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Half time teamtalk changes momentum
at 16:48 22 May 2021

Love to see that. A manager that can make a difference. They might not win in the end but oh for a boss who makes can affect a game positively!
Cannot believe Nydam decision
at 18:42 10 May 2021

How can you give the lad half an hour, praise him to the hilt, never use him again then let him go? Disappointing and this may well bite ITFC on the ar$e.
Another year of Drinan ffs. Hawkins still contracted and Jackson still here. Only Sears gone and we still have 4 strikers! Club in talks with Edwards!!!!.
Demolition man my backside.
If Rotherham go down on Sunday
at 21:23 4 May 2021

I would go after Matt Crooks. Big, powerful midfielder who gets in the box. Want them to stay up though. Derby would make me chuckle if they fall through the trap door.
Option taken up on Donacien?
at 11:36 28 Apr 2021

....so I am lead to believe. Don't shoot me if it's wrong - just thought I'd let you know what I have heard. Maybe it is to try and sell for 50K - I don't know?
If you are not good enough
at 21:24 20 Apr 2021

you are not good enough. Simple.
In this I would put the following:
Wolf (at the moment at least)
Dozzell (as with Wolf)
And lots of others too.
[Post edited 20 Apr 21:29]
Owen Garvan was a better player than Andre Dozzell
at 13:41 18 Apr 2021

in circa 240 appearances for Town and Palace he scored 23 times (almost 1 in 10), all at Championship level and whilst he had no pace, he influenced games far more consistently than Andre if my memory serves me well. He was young (only 33 now) just like Andre.
In comparison, in just under 80 games, Andre 2 goals (1 on his debut!) and I can barely remember him having a significant influence on any games at all.
I know, there is no real point to this but it was on my mind.
Why can't we actually put in a challenge?
at 19:31 14 Apr 2021

For ages now, we manage to force quite a few corners and free kicks in decent areas but we rarely look like scoring from them. Yes, in the death throes of Lambert we scored a few scruffy ones but nobody seems to have the real desire to get on the end of things. Compare this with Wimbledon last night. When was the last thumping header we have had like that? Take Nsiala for example. He must have played 50+ games for Town now. Going forward for every set piece, let's say 5 per game, and I don't think he has scored yet. Woolf I think has about 2 career goals and I know Wilson got two a while back but they were a complete surprise. Our only semi consistent threat in this respect has been Chambers to be fair.

We have nobody who looks a genuine and consistent dead ball threat around the area and our corners are cr@p in terms of delivery. We don't get penalties ( 1 all season - and that was missed!) and we rarely score from outside the area.

Service to the front men is appalling and drive from the midfield (Downes aside) is absent and we look like lost boys physically outmuscled and impotent. Technically Bishop and Dozzell are talented but far too many games this season have passed them both by. Doz must have 50+ starts and 30 odd sub games to his name and about 3 career goals (one of them when he was 16 and another in a dead rubber against Leeds as we slid anonymously into L1). Before this season, Bishop had very few goals to his name and so it goes on. Downes too, is not a goal scoring midfielder tbh.

Jackson has no control, Hawkins not prolific, Sears is shot and his time scoring goals is over - he went a lengthy period under Mick with no goals ffs ( yeah, yeah Mick ruined him but he missed so many opportunities from those wide positions it's unbelievable. Bennetts and Parrott have no record at this level, Nolan has consistently flattered to decieve whilst I cannot see Edwards waste any more crossing opportunities even though he has scored his share. Ditto Judge.

Finally I come to Norwood. Our best striker - yes. Gets into positions -- yes. CAN be a complete pest to defenders - yes. Profligate - definitely. Jesus, that was a rambling rant and just couldn't stop. Sorry, just had to get it out.

Please recruit a balanced squad Mr Cook because I have finally had the life sucked out of me after 45 years of following my club.

[Post edited 14 Apr 20:43]
Harrop chance.
at 11:34 6 Apr 2021

Why take a touch six yards out? Just stab it home ffs! 6 loan signings and not one can be deemed remotely a success.. Recruitment at it's finest and at a minimum I'd say 12k per week in wages in total. Madness.
at 17:59 2 Apr 2021

4 points of 4th place and we are gash! The drop in standard in this league from the Championship mirrors that between the Champioship and the Prem.
Just switched England game on
at 19:54 25 Mar 2021

and thought for at least a minute that San Marino were camped outside our box and looking like battering us. Finally dawned on me that England were playing in blue!
Cook must play the hand he has been dealt
at 18:56 17 Mar 2021

Until the summer when he must get the recruitment right. At the club right now we don't have the strikers to play his preferred system. Norwood is our best bet but even he is significantly better with a partner. Those talking about Oli Hawkins as the lone striker - I can see why and perhaps in the short term he could help bring the three behind him into the game? He is not, however, anywhere near mobile enough for me. The supply line to our attacking players through midfield is rubbish. I just wish we had a few players who will shoot from 20+ yards too. Bobbly pitches and L1 keepers would give us some excitement.
Look at the still photo of first goal on EADT report
at 22:24 16 Mar 2021

4 , yes FOUR, defenders ball watching, flat footed as Connolly heads unchallenged in6 yard box. What were they expecting from a long throw ffs?
Got to learn fast Cookie!
at 22:11 16 Mar 2021

Jackson cannot lead the line on his own in a million years. If he plays, he needs a partner. Judge should play central. Edwards doesn't provide quality delivery. Move Chambers to centre back. Give Dobra a place on the bench. Instruct players to shoot on sight. Clear out in the summer and replace with some genuine desire, grit and energy. Use the loan market with some savvy unlike Lambert. Quality not quantity.
at 12:10 14 Mar 2021

love it. My wife has laughed at me for 30 years because I say "lolly ice" and not "ice lolly". Considering Cook and I were brought up 5 miles apart and are about the same age, I guess it's no surprise!
Refreshing to see Cook use 5 subs.
at 18:52 13 Mar 2021

Is that twice in three games? Maybe it doesn't always work, but after all the fuss Lambert made about having the facility, I can scarcely, if ever, remember him using all five.
The Russell Osman interview, Bennetts and our forwards.
at 14:47 7 Mar 2021

In the recent Blue Monday interview Osman spoke about Alan Brazil making runs and Arnold Muhren assuring him he would deliver the ball at the right time and Brazil should just make the run and not worry. Now before anyone says I should not compare Brazil and Muhren with our current players, I am not stupid, they are not at the same level. However, the principle still applies. How can any of our players be confident to make their runs when Keenan Bennetts has possession? He hangs on to the ball too long, fails to deliver when he has created the space and decides to go back and try and beat a man again. There is no doubt he is a talented player but right now he is stifling any decent movement from our front players. Cook either needs to say to the lad, create the half a yard and deliver the cross early (he could be quite devasting then) or bin him off. He is, after all, not ours.
[Post edited 7 Mar 14:47]
We need Shaun Derry type in midfield.
at 20:07 6 Mar 2021

An experienced destroyer to control things and allow the Bishop's, Dozzell's et al to go and play. Not sure Downes is genuinely that sort, well not yet anyway.
Cobblers 3 up versus Pompey. Some good news! (n/t)
at 15:36 6 Mar 2021

Those barstewards should never train or ride again in the UK
at 16:24 2 Mar 2021

Elliot and the the jockey pictured sitting on (different) dead horses. If the BHA don't ban the both then shame on them. Owners too, they need to remove their animals from his yard and insist trainers never use that jockey. If Tiger Roll is at Aintree and Elliot is still training him, then I hope crowd don't forget what this despicable cretin has done.
Hope Tristan Nydam can prove himself to a new boss
at 18:10 1 Mar 2021

Maybe not this season but the kid deserves the chance here. Really believe he could be a very useful player for us.
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