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Random caption competition...
at 09:35 19 Jun 2017

I've just seen this picture... I have no idea what it's for - presumably last season's squad photo?
Is Chambo being just a little bit camp here?

(can't seem to get picture to display other than clicking on link)
Which of jakeyboy26's polls do you rate the best?
at 08:30 18 Jun 2017

Which of jakeyboy26's polls do you rate the best?

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A big thank you to McCarthyEra...
at 22:06 11 Jun 2017

Got back about an hour ago from a great weekend, with McCarthyEra hosting his 3rd Annual BBQ. What a lovely place - and such a good time, good food, good beers, good company - and then fantastic pizzas later on, prepared and served by the neighbour arriving on a tractor, towing a converted horsebox - now home to a pizza oven...

To those that were there - was great to meet you all, and to have some really interesting conversations, but specifically to McCarthyEra, thank you so much for making your place so available for fellow Town fans, and Yasmin said she can't wait to be able to tell what she did at the weekend tomorrow at school when they all get to tell... I wonder if anyone else will get time to say what they got up to, once she's finished...

Thanks from all of us.
Just to give this another bump...
at 11:34 7 Jun 2017

72% now...

raised of £1,000 target

Life - make the most of it and those around you.
at 12:35 6 Jun 2017

We've been to the cemetery earlier this morning, standing quietly in an absolute downpour, getting soaked... but we were there to put some flowers and a couple of cards, one saying 'Son', and one for a 'Brother' from the 2 boys and Yasmin, as it was 2 years ago today that KJ gave birth to our sleeping son.

As I stood there, thinking about him, imagining how he might've now been today on his second birthday, and how Yasmin would be with her little brother, bossing him around, trying to take charge of him opening his cards and presents, it was with tears in my eyes that we placed the flowers in his planter, and tried to seal the cards in bags to protect them from the elements and then we laid a single rose each on the place where shortly after this day 2 years ago I'd had to scatter his ashes.

I couldn't help wonder what sort of world it seems to have become that he would've had to grow up in. Over the last few weeks, many parents have had to go through pain and sadness and make plans for funerals for their own children that they couldn't have expected to have to be doing - their children having gone off to a concert, or simply for a night out with mates in London, sadly never to make it home again. That shouldn't happen - lives lost needlessly, for no cause or reason. You should be able to see your children grow up, to teach them, nurture them and see them make their own way in life, to be proud of them, probably to embarrass them at times, to help them when they need help, to be friends with them and to love them and support them through everything. You certainly shouldn't have to stand over where they are scattered in the ground, where the only contact you can have with them is talking to them with words they'll never hear.

For those that have lost their children and loved ones over the last few weeks - innocent lives ended for the sake of what? ...the pain and heartache that will never leave them now, overshadowing them is so unnecessary. I really feel for them, as they couldn't have imagined they would suddenly be without in that way.

We all have a life (even those that might sometimes be told they need to "get a life"), we all have loved ones of some kind around us - so we need to make sure we make the most of them, as you never know when they might be taken from you, for whatever reason.

Sorry for a longish, rather solemn post, but I've been in a bit of a reflective mood this morning, and typing this with tears streaming down my face for a fair bit of it.

Happy Birthday and RIP CT,
love from your Daddy. x
[Post edited 6 Jun 15:08]
Has Bluebell gone missing?
at 16:41 1 Jun 2017

Just asking...

at 13:57 1 Jun 2017

Is this link working for anyone else, or is it ironically amusing to others too?
The Man in the High Castle
at 13:48 1 Jun 2017

No spoilers.

I finished season 2 last night, and not sure if I should've joined up more of the plot threads already or whether it's more a case of a few being left for Season 3. I've been watching them late at night, so there have been a couple of occasions I might've dropped off and missed a bit, but not sure if I would've missed anything crucial.

Seasons 1 and 2 well worth a watch if you haven't already.
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