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F@ck Andy Holt, and f#ck Accrington Stanley
at 20:24 24 Jan 2022

Whilst they’re not playing lovely football, ultimately, they’re playing to their strengths on a paltry budget and it’s up to us to deal with that.

I don’t see the issue with getting all upset with players who are probably on 25% of the wages of their opponents doing everything in their armoury as close to the letter of the law or slightly smudge that line.

I also love that players like Norwood and Morsy will dish out some of that lower league experience themselves.

I think it’s a lack of respect for these lesser financed teams that see us where we are, sooner we respect their efforts and tactics the better we’ll do.
Attendance today any ideas?
at 11:40 22 Jan 2022

2 less than normal.

My son and I can't make it today, he's swimming at UEA and I'm working (well....supposed to be...can't motivate myself)

Hope you all have fun!
The Aldershot manager is interesting.....
at 11:01 20 Jan 2022

that is genuinely awesome.
Golf Mk 8 - anybody got one?
at 06:06 7 Jan 2022

Not got a mk8 but best mate has just got the mk8 R which is lovely. Didn’t mention the touch screen and he’s a proper fuss.

I’ve got a mk7.5 Golf R (which is why he got his - better than mine lol) and love it, not so loud to look at like a BMW M3/4, but performance on tap is superb, then easy day to day when needed. Interior is nothing special but solid and works well.

Plus with a little effort you can get over 400bhp :-)
Don’t agree with a lot of what Cook is saying, but the performance team commen
at 15:30 5 Jan 2022

On Rolls....after that long in the industry, with more experience....why is he not at the top? He's gone backwards.....

Just playing devils advocate..
Sone Aluko appreciation thread
at 10:49 1 Jan 2022

You don’t get someone spending £7.5m on a player (even now) without there being some classy attributes and he’s shown he has those still.

He makes the ball stick and his close control is superb.

Thoroughly enjoy watching him play.
Covid booster
at 07:37 1 Jan 2022

Had my booster yesterday.

Dead arm today.

That’s it.

And I have an irrational fear of needles too
It would be funny
at 15:06 31 Dec 2021

I’ve heard population control being mentioned by some nutters in this country, but the fact is, we desperately need more people in the uk not less!

Unless there’s a massive adjustment to how our economy works, people suggesting the government wanting people to die from vaccinations is mental….letting the old and vulnerable die however….that has different consequences lol. (No sane government can allow its citizens to die though, thankfully).
Anyone used mental health apps like Headspace or Calm?
at 16:38 29 Dec 2021

Call your doctor.

I’ve had all sorts of issues recently, but I’ve got a great job, earn good money, generally great colleagues, ace family etc, but there was just something not quite right and I tackled it this year.

Had more going on than I realised, even some suicidal thoughts, not that I ever believed for one second I’d go through with it, but realised it was not a healthy thought and needed to know why.

I’m going through CBT via my surgery which is really helpful and even from someone as sceptical as me, it’s been better than I imagined.

I found it hard to take that step of admitting a problem that perhaps didn’t feel like it warranted ‘actual help’ but clearly it did.

That being said, Headspace was good when I used it but I went too far past it being a genuine help without other things being sorted and in order.
Martyn Pert
at 14:44 21 Dec 2021

He was at yarco when I used to go and watch.

He was mostly a sub.

He was a totally unremarkable player.

That's the word.
Is there anyone on here who has watched the actual video that is...
at 20:28 20 Dec 2021

I thought he was okay in that interview and nothing more, he doesn’t stir the emotions like Cook did nor exude that commanding respect someone like McCarthy seemed to have, but ultimately, he’s confident and believes he can do the job and that’s a big tick from me.

It’s all about what he does and I think he’s a very serious manager, there will be no gimmicks here.

Wish him all the best.
Town are now running on infinite improbability drive
at 13:20 17 Dec 2021

That's a huge positive.

He'll look at every player with complete objectivity and not on the basis of what's been done before with any loyalty needing to be shown to players in certain positions etc.

Not a bad thing at all, but it really will take time.
Our Club must never again give a manager such free reign to tear the team up
at 08:15 16 Dec 2021

Buck stops at the top for me.
Harris done deal
at 06:24 14 Dec 2021

But if Marc Bircham is involved the banter will be top class…silver lining? Lol
Here's a thread I don't think's been done - if you had to clone 1 Ipswich player
at 12:58 10 Dec 2021

A team of Legwinskis?

I don't remember him being about for ages, but when I saw him thought he was a great all round player, but still had a bit of flair.


Just looked and he was at Town when Jeffers and Roberts were here


He's assistant coach at Monaco now...who'd have thought that!
Interesting point about Norwood and the way we play.
at 14:14 9 Dec 2021

I'm totally against the drink driving thing, but it's not for us to determine the punishment.

So with that in mind, if he's the best player for the job, then he should play.

As mentioned, there have been much much much worse behaviours from footballers and he's always done his best when playing.

I'm for a second chance.
Town approach Frank Lampard for job....
at 12:21 9 Dec 2021

Depends doesn't it?

Personally...I like a project. I like taking something with a bit of potential and taking it to levels above.

Frank doesn't need money, so I would bet he's thinking about something like this which 'could' be an incredible journey.
James Rowe
at 11:40 9 Dec 2021

His credentials look spot on other than that weird academy blemish with West Ham.

Risky with a lower league manager, but the kind of appointment many Ipswich Town fans would be happy with I suspect.

We know we need something different to the usual merry go round of managers.
Will the Covid Plan B restrictions damage Pack Out PR and Sunderland 18/12 ? (n/
at 18:44 8 Dec 2021

And as I’m reading the news pops up

Negative or jabbed thems the rules
Town approach Frank Lampard for job....
at 13:48 8 Dec 2021

Just watched myself, I do feel a bit more comfortable about Lampard, but think it's unlikely.

Would be a nice fit for him, but I wonder how he'd cope with players not capable of what he's seen on a daily basis all of his life?
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