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Ed Sheeran New Town Sponsor
at 11:38:50

@reuserscurtains - please explain how this is "very wet lettuce" in any way?

Prob one of the biggest global stars is heavily investing in our club and you still have something to moan about.

For a league one club, I think this is great and even better it's from a fan.

Would be great to hear what kind of sponsors would make you happy for a "shirt" sponsor... please enlighten us all...

Well played Ed Sheeran - I think this is great.
Town Set iFollow Away Record
at 14:38:07

@Orraman - you can get commentary during an away by clicking on the settings button on the top right, then you can select "home commentary". Basically you will be listening to their home local station.
Town Closing in On Harrop Loan Signing
at 10:59:48

@unknown100 - sadly I think we could have the best striker in the league and they will still struggle to score. Our problem is the fact that Lambert would rather we played the ball at the back.... our lack of creativity is VERY worrying.

Our goal on Saturday was our first shot on target! Speaks volumes vs a side that have a very poor defensive record. With the personnel we have, we should be creating a lot more. Even with all the injuries. Our starting line up on Saturday had (on paper) plenty of potential.

It just doesn't look like the players are comfortable to try a risky pass or actually all commit going forward...
Sunderland 2-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 22:25:02

fallguy1234 - sounds like your post was mainly aimed at wanting PL out, rather than actually giving your opinion on the game (which doesn’t sound like you even watched it anyway)..... my comments and I am guessing other people’s comments, in response to yours, was purely based on this game. Not our overall opinion on PL and what he has done for the last 2 seasons.

I don’t think anyone on this site will ever be happy with what happened last season, HOWEVER, what we can do is comment on the latest game. Based on that, your initial comment doesn’t make sense and it is fair to say that the best team lost and it was mainly because of the ref. You can’t blame PL for that
Sunderland 2-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 21:43:30

fallguy1234 - did you even watch the game? I get that your comment was a generic one based on playing a “top 6 side”, however, tonight we def deserved to win and I strongly believe we would have done if it wasn’t for the ref! Granted to once again made some stupid mistakes but even with them we looked like the team that would go on to win.
Wilson Starts as Woolfenden Misses League One Opener Against Wigan
at 11:30:24

@BlueArmy - Ndaba is injured... follow your team properly and keep up to date with the latest before making negative comments please.

Let’s hope for a good win today. And let’s hope Woolf and Ndaba injuries are not too as we def need them playing
Charlton Athletic 0-0 Town - Half-Time
at 21:39:04

I'm sorry but how on earth is Sears not starting?? He needs to play upfront this year and not on the wing, which sadly I think that is where he is going to play.
Town Face FC Utrecht in Final Pre-Season Friendly
at 10:30:16

Blueandtruesince82 - completely agree with most points. Yes we do have a better attacking line and yes we will get more goals from midfield but unfortunately that doesn't mean we will finish higher this season.

Surprisingly for MM our defence looks weak and I can't see many clean sheets or letting anything less than 2 per game. The fact that we are nervous because Berra is not available first game just shouts out problems - we have no back up.

Smith IMO should have been dropped in jan last year and played Chambers in the middle. Smith needs a wake up call!

I'm very excited by our front 4 and parts of our midfield..... COYB.
Reading 1-0 Town
at 18:48:19

Disappointing result considering Gerken didn't have much to do. End of the day we only had 2 or 3 good chances which we should have scored. Tabb is not the player you need on the pitch when you are losing. He is a small version of Magilton and only looked for a pass backwards. Some guy infront of us thought Tabb was our best player and thought Skuse was our worst player. (He must have watched the wrong game or his glasses are not the right prescription)

I think today was a clear indication that we need a Williams like player in our team. Shame we lost but we should have got something out of it. Bring on next weekend.
Stevenage 2-0 Town
at 22:20:11

Apologise for some of the spelling etc above. Stupid predictive text in the iPad.
Stevenage 2-0 Town
at 22:18:54

Just got in from the game. I live in St Albans. Overall a disappointing game. It didn't help that the ref was awful and literally gave us NOTHING!! Overall my concern is the lack of creativity in our midfield. In Summary:

Gerken - poor first half but got better. He didn't demand his box and at times very slow at coming of his line.

Veseli - u can tell it was his first EVER senior match. He looked more interested in trying to keep things basics then actually using his skill and crossing ability. He got caught out of position a few times. He got better in the 2nd half but I wonder if that was due to Edwards help.

Berra- clearly isn't match fit. He looked ok but nothing compared to smith and chambers of late. Will be good tho

Chambers - solid

Smith - played out of position and it showed how much we miss cresswell. He got beaten for their 2nd goal. Solid in the air as usual. But due to his lack of going forward we missed that.

Skuse - he just did what he needed to do as in hold there. Nothing amazing. If anything he needed to release the ball much quicker.

Hyam - probably one of our brighter players. Some good runs. I worry that we are depending on him creating our chances all season. A great player but I do worry he is all we have available.

Anderson - poor. He looked out of position of the left. Alto predictable as always cut inside. From what I saw tonight I wouldn't say he is the outright winger we needed!

Tabb - tried hard as always but again lacked that last touch going forward.

Nouble - AWFUL would be an understatement!! Which is a shame. Really bad touches and for someone of his size he could have been much better in the air and when holding up the ball.

Taylor - lively but he needs someone better up top with him. Made some good runs and came out with some good shots. Can't wait until he is match fit.

Mcgoldrick - he changed the game slightly. Showed how much better than nouble he is. Some good movements and had a good chance created by Hyam. He did get frustrated with the rest of the team.

Murphy - good int the air and was steady.

Edwards - he showed his experience at times. Def better than Anderson.

Overall we just didn't really turn up. Some ok passing but if we play like that on Saturday we will get beaten and also be destroyed by QPR on the 17th.
Jewell: Outstanding First Half
at 22:43:51

GET IN!!!!

After going for the last 4 years we have finally won away to Watford...!! Just got back from the game (i dont live far from Watford) So here goes some thoughts for those that couldnt make it....

In Sumary we were ALL OVER them in the first half. Loach had nothing to do. We closed them down from the front (mainly Martin) and we gave them no time on the ball at all all over the pitch. 2nd half we started slow and it was obvious Zola had a word with his tea and they started playing again. Considering they have 2 LUMPS as centre backs we lacked that final ball through the middle to allow Chopra & Martin to use their pace. It seemed that we kept going wide and hoping that JET and Carson would come of with some magic.... After 20 mins we started to play again and we had a few chances. Chopra missed a sitter (looked like it from the other side of the stadium) and Jet should have done better. Chopra & JET werent having the best of games and their touches let them down more often than not (still showing small bits bit brilliance tho).... The crowd wanted Scotland on with 25mins to go and finally he came on with 14mins to go. With his presence we kept the ball better and Luongo kept his cool the whole game. Lovely play creaeted Luongos chance when he hit the post which shortly followed Scotlands chance which went straight to the keeper!!

Then FINALLY the goal came and this play shows how different we are from last season! We kept the ball well and we didnt panic... Great play from Luongo, Martin and mainly Edwards..... Edwards took it round a fe wplayers and played a great ball in for CHopra to tap it in!!

GREAT SUPPORT from town fans may i add..

Loach - he clearly loves town and when he was down our end he kept us going and when we scored he was so close to dive into the crowd!!

Edwards - pure class today and seemed very composed on the ball. He looked quick today!

Chambers - SOLID!!! First time iv seen him... he was very good!

Smith - He was ok. A few moments when he could have done better but was good in the air.

Creswell - solid as usual and distributed the ball well.

JET - IMO a poor game. He doesnt seem to want to jump for a header and lost the ball too often. He needs to place the balls before smacking it.

Luongo - first time iv seen him and he played well.... Controlled the middle with Hyam and always wanted the ball. He should have scored but kept us going.

Hyam - Once again played well. When Iwelumo came on he even beat him in the AIR!!! He did nearly score an own goal (thank god for the cross bar)

Carson - he was ok but IMO he isnt strong enough to start. Some good play but we need a more solid Left winger....

Martin - BRILLIANT! He never stops... great bits of skill... Almunia pulled of a great save from a shot of his in the first half. He needs to sign a new contract ASAP.

Chopra - not a great game but thats why he is a poacher!! He should have scored at least 2 today. Worked hard but his touch let him down.

MOTM - either Luongo, Martin, Edwards or Chambers.

I'm over the moon and we massively deserved it!!!!


Sorry if some of it doesnt make much sense... 1 or 2 too many beers!! :-)
Huddersfield Defender Linked
at 14:49:17

I do feel for Jewell for all the nonsense he has to put up with from some of you so called "fans"!!!! He gets grief for looking at fringe premiership players, also gets grief for looking at players from our division and from what I re call all people want is for him to look at lower division and bring players that would be proud to wear he shirt and now that we are linked with arguably one of the best players in division 1 we have people moaning and saying that it's boring!!!

Get a grip!!!

Moan over. I for one hope this is a strong link and it may happen. Either him or Wilson plus a solid winger and a striker!! :-) not much to ask for obv. COYB!!
Huddersfield Defender Linked
at 14:03:17

People on here make me laugh.... Even tho it's just a link I would welcome him to us. He wouldn't have so many awards if he wasn't consistent and when ur a centre half that's difficult to do. Been named captain in both sides he has been with surely speak volumes of his level of professionalism and the influence he has.....

I would very much doubt that they woul let him go - if they do it won't be cheap. I would much rather have him in the squad then rely on ainsley. Yes he will be good but not good enough at the moment.

Can't wait for the season to start!!! One or 2 more signings tho please!!
Keeper on Trial
at 19:10:44

Who said Martin wasn't in the squad? My understanding is that he originally was? I very much doubt is due to contract talks as he was very keen to get his contract sorted.

Can't comment on the trialist as I don't know much about them. Fingers crossed we get the keepers situation sorted this week tho. I also massively agree with the idea of NEIL ALEXANDER!! I really rated him....
Hewitt Set for Double Celebration
at 20:32:33

Don't get me wrong - I'm not thinking he is going to be the next Wayne Rooney etc but IMO this is an exciting signing and goes to show what Jewell is looking for. I'm excited at the prospect that this guy could be the right side version of cresswell!!! Fingers crossed.
Hewitt Set for Double Celebration
at 20:14:38

I really don't understand some of you!! He is young, hungry player with HUGE potential. Has been tracked by TOP premiership teams and all of sudden people have to be negative about how it's too much of a step up etc etc.

Regardless of his age.... If you're good enough thn you're good enough to play. Look at the step up cresswell and drury had to take and they have looked VERY GOOD!!!

Let's be positive and welcome the guy to the squad!! So many people questioned cresswell and he was our best signing last season.. COYB!!!
Martin Set for Recall as Blues Face Peterborough
at 15:39:05

Jas - As an ipswich fan I can see why you may moan and be negative (especially when you look at where we are in the table etc etc etc) HOWEVER we are where we are BUT things are looking up (touch wood). If you are a TRUE fan you would get behind the team AND the manager and stop these ridiculous comments.....

Yes I'm sure you like reactions from people on here - but the key thing is that everyone needs to believe in what is now happening at town. If you are not going to be behind this then simply dont bother commenting at all. People will value your comments when you start been realistic and not coming out with comments like "Jewell Out" straight after winning a game.....

I do wonder whether you are secretly Roy Keane and you have nothing else to do than chat rubbish on here and also on ITV.
Bullard Straining at the Leash
at 11:38:24

Surco72 - completely agree that he can be a great player and he is def as most creative player. Just look at how much he ran the show in the midfield last season. However, ur suggestion of him playing alongside drury and Hyam means that Martin would be dropped which for me he has been our best player recently. I'm really enjoying the competition for places ATMm shame that's only in the CM position!!
Chopra Was Gambling £20,000 a Day
at 16:32:39

I recon he should have one last gamble and put money on him been the CHAMPIONSHIP TOP SCORER! That way he will score all the time knowing he has a bet in place.... BOOM!

On a serious note.... Let's all get behind him and fingers crossed this is all in the past now! COYB!
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