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So Richardson in at the end of the season then?
at 09:41 3 Mar 2021

See out his duties with Wigan until the takeover or season ends?

Sounds like there's a strong chance unless they offer him the managers job there.
a shout out to all the Ipswich podcast people on here
at 10:08 2 Mar 2021

The content recently has been very good (not that it was bad before) just wanted to show my appreciation for the good interviews/content that's been provided recently. It's been informative and considered opinions on what has and is going wrong at the club.

Great work, keep it up!
The Radio silence from the players on Lamberts departure is speaking volumes
at 12:02 1 Mar 2021

I've personally not seen anything from the players saying they are sad to see him go, thanks for bringing me to the club etc.

Posted by Davblue & SitfcB
[Post edited 1 Mar 12:06]
Lambo gone (n/t)
at 21:20 28 Feb 2021

Project make Ipswich great again and Ipswich first
at 16:08 26 Feb 2021

will they be the taglines under the new ownership?
Andy Holt on the talking town podcast comes across well.
at 12:25 26 Feb 2021

Very down to earth, talks sense a good owner for Accrington.
Took the plunge on a Peloton bike yesterday
at 09:00 23 Feb 2021

Was a bit unsure about spending that amount of money but have been saving quite a bit each month and done it.

Anyone on here have one and use it? Are they worth it?

Any recommendations of classes? Have to wait a couple of months for it to come now due to demand.
Lambert could do with reading some of this and take it on board
at 09:35 16 Feb 2021


especially this bit

"When I get a new player, we do tests about his character and personality because it is very important to find out about the things he loves to do on and off the pitch.

"It is important to have face-to-face meetings, so when the players have things on their mind we talk. It is important to have a good relationship with your players. If they like you and love you - and the other way around - you will be successful.

"When you get into their brains, sometimes they run more for you. If they like the manager, they will try to do more for you."
Evans’ handling of the Lambert situation is equally as bad as Lambert’s
at 23:04 9 Feb 2021


It’s as if they are having a go and who can be the worst at their job.....

I really don’t know what Evans is doing, this is as bad if not worse than the end of Micks time here, it’s just not good enough at any level. His head is firmly in the sand at the moment like the coaching staffs after Taylor’s comments tonight.

Treat people with respect which at the minute the owner after his comments at the end of last year and and the coaching team aren’t. There’s a way of saying we aren’t quite at the races today without being too critical rather Than saying we were really good when in pretty much most cases we aren’t.

I’ve said this before but there really is nothing else that can be said anymore, everything has been covered multiple times by hundreds of people.

Hey what a sh1t show club we support at the minute.
[Post edited 9 Feb 23:07]
WandaVision is turning out to be very good
at 20:39 5 Feb 2021

Been really impressed with it and a really fresh direction for Marvel.
Gill on Lambert dealing with pressure
at 10:58 5 Feb 2021

'he's fine... we're looking forward to turning this blip around'

A blip is the following - an unexpected, minor, and typically temporary deviation from a general trend.

That doesn't apply to us Matt.
You can always tell a what a well run club is
at 19:44 1 Feb 2021

We are making exactly the same mistakes as 7/8 years ago. No strategy, just try and slap a team together, short term.

Today has made me realise even more we are going nowhere under this current lot.

The 2 signings in isolation are good signings but it’s the message it sends out there is zero planning that we do that’s why we are back to square one and nothing is ever built that’s sustainable.
Texters coming up with a classic tonight
at 21:38 30 Jan 2021

It really shouldn’t be that funny but it hit the spot tonight!
Does anyone have any recommendations for garage door fitters?
at 10:11 24 Jan 2021

I’m not local to Suffolk but if there’s any good national ones I would appreciate any recommendations. Looking for an electric roller door if possible.
Evans doesn't know how to manage these situations does he?
at 19:25 23 Jan 2021

Mick was left in charge far too long in the end for his and the clubs own good and now the same is happening with Lambert. At least with Mick he had something to fall back on, Lambert has done absolutely nothing, whilst i disagree with people who have said he should be sacked after the Championship relegation, he deserved the benefit of the doubt as the whole season was just awful.

Evans is letting the fanbase go toxic again and it isn't helping any body, im not sure what else you can anymore, it's all been covered by so many people down the years and we don't ever learn as a club. I can tolerate failure if lessons are learned but we just don't, we carry on in the HOPE that someone gets it right rather than having a proper plan.
Just Listening to the Official EFL podcast with Mogga and Stephen Ward
at 15:37 21 Jan 2021

Mogga speaks very well on it and Stephen Ward revealed he had Covid for 3 or 4 days.

Not sure that's come out before.
Arnie always delivers
at 12:39 21 Jan 2021

WandaVision has any one caught up with it?
at 21:06 15 Jan 2021

Odd but Marvel might well have a hit on their hands.
I've just been looking at goals scored after our fast start
at 08:38 12 Jan 2021

Before the Doncaster game
played 6 - Goals For 13

after and including the Doncaster game
P 13 - Goals For 12

Green shoots and all that Marcus. This isn't about personnel, it's deeper rooted than that.

It's complete and utter garbage and we are still being peddled the 'green shoots' line.

I've always thought Marcus was reasonably sensible in regards to Managers probably a bit too late to pull the trigger but this is actually beyond contempt the way he's running the club at the moment.

There's absolutely nothing to hang our or his hat on with Lambert, what he see's in him i have no idea but the club is being let to drift and rot.
Watched Wonder Woman 1984 last night
at 14:08 1 Jan 2021

Really enjoyed it after last years crapness. Flawed film in places if you really analyse it.
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