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Blackpool v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 17:21:38
Garbutt had a mare - made mistakes for both goals.
Bishop looked well off the pace, although out of his preferred position.
Sears ran out of gas.
Dobra was a bright spark when he came on. Caused their defence lots of problems on both sides. Deserves more game time.
We dominated large parts of the 2nd half, but were dire in the 1st half. We shouldn't have been 1-0 behind at the break and should have been more adventurous. I'm at a loss to see any gameplan or strategy whenever I see us play. Even a poor Blackpool team had one.
Blackpool v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 18:52:24
Smith & Berra were two rocks at the heart of the defence. Fraser and Sears were tricksy and Skuse had a good one, but it was a game of few chances. Both teams looked knackered especially around the 70 minute mark. A familiar story today after a busy festive schedule. Draw was a fair result. Mick needs to give a few of them a rest good for the cup game.
Blackpool v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 23:12:14
I watched the game with a guest fan today. I spent much of the match moaning about the hopeless Douglas. Eventually said guest asked me what number Douglas was so he could check him out - you can tell from this interaction that quite a few players were having a bad day, so it needed narrowing down. I quoted his shirt number, but quickly added that this wasn't necessary. Just look for the fan on the pitch who's won a competition but the manager has forgotten to take him off.

Sorry, I never like to lay into a Town player, but Douglas was so far off the pace it was unreal. As we made our 3rd substitution I was incredulous that Douglas was getting 90 minutes.
Blackpool v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 23:09:40
An atrocious first half against a bang average team, shown by how they went into their shell when under the cosh after the break. Scannell, Wells & Vaughan are handy, especially Wells who troubled our defence all afternoon. But other than them Huddersfield should have been no bother for us.

But then a baffling starting 11. We spent all of the first half knocking it long into the far corners with no wingers on the pitch. We won the odd knock down, but with no one on the end of it. I know Chris Wood has come with a big reputation (presumably from his Leicester promotion) but maybe he works well with pacy wingers, which we lack. He added mothing for us, which seems to be the case since he joined. We were also getting ovverrun in midfield with no one prepared or capable to out their foot on the ball and pass to someone in the same coloured shirt. Half-time really was a relief.

The change in our style after the break was startling. Suddnely we started passing through the middle, just as Huddersfield had done in the first half. We looked all over them in the first 10 minutes or so. But we seemed to lose momentum too quickly. They put 10 men behind the ball and too many players had an off day - Murphy really didn't have a good game. I saw him limping once or twice (a knock?) and he really wasn't at the races.

As for the rest. Struggling to see why so many teams have paid good money for Fryers. I guess with only 2 games at Palace since he signed (both cup games I think) he's understandably going to be off the pace. He was poor and we have to hope Mings' enforced break has rejuvenated him.

Can't see why people are criticising Berra. He headed balls into our end away all afternoon and looked the one steady presence when all were losing their heads at the back.

In short, too small a squad to sustain a challenge meaning we've had to assimilate loan signings throughout the season, but especially now. Don't get me worng not all of them have been bad, but some would not have looked out of place in the late Jewell era.
Sheffield Wednesday v Reading Your Report added at 23:00:29
A pretty decent effort all round despite the scoreline. Was very impressed with Tunnicliffe and the defence was solid for most of the match. Berra is a class act. I'm not convinced by Anderson, he was outpaced a few too many times for a out and out winger. Nouble was bambi on ice when he came on, but I agree he puts in a shift. Taylor was tricksy, but he looked like he was puffing within minutes of coming on - naturally this raises the question is he fully fit yet? But the only way he will is by getting 1st team minutes.

No need to panic Mr Mainwaring. We played well and we were very unlucky.
Salford City v Leeds United Your Report added at 22:30:20
Bit late posting this, but interesting to read the fans post-match comments. Let me put one thing straight, Blackburn are not Premiership quality by any means. Rhodes has to be the best striker in this division - I still can't believe folk on here were questioning whether he could make it in the Championship. Madness, the guy will be in the Premiership before long. He was the only real difference between the two sides. A crappy refereeing performance didn't help, but it wasn't why we lost.

I was impressed with Smith who was solid throughout and kept Rhodes quiet for the first 70 minutes. N'Daw played quite well too, as did Hyam. But we really lacked width all game. Murphy is not a wide midfielder and didn't have the best of games, but he created our best chances when he moved up front.

McLean and McGoldrick didn't have good games, but didn't get much service either - no wingers you see. I was hoping for something from Wordsworth when he came on, but he really didn't get in the game at all and looked a bit out of his depth. But harsh to judge hom on 20 minutes, but I hope he's not another bit part squad player like Drury seems to have become.

Chambers had a shaky start with 3 mistakes. He improved, but he worried me all day. Henderson made a cracking save to keep a certian 2nd Rhodes goal out after a great move between Kazim-Richards and DJ. Cresswell played well agaon today. Edwards played well too - better than other performances I've seen from him this season. But he didn't really get forward in the way you'd expect a winger too.

It was interesting to see which players insticntively went over to the fans to thank them at the end of the match. I think Mick's getting a core team together capable of competing next season. But it's now desperately tight down the bottom - a few points separating about 9 teams. And we stand on the brink of the mire.

I think we just all have to remember where we were when Mick took over - bottom and in dnager of getting cut adrift. Mick didn't get us in this mess. Cleggy's gone and we really all need to get behind the team to make sure we don't end up in League One. In Mick We Trust!
Ipswich Town v Portsmouth Your Report added at 22:25:26
A good shift put in by pretty much everyone today, especially the fans. I was sat in the Villa end and they moaned for 80 mins and were very rattled. I think if Bent hadn't scored early in the 2nd half the Villa fans would've increasingly got on their team's back and we could've won. On balance though, they shaded it in the end. Two teams very much in transition, but lots of positive signs for us.

My assessment of our players:
Loach - made some important saves and couldn't be faulted for either goal.
Cresswell - a good performance. Always looking to attack. Still gets caught out occasionally, but he's learning and I'm very happy he's in our team
Hewitt - I was impressed with this guy. Ok, he did have a slightly shaky start, but he made several key tackles for clear goal scoring opps. Great to see him in the team. Bright future
Kisnorbo - an absolute rock. Lost count of how many headers he won. And he showed experience 'rugby tackling' N'Zogbia early on. Worth the yellow
Smith - had a solid game too. Perhaps caught out for the Bent goal, but it was a good move and Benty's lethal
JET - criticism on here was a bit unfair today. He linked up some moves well, but he deserved to be subbed as he was lacking impact in the 2nd half
Hyam - I thought he was outstanding. He bossed some experienced players like Ireland & Agbonlahor. Made the odd mistake, but he chased all day and looked mature well beyond his years. He's home grown, hungry and learning fast. Can't understand why he's not on a longer contract!
Reo-Coker - criticism today also a bit unfair. He does look older than 28, but he doesn't panic and he marshalled others. For everyone slagging him off you're effectively slagging off Big Mick, because he thinks he brings experience
Martin - I also thought he had a good game and doesn't deserve the criticism on here.
Murphy - what Mick has managed to get out of him is nothing short of a revelation. Today he was like Scowie in his pomp.
Chopra - his link up play is woefully under-rated by the fans. He does miss a few too many, but he helps create chances and is dangerous in the box
McGoldrick - looks a handful. Almost tried too hard as we seemed to lose our shape when he came on. But a good performance for his first game
McLean - his pace is impressive for a 29 year old. Looks like a good addition
Edwards - played ok when he came on, but like at Bolton thought he can't defend and I think we should be looking to the future and playing him sparingly
To all the moaners - I was sat with the moaning Villa fans giving Lambert a lot of grief, so be thankful. In Mick We Still Trust!
Birmingham City v Millwall Your Report added at 23:45:27
I'm a NW exile and don't get to many games. My last one was 6-0 defeat at Blackpoool. The first half was very uninspiring and to be honest, we played better football at Blackpool. We created very little and I predicted 2-0 to Bolton at F/T, 3-0 if we ended up chasing it. I noticed Mick getting frustrated in the technical area in the first 45.

The start of the second didn't show too much difference, but the substitutions made a real difference. We suddenly seemed to want it more and for some reason Bolton seemed to back-off. I was sat in the Bolton end with an old mate and they appear to be suffering post-relegation jitters. They really should have wrapped it up early doors, but because they didn't, our players sensed half a chance and took it. From about 60+ mins every ball in midfield seemed to fall to us, whereas we were overrun in that area before that.

My assessment of the players:
1. Henderson - solid. Made some good saves and hard to fault him for the goal.
2. Cresswell - he's getting a bit of stick I notice, but he was always screaming for the wide ball from Hendo, but rarely got it. He makes the odd mistake, but for a 22 year old this guy has the right attitude and lot of talent. If we let him go he'll be a star elsewhere, I have no doubt about that.
3 &4. Tommy Smith & Luke Chambers - good solid performances from both. Ngog was a real handful early doors, as was K Davies at times. With help from midfield, they soon got to grips with them. No criticism from me.
5. Bradley Orr. Real mixed bag, but you can tell he's a seasoned pro. Made the odd rick and had a couple of shocking shots, but whar I really noticed was his enthusiasm to get forward and support the attack. Was worried aboiut him to start off with, but he was instrumental in the win in the end.
6. Carlos Edwards - not a great game. He did contribute and showed some nice touches, but also easily muscled off the ball at times.
7. Andy Drury - not a good day at the office. He did improve and his short passing did help us up our tempo, but his mistakes in the first half exposed us a lot. Maybe he's shortb of match practice, but doesn't look like a first teamer at present.
8. Guirane N'Daw - dunno what to make of this guy. I'd heard him described as a 'wardrobe' (thank you Naked Footie podcast). He certainly lacked mobility and was really frustrating at times. But he hit a purple patch as we got on top and seemed to collect every ball in midfield in the last 30 mins of the game. Again, contributed to the win in a big way, but unconvincing before that.
9. Lee Martin - didn't create much early on, but I think he did ok. We knocked it long in the first half and it doesn't suit his style of play. When he got it to feet and got some support he was part of some nice play. And he put a shift in.
10. Tyrone Barnett - was the target man for most of his time on the pitch. Won a fair few headers and did what I guess he was asked to do, but the flick-ons went nowhere. Not really a criticism, but we only threatened when he went off.
11. DJ Campbell - our best player. Ran his socks off all game and got back and made a few crucial tackles at the back. It was telling that he was our first player to get booked. Didn't moan either, he just really put the effort in. Thought it wass tough when he was subbed, but that brings me on to....
12. Chops - I've been quite annoyed by him this season, but he did really well. Prepared to go out wide and hold the play up. Passing was neat, as was his movement and deserved his goal. A lot of strikers would have fluffed his chance.
13. Murphy - appears to have got the requisite kick up the jacksy from Mick. He's never really convinced me, but he was this business today. created problems from the moment he came on and his turn for the penno was great. I may be changing my mind!
14. JET - I have to admit I was yelling at him away to Blackpool this season and Burnley last season. But he played well when he came on and caused loads of problems. Bolton were on the back foot and he thrived on it. He did shank one classic into row Z, but the key thing was he had them rattled, which helped us panic them.
Mick & Terry - job well done. Read the game well and got us out of early trouble. Under previous managemengt we would have lost and probably convincingly. My 2/3-0 loss prediction at half-time weas based on the bitter experience of the past few seasons!
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