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Hladky news doesn't sound too positive
at 12:04 25 Jun 2024

A friend put his interview in Czech through subtitle generator, then translator so it;s not easy to read but you can get the gist of it:

Nothing signed, due back on Monday, has to weight up options, KM wants him to stay and surprised at how powers that be have negotiated with his agent. But he'll have to sit down with wife and weigh up offer etc

It's Monday the 24th.
June, that means in 6 days, at least according to
to the Transformarkt server, your contract ends, you will be out of a job.
Is it true?
It's true, I'm already finding out the address of the employment office
here in Brno and I'm on my toes. 1.
In July, as they say, preparation begins in earnest
England, but you don't know if you will be part of it.
I don't know, I don't know.
and I don't even know when I'll know.
No, I think that such a deadline is real
on the 36th, when my contract ends and that's it
I think Saturday, if I'm not mistaken, and actually Monday
we are starting training, so it's like
it blends nicely, or builds on each other, and I think
that within this week I should know 100%
if it will be Ipsilic, or if it will be something else.
I'm from VNM, but I've had a successful season, I think
if I have such and such a value, I would like to
scrolled here and here, I like such and such
countries choose from this or is it that simple?
I think that there are several such strategies and
each person, each player is actually completely different.
Just like you said, everyone has a preference
another country, another rating, etc.
If I took it specifically as myself, then
we've had it since...
What we started dealing with Ipswich o
new contract in January, that's it
given clearly that we preferred Ipsvitch that
I want to stay in Ipswich, I want to extend.
And at this moment the situation is a little
she changed because the negotiations are tough.
and not exactly how we expected it to play out.
So at this moment we have that strategy
set up so that any offer will land on us
table, so we'll sit down for a few days and evaluate
you have practically everything for and against.
And it's not like...
and I would prefer this or that destination or league.
It really is that whatever comes,
so we just sit down and on the one hand with the managers
and on the one hand, my wife and I will evaluate it.
So you are a little surprised that the votes from the party
The Ipswich ones are a little different now than the ones you had
maybe they were hinted at after the season ended.
You probably had a one-to-one with a manager who you
did he say outright if he counts on you or not?
Even the 10.
In June, when I was there in person, I am with the manager
lined up and we explained for a long time how we see it, how
he sees the following season as he sees my role, but the result
of it is that he wants me to continue at 100%.
And he was a little surprised how the club.
he conducts the negotiations with my manager, so he too
he took, or rather told me he would talk about it
with the management and will actually clarify the things from which
circumstances should I continue and so on.
So let's see, I would divide it into two halves.
We and the coaching staff are united and that's it
but in fact we still can't find common ground with the club.
Aston Villa approach to PSR
at 09:24 20 Jun 2024

Dealing with Juventus....
Douglas Luiz goes from Villa to Juve
Sam Iling Jr and Weston McKinnie go from Juve to Villa

Dealing with Chelsea
Ian Maatsen goes from Chelsea to Villa
Jhon Duran goes from Villa to Chelsea

Dealing with Everton
Tim Iroegbunam goes from Villa to Everton
Lewis Dobbin goes from Everton to Villa

All with fake fees in their, set at levels which get teams on both sides out of FFP and PSR troubles.

It's clever, but almost a bit US Sports like with Trades etc - wonder how some of the players feel about it? i.e the deal with Everton are just 2 players not good enough for the PL being traded
49 constituency visits by Tory ministers so far...
at 09:45 11 Jun 2024

....since election was called.

The 49 constituencies have an average Tory majority of 10k voters from 2019 election.

Think that's quite telling re their expectations, just trying to hold on to their stronghold seats
Why Chelsea didn't appoint McK
at 15:22 3 Jun 2024

Interesitng long read here

As has been well documented, Maresca was on the shortlist with Brentford’s Thomas Frank and Kieran McKenna, who has taken Ipswich Town back to the Premier League with back-to-back automatic promotions.

Much was made about Roberto De Zerbi, who recently left Brighton, being the mystery fourth candidate, yet in truth he was never seriously in the frame.


By the evening of Sunday, May 26, McKenna had become the next to drop out of the running.

Chelsea have great respect for his achievement in leading Ipswich from League One to the Premier League in two years. The club kept a close watch on what he was doing for several months, a practice made easy by Omari Hutchinson’s impressive season-long loan at Portman Road. By going to see the 20-year-old play for Ipswich, staff could get a good idea of McKenna’s methods.

His coaching to help turn the attacking midfielder from a raw youngster with limited first-team action (just two substitute appearances for Chelsea) into one of the best players in the Championship was always going to be noticed.

Yet the 38-year-old’s lack of experience was a concern.

While he had also worked in the first-team coaching staff as an assistant at Manchester United between 2018 and 2021, the majority of that spell was under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the Norwegian was not regarded as a great mentor from whom to learn. There were also question marks over whether McKenna’s personality would be strong enough to cope with the pressures at Stamford Bridge.

For his part, McKenna also felt it was not the right time to make such a move.

There were suspicions at Chelsea he may have been favouring a switch back to Manchester United, who also reached out to his camp amid doubts over Erik ten Hag’s future there, but in the end he felt loyalty to Ipswich and decided he would sign a new contract with them instead. Ipswich always hoped to keep the man who has ended their 22-year top-flight exile since being handed his first crack at senior management in December 2021 and simply waited for the media circus to calm down to see if anything official happened.

It was then a case of Frank vs Maresca.
Sounds like Nigel Farage will be standing in Clacton (n/t)
at 14:35 3 Jun 2024

Transfers this summer, how many? State of Squad.
at 12:34 3 Jun 2024

My view on squad currently with retained list well overdue - i.e. which over 21 players will be here next season and offered a deal

GK (3)
Hladky, Walton, Slicker

FBs (3)
Davis, Tuanzebe, Clarke

CBs (5)
Burgess, Woolfenden, Edmundson, Ndaba, Baggott

CMs (4+1)
Morsy, Taylor, Luongo, El Mizouni, (Humphreys U21)

FWs (4/5)
Burns, Chaplin, Broadhead, Harness, (Jackson - contract status not announced)

STs (4)
Hirst, Al-Hamadi, Ladapo, Ahadme

Total of 23 senior players plus Kayden Jackson (unsure) and Cameron Humphreys (U21)

Think it's fairly safe to say the following players will be heading out on loan again, or sold for a fee/mutually terminated (i.e. weren't close to being good enough for us last season)

Elkan Baggott, Corrie Ndaba, Idris El Mizouni, Freddie Ladapo and Gassan Ahadme

If we then exclude Jackson from this, it leaves us with 18 senior players, so for me transfer business this summer looks like this:

- 7 new signings to fill the gaps to take us to 25 men

Senior players departing (3)
- Walton, Edmundson and Harness at most risk of going as not regular starters
- If any of these leave it will see them replaced on a 'one in-one out' nightclub door policy

Further loans (2)
- Slicker and Al-Hamadi may be ones to go out on loan
- As above if this happens it will be the nightclub door policy

Other points of interest
- Cam Humphreys may be retained as 26th man as still an U21
- Kayden Jackson may get a new deal and then one less addition
- Does Jack Taylor fall into one of the above 2 categories when looking at game time last year?

Overall view
- 7 new signings, with potential for up to 5 more
- The '5 more' may be split across the summer and January transfer windows
Carl Rushworth and Zian Flemming
at 08:25 2 Jun 2024

Todays links via Darren Witcoop in the Mirror

Brighton undecided on Rushworth future after an impressive loan at Swansea

Flemming could be available for £4m after Burnley failed to lure him away last summer and he’s had a disappointing season
If you were the Man U owner....
at 15:42 23 May 2024

...why would you give Kieran McKenna the job ahead of Thomas Tuchel at this stage?
Brighton confident of landing McKenna ahead of Chelsea...
at 13:27 23 May 2024

I think come the end of next week, or earlier, KMc is goign to realise his options are Ipswich or Brighton, as we thought they were at the end of last week.....and then he has that decision to make
Sky confirm GE on 4th July (n/t)
at 16:22 22 May 2024

Poch gone at Chelsea
at 18:58 21 May 2024

Here we go again
Potential next manager market if the worst was to happen
at 09:27 21 May 2024

Rob Edwards seems to be the only name mentioned yet so presume there is something in that

If we want the most continuity I would be doing what it takes to get Michael Carrick out of Boro, he signed a new deal a week or so back and very bought into the project there but I really like him too. Very tough deal to do I imagine.

I think the Pl may be a step too far, but had we stayed down I'd have been all over Danny Rohl, he strikes me as the most McKenna like as a career coach, great experience and done a fantastic job at Sheff Weds, really impressive and seems to 'get it' judging by their fan base.

Also, another name not seen mentioned much is Steve Cooper, did really well in the mad house that is Nottingham Forest, great developer of young players and good PL experience.

I've seen a few say Graham Potter but he feels unrealistic when you see the jobs linked with, is still being paid an exorbitant amount by Chelsea so not sure we'd have the clout to attract him
Mogga stands down as Birmingham boss....
at 09:08 21 May 2024 focus on a full recovery from surgery and spend time with his family.

All the best Mogga, what a guy
Non League changes for local teams..
at 15:45 17 May 2024

Suffolk and North Essex sides, thinking more about loans we can do

Step 1
National League
Braintree promoted into this

Step 2
National League North
Needham Market promoted into this - tough break not going to South

Step 3
Southern Premier League Central
Lowestoft promoted into this

Step 4
Isthmian League North
Mildenhall Town promoted into this
Newmarket Town promoted into this

So we now have

Step 1 - Braintree and Southend
Step 2 - Needham Market and Chelmsford
Step 3 - Sudbury, Leiston, Lowestoft
Step 4 - Brightlingsea, Bury, Felixstowe, Gorleston, Ipswich Wanderers, Mildenhall and Newmarket
Sammie Szmodics
at 15:33 9 May 2024

Feels an inevitability he ends up with an EPL club (or Celtic) this Summer, and wonder whether it's one we would be in for.

We've been in for him before under McKenna, and we tend to revisit the same targets window to window (or have done previously)

He's obviously had an incredible season with 27 goals, he doesn't strike me as a one season wonder but just a player who has put together what he has threatened to over last few seasons finally

Geographically it works for us, but will his Colchester background be a help or hindrance?

I get people who say 'no resale value' but think in year 1 of the PL, it is important that we get some players in their prime as well because we can't just be developing players wholly - we need to hit the ground running. Remember this ownership group signed Freddie Ladapo, Greg Leigh, Marcus Harness, Mass Luongo and Dom Ball in L1, these were players for the here and now and not ones with any real resale value or scope to develop.

I think that element of our recruitment (i.e. looking for resale value) is very much over-egged, realistically Leif Davis and Harry Clarke the only 2 players signed in that mould so don't expect us to go too heavy in that direction.
Fabrizio Romano on Omari....
at 10:35 8 May 2024

...who broke the transfer last summer:

Chelsea, set to discuss Omari Hutchinson’s future with player’s camp after he won Young Player of the Season with 11 goals and 6 assists.

New loan, concrete possibility — with PL, Eredivisie and Bundesliga clubs keen… and Ipswich Town still hoping to keep Omari at the club.

Contracts expiring this summer - and a little prediction for each
at 09:52 8 May 2024

Club have option
Walton - Take the option and then look to sell him in summer, a shame how it has worked out but he just isn't really required here

Burgess - Take the option, look to extend it too

Tuanzebe - Take the option, see how he holds up in PL and then potentially look to extend

Camara - Release, pretend we never signed him and move on

El Mizouni - Take the option and try to sell in the summer, or potentially look to extend it and get him a Championship loan, still feels a player with room to grow

No options
Vaclav Hladky - Agree new long term deal, but realistically he'll be the back up/cup GK

Nick Hayes - Release

Janoi Donacien - Release

Dom Ball - Release

Sone Aluko - Has retired, hopefully find a role in McKenna's staff

Kayden Jackson - Really struggling with this one, I think we may offer him something. We will need 25 senior players in the squad next season, we know 2-3 of them will probably make 5 sub appearances at the top end. Can we recruit someone for that role, or do we just ride with KJ, knowing he won't cause a fuss, will be a dedicated trainer and if called upon can implement KM's instructions to the required level. I'd be tempted to keep him, but he might want to strike whilst iron is hot and go and play in the Championship for a last big contract off the back of the last 2 seasons.
[Post edited 8 May 9:55]
Championship players we could be looking to sign this summer
at 08:11 8 May 2024

(assuming Southampton don't go up)

Taylor Harwood-Bellis
Jacob Greaves

Flynn Downes
Ben Sheaf

Jack Clarke
Adam Armstrong
Liam Delap

Tried mainly looking at players who have played in more complex footballing systems like we have and excelled in them.

With the caveat that I can't imagine we'd be able to afford anyone Leeds have as they are prob still paying more than we will

Can't see any Norwich players joining us, not sure WBA have any who have really stood out bar the keeper and maybe the big Turkish CM
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