny

How long will it take for them to crack the top 7, they seem to be striding forward at great pace?
Norwich are doing well
at 18:51 3 Dec 2018

and they are doing with youth also

How depressing is that? Historically we've generally brought through a lot more players than them but that Premiership stint has seen them revolutionise their academy and really step it up

I fear they are now bearing the fruit of that

I just hope their bubble burst's sooner or later and they return to mediocrity

It is all going rather swimmingly at the moment and they are beginning to get cocky
We need to start preparing for League One
at 21:43 28 Nov 2018

That's three goals conceded in nine minutes all down the left all in similar fashion

Why their big striker didn't start the first half is a mystery. His mere presence forced all three goals.

I like Lambert but the damage Hurst he has done looks fatal
Rumours circulating that the Grenfall Effigy Burners
at 20:05 7 Nov 2018

are members of the Lads Football Alliance and have connections with the Tory Party

Knowing Facebook it's probably Fake News

It certainly doesn't look very good if they are Tories, I'd assume people with Far-Right connections aren't allowed to be members of the Tory Party?

Edit: Here is the totally impartial and not in any way left leaning Evolve Politics' take on it.

Make of it what you will
[Post edited 7 Nov 2018 23:49]
England U19's - 5 nil down to France U19's
at 17:59 23 Jul 2018

I assume this is one of weaker year groups amongst the decent performers either side of them?
Sound the air raid sirens
at 20:26 2 Jul 2018

on come Fellaini and Chadli

3, 2, 1 - Hoof!
Belgium reserves turning the screw
at 20:16 28 Jun 2018

against England reserves

Perhaps this will temper expectations?
Harry Maguire is a bit of a beast
at 21:31 18 Jun 2018

very much the kind of player we would like Webster to become
at 14:00 18 Feb 2018

Make no mistake about it, we deserved nothing from that second half but that isn't the first half we've failed to see out a game

Bart should have just smothered their man once he had committed
Joe Root taken to hospital with dehydration
at 22:22 7 Jan 2018

can this tour get any worse?
Is Spence going to do the phone in?
at 15:21 6 Jan 2018

this could be fun!

Has he talked about the Fulham incident?
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