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Made me smile - sorry if already posted 3rd attempt
at 08:30 23 Aug 2018

[Post edited 23 Aug 8:43]
Off to Cyprus in a week
at 08:56 26 Jul 2018

looking forward to the cooler temperatures
Sacha Baron Cohen at it again
at 13:06 24 Jul 2018

Another financial advice thread....
at 20:06 17 Jul 2018

Unfortunately it has now reached the stage where my mother needs to go into long term residential care, dementia.
As she owns her house we get Zero from social services and the house has to be sold to pay the care home bills.
This means we’ll get a lump sum and have to pay the monthly fee from this, question is where to invest where the money is ‚safe‘ but at the same time we get some return but also have access to the capital?
Any suggestions?
A Chinese customer has giving me be a bottle of Baijiu as a present
at 18:43 21 Jun 2018

Anyone know or tried this drink?
[Post edited 21 Jun 18:44]
Following on from the Weatherspoons Braintree post from yesterday....
at 08:00 20 Jun 2018

Yesterday I saw some footage of a group of idiots 'celebrating' outside the place and then attacking a ladies car as she tried to drive past. Real classy lads

Name and shame them!
[Post edited 20 Jun 8:01]
Lunch recommendation Walton and Dedham
at 12:58 22 May 2018

Today on the beach at Walton and tomorrow walk in Dedham.

Can anyone recommended some good eateries, in Dedham prefably a pub
FA should sack Southgate and appoint Super Mick
at 07:40 17 May 2018

We have only ever done well at the World Cup with an ex Ipswich manager at the helm!
On Sunday Fortuna Düsseldorf can confirm the 2. Bundesliga title
at 11:19 4 May 2018

Promotion was acheived last weekend.

Also the y kept the season ticket prices the same for existing ST holders. That means €182 for a standing place. Roughly €11 per game to see the likes of Bayern, Schalke, Dortmund and of course the mighty Borussia Monchengladbach!

Huge party in the stadium and in the Altstadt after the game.

Extending wifi signal
at 08:04 27 Feb 2018

What's best?

1) Wireless to wireless range extender
2) Ethernet over powerline to wireless range extender
3) Ethernet to Wireless Access Point (WAP)

I am guessing 3, but then what kit do I need? I already have a wifi router in the lounge but want to get wifi signal in attic room
Apple iPad iPhone help / advice
at 19:34 21 Feb 2018

I have a work iPhone and private iPad, I use my private iPad for work so connected the 2 devices using my apple id. As it is a private iPad family also use it and we have apps etc.. Sometimes a bit annoying that work things pop up or I am worried my daughter will inadvertently send an email to my boss!

Work have now given me an iPad for work use does it make sense to set up a new apple id to keep work and private separate or can it somehow all run under the same account but restrict what is on which device?

I hope that makes sense!
So tomorrow is the draw for the Groups for 2018 World Cup
at 08:21 30 Nov 2017

anyone interested`?

Hopefully we get the following group

Saudia Arabia
Nice to see an opposition manager with balanced comments
at 07:41 29 Nov 2017

Fair play Rowett
English grammar help......
at 12:39 9 Nov 2017

nothing could possibly go wrong asking here :-)

Which is correct;

a. Three pounds fifty
b. Three pound fifty
Florida Blues
at 08:19 16 Oct 2017

Can anyone recommend a bar or bars that are likely to show live football, both Championship and Bundesliga, in the Indian Shores area?

Although I am probably pushing my luck to expect anyone to be showing the Derby at 6am! Midweek is the German cup and there are a couple of games I would like to catch if possible.
Conspiracy theory
at 09:30 1 Sep 2017

Phil makes half the news stories up and then just sits back, with a packet of hob knobs and a ribena fruit shot, pissing himself laughing whilst watching the unfolding meltdown when said transfer, or wheatever, does not happen.
[Post edited 1 Sep 2017 9:32]
List of defenders out of contract
at 08:29 1 Sep 2017

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