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at 21:27 23 Jan 2021

Lambert Out.
Lambert is a typical Weegie
at 12:30 21 Feb 2020

A deeply emotional man who is very sensitive. Look at his presser this week after a win compared to last when he was getting so bitter at Our Phil.
Hopefully he isnt up and down like this with the players all week, if he is no wonder half the time they play like strangers.
Goodbye friends! (yes this is one of those terrible look at me posts)
at 09:17 19 Feb 2020

In a couple of weeks I am moving to Germany, permanently.

Since I don't care much at all about Ipswich Town anymore and haven't been to a home game in about 2 years, and since I won't be in the UK and won't have much interest in domestic politics and whatnot as I settle me and my family into a new culture & country, it seems a good time to recuse myself from TWTD.

I think I started posting here in December 1998 so that's a lot of time to have spent guffing about arguing over Louie Donowa, Holland or Kinsella, why Jim went mad (the great modern tragedy in our history btw) etc etc.

I'll be here for the rest of the week so get your digs in now before your favourite social conservative tedious moraliser leaves forever.
SUQ, etc.

PS, I added this as a football thread since I know some good TWTD mandem these days don't open General threads and frankly I want to bother them one last time. XOXO.
Remember when I said
at 17:30 17 Feb 2020

that all high profile media-class atheists are terrible people?

If you buy illegal drugs
at 17:25 17 Feb 2020

these are the kind of people you are funding and the activities in which you are complicit, all for your bit of fun; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/16/hell-on-sea-dawlish-drugs-gang-geo

Great guys these drug buyers. Participants in wrecking their own communities.
at 12:07 12 Feb 2020

Man who I imagine was told to "fck off you blind tw@ cant you see a fcking thing you blind cnt fck you" many many times in his career by these exact people finally decides to bite back at one and the snowflakes can't cope.

When was the last time we signed a player permanently...
at 17:20 9 Feb 2020

...and that player went immediately into the team, nailed down a place, and basically became first choice in spite of system change or whatever (possibly an unfair caveat)?

Hmmm that's weird
at 16:27 3 Feb 2020

I thought a no deal hard Brexit would be the end of the UK car industry?

Bad news for white vegans
at 10:54 30 Jan 2020

Turns out you're all basically Hitler.

Nydam, T
at 08:11 24 Jan 2020

Any news on how he is doing after his ankle-knack? High hopes that he would be good in our current formation in Garbutt's role when he moves on.
That god-damn fascist right winger "Boris" is at it again lads
at 08:17 23 Jan 2020

When will this evil end???

Forgive the linked source, friends
at 16:41 22 Jan 2020

But this is a good article on Sir Alf.

(Forward to freedom and the Maximum Leader, etc)
Has anyone here ever presented
at 10:40 16 Jan 2020

....their birth certificate during an interview, or been asked to? Specifically during the interview.

Is Matt Clarke still injured...
at 09:52 14 Jan 2020

...at Derby? If not and he just isnt playing, any chance we can get him in on loan?

Or is it far more likely we will sign dear old Tommy Smith if Woolf does go?
Of all the mad weird things Lambo has said lately
at 15:49 10 Jan 2020

The stuff today about how systems are nonsense, it's all about players, and Man City taking 15 minutes to prepare for Man U is among the barmiest.
Man City are the most process-driven systemised and drilled team in the world. Practically nothing they do is off the cuff. They are robotic, they all know their roles, they all know where each other are, and they can all fit into 3 or 4 different roles as the match demands it.
Maybe he really thinks Pep just rocks up at training, shouts at his players to work harder, then lets de Bruyne and Bernardo Silva do what they want on matchday?
And before anyone says it, yes I know KDB and Silva are not Skuse and Judge.
Ah I see
at 14:03 10 Jan 2020

"We had I think 73 penalty area entries against Bristol Rovers, 73 penalty area entries but scored one goal. Seventy-three! Incredible."

Yes, of course. Yes.
Since James Wilson signed his new deal
at 19:13 4 Jan 2020

His and our form has totally collapsed. In fact he signed his deal (which was presumably agreed a few days before) the day after we lost at home to Rotherham and at Acrington in quick succession. We have won 3 games in 17 since, 2 in the league, and Wilson has only played in 1 of those.

We had Wilson and Jon Guthrie on trial and chose to sign Wilson. Guthrie meanwhile went to Livingston, playing regularly and scoring 5 goals so far (!!!!), currently 5th in the SPL and managed by Gary Holt who is ex-Norwich and also played for Wycombe under......Paul Lambert, before following Lambert to Colchester as player coach, and subsequently going to Norwich as a coach after Lambert went there.

What's next lads?

This is a good story
at 16:10 23 Dec 2019


I appreciate many TWTDers may be considering charging up their fitness or strength in the new year. Do it! I did a few years ago and have lost stones in weight, inches in trousers, and feel better than I have for years and years. And you can too!

One side effect, and Huw alludes to it in the article, is you will get hate. Perhaps not the same kind he mentions from the press, but you will get it. Know this; that hate is delicious. Nothing tastes better.
Evans, you are directly responsible for all of this.
at 18:13 21 Dec 2019

We now find ourselves at a great new low with an insane Manager at the helm, 100m in debt (yes, I know, to you), and a list under your ownership of now 6 Managers 5 of whom you appointed and only 1 of which could be said to be a success.

The commonality is you. Until you take the hit, sell the club at a drastically reduced rate, and get out of our club never to return we will continue to die on the vein without any doubt at all. You can *never* turn the club around, you can *never* deliver success, you can *never* make a good appointment at a senior level.It is proven beyond you.

To those who say "sell it to who" or "you buy the club then" I say this; Evans has demonstrated in 12 years he cannot deliver what we all want. Many times. Someone else has to have a chance to steer our once great club back to, at least, competing to get into the Prem. There are buyers out there for football clubs, especially one in the south near London with a sizeable stadium, who are currently in distressed circumstances.

I will never return to PR while Evans is in charge. Everyone else should do the same.
Hmmm that's weird
at 09:56 19 Dec 2019

Lots of you have told me that if we legalise some/all drugs then things will be pretty much fine as it will be decriminalised taxed and "made safe". No more violence or drug gangs.

So this story from Holland, specifically Amsterdam, can't possibly be right.

[Post edited 19 Dec 2019 9:56]
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