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Registered kits...
at 14:32 2 Jul 2020

I thought clubs have to register their playing kits for a whole season?

How were Chelsea able to wear their new 2020/21 kit in last night's game against West Ham?

I know there's been occasions when maybe the last game of the season has been the unveiling of a new kit (whether that's allowable or not, I'm not sure), but several games from the end of the season is unusual, isn't it?
Willie Thorne RIP
at 09:00 17 Jun 2020

Very sad news that he died in the early hours of this morning after suffering septic shock
In honour of the traditional TWTD Gloucestershire BBQ...
at 20:35 13 Jun 2020

I got these today, to raise a toast to friends we would’ve normally been with sometime around nowish... give or take a weekend or two...

May have already been posted... Billy Kee article...
at 01:10 10 Jun 2020

Here's an interesting article about Billy Kee - good to see he's overcoming a lot of his mental health problems and a lot happier in his life now - and we get a positive mention too, which is nice...
Our little boy would've been 5 today...
at 14:07 6 Jun 2020

Happy birthday CT.

Love, Daddy x

(sorry for posting it here, but I know a lot of you have known the background, and it helps me to be able to post in recognition somewhere and I don't like to do it on facebook and suchlike)
Just popped in, not signed in, so saw the ads...
at 23:34 31 May 2020

I must say, the one for 'Durham University - Find your focus' did make me chuckle a little, but should've been followed by one for Specsavers too really...
One week home...
at 14:36 19 May 2020

One Week Home...
I thought I would just take a few moments to give an update, and thank everyone for their thoughts, messages and prayers when Kelly was in hospital with Covid19. It was an extremely worrying and difficult time, not being able to even go and visit her in the hospital. Thankfully, she had improved enough to have been allowed home last Monday evening, so has now been home a week. Her recovery is going well, and she is managing to do bits and pieces to relieve the boredom of resting, without overdoing it, but she does still get tired, which is understandable.
The main thing is, she has her family around her, and we have her back home. :)

You could say 'one week home' has made 'one weak home' much stronger, having her back and recovering!
Quite like this...
at 22:16 12 May 2020

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The thing they're saying with Covid-19 that there is no cure yet...
at 12:19 12 May 2020

I beg to differ... here's proof from 1980...

Update on KJ...
at 00:05 12 May 2020

And this is the update I've been hoping to be able to give so much, is that Kelly’s home!

We've been and picked her up this evening, so she can continue her recovery at home, as the ct scan that she had this evening was clear, so the injections she'd had to get rid of the blood clots on her lungs had done the trick and am so pleased to say she's out of the woods!

I'm so thankful to the consultant for noticing something not right yesterday when checking her calves, which alerted him to get her to have the chest X-ray and the clots were spotted and dealt with, otherwise it could've been very serious.

Obviously it's going to take a while til full recovery, but she’s just pleased to be able to do so back at home, so she doesn’t pick anything else up being in hospital, and we're obviously delighted to have her home and continue to isolate ourselves to make sure the risk of her being in possible contact with the virus again is minimised.

Thank you again to everyone for the messages of care and support, as they have been a great comfort, and am sure will continue to be as she steps further towards full recovery.
A massive thank you to BlueLagos
at 23:38 11 May 2020

For doing a load of shopping for us and dropping it off this evening.

A true star.
If Boris can do a daily update, I'm sure you'll forgive mine?
at 14:54 11 May 2020

After yesterday's disappointing dip, there's a bit more encouragement from this morning's update from KJ...

“Still feel crap but inflammatory markers are coming down now which is good. Still waiting for CT scan which should be today but not been told what time yet, but saw different doc and he said if there’s no blood clots, he’s sending me home so I don’t catch anything else”

Obviously I think that will need to be a case of proceed with caution, and if she is allowed home, continuing to rest etc, and will be hard for Yasmin, and me, wanting to give her big hugs which might not be a good idea!
As yet, she doesn't know yet when the CT scan will be, but feels a step forward from yesterday though!
[Post edited 11 May 14:57]
Dunno if anyone has posted this at all...
at 02:08 11 May 2020

Actually, thinking about it, I think this ‘Stay Alert’ slogan’s only been adopted because ‘Cross Your Fingers’ was a bit too specific.
Found it hard reading the ‘Stay alert’ thread...
at 15:24 10 May 2020

As someone trying to cope with the situation in a position where my other half is in hospital...

In terms of business, the lockdown and business closure measures enforced on a number of my clients has been awful for my business, and would benefit from getting back to some kind of normality. Realistically that isn’t going to happen for a while.

In terms of my life, the relaxation of these measures and the blatant ignorance of the guidelines up til now could be very serious.

I’ve had the following updates from KJ this morning...

An update from Kelly, this from a couple of hours ago...

“I appeared to be getting better. I’ve woken up feeling a bit crap and it’s painful to breathe. Doc listened to my back and my chest and said I now have pleurisy as well as covid. He then squeezed my calves as he does every day and said the left one felt different. He asked me if the painful breathing came on sunddenly, I said I just woke up like this and now all I want to do is sleep and it hurts to lay on my back. Now I have to go for a ct scan on my lungs. I asked about the antibiotics and he explained they are not to try and cure covid as there currently is no cure, they are to try and prevent secondary infections. With my crp (infection markers) still rising he said he needs to review what medication Is going to be best. I’m not going to lie. I am scared, not for me, but for you, the boys and Yasmin xxx”

And this one a short while ago...

“I’ve got to have injections to treat possible blood clots on my lungs :( that’s what the ct scan is for :( xxx”

So I urge you, however crap the ‘be alert’ tag line is, that the meaning behind it is still very much valid. We’re not ‘over’ it yet... for many, the impact of this, and of people being selfish and lacking in any kind of ability to follow guidelines, it could be much worse and last a lot longer than the time we’re locked down, so don’t be fooled into thinking if you want to go against what they’ve said, it doesn’t matter, well it might! Please do what you can to protect yourselves and others.
No reason as such...
at 00:29 10 May 2020

Just saw it and had some memories of another old marathon thread of yesteryear...

*UPDATED FRIDAY* I've been asked for any update on KJ...
at 18:00 6 May 2020

Well, There's nothing more than just monitoring and waiting really (on from the update I gave yesterday on the link below). We spoke to her earlier on FaceTime and she didn’t have the oxygen on and sounded a bit better than she had yesterday, but that’s all the update I’ve got I’m afraid!

Thanks to those for asking, we’ve really appreciated the love and support we’ve had from people.

Yesterday's update:
KJ by hoppy 5 May 21:08
Only just seen this, sorry. Thanks for asking...

As an update, they tried her off the oxygen today, Lasted 18 minutes, so that wasn’t good. Blood gases were also abnormal. Swabs re-done but I imagine they will continue to monitor her until the new swab results come back in 72 hrs. Blood results came back and her Infection marker levels have increased so shes now being put on a course of antibiotics as well.
So we continue to wait on the swab results.
Meanwhile Yasmin and I are not displaying any symptoms ourselves, she's just struggling to get to sleep at nights mostly, and remaining focussed on much schoolwork is definitely down on previous weeks, so think that's down to missing having her mum here (and being just stuck home with me probably!), but overall she's coping ok.

[Post edited 9 May 2:36]
This certainly isn’t a ‘look at me’... but having just read the lockdown t
at 08:10 4 May 2020

About acceptance or ignoring it... and seen some of the replies, I thought it worth posting this, in the hope it might make some people think a bit more...

Stay safe everyone.
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