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Blues Legend Stewart Diagnosed With MND
at 21:03:26

Very sad new MS. You wasn't with us long but always a blue
More Than 25,000 Seats Sold For Cambridge
at 08:02:12

Well for me I can't see the point in expanding say the coop or Portman standonly on the reason for modernization as they are very old and very cramped.
Back in the good old days when your attendance cash went along way towards your running costs unfortunately now esp in the prem it doesn't make a huge difference in comparison to the cash you receive being in the prem. I personally think it's all wrong but hey ho.
But we will see. I can't wait for Saturday and let's hope for a win
Downes: Style of Play Appealed Massively
at 10:28:28

i think you are right cadier, but i supose if downes had said well got a bumper signing on cheque plus a massive weekly wage rise wouldnt sound that good lol,
Lambert: I Thought We Were Really Good, I Couldn't Ask For Any More
at 20:20:49

well evans this has just got real, if lambo is still here end of the season then you are going to have to bank roll alot more than you thought as season ticket sales will plummet quicker than the stock market on black wednesday and i for one will not be renewing untill he has gone. act now install dyer with either klug or butcher or holland or even burley as his number 2 and then you may save some cash as season ticket sales for next year will go up prob back round the 14k mark. if you dont act then its div 2 and colchester away next season
Lambert Dismisses Dressing Room Mutiny Claim
at 12:16:30

well then lambo you live and die buy the sword, our current tactics and method of play isnt working is it, have we ever even with a full strength squad dominated any team in div 1 since we have been here , errrrr nope, if it wasnt down to the likes of edwards , and bishop with there indivual goals early on in the campain then we would be screwed, as thats the problem we are relying on individual brilliance rather than a team effort.

players need to run more with the ball, make more movement off the ball and make the runs to split defence, all that simple stuff is missing.

time for back to basics with the best available 11 for there rightfull postions and hopefullt a 442 approach will see us start to play better, again we are easy to play against and will have to play catch up to keep up, hence why for years we allways go backwards after xmas. even in the MM days thats what always happened.
Sears Linked With Colchester Return
at 14:18:00

well another example of a decent player ruined buy being played out of postion, as mick mills says FS has 2 postions upfront as a 2 or on the bench.
murphy through out his carree was played wide left and struggled, as soon as MM played hime alongside Didzy or FS he bagged 27goals and the other 2 also reeped from his assists.

darren bent was electric playing alongside kugi as kugi held the ball up and fed DB, play a player to his strengths esp strikers and they will score.
look what happened to bent at charlton they fed hime and he banged goals for fun, soon as he went to spurs he was poor as they didnt play to his strengths and feed him with through balls to chase.

david johnson was no different when he was here or when at forrest, he got fed with through balls and his pace and finish ended up bagging in goals.

so you see there is a patern.
play the likes of FS or KJ alongside some one like drinan or oli as a 2 and both can score and use there pace but it needs decent through balls from midfield or hold up play from the bigger striker.

its not rocket science although modern managers of a certain ilk like MM lambo pulis ect have a way of playing and thats it they cant and wont adapt and shoe horn players in willy nilly and wonder why it dont work.

you dont get a machanic to spray a car and you dont get a panel beater to rebuild engines. but both work in the car trade.

Chambers: Shame It Took 50 Postponed Games For Action to Be Taken
at 11:01:27

this is prime example of the efl being re-active to the situation rather than proactive to it. with testing capacaity as it is even at the begining of december it could have been ramped up then, with the efl subsidising it for the smaller clubs. but better go looking for the horse now its bolted to the other end of the field at least it didnt excsape lol, well said chambo buy the way
Blackpool 1-4 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:22:56

great results lads and very deadly when we did get forward. edwards MOM for me with bish close 2nd, great to see huws back on the pitch how ever few stray passes but to be expected, still think woolfy needs to come on for wilson atm as if we play out of the back then we need his distribution and not scared of holding off players.

but we do have depth in the side which is refreshing with more players liek dobra still to come into the side or bench.

onwards and upwards and bring on " who are they" next week.
Ipswich Town 2-0 Rochdale - Match Report
at 17:24:36

yet another clean sheet, 2 more goals from midfield, 6 points, just got to keep it going.
rochdale did put a good account for themselves first half but once ahead we was cruising.
a football team is like a F1 car, will always need making minor adjustments to keep ahead of the other, thats why we hit the ground running last few seasons and tailed of after xmas as other teams fine tune them and we havent.

defensavilly toto and wilson have done well how ever a bit dodgy at defending corners esp against wigan but ball distribution is poor as a whole from them hence why woolfy will need to be brought in when fit, esp when we start playing the likes of hull ect.
but we have loads of options in midfield which is great and cant see scuse getting back into the team any time soon.

well done town onwards and stay up at the topwards
Bristol Rovers at Portman Road in Carabao Cup
at 11:01:52

needs to be treated seriously, and a good warm game for the leaque were we can carry out some fine tuning, if PL decides to rest players then he is a fool, if any one says well a player can get injured then yes they can how ever better off getting injured in the field of battle than just swinging your sword around for fun as thats were most of our injuries seem to occur
EFL Confirm Transfer Window Dates
at 14:51:02

trouble is nowadays there is to many joe average players at any level, i bet my bottom dollar there will be alot of players with out clubs at all levels come october, they will be many clubs looking at there up and coming youngsters to fill alot of there gaps.
alot of the joe average players wont get any better esp the older ones and when you have the younger players who are on level pegging in a abilty ect they can potentially get better.
all depends how greedy the agents try to be because i feel alot of them will be out of pocket .

may be a blessing but lets see how things pan out.
My Best Town XI: Gavin Johnson
at 09:01:37

mick mills tash alot of people wont relise the rivarly between stowmarket and stowupland footy or rugby matches, its was bad as ipswich v norwich, i played rugby for stowmarket high and when we played stowupland always ended up in a big scrap during a ruck lol. neil thompson was awsome back in them days proper footballer with proper legs just like walk and brennan and waghorn, alot to be said buy having proper muscles on the legs protecting the knees and ankles unlike the footballers of today apart from waghorn who is still playing
Ipswich Town 2-1 AFC Wimbledon - Match Report
at 23:15:26

well what a game of 2 halfs, along with most bemused with the 433 starting line up. first half was like lets play posseional football with out doing much, bit like save sex football, all foreplay and no penetration. not enough from midfield trying to hold off there man and put a decnt forward pass all to much safety first.

the rest of the first half is history, a few half time boos a first for PL, and i bet he though oh poo.

brought on george, and things slowly started to be a bit better, bring on jackson and hang on our v8 engine is now firing on 8 cylinders.

and what a finish, the atmosphere after we equalised was like portman road of old and wow when we got the winner it was like the night we beat a full strength arsenal with a ram shackled side bolted together with odds and sods when priskin scored.

plus points for me was george, he excites and looks like things will happen, downes is a cemented starter , always harrases and also shows some forward play, norwood defo needs a buddy yp top and hope he cements a paternship with jackson with kean aswell.

wolfy again prime starter, wilson play ok and done the basics, doniacian how ever was like a player knowing his days was numbered with kane in the wings, kenlock had a couple of so so games.

scuse was a general how ever and like for a few seasons now he does command the ball of the back 4 like a good DM does and should he seems to not like the ball to his feet but rather likes the interception and then may be do something with it. how ever think he can be a good CH and my prefered two in the middle would be downes and huws when he is fit,

but keep plugging away and i feel buy the next few games we can find a good settled 11 and formation and think we will do well, but wont be easy and not to be complacement.
Lambert Can't Wait to Get Going
at 14:05:27

well pretty standard first interview, welcome paul and may the force be with you the players and us i just hope the jedi marster aka ME grace you with w new light sabre because i think you will need it along with the young padwi,s on the pitch.

how ever i have a feeling we are in a win win situation, if buy a miricle to stay up he can take us forward but if the preferable does happen and he doesnt walk then he is a good catch to take us back up again but lets hope it doesnt come to that,

i did like PH but buy the sounds of it doig or should it be dog was one of the main culprits thinking he was some big time coach, you have to earn respect as as they didnt have a big back ground in the coaching managing skills dept most players wont warm to that, but thats all in the past lets look forward now. and as the saying goes the biggest signing a owner can have is always the manager lets hope its 5th time lucky.

come on PL go smash it
Harrison Out for At Least Two Months
at 18:26:57

May aswell bring back Morris. No good him just sitting on the bench unused that's no good for him and looked sharp against Blackburn.
Town Confirm Red Card Appeal
at 13:20:46

i have looked at this loads of times, the ref wasnt even looking when the two players colided, as soon as nasila won the ball the ref was looking at the path of the ball so unless he had vision the same as a owl he couldnt have seen the challenge just reacted to it.

will it make any difference i doubt it, the refs have been very poor over the last few seasons at all levels and very rarely you will see a good one.

just hope they over turn it, and hope we can atleast have the likes of bish on the bench on sunday as i think we will need him against the scum.
Dyer Claims Controversial Victory Over Lee in Portman Cup
at 14:24:55

Luke Whelan is my daughter's boyfriend the lad was buzzing after this. And big thank you to keiron and Alan and his mum kailley for paying for it. He was over the moon. Just wished I wasn't working to go and watch. Highly recommended for any budding footballers out there
Hull City 2-2 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 19:10:10

Well a few happy clappy brigade out then. MM won't change . Last game we was ruddy awfull until scuse went of and bru came on then slowly we then looked like a good team esp when connally went off. Our midfield not only won the ball but we was more dynamic with it. But yet again mm plays his mates aka scuse and chambers. This team won't be much kop until MM relies both players are ok for the bench. As we have far better as replacements. And yet again we was poor in second half and yet he waits to long for subs. As alex mathie said calina was quiet today mainly because he wasn't given the ball. Why didn't he get the ball because he wasn't being fed from the midfield.

We have some tough games coming up. I for one think we should have started today as we finished against Preston.
McCarthy: It Was Our Day Today
at 19:03:47

Mm always has to have a dig at celina. Yes he gave the ball away a few times but mostly attempted to get it back. But he gives us a lot more on the ball then any player we currently have. And what a goal well done celina. The turning point is when bru came on. It took a while but he did make a difference and he was instrumental for the 2nd goal. Not that I like a player to be injured but I feel the midfield is a bit more dynamic when scuse is not there. But the 20 mins of the second half we played some great stuff. But did go flat once calina goal went in and we was cruising but that's to be expected
McCarthy's Pre-Leeds Press Conference Live on TWTV at 1pm
at 15:16:53

is it me or buy the look at MM face that he dont seem to like stuart watson much or our phil, proberly due to the fact they ask questions what we want arnswering lol.

but for the record on the bit about the hard work i feel that is what most supporters are staying away from PR, as like defending a corner is all hands back with no outlet if we win the ball so the only option is to kick into touch, i still feel we need a option up field as at times against all oppostion if we had a player with a bit of pace and a good touch in the center circle we can give immediate propblems, how ever we sit so deep and just invite pressure back onto oursleves.

thats were i celian coming in as he defo gives a defence the run around and so does didsy we just need to use that more as well more bight from midfield, as that has been out lacking dept for atleast 3 seasons now.
as any good team has a solid defnce which has a solid midfield which not only wins the ball but can then break up play and spurns on a attack. but most of the time is misplaced passes or square balls or the ususal lets go back to the center half and go for a lump, well the latter thnk god is not so effidant so far this year atm
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