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Opta Analyst
at 10:26 12 Dec 2023

Lovely bit data to pour over this morning having had it all been updated.

Suggests on underlying numbers, we should be 4th on 35 points (still would be incredible) and we know McKenna does place credence on numbers...given we were top of this metric last year, we knew we were the best team 'on paper' so it's not to be sniffed at, but doesn't work out perfectly.

Does suggest we can place some trust in it.

Transfer those numbers to the rest of the season and Leeds would fall short by 3 points to catch us in second.

However...clearly doesn't work like that!

It's going to be an incredible season whatever way we look at it!

Leeds top
[Post edited 12 Dec 2023 10:27]
Cheltenham v Sheff' Wed tomorrow...
at 11:26 28 Mar 2023

I know...focus on us...

But after FGR, I am definitely tuning in and holding my rabbit's foot for this one.

They're not great at home sadly, so does look like a bit of a win for Wednesday, but I cling to hope...I don't think we'll go unbeaten for remainder of season, too much at stake all over the place, so the results of others becomes more meaningful this time of year.

Girl opposite me supports Cheltenham, she fancies a win, has got me all excited!
Fans of other clubs laughing at us..
at 08:28 15 Feb 2023

Twitter showing us that other fans laughing at us for arguing with the players…

We all hurt, I get the frustration, how does it get turned around? McKenna needs to shoulder some of this, Morsy wasn’t to blame for last night, he needs to trust the team he fields imo. All top athletes and performers talk about consistency being key, there’s no consistency on the pitch, I get we approach with skill sets but it’s not really working.

Remember when we said “someone’s going to get stuffed 5-0 by us at some point” that seemed like a real possibility, now a pipe dream.

I don’t want to dislike this team, I like all the players, of late there’s been a shed of frustration, and I’ll always support the team.

If we don’t stay behind the team, this will be a car crash of a season, there’s no way out of it now, no transfer window, manager change would be criminal.

Need to give a rookie manager some time to digest what’s happening, and some time isn’t a week or two.

Be frustrated but don’t be a pr*ck on socials calling out the very players we need for the remainder of the season.

My opinion of course, I was angry after last night like everyone, but still treat people with respect.
Did Saturday get you down? The ITFC "Pick me up thread"
at 14:00 31 Oct 2022

Go, for work, let's start with this....

Then this [Chaplow]

And hopefully, we can cheers ourselves up from here on in.....

Up next - MK Dons
at 11:46 8 Aug 2022

Okay, i'm ignoring tomorrow night, i'm not a fan of the cup personally, but see that it could be important for the squad this season to have a run and stay match fit.

However, a cursory glance at the table sees our next league opponents MK Dons winless in 2.

I noted that they've absolutely dominated possession in both games, playing much like we do (67% against both Sheff Wed and Cambridge) but losing 1-0 in each.

Seems like they're so similar to us in terms of the way they play, but not actually scoring loads, see that Louie Barry has played both games, suspect he'll be keen to impress.

Will definitely require us to be on top form to win that one and I don't think they'll be down there come season end.

I'd be comfortable (not happy...comfortable) with a draw and then to pick up our first 3 wins on the trot afterwards to end the month on 14 points.

Saturday will be a very difficult game, should see a good game of football thought
Simpson - bridges burned?
at 11:43 4 Jul 2022

Anyone have any insight on this?

Is his time here well and truly done? McKenna doesn't strike me as the sort of person to cut his nose off to spite his face, but you'd think a lad with a £0.5m(ish) price tag is worthy of some consideration.

I've not seen him play, so not sure on his quality/ability, but interested if a few more knowledeable types have any idea whether it's a given he'll now leave?

I just find it hard to say good riddance to any youngster when they're ultimately only listening to agents.
Carroll out Carroll in
at 15:06 18 May 2022

Got to laugh, this is proper out there in terms of "who shall we try and link to next"

The Monday reflection
at 09:47 27 Sep 2021

Turning up at Portman Road and seeing 20k+ in the stadium really is a wonderful feeling isn't it?

Given our start, it's great to see that everyone is showing the patience needed to turn up and support the new regime, no matter the vocality of those less than pleased (none of us are happy where we are) we're obvioulsy all still got fingers and toes crossed the turnaround will come.

Saturday was a strange one, whilst the scoreline hurt at the end, I couldn't help thinking that I walked away from the game entertained.

I enjoyed being there, I enjoyed watching us, I thought Penney was decent and Carroll showed plenty of times how good he was prospect of having Morsy (if he's as good as we all hope he is) alongside that type of player too really does mean we could see an incredible pairing in the middle.

El Miz did well enough, no issue with him, but you'd fully expect Morsy to have a bit more to offer.

The front group, in whatever guise, is where we excel, I liked Fraser, but he was in and out of the game, similarly with Celina, Burns continues to impress, he's probably the most consistent performer so far.

Whether Fraser holds that left side when Edwards returns I don't know, but the fact that we have those kinds of problems, Piggott/Bonne, Penney/Coulson, Chaplin/Celina/Fraser - Harper? really does show that we are well placed going forward.

Our two centre halves are no nonsense, they're strong and relatively mobile and I'm confident the more those two play together, the better they'll get. Neither are amazing on the ball, but with someone like Carroll in front, they don't need to be.

Wednesday had (I think) the best defence and we caused them plenty of issues and I geuinely believe we should and could have won that without Wednesday having too much to complain about.

Mick Mills comments on the drive home left a bit of a sour taste, we weren't brilliant, but we we decent and whilst I often agree with him on many things, if not his delivery of saying them, on this one, I didn't.

Much to still look forward to.

As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed watching that game, even when we were 1-0 down.

iFollow record.
at 14:59 3 Mar 2021

Anyone know what our record is for a home game in Covid era?

Given there's the square root of f*** all to do on Saturday, i'm amazed that away figure wasn't higher than 5,005.

Is iFollow just not accessible enough? Has it been advertised well enough to Ipswich fans? Do older fans not use it?

I hate with a passion having to watch on an iPhone/iPad or the Mac and finally hooked it up to the big tellybox with an HDMI cable, but the quality isn't really great.

Why on earth they can't allow it to be mirrored to a TV I have no idea, it's not like we can all gether in a mates to watch it together.

I wish you could
Losing touch with the rest of football
at 16:52 17 Feb 2021

The talk of McCarthy....I had a look a the Championship...

Unbeaten in 6, winning last 4 on the trot.

I scrolled down

There's a chance next season

Sheffield Wednesday (39k) Birmingham (29k), Sunderland (49k), Ipswich (30k) and Hull (25k), MK Dons (30k), Charlton (27k) will all be plying their trade in league one!

Assuming Charlton drop out, they're some pretty large clubs in terms of potential to be playing in the third division of english football.

Getting out of this league is only going to get harder.

You then look at the innovative Forest Green Rovers, not a traditional club, but solar panels, robot mowed lawns, eco friendly stadium construction...that's progressive...not traditional, but stand still....fall behind.

That kind of innovation will see a club like that overtake us so called big hitters in a matter of a few years if there aren't big changes.

What else in the football league is happening that i'm totally unaware of? I care not for the Premier hurts too much lol!

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