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What a hit from Ben Folami for the U23s....!
at 16:21 20 Oct 2017

U23s game live on QPR website
at 14:28 20 Oct 2017
Yellow and green...
at 12:12 20 Oct 2017

“I won't allow anything of a blue colour in my house or car. I have never bought any blue-coloured clothes nor let the missus buy anything blue. I feel sick when forced to see those disgusting, blue shirts and dislike teams such as Everton because of their colour. That's how much I loathe Ipswich.”

From Harry's notes - this must be bloody difficult for this guy! Yellow (and green) are, objectively, pretty unpopular colours - avoiding them is pretty easy. But blue - ITFC fan or not - is a great colour.
Ipswich v Norwich
at 09:01 20 Oct 2017

Even being totally biased, I do think this is a great rivalry.

2 one club similar sized counties, where the whole county basically gets behind the team.

2 clubs of a similar size

Generally paths don't cross with too many Norwich fans and vice versa so easier to build up a real dislike

Clubs are generally in the same division - and even when we aren't in the same division it never feels like the next game is too far away as neither of us can sustain PL footy and they were too good for L1.

Just amazing how we haven't managed to get a win over them for so long - that has to change Sunday
Just tattoo of us...
at 14:26 13 Oct 2017

...A quite ridiculous programme where young idiots allow a friend to have a tattoo designed and done for them whilst they remain blindfolded. They then have a big reveal where they see what they have been scarred with for life hosted by a couple of reality TV nobodies.

I've never watched it, and presume it is as bad as it sounds - look at the state of this in tweet below

You can't help but laugh, but I do pity the sort of people that fame hungry and thick to be desperate/stupid enough to do something like this

Sonar Bangla
at 16:00 12 Oct 2017

A bit skint but got to go out tonight for dinner with a couple of mates.

Gone for Sonar Bangla as is BYOB so can still have a few without shelling out £4-5 a pint.

Anyone been there recently, I ate there 2 or 3 years ago and it was decent enough, any further reviews
If you're English....
at 15:33 11 Oct 2017

....are you proud to be English?

I am personally, but seems like more people these days are ashamed to be English rather than proud of it.
This England U17 team.....
at 14:04 11 Oct 2017

....try and give them a watch if you get the chance - they are so, so good.

Can't see them not winning the WC they are in at the moment
Brightlingsea manager resigned...
at 10:00 11 Oct 2017 drop down a league.

Big shame as there looked from the outside to be something good going on - and if non league follows it's usual pattern ther best players will follow him there for more money as Aveley clearly starting to swim in it
at 08:23 11 Oct 2017


How the f*ck do the Yanks not qualify behind likes of Costa Rica and Panama?!
Gareth Southgate...
at 08:14 6 Oct 2017

Says the same thing after every game about not being sharp or quick enough on the ball.

Maybe at some point he'll realise you need to pick central midfielders who are good on the ball and can pass it forwards quickly and dynamically. I've nothing against Jordan Henderson and Eric Dier - there is room for them in the squad and they are decent players - but they are not the players for the 4231 we are trying to play.
Seems there is a section of the fan base...
at 07:32 1 Oct 2017

...who can’t accept that it’s a possible to lose a game without it being the managers fault.

There is another team on the pitch trying to win the game too.
Wasn’t the worst game...
at 20:08 30 Sep 2017

But felt as though they did a bit of a job on us - especially in the second half when they really managed to shut the game down.

Not a lot between the two sides, but main reason we lost is too many players were under par - Iorfa, Skuse, Celina, McG, Waghorn all contributed very little and were much worse than they have been recently - and none of the subs affected the game positively.
xG or Expected Goals...
at 13:59 28 Sep 2017

....what are people's thoughts on this measure which is becoming popular?

We rank poorly for it this season, but I think it is such a crude measure and takes so little into account.

For more on it - look here -

I personally think it is very flawed:

Apparently the scoreline flattered us on Tuesday and we should only have scored '1.6 goals' from our chances.

Was e-mailing about this earlier - here is some of my reasoning for not particularly liking it - would be keen to hear others thoughts

With regards to graphics on experimental361, I look at them and find
them interesting but they don't show much - I personally feel like xG
or Expected Goals is a fairly flawed statistic for a number of reasons
- mainly:

- Goals change games, if you are 1-0 up then you are likely to create
less good chances than if you are 1-0 down. As soon as a goal goes in
the dynamic of the game changes. Compared to brentford their position
looks like we should swap with them, but when one team has been
predominantly winning games and the other losing they have been
playing from such different positions.

Against Leeds, our expected goals was 1.4 whereas vs Sunderland is
1.61. We could have had 10 on Tuesday night - it uses shot locations
rather than anything else. Celina's goal on Tuesday should have been
the best part of a goal as was simple after the move. What was Wards?
It was probably set as a shot from a wide angle against a GK so a low
%age chance - when in reality is was nailed on once he was past the
keeper.......but should the xG have picked him up in front of the
keeper and measured from there? So the type of goals you score deem
how succesful you are on there.

xG doesn't take into account things like simple pull backs being
messed up, or poor execution when in a good position etc

Also - sample size is key. 46 games is too small a sample even let
alone 9 or 10.

I think statisiticians are looking for a golden bullet on football
stats like happened in baseball. But we have seen xG held up to a high
standard, like 'Chances Created' and 'Pass completion % in Final 3rd'
have been previously for individual players - but ultimately football
is too much of a fluid team game to pull something out - and every
game is different as styles change.
at 10:59 28 Sep 2017

I've not run for 4 weeks now as been unable to and need to start going again for my half marathon in March....

I would like to try and do a couple of 10ks in the winter - maybe one in November and one in late Feb? Any suggestions as to where? I can't see many in Suffolk (I'm Ipswich based)

Cheers lads
We're on our way.....
at 08:23 27 Sep 2017


That was great fun, side looked so balanced and everyone playing to strengths and complimenting each other perfectly.

I'd have personally had Ward for Waghorn but Waggy was excellent and looks so sharp and dangerous around the box.

Skuse looking like he did in play off season with a proper partner alongside him, Adeyemi looks a real find.

Iorfa and Knudsen got forward excellently, Knudsen looked absolutely rapid on the overlap.

Spence has been brilliant this season, really like him as a player and a promising first start from Celina.

McGoldrick is an absolute class above - as always, if we keep him fit we've got a real chance at top 6.

Super Mick, proving the doubters wrong
What team are we expecting tonight then?
at 14:53 26 Sep 2017

Not followed much since the weekend as was away but sounded like we played well enough.

So is it the same team, or potentially Celina or Sears in for Nydam who may need a rest after playing Saturday? Waghorn can count himself unlucky but Garner and McG seem to be striking up a partnership
Mick can't really win can he....
at 13:07 19 Sep 2017

Injury list as long as his arm which he doesn't moan about like some managers would

Small budget which he ekes everything possible out of

Kids getting chances

5th in the table with a game in hand that could see us go top if we won it

5th highest scorers in the league

But some people are still moaning about anything possible - poor football, low possession, some rubbish expected goals statistics, attendances being low.

Maybe suck up your pride, realise that Mick is a very good manager at this level and perfect for the strategy Evans is implementing admit that you were wrong and get behind the team? Or is it more important to be right?

Bristol City v Derby for me tomorrow....
at 15:57 15 Sep 2017

....can't say I'm exactly looking forward to it at £30 a ticket but it's an activity on a stag do (which I've got to travel on my own to getting the train at 0643 but that's another story).

Assume I'll be in the Bristol City end, hopefully a decent game or I'll be down at the bar
Charity request - Tommy's, the baby charity
at 10:32 13 Sep 2017

Hi all

I am running the London Landmarks Half Marathon at the end of March for the baby charity Tommy's who fund medical research into premature birth, still birth and miscarriages as well as information and support for those who have suffered a pregnancy loss and a premature birth.

Still in the UK 1 in 4 women will lose a baby during pregnancy and I'm sure this will have affected other posters on this board like it has me in the past.

On a personal note, the birth of my little boy has encouraged me to get fit, running along with Man v Fat football has seen me lose over 2 stone this year, and to go from barely being able to run for 2 minutes to completing the Ipswich Twilight 10k race in 57 minutes.

This half marathon is the next step in my personal journey to fitness to keep me working hard and committed over the winter - but I'd like to raise some money for a great cause whilst I am at it.

Thanks for any support - whether financially or just the various DMs I get from posters on here or on other Social Media platforms that really do keep me going.


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