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Chinese takeaways...
at 20:51 19 Jan 2018

What’s the “go to” from IP4 please?
One slight problem...
at 14:48 19 Jan 2018

Is, unless you say it really fast "We all dream of a team of Cameron Carter-Vickers..." is going to be really difficult for a lot to fit in all the words and sing it, isn't it?
Anyone enjoy the guilty pleasure of an 80's Disco Night?
at 17:38 10 Jan 2018

You might be interested in one that KJ is organising... £10 in advance, including a cocktail on arrival, and there will also be a raffle of which the proceeds are going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

For anyone interested, details can be found on this (rather nicely designed) poster...

Phil/Gav - Please remove if not allowed.
Good luck to the Ipswich Town Ladies today...
at 11:55 7 Jan 2018

FA Cup v Charlton

One fairly trivial question - why do they have a different kit template?
More Moore?
at 09:28 2 Jan 2018

How many more Moore threads will we have? Seems to have been more and more of them.
2018 - and another thumbs up from Oliver...
at 08:06 2 Jan 2018

Boxing Day 2016, and we were facing Fulham. One of the highlights of that day for many of us on TWTD was due to be the appearance of Oliver Turner leading the team out proudly, with the 'Oliver's Army' banner in place. Unfortunately, as you will probably remember, Oliver wasn't well enough and was actually in hospital on the day instead of being at Portman Road. (as it turned out, when he was able to on Easter Monday, it was an amazing day as we beat Newcastle 3-1).

Roughly one year on, and we face Fulham again tonight, albeit away rather than at home and we can just hope for a vast improvement from that Boxing Day game.

If so and we get a result, it won't be the only thing that has improved massively in the space of a year... with permission of his dad, I thought it would be good to post these pictures, to show what an awesome year it has been for Oliver, and what progress he is making. I sent his dad a text on Boxing Day, remembering how he had been that time the previous year, and in his reply he said "I can’t believe how life has changed and for the better." and sent me the second picture, saying "Look at him a year on hey - brings tears to my eyes", as indeed it did mine too, when I saw it!

What an amazing lad he is, and it's so good to see how he's looking now, so thought it would be good to share it with TWTD to have a real uplifting start to another new year!

Let's do it tonight... Let's do it for Oliver, and get it right this time!

This one from January 2017...

And one year on... thumbs up all the way!

Edit: I think the 'Superman' graphic on the wall in the room behind him is very apt!!
[Post edited 2 Jan 8:11]
Merry Christmas to those both present and missing...
at 11:45 25 Dec 2017

To all the TWTD ‘family’ - have a very wonderful Christmas!

Once again, I’m typing this, sitting in the car park at the cemetery having just been to wish our son a happy Christmas - Yasmin wrote a note for him too, so we’ve taken a little time out of the day to just have a quiet moment with him. But it is always such a sobering moment seeing just how many people are here on Christmas Day, having lost loved ones. As I’m sitting here, there’s an almost steady stream of cars coming in and out. Many taking time out of a busy family day, while the lunch is cooking, for others coming here is perhaps the only family time today, as when they leave, their family may still be here. Loved but never forgotten. Thoughts are with those that have lost loved ones, whenever that may have been - a while back, or like ITFC_Forever, just a few days ago (thinking of you and your family particularly today mate). Today is often a hard day when you think of spending Christmas with them - memories of Christmases past, or like myself, imagining how it would’ve been another year on, seeing Yasmin bossing her little brother around, I mean, playing with him...

Happy Christmas CT, love from your Daddy x
TWTD End of year Awards (Lite) - as hosted by Chrisswailes...
at 20:02 19 Dec 2017

I thought it might be worth posting a "TWTD End of Year Awards (Lite)" without the endless pages of arguments and poster outing etc, as it seems to have taken a turn down a cul-de-sac and a bit weird being pinned... so feel free to browse those below that actually entered into the spirit of what Chrisswailes started, minus the bickering etc. and I haven't even done my list yet either.


1) Best overall poster of the year
2) Thread of the year
3) News story of the year
4) Most missed poster of the year
5) Best new poster of the year
6) Most improved poster of the year
7) Best Admin (my money is on Mark) of the year
8) Chef of the year
9) Argument of the year
10) Busiest c**t of the year
11) Funniest poster of the year
12) Ultimate WTF moment
13) Best blub

UPDATED. Have asked Phil to sticky it.

1) TLA
2) Libby's mental health thread
3) Douglas released
4) Bluelagos
5) Ghostofbenters
6) GB
7) MarkTWTD
8) J2
10) Harry
11) J2B/Spruce
12) Hoofers incredible meltdown

1) Best overall poster of the year - Guthers
2) Thread of the year - So many donating to little Oliver.
3) News story of the year - 'Town sign Emyr Huws'. Stunning.
4) Most missed poster of the year - Admiral. Quite gutted he's gone.
5) Best new poster of the year - ?
6) Most improved poster of the year - Bergholt_Blue. Seems calmer.
7) Best Admin (my money is on Mark) of the year - Phil for stickying my Grand National winning thread.
8) Chef of the year - Me. Absolutely me.
9) Argument of the year - Haribo vs McDonalds.
10) Busiest c**t of the year - HarryFromBath. A forum legend.
11) Funniest poster of the year - Vapes has made me laugh a few times. Hoppy will deservedly win. (I've changed my mind for funniest poster - warky absolutely deserves It I agree.)
12) Ultimate WTF moment - Crunchers last night was absolutely bonkers


Some answers whilst I think about the rest:

1. No-one, the community and interaction is what makes this place.
2. Another vote for Libby's mental health thread, wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking contributions from a lot of people.
4. Griller who's internet managed to let him post just after they won the Derby but has been otherwise absent.
7. NewsTWTD
8. Definitely Rommy (a potato isn't a vegetable etc).
9. McCarthy in/out
10. Harry (obviously)
12. Mick only played Celina because the fans wanted him to.
13. After the Norwich game possibly but all the pre-emptive "we're going to get relegated" ones last Summer.

1) Best overall poster of the year - I'm going to go with Stokie.
2) Thread of the year - Haribo vs McDonalds.
3) News story of the year - Pass.
4) Most missed poster of the year - Cheds. Always Cheds. And Cotty, until his recent resurrection.
5) Best new poster of the year - BrixtonBlue, refreshing. Never had his sort around here before.
6) Most improved poster of the year - Someone else said this, but Bergholt for me.
7) Best Admin (my money is on Mark) of the year - Gav. If you use the chatroom, you know why.
8) Chef of the year - Callis.
9) Argument of the year - I enjoyed the thread featuring the manbaby taunt.
10) Busiest c**t of the year - Phil. For his constant firefighting.
11) Funniest poster of the year - Honourable mention to Imsureazzure for his wonky climate change beliefs. Had a good chuckle at that. Winner for me is Facters though.
12) Ultimate WTF moment - Hoofer. Hands down. Although Rommy goes for this award with nearly every post.
13) Best blub - Blue Oyster's Balotelli like 'why me' meltdown.

1) chrisswailes. I'd like to give the inaugural J2BLUE Award for Posting Excellence to two deserving runners up though. Stokie and Ryorry.
4) Admiral/Upbeat - hope they're ok and are off living the dream with their matched betting millions.
7) Phil/Gav/Mark/Support - Thanks for the great site which gets better by the year (press conferences etc) and your hard work babysitting us all.
8) Rommers
9) Vegan vs Meat eaters
12) Callis - my girlfriend has read through this thread and agrees with me!
13) Dolly2.0 - Haribo

I'll edit the rest in when I think of them.

I might have to come back to a few of these when I think of suitable answers but until then...

1) Best overall poster of the year - itfcJoe, always reasonable and balanced in debates away from football and incredibly knowledgable on the rare occasions on here that football is discussed.

2) Thread of the year - Haribo Vs McDonalds, sincerely absurd, haven't stopped laughing at it, especially RKD's farewell ditty to the artist formerly known as Dolly.

3) News story of the year - (i'll come back to this)

4) Most missed poster of the year - bluelagos, I hope he returns.

5) Best new poster of the year - Have we had any good new ones? Newcy is relatively new, isn't he? I'll go with him if that's allowed.

6) Most improved poster of the year - Despite keeping questionable online company and previously taking part in various s**t housery I generally feel that gtsb is a lovely bloke who's posts have come into their own this year. Especially when talking about his daughter and her pregnancy, very moving.

7) Best Admin (my money is on Mark) of the year - Glassers does a great job policing the board, give it to him.

8) Chef of the year - It's got to be Rommers, pairing fish fingers with chicken burgers as a natrual substitute for chips, not to mention his habitual use of onion rings with everything.

9) Argument of the year - (i'll come back to this)

10) Busiest c**t of the year - (i'll come back to this)

11) Funniest poster of the year - Benters, for all the wrong reasons.

12) Ultimate WTF moment - Hoofer going absolutely bat s**t mental at me before Phil put him out of his misery and ended his digital decline.

13) Best blub - It's got to be Dollers doesn't it, too numerous to mention in my opinion but the probably winner is the Haribo debacle.

Honourable mention to texters for both the blub after Cellina's 90th minute winning goal at home and anything where I dare to question Teddy Bishop's credentials as the second coming of Paul Gascoinge.


1. All those who are helpful, fair, funny, de-stressers and/or post interesting stuff who (even if I don't agree with their view) keep me coming back here. Amongst them (I'm bound to have forgotten some) are - EricClapton, connorscontract, No.9, eireblue, J2, Guthers, Swansea, JoeSoap, Bluejake, Bankster, Stokie, Solemio, Steve M, Pinewoodblue, Pinewoodblueboy, TLA, PJH, Vilanova, WWZ, Cotty, Hoppy, Sprucemoose, GB, Gerard 1947.

2. Thread OTY -

3. News story - will try to come back to tomorrow.

4. Upbeat. Still missing.

5. Newcomer - Gerard 1947. Has quickly become my go-to poster for anything on the environment-ecology-wildlife.

6. Most improved - Sitters. And I bet he's got a boot-room full of size 9s these days!

7. Our terrific twosome

8. The last Baron for this a couple of days ago:- "I've just made myself a magnificent feast.
A half pounder made of venison meat, topped off with 4 medallions of prime bacon, black pepper, a free range egg with a slice of cheese to complete the line up."

9. Argumentative - anything Blue Oyster's in = cyclical & self regenerating for next 20 years.

10. Busy c unit - 'Arry innit

11. Can remember genuine lols a few dozen times, sometimes unexpectedly, but can't remember from who. Hoppy and Factors probably feature often!

12. With possibly a hundred+ WTF moments to pick from, can't single one out.

13. Benters' "leaving" do


2) Thread of the year......sorry GB but it has to be the election predictions (had the added benefit of making me risk a bet on Labour winning Ipswich)
4)Most missed ...... Bluelagos, Benters (on waterbutts)
5) Best new poster're all new to me but if Gerard1947 is new (Ryorry) then for shared and knowledgeable love of the natural world it goes to him.
7)Best admin....... Godzilla , just 'met' him, he hates exclamation marks as they are the death of this site !
8) Best chef ..... clearly Newcy's when at sea !
9)For personal involvement, and because I participated from Egypt, it would have to be "Punching somebody while holding a services or not !"
10)Busiest.....definitely Harry with special mention to his all to few evocative post match reviews . (Things of beauty)
Also a mention to GB for his extensive research of posting histories.
11) Go on then Sprucey, in amongst it all there have been some little gems !
12)WTF moment...... not original and purely because I witnessed it in 'real time' Cruncher's/Hoofer's au revoir.


1) Best overall poster of the year

SB. Decent overall poster. Pretty fair on MM and has lots of wisdom. Guthrum an honourable second.

2) Thread of the year

Unbelievablue's marathon.

3) News story of the year

Phil's twice annual match reports against Birmingham.

'The Blues started well against the Blues but then the Blues scored against the Blues when they caught the Blues napping'.

4) Most missed poster of the year


5) Best new poster of the year

Are there any?

6) Most improved poster of the year


7) Best Admin (my money is on Mark) of the year

Phil for live blogging the supporters AGM.

8) Chef of the year


9) Argument of the year

Texters is arguer of the year not sure if a specific thread.

10) Busiest c**t of the year

Bad category. Feels like you've thought of Harry and then thought what category can we give him. A bit like TV shows where they think of the name first and then try to make a show around it e.g. Desperate Scousewives.

11) Funniest poster of the year


12) Ultimate WTF moment

Probably the thread where the guy in the Cobbold stand relentlessly scorned the club about getting moved for the Leeds game. 'Where am I going to find 6 seats together in the ground?' Answer being anywhere.

13) Best blub

Found the one about Adnams' Norwich tweet a bit flabbergasting.


1) Bluewein
2) That one where Bluewein posted
3) Bluewein ate my hamster
4) Anytime Bluewein wasn’t posting
5) The poster formally known as Bluewein (aka Bluewein)
6) Bluewein as his posts just get better every day
7) After the siege of TWTD towers, BlueweinTWTD
8) Bluewein for his “It’s mainly cheese” recipe which consists of £400 worth of cheese and 2 crackers
9) Who was better? Bluewein season 16/17 or 17/18?
10) Bluewein ( maybe minus the busiest part)
11) Bluewein does have a pretty good stand up routine y’know...
12) WTF?! Why is Bluewein not logged on?! This sucks!!
13) Blubwein (aka Bluewein having a massive strop. Which never happens cause he’s such a great guy...)


I'd quite like to nominate Fergalsharkey, for riding up to 'boro on his scooter. But I'm struggling with the category. '12) Ultimate WTF' may do it. Or if we can have other categories, can I suggest:

14) Pillock of the Year
15) the 'Beyond the Call of Duty' medal

I can't decide between the two 😂😂😂

Johnny Boy:

1) Best overall poster of the year - Guthers. For his impartial stats.
2) Thread of the year - The Haribo/McDonalds Affair was a real highlight for me.
3) News story of the year - Sitters becoming a Dad.
4) Most missed poster of the year - Blueas
5) Best new poster of the year - Blueas
6) Most improved poster of the year - SprooseMoose has had a belter thus far.
7) Best Admin (my money is on Mark) of the year - Gav
8) Chef of the year - J2, by a country mile. Get that man a pumpkin spiced latte.
9) Argument of the year - "We don't play hoofball- it's simply a long ball to the wings. Big difference"
10) Busiest c**t of the year - Harry. Where does he get the time from?
11) Funniest poster of the year - Herbivore, for his ultra Pro-MM trolling of others.
12) Ultimate WTF moment - Rommy for a whole host of WTF's. Spag Bol AND potatoes?!? 20 takeaways a week. Not knowing which food group Potatoes are from.
13) Best BLUB - The whole 'Celina isn't good enough' crew changing their minds, when Mick changed his. Classic TWTD.

[Post edited 8 Dec 14:41]


1) Best overall poster of the year = So many. I like loads. But Newcy's always interesting and I also rate Mullet's and Harry's reports.

2) Thread of the year = The Haribo was excellent

3) News story of the year = Sitters and Heal's new children

4) Most missed poster of the year = Keno. Come back man! Honourable for Dalai as well. RIP

5) Best new poster of the year = Dunno.

6) Most improved poster of the year = TractorWood. Gets better and better. Also Rommers is maturing nicely like Stilton. Joint award

7) Best Admin (my money is on Mark) of the year = Mark

8) Chef of the year = Jeera (proper), J2 (sous)

9) Argument of the year = Benters v allcomers

10) Busiest c**t of the year = Harry. God knows how he does it, and so well too. Honourable for Callis, who never seems to stand still.

11) Funniest poster of the year = I love Rommers SOH. I also rate Factual, Bluewein, Hoppers and a load of others. A bit each, I reckon

12) Ultimate WTF moment = There's been too many. But J2's egg cookery skills.
13) Best blub = Anyone upset by Benters.

1) Best overall poster of the year = Vapour
2) Thread of the year = Haribo, although I quite liked my stiching the wife up with a bottle of co-op gin
3) News story of the year = World Cup Hopeful Knudsen One of Four Who Could Win Caps
4) Most missed poster of the year = Keno
5) Best new poster of the year = ???
6) Most improved poster of the year =
7) Best Admin (my money is on Mark) of the year = Abuse reported
8) Chef of the year = Has to be J2
9) Argument of the year = Benters v's snowflakes
10) Busiest c**t of the year = Unbelivablue has been busy
11) Funniest poster of the year = Warkers
12) Ultimate WTF moment = Benters and the niece
13) Best blub = Dolly


Cba to contribute to every category but I'll contribute to a few!

1) Best overall poster of the year - SB, Warky, Guthrum, SteveM, GB or Libby.

3) News story of the year - Town sign Waghorn. What a beautiful man.

6) Most improved poster of the year - Rommy. Love ol Rommers.

8) Chef of the year - J2 for his eggs.
9) Argument of the year - Anything involving Benters.
10) Busiest c**t of the year - HarryFB.
11) Funniest poster of the year - Warky hands down.

Long live the CRS!

Best Overall Poster ; - J2

Posts on a wide range of topics, never talks bollox about subjects he doesn't know in depth, actually listens to others, debates without being rude, good moral compass, good sense of humour and generally one of those posters that keeps the wheels of TWTD moving.

Best Football Poster ; - Stevie M

Balanced views, erudite and can look at the bigger picture. Needs to get a decent pair of trainers.

Best Food Poster ; - Jeera

The man knows his schizzle.

Best Feature Poster ; - Warkystache

The Alan Bennet of TWTD. Those match reports are the best bit of TWTD and a must read. Needs to be tied down to a long term contract in case Loft For Words come nosing around.

Best Music Poster; - Roy Keanes Dog

Lots of competition for this one from Vapes, Dubbers and Clackers but Dog edges it with the Friday Tune post which is mainly an homage to the Streets which is no bad thing.

Sorely missed ; - Admiral Funge & Bluelagos

Nicest Posters On the Board ;- Newcy Blue TLA Hoppy

I can't put a fag paper between them so we'll have to make them do a nice-off or share the bag of Tangfastics prize.

Geezer of The Board ;- Lord Lucan

Best Female Poster;- Bluebell & Ryorry

Both classy.

Best New Poster ;- Bankster Debt Slave

I've got hopes for this boy, Don't let me down punk.

Funniest Poster ;- Romford Blue

The funniest posters are the ones who are not intentionally funny and the fish fingers as chips thing curled me over with laughter.

Political Poster ;- Glasgow Blue

Most Improved Poster ; - Romford Blue

Thought Provoking Poster ;- CIL

May or may not agree with what she says but she does make me go and investigate what she says and links to.

Busiest Cnt;- Harry from Bath

We all owe Harry props for his above the call of duty work with his reports. Respect Harry, you make this site the all the richer and knowledgeable.

Best Match Reporter; - Mullet

To be fair, I read all the reports from everyone irrepective of inner or outer or up and downer and his are more balanced and insightful than he's given credit for. Props to all those that take the time to post their thoughts on a game.

Honourable mentions to Mach and Rommy.

Its been a particularly rancourous year on here so, remember people, we are a small part of the Ipswich Town fanbase, so let's be a bit more classy to each other next year. It's only the fkn internet you schmucks.

Catch74 (following Brogansnose list):

Really hard to argue with any of that - especially second your views on J2.

I had the pleasure of meeting your three nicest posters in one fell swoop at the Sheff Weds game they’re all just as nice in real life!

I’d add Newcy as most improved poster, simply for his brilliant diary entries when he’s been away, great dad, great bloke.

I think someone else had mentioned Tractor Down South - plus Rommy, think they’re the youngest on the board but contribute excellently.

Biggest Smiths/Morrisey fan - Mullet
Thread of the year - one of the 30+ page vegan vs rest of the world threads
Most missed - Benters (already?)
TWTDMark for Admin of the year
Best Cheese of the year - wenslydale with mincemeat - seriously tasty
Arguement of the year - Callis (and GF) vs The rest of the world
best/worst troll effect - BlueOyster
Welcome Back - Cotty
best blub - Callis with the "my girlfriend agrees with me"


1) Steve M or Guthrum.
2) Haribo/McDonalds ... followed by the Xmas shopping/football thread.
3) Huws permanent signing.
4) -
5) -
6) -
7) Mark (obviously).
8) J2Blue (again, obviously).
9) Any thread which has involved a Mick in/out debate.
10) Harry (what a guy).
11) Hoppy/Lord Lucan.
12) -
13) Any thread that has involved Dolly.

Facebook message to my business page...
at 13:12 13 Dec 2017

"Hi I'm looking at getting a window sign for my shop and overhead sign just wondering whether you do that"

So I have a look at the profile of who it is that's sent it, to see if it gives any clues as to what type of shop it is... and it turns out it's a hair salon in Ipswich..... Australia!

It's certainly something we can design, however, as we're based in Ipswich, UK, probably not quite what he's after?
Morning ponder...
at 09:35 6 Dec 2017

Why is it that in the word longevity, there's only one "g" but it gets to be in two syllables?
This is a sad story...
at 11:51 4 Dec 2017

But that picture they've used... really?
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