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Park Run
at 08:11 21 Jul 2017

Any regulars - I am going to attempt my first one in Kesgrave tomorrow.

Was able to do first run in 3 weeks yesterday morning after bruising/breaking my ribs within 30 seconds of my first match in Man v Fat football....!

Signed up for the Twilight 10k in Ipswich and this 3 week gap has totally ballsed up my training plan and I'm going to be well short of distance by time I do it and just hope to get through it!
Quick thoughts on last night - in no particular order
at 10:05 19 Jul 2017

Really liked the format of 2x60 minute games - gave the chance to have a proper look at all the players. I'd expect to see a lot more games like this going forwards in pre season.

New signings
Celina - Looks very good on the ball, and was really impressed by how hard he was already working. Tracking runners and getting back to not shirk away from his defnesive duties - early days but could be a real good player

Garner - makes himself a nuisance and a better footballer than I expected. Doesn't win a lot of headers as a target man, but does enough that the defenders don't get a clean header on the ball and clear danger easily. Bit nippier than I expected too.

Iorfa - Massive. Just a huge bloke. Good defensively and reminds me of Mings in that he has such a long stride he can get himself out of trouble very easily. Will frustrate with the ball as can be very good and make an incisive pass and has good feet - or can just massively over hit a simple pass. Boom or bust.

Nydam - This kid is impressive, don't be surprised if he ends up playing a lot at LB, or LWB, this season. Central midfield is too crowded to break into at the moment and he's too good a player to not push on.

Downes - Did well enough, but expect him to drift away from the first team scene relatively quickly when season starts

Crowe - Didn't have much to do, but what he did he did well - some of his kicking a bit wayward though

C. Smith - A good defender who was relatively untroubled. Surprised he doesn't get more of a look in as a back up.

McKendry - Works hard and shows some flashes, but still at least a year off. Hopefully a good year in the U23s ahead

Morris - Worked really hard, but a little bit shot shy. Physically getting better but still a little way off

Patterson, Fowler, McLoughlin - Not on long enough to worry about

New kit is as bad as it looks, just doesn't look like an ITFC side

Spence had a good dgame - him and Iorfa should compete well

Knudsen not a CB in a 442

Jack Marriott still as sharp and hungry for goals as ever - criminal he never had a chance here.

Sears looks sharp but to me shows he doesn't have the clinical-ness or instinct to be an out and out striker - much more suited to one of the 3 in a 4231

Bishop started brightly but faded badly, Skuse ended up doing more in an attacking sense.

Ward slowed the play down a little too much for my liking - needs a bit more dynamism at times.

R Kelly - always been a wrong'un
at 13:37 17 Jul 2017

Next James Bond.....
at 08:20 17 Jul 2017

In light of the new Dr Who being a female, which I couldn't care less about as have never and will never watch it anyway, I wondered what people's thoughts are on the next James Bond....

I think the favourite is Tom Hardy, but there has been a lot of talk about Idris Elba.

I don't get how a black guy can get the role of a literary character who is clearly defined in numerous books - it makes no sense to me.

I'm sure some will see this as racist, although I struggle to see how.
First ITFC game of the season for me today...
at 13:17 15 Jul 2017

....Coggeshall Town away for the U23s!

Nirvana - Nevermind
at 11:29 14 Jul 2017

Just listened to this from start to finish twice over - memories came flooding back of my teenage years. Still so good, so raw, and I was listening to it years after it was released.

Friday and Saturday nights in town, not getting in anywhere except the Arb or hiding in McGintys until you got spotted. Raiding parents drinks cabinets and filling up Still tango bottles with dreadful concoctions of spirits mixed with a bit of lime cordial to take the edge of it. Baldevs on Orford St or the Newsagent on Civic Drive getting Mad Dog 20:20 with ridiculous fake IDs. Trying to pull in town, fingering birds and get your hands on bare fleshed titties under the bra. Pretending to your parents you've been at Virgin Cinema. Indie Net and Mosh Pits, falling asleep in Rileys as it was open 24 hours. Drinking in Christchurch park. Sound Academy. DJ Luck and MC Neat in U18s discos at Kartouche. Getting girls home phone numbers and having to make that call to meet up with them fearing her parents may answer.

I could go on......good times in our little provincial town

Mick on Talksport shortly (n/t)
at 08:34 14 Jul 2017

Still plenty of wheeling and dealing to do...
at 13:44 13 Jul 2017

I make the first team squad this - excludes those transfer listed:

GK - Bialkowski, Gerken

DF - Webster, Knudsen, Spence, Chambers, Kenlock, Smith

CM - Dozzell*, Skuse, Huws, Hyam*, Bishop*, Adeyemi

W - Celina, Rowe*, Ward

ST - McGoldrick*, Sears, Garner

20 players, and I've put an asterisk next to those who are a risk (Not played a lot of games at this level, missed substantial time with injury over last 2-3 years).

We then have Steven Taylor who sounds likely to sign, but will clearly have an * alongside his name due to injury concerns

U23s that might kick on - Downes, Patterson, Nydam, Morris most likely. Then likes of McDonnell, McKendry, Webber McLoughlin behind them.....but realistically a big impact from any of them is a big ask.

Think we need the following:
GK - No one

DF - Taylor and at least one other versatile player who can cover right and centre back

CM - An experienced head in there who can be relied upon if Bishop and Hyam don't get back to fitness. A better Douglas.

W - Another wide player who can play both sides.

ST - At least one more striker, possibly even 2.

Malcolm Gladwell - Revisionist history
at 09:54 13 Jul 2017

This podcast is back for a second season, if you haven't listened to the first then you should do it also.

Brilliant episode (which is currently a couple of weeks old) called Road to Damascus that I listened to yesterday. About a terrorist who turned to help the States and how that journey played out.

Episode link here:

But you really should subscribe to it through your Podcatcher, available in all #theusualplaces
Pitman to Pompey...
at 09:37 13 Jul 2017

...sure I called that the other week. He'll have to take a pay cut but was apparently very home sick at times.

Not surprised he has to drop down to league 1 either
England youth teams....
at 09:27 13 Jul 2017

....been a brilliant summer so far.

U17s - Lost in final of Euro's to Spain on penalties
U18s (with a few older players) - Won Toulon U20 tournament
U19s - In final of Euro's vs Portugal on Sunday
U20s - Won U20 World Cup
U21s - Lost in semi final on pens v Germany in Euro's

Overall record:
Played - 26
Won - 21
Draw - 5 (Won 1 on pens, lost 2 on pens)
Lost - 0
For - 56
Against - 14

The academy system is working, EPPP is producing better players. Where do they go from here though?

A number have gone abroad this summer - either on loan or permanently. There is becoming an argument that young British players are very undervalued and bringing them in on year long loans is a good bit of business so expect to see more of this in Dutch and German leagues.

Performances like this will bring the B Team question back up sooner rather than later
The away kit...
at 16:30 12 Jul 2017

...that red shirt and black shorts look just doesn't go. Kit looks like a training shirt.

Don't love the home kit, but it's an improvement from last year - but that away kit looks wrong.

Shame we only keep kits a year now, thought last years white away kit was really nice - especially with blue shorts
Murray Out. Looked injured (n/t)
at 15:54 12 Jul 2017

Bodvarsson link
at 11:57 11 Jul 2017

When was the last time ITFC were good without a wide target man who generally plays on the right.

Steve Whitton, James Scowcroft, Jon Walters - it's been an important role for ITFC in our recent history
Dozzell and England U19s qualify for semis.
at 16:34 6 Jul 2017

2 wins out of 2 now, beating Holland 1-0 now today with deserved late goal from Forest's Ben Brereton.

Only watched 2nd half and AD was quite quiet but he has such a lovely left foot on him, was playing much deeper than we've seen him at ITFC and did well overall
This is the most embarrassing and cringeworthy tweet...
at 14:46 3 Jul 2017

...I have seen in a long time.

Great news re Huws
at 21:26 28 Jun 2017

Been saying since end of season that if we weren't to sign him we may as well give up, it really felt that key to me so absolutely delighted with this deal.

Hopefully 2 or 3 more quality additions to the squad and we'll be about thee
Station Smokehouse - Wroxham
at 13:30 27 Jun 2017

Have just ordered lunch here, looks really good so far.

Anyone been?
Anyone used ITFC Auction website before?
at 17:51 25 Jun 2017

Just picked up one of the shirts from Newcastle game on Sir Bobby day, really pleased.
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