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Until VAR on offsides can work as quickly and effectively....
at 09:04 18 Apr 2019 Goal Line Technology it’s not for me.

Just absolutely kills the game dead for me.

Won’t be long until fans aren’t celebrating goals as much because waiting for the ok.

RIP #scenes
RIP #limbs
Tickets down 12.5% (n/t)
at 10:59 17 Apr 2019

Ajax - anyone hoping they don't go on to win the CL this year?
at 10:39 17 Apr 2019

Great to see them getting success again on the biggest stage, having stayed true to their principles.

A shame De Jong is leaving in the summer though
Barry Cotter
at 21:26 15 Apr 2019

Ridiculous tonight for the 23s

Booked for dissent

Then claps the refs next decision sarcastically

Late in the game he gives loads of backchat and then Nydam takes the ball of him, pushes him away and is subsequently booked for dissent

Then gives away an admittedly soft free kick, picks the ball up and punches it away in anger. Gets a second yellow and is off

Final whistle goes literally 30 seconds later

Guess he now misses the play off game, and must be as thick as sh*t
Follow the Town, up or down. (n/t)
at 21:05 13 Apr 2019

Football fandom is so weird
at 11:07 12 Apr 2019

Even if you think Evans is a poor owner, who makes poor decisions rather than his financial backing, and that the club is going nowhere under his leadership, and that he doesn't want to sell - what can you do?

You are tied to the club, especially if geographically based here, and the bond gets stronger and stronger. Why do we do it to ourselves? Why do I have my children kitted out in ITFC kits and one of first words as 'Ipswich Town'

How do people who live away, where there may be progressive clubs in your area continue to do so?

It's all very strange and totally irrational, you hope for the best but can't change it.
Just checked my pre season bets - some good some bad
at 11:02 11 Apr 2019

Reading to be relegated - £10 at 5-1 - can cash out at £8.64 but will keep that

Leeds to be relegated - £2 at 25/1 - just thought things would go one way or the other with Bielsa so a cheap punt

Hull to be relegated - £5 at 4/1 - Dead

Preston to get in top 6 - £5 at 10/3 - 3 games back this was looking good, now I have a cash out at 20p!

Lincoln to win L2 - £5ew at 10/1 - this one is looking really good. Should be £70 incoming...

Oldham to be relegated - £5 at 12/1 - dead

Reading going down will turn this into a good set of bets
Vote Tom Hughes - Goal A
at 10:08 11 Apr 2019
Our fan base is schizophrenic
at 22:26 10 Apr 2019

Win and everyone’s happy and it’s all ok

Lose and it’s all massively OTT doom and gloom

Leeds or Sheffield united for 2nd place?
at 12:21 8 Apr 2019

Who do you WANT to go up, not who do you think will.

I'll go with Leeds. Their fans have sold out every away allocation for about 15 years outside the top flight and they are a massive club deserving of PL status. That and the Bielsa factor.

A couple of mates are Leeds fans and both good guys, my Father in Law is one also and at least means if I take him to a game for his birthday or something it will be a PL game rather than another poxy Championship game which I must have watched 500 of live in my life!

Sheffield United haven't had it as hard, and I always felt more of a dislike for them with the Warnock and Taricco days.

Were we rivals with Leeds in the 70s? Or did our great era foolow theirs rather than overlap?
Think I might just sack off Bolton tomorrow
at 18:06 5 Apr 2019

At £5 a ticket and driving up with mates no real loss
Judge has signed 2 year deal (n/t)
at 13:03 5 Apr 2019

Just saw George Burley
at 12:54 5 Apr 2019

And sorry to the lefties on here, but he was buying a copy of the Daily Mail
2nd team in Premier League
at 16:11 4 Apr 2019

Is it common now for kids to have a 2nd team in the PL now? It seems that even kids of dedicated ITFC fans seem to have a big team that they like as well now.

Thanks, concerned Dad of 2 boys.
Decent live performance this
at 15:11 3 Apr 2019

Whatever your views are of Corbyn....
at 10:32 3 Apr 2019

Have a look at this

May finally putting country ahead of the party....
at 08:24 3 Apr 2019

or more specifically delivering Brexit with a deal.....but it feels like it is too late

The mood has turned too far, those Brexiteers now want 'No Deal' and any deal is being rubbished (despite May's deal being a pretty hard Brexit).

Can you see any agreement across the front benches of both parties? They've spent 5 years demonising Corbyn and now need to try and sell a deal, and what incentive is there for Corbyn to take some of the blame for this process? Plus there is the Corbyn and DUP relationship.

It's an utter catastrophe, everyone has overplayed their hand and we now are in a position when nothing but the softest of Brexit's will pass which won't appease anyone.

It's almost worth just upsetting half the country with either a No Deal, or preferably to Remain, than not appeasing anyone.

Or 2nd referendum where it is literally No Deal v Remain
Griffin Park to Liverpool Street....
at 20:13 2 Apr 2019

.....and making the last train.

Any chance?
If you could turn back the clock....
at 12:11 2 Apr 2019

.....knowing everything you do now.

Who would you appoint as ITFC manager in summer 2018 following Mick leaving?

Realistic candidates only......
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