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going to be a long season
at 21:58 21 Aug 2018

I think we look pretty solid with that back four and Chalobah or Skuse can be dropped to allow us to get a second man up top.

Harrison is relentless in his running, so I think he'd still offer support dropping in when needed and allow us to have Jackson occupying the defence a bit more leaving more space for Nolan.

Roberts stuck balls in the box at every opportunity...would have loved to see him and Anderson feeding Darryl Murphy back in lol!

No panic button being hit by me, but I think Dozzell or Huws being fully fit could be very important in this current team and just like last season, we're missing them already.

Still need a CB as cover, but I would like to see a bit of a unit up top to make that ball stick a bit more.

Let's be honest though, look at that Derby team again on paper....incredible...not a disgrace, just seems bitter when we haven't registered our fist win yet.

I think we'll beat Sheffield Wednesday and beat Norwich and finish 16th at the end of the season. Amen
Sky Sports red button vs iFollow coverage
at 20:53 21 Aug 2018

I’m watching on ifollow logged on to Mac.

BBC radio Suffolk as the commentary and it’s all rather pleasant ! Camera angles nice too

No complaints
Prediction for tonight....
at 17:29 21 Aug 2018

My watch says what we going for ? Around 20:10 isn't accurate enough....we need to nail the second.
Oshilaja - anyone seen him play.
at 17:20 21 Aug 2018

Height never bothered Spud Webb....boy did that little f****r have some bounce.
at 08:57 21 Aug 2018

He'll be kicking himself for not being involved in that game.

Even at 50% health he'd have had an easy game.

Hull were horrific, but they did all look about 15. That being said, we were full on and didn't let up which was very nice to watch.
Due a loss to derby
at 08:55 21 Aug 2018

Derby will be very keen to get a home win and we'll do very well to beat them.

No expectations again here. Draw would be a good result and a decent performance is important again for keeping confidence.

Looking forward to seeing us play.
IFollow and Sky to kill midweek away attendances?
at 17:24 20 Aug 2018

I think there's lots of factors to consider.

I for one don't get to games very often at all, so the ability to watch a midweek game will be good for me and i'm sure plenty of others who live more than 50 miles or so away.

I guess if we're actually seeing decent footy too, it's going to translate to more 'itching' to get along to home games on the Saturday.

Actually, thinking about it, could work in our favour, if I and many others see improved performances and wins online, we'll end up making more effort to get to games of that i'm sure.
It’s fair to say, they’re OBSESSED with attendances...
at 10:15 20 Aug 2018

Fair to say if things turn around at Ipswich (ie; a win and a performance against Norwich with a big crowd) would go a long long way to restoring a good number of return supporters.

I've not yet had an opportunity to go, but i've watched two full replays and like what i've seen and am looking forward to getting to my first home game this season sooner rather than later.
Anyone run a sub 90 minute half ? (n/t)
at 15:46 17 Aug 2018

I'm swimming and cyling more now, much easier on the body!

How quick are you doing 800m? I'm usually just under 14 mins f/c snuck into 12's back in June, but that was a serious effort.

Really enjoying it, but hate getting passed by the 10 year olds lol!
Anyone run a sub 90 minute half ? (n/t)
at 15:26 17 Aug 2018

I remember when I started training for the London marathon in 2009 I wanted to go sub 3 hours. I was on track too...I vividly remember the first few 3.5 mile runs I did round the village were sub 23 mins and I managed a 8 mile run in 55 mins, well below the sub 1 hour I was aiming for, this being a couple of months into training.

I went out the Sunday after that to get a longer 'easy' run on a freezing February morning and ended up with an achilles injury and didn't run again until the actual day of the marathon...where I nailed a 4hr 24 min time lol!!

I've not run more than 5 miles in the 9 years since and never will I suspect...(other than Tough Mudders, but they're not really the same)

Going to have a go at the park run for the first time tomorrow...god knows how i'll get on, aiming for 29 mins just to keep up with my 11 year old daugter.
Hurst today
at 14:28 16 Aug 2018

He mentioned "in the cold light of day" and I assume he reviewed the game and saw some further positives and was clearly pleased with the running stats and also mentioned the positives of Bishop and Rowe coming back.

I think he was perhaps a bit quieter as he was trying to downplay the borderline outburst from Tuesday.

Seemed fine to me.
Rationally when should we worry?
at 11:58 16 Aug 2018

A rational approach (and no doubt one that Evans will adopt) will be wait until Christmas.

If it's not working out at that point and we're not looking like we're going to go on a run, then he'll likely say goodbye and give the incomming boss a chance to make necessary changes in the January window.

Hilarious that we're even having this conversation though.

We'll be fine and I think we'll finish above Birmingham, QPR, Sheffield Weds, Hull, Rotherham and Reading at least. I don't think Millwall look as strong this year either.

I've now seen full replays of the Rotherham and Blackburn games and seen enough change already to suggest we'll see a lot more of the ball in games this year and goalscorers (in my opinion) are goalscorers whatever league they're in, just the chances are fewer between and that fluidity up front will take a bit more time to take place.

As I said. We'll be fine.
The favourite film thread.
at 16:27 15 Aug 2018

Pulp Fiction
Anyone built their own house?
at 14:19 15 Aug 2018

Consider where you'll live when the build is in progress.

VAT reclaim on new builds (not on all items, but most)

If you're in need of a mortgage, rates will be higher but only released in stages.

I built two extensions (managed myself and laboured for whoever was on site) First was a 7m x 3m two storey (2small bedrooms above a long garage, the other was a 6m x 5.5m single storey lounge off the back) and between those they cost £55k which was about £20k less than the most expensive quote I had from a builder to do the lot and £10k cheaper than the cheapest quote. Took me ages though as organising labour is a nightmare.
One of the biggest problems this club and PH is facing
at 09:06 15 Aug 2018

Is it his team though?

There's a large dose of his players, but there's obviously a hangover from Mick's tenure that Paul has to ease off the table and that's what's going to take time.
How long would you give hurst ?
at 09:04 15 Aug 2018

Didn't change take place when we were adrift at the foot of the table after 13 games?

I'd say if we hit that point, then we'll have cause for concern.

Who on earth in their right mind thought that this season was going to be a full blown success? We all knew McCarthy did very well, but we also bemoaned the fact that the team went out not to lose rather than try to win.

Clearly we're trying the other way and I support that, but we'll come unstuck a few times. Mid table will be a good result for us this year. Not getting relegated and seeing a change in style is a realistic target and something on which the next season can be built on.
would love to know who Hurst was aiming them comments at
at 07:35 15 Aug 2018

I’ve got employees like you, don’t like being told you f****d up and sulk for the rest of the week.

Trouble is, I can’t just ‘drop’ them for someone else like in football.

And yes we do have time ffs.
I have a real optimism for games now
at 16:33 14 Aug 2018

I don't think he's ripped the team apart.

McGoldrick was always going to leave, Waghorn, Garner and Webster all (reading between the lines) wanted moves anyway and we got decent fees for those.

Hyam and Bru had their detractors, as did Gleeson, so will they be missed? Doubtful.

Celina and Connolly were loans, so always going to need replacing, so here we have Chalobah and Edun, I think the quality is similar.

We've still got Bart, Knudsen, Chambers, Skuse as a core from last year and Huws, Dozzell and Bishop in the pot to add a bit of quality (hopefully).

Only time will tell on thew new lads, but Nolan and Edwards look fine signings already. What we do have to hope for, is that Harrison and Jackson can find the net at this level.

I think we'll be okay. Tough, building, but okay.
Villa targeting left-back
at 09:06 14 Aug 2018

If you think we can better Knudsen within our budget, I think you're either missjudging Knudsen our budget or quite probably both.
Norwich sell out?
at 16:32 10 Aug 2018

With the season starting a bit earlier, many will have dashed off at the start of the summer hols with their kids etc ( I was certainly one who hadn't been for a while and would have gone had I been home ) hence the underwhelming 18k or so for Blackburn.

If we see a few decent performances, ie; win against Rotherham and Exeter...a good performance against Villa, Derby and Sheff Weds (not going to ask for wins in those three) then I think many will get behind the team for Norwich and we'll see a good crowd...fingers crossed!
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