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Another very comfortable win
at 17:00 26 Sep 2020

Not much to say, best team won and we did more than enough - midfielders on the scoresheet again which is good to see and deserved with getting men in the box

Marcelo Flores...
at 14:20 26 Sep 2020

....formerly of this parish, now with Arsenal and playing for their U18s

KVY - Hopefully he'll be back by Christmas...
at 09:25 25 Sep 2020

....according to Lambert this morning.
New NHS Covid App...
at 12:49 24 Sep 2020

....anyone used it yet?

I had a meeting in a pub at 10am this morning, was one of 3 people in the pub in the meeting (landlord, pubco representative and me) but we had to check in.

Your check in remains until you check in somewhere else, or at midnight that day.

So you can't check out, so I'm effectively now in what becomes a very busy drinkers pub in Brentwood for the rest of the day*

Has anyone had a similar problem as yet, but seems nonsensical that you can't check out of a venue - when app has GPS so can clearly show no longer in that area.

*I stopped in at the gym on way home to just check in elsewhere as thought less risky
Not being able to go to football....
at 09:49 23 Sep 2020

....it now feels as though this isn't going to happen for months and months, after last weeks trials in the EFL I was hoping to get to the game this weekend.

I really need to get a new way of watching on iFollow, just sitting on my own in the home office just doesn't cut it for me as a social being.

Thinking function room with decent wi-fi connection, socially distanced tables of 6 or something.

But ultimately I can't just keep sitting watching on my own as football is about socialising for me and am really missing that now
El Mizouni gone to Cambridge for the season (n/t)
at 16:03 22 Sep 2020

Who would have guessed it?
at 10:42 21 Sep 2020

Big Tory donor revealed to have links to Putin.

Lucky they didn't look very hard in the Russia Report

Proper professional performance that...
at 16:59 19 Sep 2020

...we let the game drift but then really turned the screw around the hour mark with the subs influencing the game

Really, really pleasing to see and impressive
Just read this....
at 14:40 18 Sep 2020

β€œWe’ve got a few injuries, so I need to look at certain things, whether that’s a change of system or personnel.”

A worry if we start changing systems again when we are actually starting to look fluid
Holiday was cancelled last night....
at 11:59 18 Sep 2020

...was due to be heading to Madeira at the end of December for a couple of weeks.

This was all booked well before this was even a thing, and have been waiting for it to be cancelled and to tell the truth am quite relived how early it has been.

In-Laws still want to go, we no longer are - I think it's mad, they are effectively booking a new holiday now for December as the old one is gone - travel insurances must struggle with this etc and I just can't afford to risk going into quarantine - plus thought of travelling with all the restrictions with 2 young kids wasn't much fun.

Am due to be going to Center Parcs in November, was previously booked for May and we put it back - but are going with friends and there will be 8 of us so we can't go - plus facilities are reduced as it is which will make things really inconvenient so that will be cancelled as well.

Have a caravan in Great Yarmouth booked in a few weeks - don't think any facilities there so shouldn't shut......looking forward to getting away!
Neil Warnock tests positive for Covid
at 09:33 17 Sep 2020

Just announced by Boro, not good at his age so hopefully he is fit enough to fight it.

Fact it has only come up in a regular testing cycle could mean he isn't showing symptoms as it is
Players available tonight then....
at 11:52 16 Sep 2020

GK - Holy, Cornell

RB - Chambers, Doncaien
CB - Wilson, Nsiala, Ndaba
LB - Kenlock, Ward

CM - Dozzell, Huws, Nolan, Downes, Bishop

W - Judge, Sears, Edwards

CF - Norwood, Hawkins

Unknown status - Przybek, Dobra, El Mizouni, McGavin*

*Went off injured after 15 minutes on Saturday

Outside of those players, everyone has either been confirmed as out, or played for the U23s yesterday or were an unused sub, or are out on loan.

Not many options to pick a team from so won't be much rotation again
What kit will we wear on Saturday?
at 11:00 16 Sep 2020

Surely both clash with Bristol Rovers...
Dropping off at Stansted
at 14:41 14 Sep 2020

Not done it for years but need to drop parents off tomorrow PM - am I right in thinking you just have to pay to go in the car park now to do so?
Time to set a marker down
at 10:12 13 Sep 2020

Be ruthless, and take advantage of the good fortune offered by playing Wigan at this time of the season.

No excuses, we need to see a new ITFC from last season
at 12:58 11 Sep 2020

....just saw a post on my friends list about Covid and Masks - the response is the sort of thing normality is up against.

I'll post it in full here:

If you see me wearing a mask in public even in shops, I want you to know...
πŸ”΅ I'm educated enough to know I could be asymptomatic and spread the virus.
πŸ”΅ No, I don't '' live '' in fear of the virus; I just want to participate in the solution, not the problem.
πŸ”΅ I don't feel like the '' government is controlling me ". I feel like an adult contributing to the safety of our society.
πŸ”΅ If we could all live with others in mind, the whole world would be a much better place.
πŸ”΅ Wearing a mask doesn't make me weak, scared, stupid, or even '' controlled ". Makes me care.
πŸ”΅ When you think about your appearance, discomfort or opinion of others about you, imagine a loved one - a child, father, mother, grandpa, aunt, uncle or even a stranger - placed on a ventilator alone, without you or any family member allowed in their bed; imagine them also without a ventilator.
πŸ”΅ Wonder if you could help them a little by wearing a mask. I know there are those that CAN'T and I respect that.
Copied and posted. Do the same if you think the same.

The reply

Buddy this aint about a virus or masks ... its something so much bigger... what your good old trusty news stations forget too mention that in trafalgar Square London there were thousands of people protesting about pedophilia with in the governments and the bbc and the royal family... also the financial reset of the globle economy... also likes of high officials hollywood stars have all been involved with this children trafficking and satanic ritual abuse, thousands of children are taken from the u.k alone every day. And no one is talking about that, it sounds all conspiracy I know .. but its a rabbit hole you go down it gets really deep, couple of examples are jimmy Saville was protected by the BBC and also was very close too our Royal family. And its the same bbc promoting all this propaganda and fear towards our public, the likes of Jeffery Epstein who had an island which he would secretly take children too, too abuse hurt and even kill them i also add that many stars of hollywood and musicians and government officials had also visited this island ... Bill Clinton Kevin spacey and many more too. This world has been a sespit for pedophilia and hurting children. Still think this is bullsh1t ? Look up a jon wedger on youtube worked for the London police and investigating child trafficking and abuse ... its horrendous 😒
Squad as it stands then
at 09:39 10 Sep 2020

GK - Holy, Cornell

RB - Vincent-Young, Donacien, (Chambers)
LB - Ward, Kenlock (Nydam)
CB - Chambers, Nsiala
CB - Woolfenden, Wilson, Ndaba

DM - Dozzell, Skuse
CM - Bishop, Huws, El Mizouni (Dobra)
CM - Downes, Nolan, Nydam

RWF - Judge, Lankester, (El Mizouni)
LWF - Sears, Edwards, Dobra

ST - Norwood, Hawkins, Jackson, Drinan

Looks about what we are going with then - with question marks over Downes and Jackson
Lambert interview in the EADT
at 08:24 10 Sep 2020

A few big bits to pull out from it - but they are obvious so will leave you guys to have a full read to give a better picture!

Thoughts on last night?
at 08:22 9 Sep 2020

Disappointed to lose, but think there were enough positives to be able to just add it to a pre season friendly slate and not worry.

THink we struggled to up tempo at certain points, but when we did we looked like we could score.

Biggest issue last year was creating good chances and we seemed to do that last night - Sofa Score had it as 7 'Big Chances' - and despite a disappointing performance we still had Drinan, Judge and Huws hit the woodwork, Nolan miss a one on one, Chambers have one off the line, Norwood the same - so I'll take that away from it.

Important that we get some of the squad back fit before the weekend, and that we clarify who is going to be here (Downes and Jackson?) and that we can get off to a good start
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