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Bristol Rovers Match
at 11:32 7 Sep 2020

The one thing I noticed, that has got me hopeful for this season, is how quickly we were to attack and be positive.

So many times last season, we'd have the ball, but we'd be so slow to work it through to the attack, that the opposition defence were already really organised by the time we got near their box.

On Saturday, we played lovely through balls often, and many attacks were quick and precise. Lovely to see! Hopefully it continues.
Messi Wage
at 08:14 2 Sep 2020

Rumoured to be 2.4million a WEEK if he joins Man City. This is from the Sun so might be bull, but still, to put it into context, that's just short of the wage cap for the entire year for the entire squad in league one.

Great first half up until the goal, then our weaknesses got exposed
at 15:22 25 Aug 2020

I've always loved Chambo, but he's really losing it.

The frustration for me is the lack of mental strength in this team also, conceding all of those goals so quickly shows it, as does the 2nd half of last season.

Plenty of enough talent for this league, but mentally can we do it?
Tonight showed how tactically inept Lambert is
at 22:04 3 Mar 2020

First of all what on earth was that lineup? Far too lightweight against a physical side.

Theyre a big physical side as just mentioned, who struggle with quick through balls apparently. So what do we do? Have no pace in our side and play Keane up front on his own who can't win a header to save his life. Their number 6 won EVERYTHING.

Their keeper couldn't kick long so they play out from the back. We put 2 players on each fullback but didn't actually put much pressure on them at all. It was so painful to watch them play it out the back so easily time after time.

I'm not going to claim im some kind of football manager but surely even with the Injuries we could have played a stronger and more balanced team? Something like:

Woolfenden / Wilson

Nolan / Bishop


I know many slate Kenlock, but he's more than capable at left back at this level, and Garbutt is wasted at left back. When kenlock was in the team, we were doing well and his individual stats showed his ability. Not saying he's perfect but fine for this level.
Dobra turned down contract extension according to TOTT
at 19:45 2 Mar 2020

Have you heard this too, Phil?
Paul Lambert - feck off! (n/t)
at 16:58 29 Feb 2020

Please Please Please tell me there's a get out clause
at 09:30 26 Feb 2020

In Lambert's contract if we don't make the play-offs!!!!

It's getting embarassing
How bad will next season be?
at 17:36 22 Feb 2020

Attendances will surely drop by as much as 5000 if not more.

Turnover will be lower, leading to lower budgets too especially with FFP.

Probably lose Downes and Woolfenden.

Really hope we can get out of this mess, but we really could become a team stuck in league one.

Happy birthday Jackson BTW, nice of the ref to give him a card...
3 Major problems with our squad imo
at 08:08 14 Feb 2020

* Mentally very poor. Players heads drop far too quickly and when they do, they seem to hit rock bottom. This was ever present last season too.

* Lack of pace in our team in terms of passing and dribbling with the ball makes us very ineffective on the counter. By the time we've got into an attacking area, it seems the opposition always seems to have the majority of their team behind the ball already, which leads to my third problem...

* Lack of aerial presence in attacking areas which gives us very little in the way of plan B in a league which is often very direct. It also means that when teams sit back against us, we have very little threat.
Will you renew your ST if we fail to get promoted this season?
at 12:35 10 Feb 2020

Will you renew your ST if we fail to get promoted this season?

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If we don't go up, how bad will our attendance
at 08:55 4 Feb 2020

be next season?

There were lots of tickets sold on the basis of there being exciting football this season, and people thinking that we will be winning frequently by big margins for the first time in years. Of course, this has not turned out to be the case.

This, combined with facing another season in this division, I'm sure attendances both home and away will drop significantly, meaning a smaller turnover and a smaller budget due to the FFP restrictions in league one, although I guess it's calculated off the previous season?
Seeing Peterborough made me realise how much we lack pace
at 11:49 2 Feb 2020

Both in terms of our players but also how quickly we move the ball, it's way too slow.

There's nobody in our team that defenders really fear, except Jackson. Although he has the pace, he doesn't have the dribbling ability of Peterborough's forwards. He's effectively only good at running in straight lines.

Perhaps Dobra is one of the only players capable of properly taking on a man and twisting and turning? And KVY but he's injured.

To think Dembele cost them next to nothing from Grimsby.
Tilt to Rotherham
at 20:30 31 Jan 2020

Some won't like that 🙄
Northern Bypass Plans Recommended To Be Scrapped
at 16:02 30 Jan 2020

[Post edited 30 Jan 16:03]
I wonder if Lambert will set up differently against Peterborough?
at 13:09 30 Jan 2020

It seems that with this current formation, when the 2 CBs push forward, it leaves us exposed massively. This was highlighted against Lincoln, but luckily they managed to mess up a few situations where they had more attackers than us defenders.

With Peterborough, they seem to be playing a front 3 of Tony, Szmodics and Dembele who is ridiculously quick and agile. Think they could really do us some damage on the counter-attack.
Peterborough have sold out
at 16:25 29 Jan 2020

Should push 20k then you'd think
Bring bishop on for huws
at 20:36 28 Jan 2020

Booked and has been poor. They looked terrified when Downes ran at them, bishop could do some damage
Rumours Bart permanent deal agreed.
at 10:07 27 Jan 2020

Of course, could be a load of rubbish
Accrington fans welcomed into the Fanzone tomorrow
at 13:21 10 Jan 2020

Just over 100 tickets sold. They were such a nice bunch up there.
Lewis Gibson on loan (n/t)
at 11:07 10 Jan 2020

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