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Lambert is the worst manager of the Evans reign
at 16:50 28 Nov 2020

He’s shown nothing in his time here.

He’s done in football terms, whether Evans sacks him over the next few days I doubt it and that’s a damming inditement on Marcus Evans.
So judging by Evans previous managerial appointments criteria
at 00:33 25 Nov 2020

Criteria being promoted from the league we are participating in the last 10 years
We will end up with one of the following
Nigel Adkins
Lee Johnson
Chris Powell
Kenny Jackett
Eddie Howe
Simon Grayson
Karl Robinson

My money would be on Adkins/Simon Grayson to get the job. That’s not who I want but they wouldn’t have compensation and they were promoted over 5 years ago.
5 defeats from the last 7/8 games now
at 07:12 11 Nov 2020

It’s not a good sign, I know people will say a couple of them were cup games without the 1st team and we had a few contentious decisions against us.

But it’s still worrying, the same old issues are starting to show, not really creating huge amounts. It’s going to be an interesting 6 weeks or so, starting to get to make or break time for Lambert.
[Post edited 11 Nov 8:53]
Swiss Ramble on Twitter have done a piece on Norwich
at 11:44 9 Nov 2020

apparently their wage bill when they got promoted was £51 million quid and wages to turnover was 152%.

That's a pretty decent wage budget in the championship, looks like they rolled the dice and won getting promoted that season.
Just finished the EADT documentary
at 20:57 29 Oct 2020

I still prefer Reuser's semi final goal to the play off final goal.

The pure emotion of finally getting past the semi final after the previous failures and the elation of that makes it a better moment for me.
Something on Tuesday's game not an excuse but i haven't seen mentioned
at 13:30 23 Oct 2020

We travelled on the day to Doncaster, im not blaming anyone but that can't have helped either, that's a fair drive from suffolk.
Apparently the new Borat film out on Prime on Friday is very funny
at 20:02 21 Oct 2020

Getting pretty good reviews.
A few rumours tonight that Trump is to resign
at 20:01 10 Oct 2020

as long as he gets a pardon from Pence after he's pardoned his family.

Not sure how that works or if i believe it either.
Lambert’s 5 year deal is starting to look like a masterstroke
at 19:04 10 Oct 2020

110 points, 150 goals. We are back!
People trying to get the ps5 on pre order on twitter is pretty funny right now
at 08:35 17 Sep 2020

Some people are threatening to sue because they couldn't get one.

What is the world coming to?
Predictions then for our final position
at 08:34 12 Sep 2020

10th for me if Lambert is here all season.
Has anyone else had an EFL payment for £138 come out in the last few days?
at 11:24 3 Sep 2020

I didn't think they were doing season tickets for overseas people this year?
Toney has joined Brentford
at 09:54 31 Aug 2020

Good signing that, and a team in our league that’s lost a good player.

Not sure that matters in terms of us as we won’t be anywhere near challenging with Lambert in charge.
Trump asks Americans to boycott Goodyear
at 22:37 19 Aug 2020

And some of his supporters start slashing their Goodyear tyres. That country is beyond parody, what a shame.
I've seen that Drew Surman was released by Bournemouth
at 11:30 17 Aug 2020

Always quite liked him as a player, in that deep lying role in midfield.

I would assume wages would be an issue as well blocking Dozzell if he's rated.
Is anyone playing the Last of Us 2
at 12:42 25 Jun 2020

im 2 hours in so far and it's yet to captivate me like the original yet, but im very much enjoying it still.

No spoilers for anyone.
Has anyone on here got a Wattbike?
at 10:14 14 Jun 2020

Thinking about getting one for the winter months, so I can keep my training up and not have to start from scratch each March time.
Is it just me or is the injury statement from Lambert bull?
at 07:28 10 Jun 2020

I don’t recall us having loads of injuries in Jan and Feb, certainly in March we had a few.

The constant changing of playing style has been the biggest failing since he’s been here we’ve tried to play out from the back, we’ve gone direct, we’ve played on the counter early this season. We’ve tried to maintain possession, and then the overlapping centre halves.

It’s no wonder players are confused and we have been a mess going forward in particular. He’s a lucky bloke to still have a job, I suspect costs have saved him but this season performances wise we were never at it even when we got to 12 points ahead, it was unconvincing, I suspect we are in this league for the long haul now.
FAO cyclists
at 19:09 3 Jun 2020

I ordered this helmet https://www.specialized.com/gb/en/propero-iii-w-angi/p/162030?color=251006-16203 a couple of weeks ago it's unworn and has no damage in a medium it has collision detection sensor that sends a text to your contacts in an emergency and specialized have said they wont take it back due to restrictions with coronavirus. Does anybody want it for a reasonable price?
[Post edited 3 Jun 19:56]
Is anyone else struggling with Isolation at the moment?
at 08:56 14 Apr 2020

Last 3 or 4 days i've been struggling a bit, 6 week old and a 4 year old children, lack of sleep, little one is pretty demanding at the moment especially at night time, we aren't getting any down time as she fights sleeping from 7pm until 10pm, so we are having to settle her down constantly.

Appreciate that comes with the territory, but being locked down also isn't helping, im bored beyond belief without getting any time for anything i want to do either selfishly.
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