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Gareth Bale is only 32.
at 23:27 28 May 2022


Elizabeth Line
at 10:27 27 May 2022

The North feel particularly let down but they're not the only part of the country with poor infrastructure

The East is shocking for many things, I suspect the South West is in a similar boat too
Most "Ipswich" thing that could happen next season?
at 23:28 26 May 2022

Let Simpson go and then he tears it up for someone

Goes to another club a season the next season for megabucks

Sign some proven goalscorers who then get no goals

Sign a rival team's best player for over the odds only for them to sign an unknown who is then better
Daily Fail with another masterpiece front page
at 22:59 25 May 2022

It would be interesting to see what the other papers are going with
at 00:14 23 May 2022

I don't think Trust Pilot is particularly proportional for bigger companies

It can point to poor handling by customer services and their systems in place which link with that

I don't know the ins and outs of how these rating systems work, do Trustpilot caveat reviews with any sense of proportion?

You generally know customers are happy when they aren't contacting you, quantifying that data is always challenging unless companies are prepared to share some kind of metric to balance the complaints
home and away attendance tables L1
at 00:10 23 May 2022

We are well supported at this level, not really a surprise is it

Pipping Sheffield Wednesday is amusing, there seems to be a little clutching at straws because we are ahead of them on home attendance average

I would agreed Wednesday are better supported and have a higher shelf for support potentially but what the stats will tell you is Ipswich are bigger than many will probably appreciate as a support base

And that's after years and years of stagnation too
Record 13th home defeat out of 19 for Norwich
at 00:04 23 May 2022

We can hope for it but they won't

They have some how hacked the rebuild job and are very experienced in it

What they haven't hacked thankfully is learning how to stay in the Premier League for any length of time or I suspect we would never hear the end of it!

This is a club who celebrate reaching the 3rd round of the FA Cup like they have actually won a European Trophy!

Imagine what they would be like if they actually won something
So our new dug out bucket seats?!
at 10:34 21 May 2022

A Tractor Firm would be amusing, who's the firm in Essex, they're blue?
[Post edited 21 May 10:35]
Colchester City then.....
at 00:50 21 May 2022

It was entirely party political on Tom's part, he didn't want the Labour run council getting the credit for the City status

He is now backtracking, looking a total knob now some rival locations of similar size have got it
New Ipswich mayor talking b***ocks
at 03:32 16 May 2022

Really nice guy in fairness, does a lot for local politics

Does a lot of the digital stuff behind the scenes which keeps the local Labour Party well ahead of the Tories so I am led to believe

He's from Norwich and Nodge fan but I don't hold that against him
Didzy released
at 02:54 16 May 2022

You do notice a few old pros doing a job in League One sides who get promoted

McGoldrick could certainly play the number 10 role, is he the answer?

Not really but we have Aluko who is very good in there, Didzy could be another alongside Chaplin

As a one season wonder and another experience body for a campaign, he'd be useful

Obviously he's not Celina and he's not the future but he might be useful, he would still be handy to have, maybe once every three games or so, which wouldn't be so bad for his injury risks

I assume the Blunts used him more infrequently and got more out of him as we did towards the end of his spell here

We could do better but we could do a lot worse too

He would certainly create and score some goals at this level I am sure

Obviously he knows the place, he should fit in alright, would he move down here, presumably not?

If he likes the Midlands and doesn't want to move, is it likely to be another Midlands or Southern Yorkshire club he will be looking at as a next club, possibly League One level?
Wigan want Sam Morsy back - Alan Nixon
at 02:45 16 May 2022

He is a serious player though and very important to our game

I'd want a lot more than £1.5 million, that's not a big fee anymore

Could we get another player of his quality in the midfield?
Anyone watching Luton - Huddersfield?
at 09:01 14 May 2022

Imagine if Huddersfield go up immediately with Marcus Evans involvement, you can't make it up
*David McGoldrick*
at 08:57 14 May 2022

I'd describe him almost as a number 10 playing upfront, one of his best assets was keeping hold of the ball, up the field for longer

The ball would almost be glued to his foot before picking out the right pass and making sure we retained possession

I can remember when we played Southampton in the cup who were about 4th at the time in the Prem, he was one of our few players who stood out for us
[Post edited 14 May 8:58]
Northern Ireland pearl of wisdom from QT....
at 06:55 13 May 2022

Blaming the EU for the situation Boris has helped create was staggering

The more frightening thing is that there are genuine members of the public who are still lapping it up
Conor Washington
at 03:51 12 May 2022

Always struck me as someone who would chase a plastic bag all day if he was instructed to

Doesn't get as many goals as he should but I would expect him to put in a shift

As people say, probably a target we could maybe have been looking at 5 years ago

But someone you have heard of and is either far worse or better than you expect, who knows

I wasn't expecting much out of Waghorn who turned out to be a gem

League One isn't that good, we have demonstrated that with just how wasteful we are on chances

Players seem to need about five shots before they convert at this level, if we can find some athletes who work hard and are good in the area, mobile and able to finish the odd chance, we'll do better than last season

I'm still pretty annoyed by the Tyreece Simpson debacle, he seems to have the raw ingredients to be a handful at this level

He maybe being poorly advised or perhaps he is correct in wanting away, having tasted some success at Swindon, who knows
[Post edited 12 May 3:52]
MK Dons shameful crowd, but they play good stuff in a style similar to ours
at 07:59 9 May 2022

Finishing 3rd and not going up is what we are very good at doing sadly

Where as you can get a club who are crap for years, have one good season, go up and then spend the next 5 years in the Premier League

Someone earlier said Norwich keep rolling double sixes with their yoyoing, I'd suggest they have been doing it ever since Lambert took over

We have been rolling double 1's really since Premier League relegation
MK Dons shameful crowd, but they play good stuff in a style similar to ours
at 07:56 9 May 2022

Aidy Boothroyd used to describe it as 'managing the game'.

It's very very cynical, Wycombe are total sh1thouses

Mick McCarthy for all his faults, didn't employ these kind of tactics, his teams were hard but fair
The 20-goal striker
at 07:35 9 May 2022

Whatever striker does fit McKenna's system, he hasn't found it yet

The closest to it was Jackson, I would suggest you need a fairly complete striker who is fast and powerful, a Didier Drogba type

Not that you find many of these outside the Premier League

I'm not saying he is this calibre but I would have liked to see Tyreece Simpson, he has the raw ingredients to be a handful

I can't believe the mess we have made of the situation with him, he must be our best striker prospect for some time?

You definitely need some muscle for League One at times as well, which makes Piggotts signing particularly disappointing, who knows maybe he needs a season under his belt?

My one concern with strikers with McKenna is that Man U didn't when seem to crack their striker conundrum when he was fairly heavily involved there
Canary Call right now....
at 07:28 9 May 2022

They've been throwing double 6's ever since Lambert took over

When was the last Championship season they haven't had parachute payments, it must be some time now?
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