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Car hire issues
at 14:55 18 Jun 2019

About to go into my 3rd hour at the airport as car at wrong airport, now new car coming.

Wife and kids been taxi’d to the hotel - not a good start to the holiday, and my halloumi in Costa is sh*t whilst great street food and little restaurants are just a short car ride away.

Positives, Mrs will have apartment setup and stuff unpacked when I get there.
Lindacre Land Rover
at 15:47 13 Jun 2019

Just gone out of business this week - think everyone lost their jobs

Just tried to book something in there and bloke sounded devastated
Rory still hanging on in there.... (n/t)
at 13:38 13 Jun 2019

Tyrone Mings sell on fee
at 21:12 12 Jun 2019

If we get one, it will make him our record sale.

Wickham was £8.1m to Sunderland, Mings was £8m to Bournemouth.

Guess the top ups will lift him ahead of Wickham
VAR is absolute sh*t isn't it
at 09:33 7 Jun 2019

I absolutely hate it for what it is doing to the game - as soon as I saw the VAR tam announced at the start of the game I knew it would ruin it and it did.

Offside by a toe, what happened to 'daylight' and 'benefit of the doubt to the attacker'? If it takes 4 minutes to work out whether it was offside or not then the system doesn't work.

VAR on offsides needs to come back when it is as instant as goal line technology, or an over rule can be done on one view on the camera.

At what point does the TV director pause the screen? When the foot touches the bal to pass it? Or when the foot is no longer in contact with the ball? Sounds silly but that is 4 or 5 frames on the TV and when offside is now being given by inches it matters.

It just ruins the game for the spectator in the ground, people will stop celebrating goals properly because of it - those moments of #scenes and #limbs will be lost forever, no longer will a quick glimpse at the lino's flag be all you need.
The end of CHange UK.....
at 13:46 4 Jun 2019

Chucking their lot in with the Lib Dems

Been a poorly run party, they seemed to have the right people but just jumped too early and without enough in the background.

Good to see the LDs getting back into the mainstream though, always felt a more natural fit for me
at 22:48 3 Jun 2019

Playing on Weds for the first time in years, and have only played about 7 or 8 times in my life

Need to get a racket, and planning to try and play weekly with my mate.

Presume most sensible thing to do initially is go to Sports Direct and get the cheapest one there? Any tips greatly received
Favourite Beatles song....
at 11:36 24 May 2019

Let's talk about peace and love rather than hate...
Holy could sign today
at 11:03 24 May 2019

Deal agreed and here in Suffolk for a medial via Andy Warren on Twitter
Champions League Final tickets
at 08:58 24 May 2019

Went out for a beer last night with a mate who is a Spurs fan and he has managed to get a ticket officially for the game through club - 6 rows back from the front behind the goal and ticket was only £/€60. Said that the pricing of Tier 1-4 seems to be the wrong way round and the more expensive tickets are worse seats in his view.

Not bad though, he had flights booked into Portugal with an overnight coach to madrid, but Ryanair released a new one on Saturday morning for £190 so snapped that up, and within half an hour was over £500 a ticket (one way).

Return journey doesn't sound much fun though - 6 in the morning after the game from Madrid to Seville, Seville to Eindhoven and Eindhoven back into London!
NFL Fans
at 06:48 23 May 2019

Thoughts on ticket policy for Spurs games? Feels a massive slap in the face for ST holders to have no priority.

Some have had STs for a decade, I’ve had mine 6 years I think and that loyalty should be rewarded (as was promised last year)

6 tickets per applicant available at Spurs, will just end up with touts getting loads and massive profits for them on secondary market.

Almost makes me want to jack in the Wembley ones
New ITFC Kit launch
at 11:56 21 May 2019

Stuart Watson said on pod, or intimated, that it is all basically ready to go and they plan to just drop it at some random point in the next week or so.

Events around it, but no big build up to it.
11 new grounds for me in the league next season
at 08:17 17 May 2019

How does everyone else stack up?

EDIT - For anyone interested:

AFC Wimbledon
Bristol Rovers
Fleetwood Town
Shrewsbury Town
Tranmere/Forest Green

Hopefully the fixture computer is kind to me, a shame my boys aren't a few years older as would have made it easier to get to more with them as that is a lot of day-passes to get!
[Post edited 17 May 8:23]
Anyone been scammed by PayForIT scheme on mobiles
at 15:36 16 May 2019

My old dear has been charged £3.75 a week for the last 4 weeks.

She got a message saying she has been signed up for this service and to send a message saying STOP if she didn't want it. Rather than look at it properly my Dad said it was a scam and just to delete it.

If you do get one of these messages makes sure that you don't just delete it as they are just nicking money either from your credit or adding it on to your bill.

Am currently trying to get a refund from BonaFide Mobiles, having been passed from O2 to Tap2Bill to SureStream Digital and back to Tap2Bill before getting what are hopefully the correct details.

A pain in the arris - more details here if anyone has -
If Leeds get through tonight....
at 08:28 15 May 2019

....will there ever have been a play off final with 2 'bigger' clubs in it.

Almost more befitting of an FA Cup Final with size of support bases
4th - 15th July - Germany tour (n/t)
at 13:45 13 May 2019

League 1 may just get a bit harder next year...
at 14:40 10 May 2019
Pub crawl with decent local transport links
at 13:01 10 May 2019

As it says really....any suggestions.

Got a couple of mates down from London tomorrow (from Ipswich so don't need to be showing anything off) and was thinking of a pub crawl.

Potentially Spring Rd challenge, I live in Kesgrave/Rushmere so works

Or try and do all the pubs in Woodbridge town centre

Anything others would recommend for a good afternoon/evening on a similar vein? Don't mind jumping on a train somewhere

Also, I assume it isn't going to be dreadful weather like it is currently tomorrow as that may scupper things?
Danny Baker sacked from 5 Live
at 10:37 9 May 2019

These things are just mad, he's made a mistake, deleted the offending tweet as soon as pointed out to him and offered a full apology instantly and explained he wasn't aware.

I'd hate to be in the public eye in anyway, must be torturous
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