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Last year it was postponing games......
at 09:31 15 Jan 2021

.....at every opportunity and the relentless negativity brought with it.

Now it's Covid, wanting the season stopped.

It's a football manager who doesn't want to play football - it sucks the life out of everything. Football is supposed to be a release from things.

Would it kill Lambert to try and be positive and bullish about things, we follow football to escape the monotony life has become with Covid - we don't want it rammed down our throat. We want to continue playing and get this season done as we are in a privileged position to be allowed to do so.

He's gone on for months on end (and rightly) that we should be being tested more with help from the authorities. That has now been put in place and he wants it cancelled.

If PL doesn't want to play, then step aside. He's financially comfortable and surely has no pressure to work - plenty of other people have taken an early retirement through choice due to this.
ITFC Recruitment Analysis
at 15:07 8 Jan 2021

Really nice, in depth piece here

Well worth a read

Town have 'close to a full-strength squad'
at 09:50 8 Jan 2021


Downes, Norwood and Sears in full training

KVY, Nolan, Bishop, Edwards, Bennetts to start full training Monday

Wilson and Skuse further behind
Katie Taylor documentary Netflix
at 10:29 6 Jan 2021

Just called 'Katie', but follows the Irish women's boxer.....

It's a really good watch, I'm not a fan of women's boxing personally, but would never want to deny them their right to do it - and you watch this and see how much impact she has had for so many women who want to box, and just how good she is.

The documentary is really good - would recommend to any sports fans really
Ian Lavery MP
at 13:32 5 Jan 2021

Covid testing......
at 09:33 5 Jan 2021

My youngest had a temperature on Sunday, booked him a test about 4:30pm Sunday afternoon, test at 9:30am yesterday, results back at midnight. (Negative thankfully)

Pretty impressive;y organised there, and turnaround aobviously really good - 30ish hours from booking test to getting results meaning no days off work or nursery as Mrs doesn't work Monday's.

Credit due for how well it all went, the test centre was really busy yesterday at Copdock

Sounds like going to be at least 9-10 weeks of full lockdown
at 20:15 4 Jan 2021

7 weeks until end of half term, 2-3 weeks for vaccines to kick in and that will be healthcare, care workers and the over 70s sorted.....guess each phase from that point takes longer as more people
Joey Barton gone from Fleetwood
at 14:54 4 Jan 2021

Not sure why, or whether resigned or sacked
Just had to try and Covid test a 2 year old....
at 10:21 4 Jan 2021

.....am now awaiting the inevitable 'inconclusive' result as was next to impossible!

Hopefully not, as I feel trapped already 1 day into quarantine!
"The Ipswich Way"
at 12:09 22 Dec 2020

I urge anyone feeling down about ITFC as a whole to give the article on the homepage a read where Dyer talks about Terry Butcher.

Two players that rose to the very top of the game, representing their country numerous times and playing at the highest level, who are here working for buggar all money hel;ping the next generation of Ipswich Town players, and doing a fine job at it too.

The U18s and U23s have been a rare highlight this season, and both are well placed in the league - from what I understand Kieron has made a big impact in raising the levels of fitness and hard work since he came in across both the underage teams.

Just read that article, and see what it should mean at the first team, to see what we should be doing - and hope that Evans does as well and promotes these guys up ahead of the fraud currently managing the 1st team

2020 - What a year for ITFC
at 08:26 22 Dec 2020

Started out in the first few hours with the shock of Lambert getting a thoroughly undeserved and millstone of a 5 year contract.

Then saw us momentarily get back to the top of the league before sliding down outside of the top 6, and finally finishing 11th

Then after months and months we start the new season, despite continuing to have a massive squad as Covid hits our rivals, we end the year outside of the top 6 still.

The manager has banned the most read ITFC fansite from press conferences, the owner has told the fans to 'be careful what you wish for' and the fans have put banners up at the training ground and stadium.

What a year, what a club.

In the League
P31 W14 D4 L13
F36 A33


And it's the fans expectations that are the problem....

Following on from the Paul McCartney and Beatles threads on Friday.....
at 10:39 21 Dec 2020

.....how stunning does this look?!


Who is the 5th Beatle?
at 09:22 18 Dec 2020

In recent days I've gone back to Mark Lewisohn's definitive Beatles book, All These Years.

It truly is an epic, and well worth a read for any Beatles fan.....

I come away from it thinking, that there is no doubt that the 5th Beatle is Brian Epstein, without him and his backing in time and money, borne out of a love for the boys and what they could do then it's not a stretch to think they'd have just drifted away to nothingness on the Liverpool scene.
6 in game muscle injuries in 7 games
at 09:13 18 Dec 2020

And we have an assistant manager with no fitness qualifications doing the warm ups.

Shrewsbury - Nolan (22)
Hull City - Sears (32)
Charlton - Norwood (35), Nsiala (71)
Oxford - None
Plymouth - None
Portsmouth - Nolan (33)
Burton Albion - Bennetts (45)

It's not unlucky, it's a total dereliction of duties towards our players
Blue Monday - Ray Crawford interview....
at 17:51 17 Dec 2020

.....going live at 6pm

Sneak preview here:

No fans at Peterborough on Saturday then (n/t)
at 12:02 17 Dec 2020

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