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Meanwhile Nodge ....
at 08:11 15 Jul 2019

It should be no surprise that the defence needs some work

Of the three teams we've played, only Meppen are any where near what we are likely to be up against this season?
Referendum time!
at 18:07 13 Jul 2019

I'd go Keema, the Peshwari is basically a dessert
Question for the cricket buffs
at 18:09 10 Jul 2019

Four Day Cricket struggles but T20 certainly brings in the crowds

I can't imagine Suffolk are high up the list of Minor Counties likely to qualify for full status but you could put forward an argument for a combined East Anglian group from Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire
Absolutely no money available for transfers then
at 09:12 7 Jul 2019

Have we got big money for anyone really though? We were banking on Bart going

We still have a £7 million shortfall this season before the season even kicks off?
Does anyone have a song they hate so much
at 19:38 4 Jul 2019

I think we all have a song like that

We have the radio on at work and the new Just East Advert is particularly irritating!
Sunderland game not on TV then.
at 23:33 3 Jul 2019

Interesting logic but we were actually the 2nd highest watched side behind Leeds a few seasons ago I believe

We clearly have a lot of closet or lapsed fans who remember when we were good?
Your best Ipswich XI since Premier League relegation?
at 23:23 3 Jul 2019

Wilnis was a very good right back and still figured in Royle's side?

Wright was solid enough and reliable without being outstanding, I thought a little light weight at times but I certainly have no complaints

The reason I have gone for Stearman is simply for height and the fact we looked pretty rock solid with him next Berra, Smith or Chambers

We got something like 14 clean sheets in that season, having been dreadful in the first half of it

We haven't exactly been blessed with right backs post Premier League relegation though have we?
Your best Ipswich XI since Premier League relegation?
at 23:41 2 Jul 2019

Mine would be


De Vos



Subs - Bart, Mings, Wilnis, Mahon, Lawrence, Kuqi, Murphy

Norris imho was massively overated and no better than Gavin Williams before his injury

Holland was still here for a season which is easy to forget

Obviously Rhodes didn't figure enough to feature with the same true for Marriott

Wickham can't be far from the team

The much underated Webster should go on to potentially bigger things than Macauley

Waghorn had he have been here longer would be knocking on the door

Edit: Westlake dropped for Lawrence
[Post edited 2 Jul 23:45]
Countries of the World Quiz - 15 minutes to complete
at 18:07 24 Jun 2019


There were countries I thought I had typed which I had forgotten such as Brazil

[Post edited 24 Jun 18:08]
Formula One is just so pointless
at 19:07 23 Jun 2019

It's been tried before with A1?
Who are our most hated Rivals?
at 09:52 23 Jun 2019

Not that far away, it is almost 70 miles as the crow flies

They are closer to places like Leicester than us, presumably a few Midlands teams will be as near to them?
Why have we just sold a £750k player
at 18:47 21 Jun 2019

I'm not questioning that, it's the undervaluing of players which is my main gripe

This isn't the first time we have done it

We did it with both Webster and Waghorn last season as well
Why have we just sold a £750k player
at 18:37 21 Jun 2019

Underselling players isn't the smartest option, whether in a lower League or not

I accept his injury record wasn't great, I don't buy the wages argument though because it can't of been on a massive wedge coming up from League One

Hopefully Lambert has a plan to reinvest these fees
How many wickets will England win by?
at 18:32 21 Jun 2019

On the plus side we have a good record against New Zealand and Australia in recent years although games at a World Cup are always more challenging

The rankings are a bit of a red herring because teams often leave out their gun bowlers for ODI series

I think India are actually the best side and certainly know how to win tournaments

England need to look at James Vince, either Ali or Rashid are vulnerable as well
Why have we just sold a £750k player
at 18:26 21 Jun 2019

It seems a bit desperate at the moment

We'll sell Bart for well under his previous valuations also

We are likely to get a sell on from Mings potentially as well
How many wickets will England win by?
at 18:22 21 Jun 2019

What a disastrous post this has proved to be

Losing several wickets when we were just three down looks like the killer?
Why have we just sold a £750k player
at 18:21 21 Jun 2019

to a rival for £300k under last year's fee?

Seems like a pretty bad bit of business to me, whether we wanted him gone or not

They're about to yield a decent kitty from the Clarke transfer too

Have Pompey factored that into the fee with the sell on fee coming our way?
[Post edited 21 Jun 18:23]
So Bart, Jonas, Harrison
at 10:04 21 Jun 2019

Is that confirmed? Pretty disappointing if true

It's not as if they are short of a few bob
We make £990,000 out of Matt Clarke deal to Brighton
at 09:23 21 Jun 2019

I hope we're actually making some profit on Harrison

Millwall are presumably getting Bart on the cheap? Will Bart actually have to up sticks with Millwall or will he commute?
Alan Brazil turns 60 this weekend.... total Town legend and best broadcaster
at 20:55 12 Jun 2019

I see he had a random loan to the US at the start of his career?
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