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Burley/Butcher/Klug Combo
at 14:48 5 Oct 2018

If you're going to pipe up on a public forum and sound off about stuff you clearly don't have a clue about but remark as if you do, don't expect not to be subjected to a small amount of stick.

It's like me going on the Mary Berry Bakery forum and tell all those old dears how to bake a flan.

I can pretend I know about flour and cooking times by saying flour and gas mark 6, the reality is.....I know as much about flans as you know about tax havens.
New Life's a Pitch team member to be announced
at 09:35 5 Oct 2018

In an England shirt?
Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury
at 09:15 2 Oct 2018

Fury is a hugely talented boxer, just lacked the right people around him. You could argue he's had the best of both worlds, won and lived how he wanted, but ultimately, if he led a 'boxer's life' he'd have been more active, in better shape, and probably had a much higher profile worldwide.

Wilder v Fury is like any other big fight, it could go either way, Fury could box the sh*t out of Wilder and win on points or Wilder will catch up with him and there will be a KO. I don't see a draw, I don't see Wilder winning on points and I don't see Fury knocking out Wilder.

Joshua v Wilder or Fury has to happen and i'm pretty sure we'll see that in April, but Whyte has a chance of gatecrashing that payday still.

Whatever you say, all three of those fighters are incredibly dangerous for different reasons, AJ is more of the all round fighter, decent technical skills, big, but not that agile. Wilder is Ronseal, but does seem easy to hit, but you don't want to be in range either due to how unorthadox he is and Fury is clearly the best boxer, but lacks power and sometimes concentration...not great against huge punchers....but he avoided Wlad for 12 rounds....

That's why I love boxing, just never really know when the best fight each other...
The writing's on the wall...
at 12:49 27 Sep 2018

Care to expand?
Chalobah infuriates me
at 08:46 19 Sep 2018

What did Jackson get? Three opportunities and put one away?

It hurts, but i'll forgive him for not winning the game with that pass from Downes, because the other was a speculative shot from distance when it opened up and otherwise he was chasing balls against a stronger and as fast centre half.
Chalobah infuriates me
at 08:36 19 Sep 2018

Ignoring 'that' shot for a moment, that wasn't what annoyed me, it was his inconsistency in tracking back, so many times he lost the ball but wasn't on it immediately trying to win it back.

Edwards and Skuse were really good last night without the ball, sounds daft, but means a lot.

Ward was what we all want him to be in that second half.

First half had me seriously worried.

Spence was awful too, just no desire to do that little extra.

Otherwise, the second half actually made up for the first. That was a good Brentford team who we were a match for in the second half and Brentford only gave up on winning that game in the last 60 seconds.

I like Jackson, but he needs that ball at his feet, he's fast but he can't hold it up and I wouldn't expect him to. I don't think we can play Chalobah and Skuse personally, Chalobah hasn't got that incisive ball and doesn't do the defensive work that Skuse does, so he's the one that should go.
Jackson and Harrison
at 20:43 18 Sep 2018

They have nothing around them, they have no chance, not their fault
Possibly Tweet of the Year right here.
at 16:21 18 Sep 2018

You're perfectly informed about everything according to you.
Paul Hurst at Shrewsbury
at 15:20 18 Sep 2018

Forgot about Brentford last year.

Just checked and they didn't register their first win until 23 September in their 9th game and they were on 4 points at the time.

It's easy to get caught up in it all, but Hull aside, we've been in games and i'm still confident it'll all be okay.

I hope!
In our multicultural society should we offer halal food in the ground?
at 09:25 18 Sep 2018

As if saying a f*****g prayer for a animal before slitting its throat and suffering is somehow acceptable in this day and age.

I think most people accept that we're desensitised somewhat to where our meat comes from and how it's produced but at least some efforts are made where law says they should be stunned before slaughter.......

...yet religion yet again gets another exemption that circumvents this.

If it is introduced, it simply MUST be certified and where stunned/halal are combined, which is not always the case.
Hurst on Dozzell....
at 15:51 13 Sep 2018


If he feels they're better, then he needs to play them. If they are better and we're second bottom, playing him ain't gonna help us!
Has anyone put a football chant to the PinkFong Baby Shark song yet?
at 15:50 13 Sep 2018

It wouldn't have any longevity, but it would be amusing for a game or two.
"Gareth, it's Jon"
at 14:36 30 Aug 2018

McAuley's the same age as me.

If he's kept himself in shape (much like my good self) he'll be fine for 90 mins, as fast as he ever's just the 3 days afterwards where he'll be wasted lol!

I quit five-a-side last year. Whilst I could keep up with the youngungs, it was waking up the next morning and taking 10 mins to shuffle to the toilet for a p*ss that was my downfall lol!

Seriously though, 38 these days isn't old. I've recently started looking at simple things like Park Run stats and there's plenty of 40 year olds running 5 min miles and Anthony Noel was running sub 11 second 100m well into his forties.

Age concern aint like it was.

Think back to the stories from Beattie and Co, what they'd eat and do after games and midweek. It's a whole world away from that.
People moaning about Nydam going out on loan? WHY?
at 17:26 28 Aug 2018

What you've just said is completely at odds with what's just happened.

We've borrowed a slightly better player and loaned ours out to get better by playing more games whilst we have that better player playing for us....follow?

How is that stunting his growth?

How is that not in the best interests of ITFC?

Edun has also been very good, actually, dare I say he's looked one of the most consistent in the team so far.

Chalobah on the other hand, looks very good, then very ordinary. Potential there though obviously.
I Mean honestly, what a waste of a wage
at 17:18 28 Aug 2018

I don't give a flying pisswhimble if you think it's a worrying signing, because i'm the ying to your yang and subsequently I've made you immediately irrelevant.

Please note, past performance is not indicative of future results, please see the terms and conditions and seek professional advice if you are unsure.

Why is he not going to play 28-37 games? Because you say so? Because history says so? Pah, b******t to the lot of it and we'll absolutely be okay this season.

Negative people boil my piss, they complain about everything and are totally unapologetic and generally avoid change as they're not capable of leaving their comfort zone.

There's one of those in my office and after two years of the above, I gave her an office of her own to keep her negativity away from everyone else.

I wish I could do the same with some supporters!
Some stats/tactical observations from the first few games
at 14:33 22 Aug 2018

Genuine insight right there.
First 6 games points
at 11:47 22 Aug 2018

I can see two wins coming up, I really can.
Strikers we could get in
at 11:42 22 Aug 2018

Nahki Wells, Colin Quaner.....perhaps Tammy Abraham?

Would all be very expensive no doubt. Tammy way out of our offerings given he played in Prem last year on loan.
Nothing much wrong with the personnel out there last night
at 10:58 22 Aug 2018

I agree

I think Chalobah and Skuse need to define their role a bit more, one of those players needs to push up further on the offensive and trust the other who's sitting to allow Edwards and Ward/Edun to get further up the pitch as support.

Skuse has shown he can cover the pitch well and is more than capable of getting the ball to feet an extra 10 yards away if Chalobah is closer to Nolan.

As I see it, you should have Nolan with Skuse or Chalobah alongside him, Harrison in front and Edwards and Ward wide of them.

If you're not going to put Chalobah and Skuse further up, then Knudsen and Donacien need to be much more supportive when going forward and I think they stood off Derby too much, possibly as a result of their good start and being concerned about the amount of possession they had early doors. Sadly, we don't have a Kyle Walker type full back.
going to be a long season
at 21:58 21 Aug 2018

I think we look pretty solid with that back four and Chalobah or Skuse can be dropped to allow us to get a second man up top.

Harrison is relentless in his running, so I think he'd still offer support dropping in when needed and allow us to have Jackson occupying the defence a bit more leaving more space for Nolan.

Roberts stuck balls in the box at every opportunity...would have loved to see him and Anderson feeding Darryl Murphy back in lol!

No panic button being hit by me, but I think Dozzell or Huws being fully fit could be very important in this current team and just like last season, we're missing them already.

Still need a CB as cover, but I would like to see a bit of a unit up top to make that ball stick a bit more.

Let's be honest though, look at that Derby team again on paper....incredible...not a disgrace, just seems bitter when we haven't registered our fist win yet.

I think we'll beat Sheffield Wednesday and beat Norwich and finish 16th at the end of the season. Amen
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