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Ingerlund at euro 2024
at 09:01 3 Jun 2024

Anyone else concerned? We have massive problems in 2 areas and a pretty big problem in one.
Centre half - Stones has hardly played and Maguire is a knacker, who else is there?
Left back - we don’t have one, literally.
Centre mid - probably a good problem but how do we deploy Bellingham exactly? Rice is great but who do we play with him? Mainoo is a child and bossman clearly doesn’t like Maddison for whatever reason

Yes on paper we are mustard up front. But how do you cram them all in? Palmer and Foden basically play the same role in the same position.

Make me feel better about this fam.
Jobe Bellingham
at 11:00 30 May 2024

///taps nose, winks
When this happens again
at 18:17 27 May 2024

And it will happen again, can some of you try being less weird please.
Don’t feel upset that it’s over…
at 13:07 21 May 2024

….feel glad that it happened.
Good sailing in Brighton too.
An interesting read
at 09:01 13 May 2024


This is well worth five mins of anyone’s time. Conspiracy theories are real, but they’re not the ones you’re thinking of.
Who’s going to be…
at 07:50 8 May 2024

….the next England manager? Seems clear Southgate is off.
Potter I suppose? Is there another Southgate type lurking at HQ?
at 09:11 7 May 2024

…. Is it going to be a large scale restructuring of the squad and team, 8 or so brand new first 11 players? Or will it be a bit more pared back with just a few key additions? Much has been made of how many of our players played in league one before conquering the championship, will we see the same approach?
Seem to think Burnley have done the former and Luton the latter this year and neither look like succeeding. What’s it gonna be boyos?
Pour one out today at the parade…
at 07:11 6 May 2024

For Lee O’Neill.
Man basically ran the club on behalf of the absentee landlord for a few years. A key banter era figure but in a positive sense. No clue what he’s doing now but hoping he can take a bit of pride in what’s happened since he left.
Summer Signings
at 10:11 5 May 2024

Trevor Chalobah
Flynn Downes
Tyrone Mings
Aaron Cresswell
Chambo in some sort of coaching role just for the icing on dat cake
Will you be disappointed…
at 07:46 23 Apr 2024

…if we don’t make it this season? As in genuinely authentic disappointment at a lost opportunity and (maybe) losing the best young manager in England.
On the one hand, yes of course Chico duurrrrrrr we all want success.
On the other, I dunno about you but I was holding a vague hope for a cheeky tilt at the playoffs this year as opposed to this nerve shredding shoot out for top two we are now in.
I don’t think I could find it in me to be disappointed? This season and last have been so good it almost feels like betraying something to feel any more than mildly irritated if it doesn’t happen.
Guess we’ll see, and it’s still in our hands.
How To With John Wilson
at 10:51 20 Apr 2024

Please please watch this programme. It’s on iPlayer and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s weird funny and poignant. There are 3 seasons. Get it watched lads.
When I were a lad (caution; Modern Britain post)
at 07:13 17 Apr 2024

When I was a teenager me and my few mates used to play loads of tennis.
We would just walk to school where the courts were and play. They were open and kept in a decent condition. You would just….play, for as long as you wanted.
That’s over 30 years ago.
There are tennis courts near where I live now. They are kept permanently locked. In order to play you have to get a code off a private company that manage them and give them your mobile and address.
Similar quiet middle class towns in the Home Counties.
What changed in those 30 years? Why was this given to me but taken away from modern children?
There are loads of houses in the UK
at 13:22 19 Mar 2024

Building more is deranged.
Hmmm that’s weird
at 12:12 12 Mar 2024

I could have sworn the TWTD brains trust were telling everyone the number was more like 200,000 the other day..? I guess the bbc are wrong.

More than a fifth of UK adults not looking for work
Hey Phillip
at 15:42 6 Mar 2024

Are you going to ask McK when Williams is expected back at the presser this week fam
We all know who is to blame for this malaise don’t we?
at 14:39 10 Feb 2024

Burns’ barber.
So today
at 06:18 31 Jan 2024

We need to sew up a 9 and a left back.
If we don’t, will this be the biggest missed opportunity for the club ever? Certainly since Evans not giving Mick the Mings money to spend after we just missed out in the play offs?
at 08:32 29 Jan 2024

When did Burns get his hair cut off???
Look at it this way
at 17:28 27 Jan 2024

It’s not like we’re not used to getting embarrassed on the BBC in front of millions in the cup is it? Can’t remember who we played but that McGreal game just before KM was appointed was the lowest ebb in our history, then you had the Lincoln game too.
at 07:58 25 Jan 2024

///taps nose
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