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Hard to make too big a judgement from that
at 19:17 9 Nov 2019

with so many changes, obviously we grew into the game

I felt the back four considering it was much changed did alright

Donacien looked perfectly fine, he is surely our next best option with Vincent-Young out?

Kenlock did fine and got better

Nsiala actually didn't have that bad a game despite giving away the penalty. He looks like the kind of centre back who is better when a team pushes up the pitch

Wilson was dependable as always

The midfield grew into the game, Downes is quality, Huw's got better as the game went on and Dozzell once he came inside looked a lot better. He isn't much cop on the wing.

Keane is still getting back to his best and didn't have the best game, he really needs a partner who he can work with, Dobra worked hard but he wasn't quite close enough to Keane at times. He looked far more comfortable drifting down the wing. Keane would probably work quite well with Jackson.

Georgiou is quality and had a decent second half, I felt Kenlock, Huws, Dozzell and himself really began to link up well down the left.

Lincoln were solid, organised and dangerous on the counter but you can see why they have dropped down the table. They have some decent players but are well beatable. I'd expect out first choice side to beat them quite comfortably.

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So this Rees-Mogg Clanger
at 17:44 6 Nov 2019

up there with Milliband and his bacon butty eating?

The Tories have basically fallen straight into the Labour Party's People versus the Rich narrative through sheer incompetence

To top that off, Day One virtually of Dominic Cummings digital strategy has been exposed with this idiotic attack video in the style Leave.EU have been getting away for years without many complaints, partly because they were preaching to the converted. It's a bit different when people from other areas see it.

As Campaign Launch days go, it really has been shambolic!

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We're clearly pretty vulnerable to big physical sides
at 21:39 23 Oct 2019

Which doesn't bode well for the cup game against Lincoln

We have definitely been found out
T20 Finals Day - Come on Essex!
at 14:01 21 Sep 2019

How have Worcestershire just won that game btw?
First I've seen of us this season
at 20:38 17 Sep 2019

Good in possession, some excellent ball retention, played at a good tempo coupled with some high intensity pressing

We looked like a Premier League side for the first 10 minutes dominating a minnow

The team still resorts to the odd meaningless punt when they could continue zipping the ball about quite comfortably, perhaps a hangover from Hurst and McCarthy?

We haven't created a great deal but when we do get it around the box, we look dangerous

The injury to Norwood has certainly effected the system with Keane less able to press as effectively

Kane Vincent-Young looks like a hell of a bit of business, comfortably the best player on the pitch
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Apologies if already mentioned
at 23:10 14 Aug 2019

Wilfried Bony is training with Newport

That's a fairly random one
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Armando Dogba
at 18:56 14 Aug 2019

Look East Presenter you had one job

Get our player's name right!
Yes we have named a poor side
at 20:33 13 Aug 2019

but that Luton attack looks pretty reasonable on paper

Izzy Brown and Lua Lua in particular should both be very decent Championship players?
Why have we just sold a £750k player
at 18:21 21 Jun 2019

to a rival for £300k under last year's fee?

Seems like a pretty bad bit of business to me, whether we wanted him gone or not

They're about to yield a decent kitty from the Clarke transfer too

Have Pompey factored that into the fee with the sell on fee coming our way?
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It's going to be a real shame to see Derby lose the play-off final
at 22:11 15 May 2019

I thought a mini pitch invasion had happened but it just turned out to be craply dressed overpaid members of Derby's bloated squad (Nugent et al).

What absolute sh1thouses

Lampard is fine but Derby are a bunch of vvankers, the sheer money they have chucked at promotion is really really annoying. It is hilarious to see them bottling it year on year.

Norwich City promoted on a budget
at 19:30 29 Apr 2019

They are slightly rewriting history here

They spent about £15 million last season on transfer fees and around £5 million this season

Granted they have recouped those fees in sales but to say they have done this on the cheap is a little misleading

Fair play, they have built a decent side but it certainly isn't quite a Sheffield United scenario
Looks like the Blunts are keeping up their end of the bargain
at 15:24 22 Apr 2019

Now for Leeds and Stoke to do their job
Looking down at League One and League Two
at 20:41 13 Apr 2019

Colchester and Southend are going to mess it up

We could have had some nice local fixtures in there but neither are looking likely to be there next season
Make of this what you will
at 00:02 11 Apr 2019

I'm not sure who my friend has been speaking to but they reckon that the season ticket announcement is going to be half price season tickets for current season ticket holders

They also reckon the comments from Lambert the other week were because Evans wasn't prepared to give him any money for a striker. Evans has reluctantly agreed to give him the cash now, hence the change in tone from Lambert.

They seemed very confident this was the case anyway so we will see.
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Wolves really are a quality outfit
at 17:25 7 Apr 2019

they may have bought their way to their current success but as Derby have proved, it is just as easy to continually waste that investment

Whoever is involved at the top there, certainly knows what they are doing

Next year they could quite easily push for the top five!
Que Sera Sera
at 16:51 6 Apr 2019

What the end words to the song we are singing? It sounds good, whatever it is

Finally an away win, against a side who could send still fold but they all count

Bring on next season
I missed the first 20 mins
at 20:21 12 Mar 2019

so all I have seen is us being physically bullied by the far bigger Brizzle side

Were we really actually decent for the first 20?
The sooner this season is over the better
at 17:00 23 Feb 2019

What a terrible season! I do think Lambert has started to turn it around but it is all far too late, nothing is going to fall for us.

Bring on League One where our fortunes should turn around if nothing else.
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