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at 15:08 4 Oct 2020

I have a tool I use very occasionally for work.
This tool has been wrapped in a bag and kept in my van for a few years.
On Friday, I needed said tool, first time I’ve needed to use it in probably 4 years.
The next time I opened up my web browser on my phone, there was an advert at the top for the very tool I’d used an hour before.
How does that work? It’s far too specialised to be random.
Burton Albion
at 21:10 15 Sep 2020

Every single one of their players is called Russell.
It says so on the back of their shirts.
How strange.
Drum off
at 18:44 31 Aug 2020

Don’t know if this has been posted, from the evening star.
Cool reaction from one of the world’s biggest rock stars.

Shameless ‘look at me’ post.
at 21:06 14 Aug 2020

March 23 - 16 st 7 lbs
April 24 - 17 st 1 lb
August 14 - 14 st 4 lb

at 20:22 19 Jun 2020

Seems that a lot of professional footballers must be living with hairdressers, not many with an unruly mop like most of the people I’ve been working with!
Shipping containers
at 10:15 12 Jun 2020

Anyone deal in shipping containers or know someone who does?
Want one for storage.
Stupid thought.
at 10:33 22 Apr 2020

Think how much of that junction near Suffolk One could have been done while there’s hardly any traffic on the road.
Not a priority I know, but would have been a great time for road users and the contractors.
Worst Dad in the world?
at 12:50 21 Mar 2020

Just had my eldest son out in the garage where I’m working on my latest self isolation project.
Fresh from his GCSE bombshell, he’s just told me he’s off out to play football with his mates.
I’ve told him no. I don’t believe it’s the right thing to do in the current circumstances.
He makes an appeal by phone to his mum who’s at work, we’d already agreed between us this morning that we had to do this properly, she buckles and sends him back out to me.
So a bit of shouting and a few teenage swear words later, he says he’s going anyway....
Not heard him emerge yet, we will see.

So, thanks to his Mum for making me the bad guy!

Had a drive through town this morning and there are loads of groups of kids about, on scooters and bikes. Going about business as usual. I’m really not sure what I watch and read is being taken seriously.
Positivity thread.
at 09:51 17 Mar 2020

Just seen this on the BBC news. Made me laugh.

We need a little something to lighten the mood, what you got?
Question for employers
at 16:12 15 Mar 2020

One of my employees has just called to say he’s displaying signs of the virus and has decided, with his wife, to isolate.
I’ve said to phone 111 for his cert for statutory sick pay.
My question is, what are my obligations to the rest of the employees, bearing in mind he may or may not have the dreaded C-19?
We work in the construction industry and come in contact with many people during our everyday work.
Our employees meet every morning to collect job instructions for the day.
I need to know the right thing to do but haven’t a clue who to ask or get in touch with.
Is it a case of only isolating yourself now if you show signs? Or should you isolate if you’ve been in touch with someone who might have it?
My understanding is people are not getting tested anymore unless they are in so much trouble they need hospitalisation.
Winding up the Mrs
at 15:41 12 Feb 2020

This is something I like to do as often as possible.
In fairness she’s fairly gullible and has fallen for some right corkers in the past.

at 13:31 11 Feb 2020

Just had a chat with my mates Mrs.
I know he’s struggled in the past with depression and it looks to be getting a grip on him again.
I’m nieve on mental illness, I’ve never really been exposed to it or had to deal with it.
His Mrs said he’s in a bad frame of mind, he’s been to the Drs, been prescribed medication and has been referred for CBT.
I’ve read a little on it, but really don’t have any first hand experience.
I’ve heard it mentioned on here, so thought I’d ask.
I’d like to support them, even in a small way.
But I really am lost at how to approach it.
Physio recommendation
at 14:00 7 Jan 2020

Be grateful if anyone has a physio recommendation.
Struggling with back and leg injuries that need some professional help.
Used to go to Simpson just off the London rd but not sure he’s there any more?
Cheers in advance.
Fallon Sherrock
at 15:55 27 Dec 2019

Deserves a mention.
Playing really well in the darts.
Watford v Man U
at 16:05 22 Dec 2019

Perfect example of the new manager ‘bounce’ that we missed out on.
Chelsea v Bournemouth
at 13:53 15 Dec 2019

Unfortunately missed the loss to Bristol yesterday as had the chance to take oldest son to Chelsea.
He’s always had a soft spot for Bournemouth, so when the tickets came up I couldn’t refuse.
Was a real trek, left at 1100, decided to drive in, probably a mistake but it gave me a chance to show my 15 year old son some of the sights as we zig-zagged across the city.
Using my tried and tested method we found a parking spot half a mile away and walked in.
Missed the first 7 minutes!
Beautiful stadium, a lot different to how I remembered it, lots of helpful stewards, lots of police around.
We were in with the home fans, good spot in the Matthew Harding lower.
The first thing you notice about the game is the quality of the players, ball control, pass accuracy, movement, it all looked so much easier than our own boys in blue.
The speed with which the game is played is also so so noticeable.
The game was a bit of a stalemate, Bournemouth playing compact and deep and looking to break, Chelsea trying to pass through them but the frustration was showing with long diagonal balls that we often see at Portman Rd.
Have to say the atmosphere was non existent, maybe frustration at the lack of success for the home side. The crowd were no less demanding than our own with lots of criticism being voiced.
Had my first real life experience of VAR, no one in the stadium has a clue what’s going on, there’s no explanation or indication other than the screen. There was lots of speculation, lots of shouting, lots of arm waving but everyone is just glued to that screen waiting for someone miles away to make a decision.
Game deserved a draw, was a big win for Bournemouth.
Walked back past some of the most expensive houses in the country, couldn’t help but check Rightmove this morning!
Got home at 2030. The boy thoroughly enjoyed his day out.
If I hear.......
at 13:08 6 Dec 2019

The words ‘ Get Brexit done... ‘ one more time, I’m going to kick myself in the nuts.
Man takes clown to redundancy meeting in NZ.
at 13:58 14 Sep 2019

Bolton bid.
at 15:24 12 Jul 2019

I don’t confess to being any sort of expert on football finances, I run a business but football finances baffle me. The majority outside the Premier league seem to run at a loss.
So, with that in mind, what will someone like Laurence Bassani actually gain from buying Bolton for £25m?
Is it to borrow against? Is it to further strip of anything that the pawn shop might take? Is it for a wage?
He failed at Watford but left a trail of mystery and dodgy dealings behind.
Norwich Silverware
at 21:53 4 Jul 2019

Not had any NCFC based threads lately, so...
Just a small reminder that Norwich do indeed have something rather special in their trophy cabinet.
The Mr Clutch Cup.

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