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In light of yesterdays win here's a different version of an older song
at 09:13 14 Jun 2021

38/39 year olds can book their vaccine from tomorrow morning
at 20:24 12 May 2021

But try tonight if I was you. I’ve got a slot booked.

Sorry it’s in the football thread wanted people to try tonight if possible.
[Post edited 12 May 20:56]
Isomething of a cautionary tale of football club ownership from investors
at 22:33 29 Apr 2021


Happy for more enlightened people to correct me on this, on how this is different to our ownership
Model apart from the obvious Hedge fund element.

Just a risk we have to live with I suppose?
Some of our fans on Twitter
at 21:04 27 Apr 2021

Having a go at some of our players having a drink and a meal.

The old ‘wouldn’t want them in the trenches’ comment comes out. Just so over the top.
Ashley Cain’s 8 month old daughter passed away this weekend
at 12:55 25 Apr 2021

After losing her battle with cancer. I’ve only been following it in the last 4 or so weeks but it’s desperately sad.

For those that don’t know him he had been on Ex on the beach and was at Coventry City until his early twenties.
Gary Neville going in hard on Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal owners
at 18:23 18 Apr 2021

Well worth a watch.

Spurs are not a top club, so that’s just a power grab.

City, should remember where they came from in the new system it’s likely they wouldn’t be ever in that group of clubs.

Leicester wouldn’t have happened either.

Evans words after relegation a few years back.
at 23:16 14 Apr 2021


It was so good to see so many of his key points being ignored.

1 or 2 loan players
Young players being the core of the team
Exciting style of play

Along with the 5 point plan it was words with no convictions.
Ashton is stepping down from Bristol City on 31st May (n/t)
at 11:07 13 Apr 2021

on the Bristol City official site.

[Post edited 13 Apr 11:13]
Paul Ritter from Friday night Dinner has passed away
at 11:18 6 Apr 2021

From a brain tumour. Sad news.
There’s a good article on Barnsley by Matt Slater
at 08:00 3 Apr 2021

Sounds like there could be some similarities with the new perspective owners of us with their ownership model. Stats based recruitment, own multiple clubs etc.

The cruncher getting called out by Matt Holland
at 10:54 19 Mar 2021

Matt Holland of all people. There are some interesting comments in the replies about his and the TT pods' 'Be Kind' stuff that they pull out from time to time.
No subject
at 10:52 19 Mar 2021

[Post edited 19 Mar 22:20]
Last nights game
at 08:35 10 Mar 2021

It wasn't a great performance, it was pretty average if we are honest but there were some encouraging signs.

At times we tried to play quicker passing football, but we reverted to type again which is understandable after 4 or 5 days of training.

Wingers got into some good positions but the crossing was awful.

Full backs were pushing on more giving us a chance of overlaps.

Bishop in the 10 position, certainly 1st half was good at times.

We need to get consistency in our style before we can hope to step forward. At the minute it's going to be about hanging in touch with the play offs and hoping we can have a late charge.
I know he’s ex Norwich but he comes across well here
at 17:06 8 Mar 2021

He will end up being a good manager I suspect, and end up back at Carrow road.
So Richardson in at the end of the season then?
at 09:41 3 Mar 2021

See out his duties with Wigan until the takeover or season ends?

Sounds like there's a strong chance unless they offer him the managers job there.
a shout out to all the Ipswich podcast people on here
at 10:08 2 Mar 2021

The content recently has been very good (not that it was bad before) just wanted to show my appreciation for the good interviews/content that's been provided recently. It's been informative and considered opinions on what has and is going wrong at the club.

Great work, keep it up!
The Radio silence from the players on Lamberts departure is speaking volumes
at 12:02 1 Mar 2021

I've personally not seen anything from the players saying they are sad to see him go, thanks for bringing me to the club etc.

Posted by Davblue & SitfcB
[Post edited 1 Mar 12:06]
Lambo gone (n/t)
at 21:20 28 Feb 2021

Project make Ipswich great again and Ipswich first
at 16:08 26 Feb 2021

will they be the taglines under the new ownership?
Andy Holt on the talking town podcast comes across well.
at 12:25 26 Feb 2021

Very down to earth, talks sense a good owner for Accrington.
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