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Town Confirm McKenna Appointment
at 22:27:44

For me it ticks one box, I’m surprised/intrigued by this appointment. Much better than the feared reaction of disappointment at some journeyman.

Surely few if any have a genuine insight into this guy so let’s give him a chance and remember that Rome was not built in a day.

Fingers crossed we can get a bounce that none of the last 4 managers brought.

Harris Applies For Town Job
at 14:16:53

I for one am very concerned about what may be coming. Felt the sacking was to early and the list of candidates is very underwhelming making it hard to see where we are going

What’s done is done but I hope that once a decision is made my reaction is surprise not disappointment and it will be a name the supporters will unite behind.🤞

Mowbray Linked With Town Vacancy
at 16:16:11

an interesting one, but please, IF (and that's a big IF) this is an option we have to have both.

One of a pair has not proven a good idea......
Manager Cook Sacked
at 22:29:18

You only have to read this comments section to see the divided nature of our support.

Reasoned debate appears to have little place, just abuse someone who has a different opinion.

Let’s look at a few FACTS.

This club has been in decline for 14 years, that doesn’t get fixed in 9 months.

On his appointment this site had a pole which was over 95% supportive. Wonder how many of those are now claiming it was a bad appointment?

Sadly in the modern world this was likely to happen, personally not convinced that this should all be laid at Cooks door.

The outers are applauding Ashton and Co for this decision, no doubt they’ll be next for a lynching if we don’t win 50 games in a row……..
Cook: We're Short of Where We Want to Be
at 19:07:58

So much to be disappointed with.

Support for Cook is not blinkered, there are those of us who can still understand that change takes time. This team is far from evolved and continued expectations of walking this league are delusional.

It’s no surprise that our best results & performances have been away from home where the support is so much more unconditional. His comment today about the first half crowd is right, they were itching to turn. I feel that has been present at many home games.Trust in all quarters is still lacking.

Such a shame so few turned out today. We’re quick to complain when the club don’t take cup’s seriously but where was the main body of support.

Of course there are questions to answer on tactics & performance, for both management & the many of the players, but diving into more change is no guarantee it gets better. We live in a society based on instant gratification, sometimes you just have to hold on tight through some bad s**t and trust it will all come good eventually.

Like or loathe Paul Cook I genuinely believe he’s far from happy with thing, much more so than Lambert ever was. January may prove an interesting window and I can see some surprise departures from the squad.

Just my opinion, which will no doubt be slaughtered by some but hey ho.
Ipswich Town 0-1 Newport County - Match Report
at 22:14:41

If you are among those who felt the need to boo tonight then please find another way to spend your time.

We don’t need you

We don’t want you
Town Accounts Show Evans Waived or Settled £96m in Loans
at 10:12:01

You have to acknowledge the investment, it was just his football decisions were poor.

What this also tells us is a wage bill of £12M against a turnover of £10M means we had to move the big earners on. Assuming a similar turnover for the coming year we need to halve it!!

Our average £6.5K, league average £2.5K. Not sustainable.

I suggest a few might like to reconsider their view on Paul Cook. The constant reporting of him telling the squad to move on is more likely a cost cutting exercise then kicking them all out, along with removing those he does not want.

Having also seen a few comment regarding the bid to Rotherham, is it not refreshing to now see us selling high and buying low. Ashton has secured fees for Lankaster & Hawkins (albeit probably nominal) when the previous owner would have just let them go for nothing.

And now no sign of splashing £1.6 million on players, start low a work from there.

We should be happy the club is now being run by professionals.

Edwards Linked With Wigan Move
at 11:01:52

He didn't have the one year extension, so available to the best offer.

Agree with first comment, good on his day, just not enough of them.

This window is about getting a squad together with the right attitude and that can play the formation the manager wants.

No surprise it's the midfield where we are seeing the first arrivals. Definitely adding some much needed physicality to this area.
Ashton: Priority is to Get Some Players In
at 15:37:39

I truly hope this turns out as good as it is sounding.

We have a club management team committed to change and moving us forward.

As supporters we need to back them in this, even if we individually may not agree with every decision they make.

It will not be an overnight fix but at least we now have hope......

Blues Host Wimbledon Aiming to Avenge Defeat and End Goal Drought
at 16:22:09

Some interesting articles today. All is clearly not well and this has perhaps come from some honesty and desire from Cook that previous mangers were not prepared to show and it's upset a few player ego's

Both previous mangers hinted at issues and if you think back to Hurst, his assistant Doig had reputation for working the players hard and was much slated on this site for it. I wonder now if we are finally seeing the truth about our squad.

3 managers so far unable to get anything out of this bunch, so you have to conclude they are not the "Strongest squad in the division" as we have bee repeatedly told.

I'd fear for Cook if ME was still the owner but with new backers and hopefully some decent cash for buying players you have to support this guy and give him the chance to back up what he says. He has a decent record elsewhere so he's as good an option right now as anyone else.

The player know by now what he wants so they shape up or ship out.
Cook: We're a Million Miles From a Good Team, Supporters Must Be Tired and Bored By Now
at 21:52:02

I suspect there have been some harsh words given to the players by Paul Cook and they have not taken it well.

He’s challenged them to step up and they have failed. Their comfortable life has been disturbed.

Ship them out and start again.

Cook: If You Want to Be Here, We Need to See More
at 12:38:33

Glad to see the comments from Paul Cook today. Had my concerns on the silence.

Remain in the belief we have good manager. Cleary not happy with the squad and there performance levels but won't publicly criticise them.

The message is right, step up or you're gone.

Such a stark contrast to Lambert and his perpetual efforts to convince us the team were good. The player have had a far to easy ride for a long time.

Gill: Takeover Came As a Surprise But It's Exciting, Massive For the Club
at 18:39:45

The absence of Cook speaking is a concern
Cook: We Never Looked Like Losing But Didn't Look Like Scoring the Goals to Win It
at 18:30:49

Teddy Bishop was shattered?

Does it take that much effort to do nothing.

What we’ve learnt since the arrival of Cook is how poor previous training regimes have been.

Lazy Lazy Lazy.

Embarrassing from 1 to 11
Cook: We Are Working Very Hard to Get Better and Going Forward We Will Get Better
at 15:20:13

Link this to the article about being ready to offer contracts and I think we can assume not too many will be up for grabs at the moment

This is truly shocking admission from Paul Cook and disturbing but only adds to my belief we have a good man in charge now. We must be patient with him as turning this bunch into a good team is going to take a while.

Jackson: I Need a Goal, Not Just For Me But For the Team
at 16:57:33

Bluefox - Harvey Barnes, James Maddison, Youri Tielemans to name 3

Jackson: I Need a Goal, Not Just For Me But For the Team
at 14:52:29

Some unfair criticism on here of Jackson. You get the best out of players by using there strengths. Playing up top alone is not his thing, he need to be in a two.

For so long we’ve played square pegs in round holes. To the detriment of the team and individuals.

I have long believed, and still do, that our biggest problem is midfield. None of them run past the strikers. That continually leaves the strikers isolated and then they get the blame.

Cook: To Play For This Club, You Have to Carry a Little Bit More Weight on Your Shoulders
at 22:58:18

In every post match interview you can read between the lines and tell he’s less than impressed with this bunch of players.

It’s time we all accepted they are not good enough and we need some changes. Promotion this season is unlikely and would probably be a bad thing as we’d have zero chance at Championship level.

There is a huge job to do and I believe this guy gets it. We are going to need to be patient while he figures out who can be made good enough and who needs to be shipped out.

O'Neill: No Offer on Table For Town
at 16:00:00

Inevitable reaction on this site as usual. Complaints about social media but this site if full of comments acknowledging speculation as fact.

Calm heads needed.

The level of detail in some reports is too much for it to be without some merit.

"No offer on the table" doesn't mean there are not ongoing discussions.
"No actively looking to sell" doesn't mean there are not interested parties.

Any involved parties will always play it down, deny it or simply refuse to comment. The absence of an absolute statement of it all being rubbish would suggest there is something.

A buyer needs a seller, so I am sure this will roll on for sometime and may or may not lead to a takeover.

In the meantime it would be nice if many on this site could act with a bit more decorum.

While we all know there is still much wrong can we perhaps try a more reasoned approach to the commenting on this forum. A good few on here are only adding the bad vibes.

We have a new manager to look forward to. Let's hope that gets us where we need to be.

As for the takeover let's just wait and see.
Lambert on Evans Meeting: It’s Not Interesting, I’ve Got My Opinion and He’s Got His
at 10:58:10

So either the sale rumours are true and nothing will change till the deal is done.


Evans can't afford to sack him because of the stupid contract he gave him.

Surely based on performance and recent comments there is no other reasons he could still be here?
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