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Fan encroachment, surely the Tranmere stewarding needs to be questioned?
at 00:17 22 Jan 2020

One lad thought he was a fighter pilot with his arms spread out. He was taken out of the ground.
Strongest team and bench leaves no place for Dozzell
at 21:11 19 Jan 2020

Don,t need any of them on the bench.
Choose one striker to bring back (at the level they were), who's your choice?
at 22:59 17 Jan 2020

Toss up between John O Rouke and Jimmy Robertson.
We will need players like Woolfy & Downes in the Championship,
at 16:00 14 Jan 2020

So why would Evans ever imagine selling them ? We have to stop under-mining the future of this club by constantly selling young players who are showing potential .

1) Get into the Championship
2) Recruit 3 good core players to compliment our better players.
3) Clear out the dead wood.

That should be the 5 year plan. Using wages on better players.
Here we go all over again.
at 23:40 10 Jan 2020

Someone tell me why Ipswich can,t get a steady team together. Now it looks like another revamp and the usual PR spin trying to keep fans interested in this season after season mess.
Is Evans just trying to buy time again ? Another 5 year plan ? .

We now have speculation that the better young player(s) at our club might leave and being replaced . Another go at taking a punt on youngsters released from other clubs.

Ins and outs
at 20:39 8 Jan 2020

The "outs" should include the players that played a part of this free-fall in the last few years.

Then we can move on.
Funniest thing you have heard shouted at an Ipswich Match
at 20:36 8 Jan 2020

Best time for footy songs were the 1970,s without a doubt. The "pia pia piano song"...."I am the music man,i come from down your way"......"Grandfathers Clock"...."Red red Robin"......etc

Funny things shouted out during a game...

Ipswich v Everton 1973-1976 time) Remember the tall lanky Everton keeper with dropped shoulders....the North Stand singing "Shoulders....Shoulders"

Song about Man Utd managers Mrs having an alleged affair with the 1st team coach

Song about Peter Shilton's romantic scandal that was headline news......

1980,s/1990,s....West Stand posse singing the "Milky Bar Kid" song...."Wagon Wheels" "Chip shop Annie".......etc
Send the "old nags" out on loan.
at 00:30 7 Jan 2020

Play the youngsters and recruit 3 good fringe players from the Premiership.

The senior players who are not doing it at this level need a shock to their inflated ego and either go out on loan or make the bench (i nearly said tea)

It was stated in the Daily Telegraph that Everton are looking to off load so hopefully we can ask Luke Garbutt on his choice.
Lambert deservedly taking alot of flack BUT......
at 06:53 6 Jan 2020

The club has needed a squad rebuild years ago and a small number of good core players to build around. McCarthy managed the one or two good loan signings that saved a season and a couple of handy signings too. The team performances have always been let down by non performers.
Hurst tried a quick fix but he was also compelled to losing Waghorn,Garner,McGoldrick etc

Evans can carry on pleading poverty but he has cashed in good players and has not replaced them. That is the bottom line. We got exactly what we paid for and once again we were saved by players like Garbutt and KVY to kick start this season. The performances sometimes did not match the good result we had on many days..

Still going out of cup competitions and the inevitable slump was just around the corner. Some League One club owners may look at that list of players and think that squad is good enough for League One. I guess most Ipswich supporters are feeling that list is not good enough for Ipswich. We are at least a Championship club in name,stature and history.

It is down to Evans and what he decides to put in to this club and how much he wants it. Some would note his ambitions does not match our expectation.If Lambert is just going to tread water through his new contract this club is in for another rough 5 years.
The Liverpool Way
at 21:32 5 Jan 2020

Puts out a mostly reserve team and still manages to beat Everton in a local derby cup tie.
Manager Klopp deserves this success. He has built a good squad. More importantly the younger players do not look out of place. A classic example v Everton today. The patience was rewarded with a 1-0 win.

Maybe because the younger players are taught skill, ball control, high tempo passing,attacking , shooting, hard work and defending in numbers. Most of all, patience.
Young players who can look up to good first team players and are waiting for their chance.
Some got that chance, in a local derby. Young players inspired by good training, good advice and inspirational first team players.

In comparison. Some clubs only have poor examples in showing young players what it takes to be a good pro. Young players who are not given their chance .Some young players just don,t get the chance. Others too far down the queue.Or young players trying to make an impact in a poor team.

The Klopp way works.
Future Positives
at 00:29 5 Jan 2020

Getting KVY back IS the only positive you mention.
How is Ndaba progressing?
at 21:05 4 Jan 2020

Play him.....and Morris.....and Folami.......and Lankester.....and Drinan........and Cotter......and Kenlock.....

We need to get rid of at least 8 players who are considered "established" pro,s. .
Taylor: Massively Disappointing Because We Did Enough to Win
at 18:49 4 Jan 2020

How delusional can one be ?
at 17:30 4 Jan 2020

The next 15 games.........LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...The O stands for OH,we got a draw.
Now we can concentrate on avoiding relegation.
at 17:07 4 Jan 2020

Just imagine if Ed Sheeran owned this club. Just think of all the music gigs and the millions that could be made using the stadium 12 months a year. Just a thought.
at 16:57 4 Jan 2020

Every season the same ol crap. "WE WILL GIVE MARCUS EVERYTHING" ? ......What a joke. Now watch Peterborough over take us.....and thats another season down the pan.
So team vs Exeter?
at 04:00 4 Jan 2020

Give Ben Morris a starting place up front with Keane. Start Bishop in a 5 man midfield and press higher up the pitch to force the issue. A back 3 of Donacien/Nsiala and Kenlock. If we still lose, so be it. The emphasis has to be winning League One games and promotion from now on.
The Lambert contract and The Five Point Plan
at 03:48 4 Jan 2020

The situation at this club is getting worse year on year. Evans just seems to do the complete opposite on what needs doing to build any progress. We are still stuck with very average players sucking the life out of this club.
What happens when we are in League One next season without Garbutt and possibly minus a couple of good young players we do have. Then what ?
Were Ipswich going to be the relegated Championship team that takes League One by storm and get promoted straight back to the Championship ? The answer looks like an emphatic no . Increasingly tired of early cup exits and nothing but broken promises.
Obscene money in football
at 14:17 2 Jan 2020

Arrons is a good player though. Could play midfield too, got pace down the flanks.
Highlights are up already
at 19:59 1 Jan 2020

Who challenged the first header.......?
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