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Flynn Downes - live for England U19
at 12:38 21 Mar 2018

Link here

You will need to sign up for a free acount to watch FreeSports

Game kicks off at 1pm.

This England team is loaded with talent, a real coup that he is in it
Season ticket survey - results
at 13:50 19 Mar 2018

See below for results and some comments - I appreciate it isn';t representative because those who generally shout loudest will be those who are wanting to make their point about being anti-Mick. But even on this small sample - read in conjunction with the comments the club has to be aware at the complete breakdown with the fans.

Cost is generally seen as ok, which I'd tend to agree with. For full disclosure I will be renewing my ST one way or another.

Also a small bit on the bottom re impact of trains and travel mentioned by PrideOfTheEast

Season ticket holders, will renew – 54
Season ticket holders, will cancel – 36
Non-Season ticket holders, will purchase one – 2
Non/Former Season ticket holders, will not purchase one – 31

Why not renewing/not purchasing?
Mick staying – 43
Combination of Mick staying and cost – 10
Cost alone – 3
Evans/club strategy – 8
Over 60’s issue – 5
Travel, especially rail - 4

If MEG think price reductions will get people back in they are so out of touch it's frightening.

Cost has never been the issue for me, a change of manager would make me get another one

I'll renew regardless for next season

I’ll be renewing, always will

I will be renewing as usual

It would take a significant price drop and a change in manager before my group and I considered buying season tickets again.

As soon as McCarthy goes I will renew my season ticket

I will be renewing and hope MM is here as well

Renew whatever

Renewing no matter what.

I'll renew whatever.

Probably won't get one next year as it hasn't changed and it still shocking football, went to 6 games this year, money not the issue Change of Manager / Owner desperately needed you can't keep floggin a dead horse

I ’ll get a ST if...a change in manager along with a change in strategy by the club.

I will not be purchasing a season ticket, furthermore I will not be attending any games until Mick has left the club.

Therefore I cannot see any scenario that would tempt me back to a season ticket apart from a change of owner.

A good price reduction would be a sweetener, but the main reason for not renewing is the boring football that Mick serves up

I’ll only renew if it’s confirmed MM is leaving

Renewing, can’t imagine any circumstance where I wouldn’t.

1 who did not renew last season but has come to some matches will renew if Mick leaves.

I am taking it further than you in that I will only renew if Mccarthy is still the manager

Change of manager, seniors reinstated and statement from owner (required)

I'll renew no matter what.

Will not renew if MM stays. 33yrs ST holder

I'll almost certainly renew because it would break my heart not to.......

Was on the verge of giving it up last summer but at the last minute decided to give it one more go. Frankly I wish I hadn’t bothered! The first thing I have to say is that if MM is still there next season you couldn’t pay me to come back. Having said that our problems go way beyond the manager.

I don’t believe a word that comes from the Evans regime so it would take an obvious change in approach by our illustrious owner before I even consider renewing.

Gave season ticket up 2 seasons ago because of McCarthy's boring hoof ball style of football. Will renew when football returns to Portman Road.

ST holder for 25 years. Undecided.

I didn't renew at the start of this season as we were rudderless and hadn't addressed any of the issues. We still haven't. If I see an investment strategy, some honest comms with fans and an effort to mend our fractured fan base I'd consider it. Price is a peripheral consideration, but the DD removes most of the pain.

As a Senior season ticket holder, I will be renewing. I would prefer a change of Manager as MM has divided the fan base just too far.

After 31 years as a season ticket holder I will not be renewing as I find the experience of going to Portman road these days are boring ,yes the football is boring but I think the club need a good shake up from top to bottom

I currently have a season ticket. I will only renew if Mick leaves.

The price isn’t a issue it’s the manager he’s still in charge I won’t be renewing not even for 50% off.

A season ticket holder, so I will be renewing even if Mick is in charge, purely because I don't want to break my run of games, even though I want the bloke gone and would pay double my season ticket price to do so!

No doubt about it, I will renew once again. Habit over logic, maybe, but I still love going to games.

I 'm seriously considering not renewing my ticket (or my daughter's) unless we get a positive managerial appointment that gives some hope to the fans and a serious message of intent from the club as to their future aspirations.

I would buy a ST tomorrow for me and the whole family if it were circa £200.

My son and I will not renew unless (1) McCarthy has gone by the Early Bird deadline, or (2) it has been announced by then that he is leaving. Price, and any of the other factors you mention, are not issues. We simply cannot put up with another season of McCarthy.

I'll be renewing, no questions asked. We'd could be playing in the Conference South and i'd still be there.

no ST renewal unless both MM leave and ME sets out and follows through with a true strategy for #itfc, it’s not about the money for me either. Even halving the price would make no difference

Seriously considering my position. Managerial change plus price drop gets me aboard for 2018-19.

Same for me, cost isn't the issue, Mick has to go and Evans has to appoint the right kind of manager and make it clear he's going to make an effort to change the ethos of the club.

Had a season ticket for nearly 20 years and seriously considering not renewing if MM stays.

Me and my boy will renew only if MM leaves. Football is dreadful and doesn’t encourage a 7 year old to follow his local team. Price not a factor.

I'll probably renew but my wishes are a new manager and some direction from Evans as to how we really compete.

Money not an issue, but an increase will simply not be tolerated, a decrease a move in the right direction, but bottom line is manager has to go and the right man in with correct ethos. Until we know what is happening both on and off the pitch a decision simply cannot be made.

I will be renewing but i am firmly in the corner of mick has to go and have been for a couple of years now. I'm renewing as i love going to support Ipswich but every game becomes more of a chore

Current ST holder. WILL be renewing. Situation needs addressing massively, but a no-brainer for me.

1.MM leaves. 2. Significant price drop. 3. Clear intention from club to repair damage done be MM. 4. Investment in playing staff

I'm a ST holder. I will be renewing regardless. I love supporting my club, and love going and sitting with the people around me.

Renewing season ticket come what may.

Will be renewing because I support the club

Not a season ticket holder, cancelled last year because I couldn’t afford it, won’t be purchasing next year again due to the cost and would have to be a significant drop for me to afford it.

I'm a season ticket holder BUT will only renew if Mick McCarthy has left the club.

Yhe cost for me isn’t a problem, I would get a ST next season if MM goes. I have had been following Ipswich for 40 years home and away..nowadays I can honestly say I don’t have much interest in going and that’s 100 percent down to McCarthy.

Will renew if McCarthy is gone

I ended up going to most home games this year and buying ticket bundles, so will be buying a ST for 2018/19 to make life simpler.

Quite simple if McCarthy’s still there I won’t be - enough is enough can’t stand the pain that is watching @Official_ITFC these days

Season ticket holder, undecided about renewing but if MM leaves I will definitely renew.

Renewing, dunno why tho, change needed

Season ticket holder but genuinely considering not renewing for 1st time ever! Bored most weeks, negativity & moaning in an empty stadium caused by broken relationship between manager/owner & fans to blame.

Renewing as things stand. I don't care if they win or lose

if Mick goes I'd renew tomorrow

I think I speak for most fans when I say I couldn’t care less about a price reduction, It’s not about the money!

Mick gone at same price = ST purchase Mick gone & price reduction = ST purchase + potential academy investment Mick stays & free tickets = no thanks

Next season is completely up in the air for me! Don’t think a price drop significant enough will happen to attract fans! Change of manager would be more appealing! Next season will be my 26th and have no clue at this point what I’m going to do?!?!

Not a ST holder, not about to be one whilst we appear to have an uncaring owner, devoid of conscience about his responsibilities to our Club

I am a season ticket holder. Personally I won’t be renewing if mick is still there. The price isn’t very important to me. it’s my time I value more as I only have 2 days off a week, feel it could be better spent doing other things

No I won’t be and won’t be returning until there is active social engagement with the fan base. It’s become a chore, pricing and attitude stinks and isn’t helped by the myriad of attack’s by the manager.

Change of manager (new man lined up already a bonus), a price drop or no increase and a clear plan for the future gets me renewing. Mick staying means I cancel

But you always support the team come what may. Always renew unless income changes.

Had no season ticket this year (first time in 25 years) I would get one right away if Mick left and we had hope of becoming a football team again

Cost won't influence my decision but obviously wouldn't be sniffed at. I will only cone back to Portman Rd once McCarthy has gone.

Gave up my ST after 12 years in 2014 when I joined the forces. Personal finance & impracticalities were the reasons. I've missed it incredibly. Probably in a position where I could just about justify it again, however, if the status quo remains the club couldn't GIVE me one

Too expensive not just the season ticket travel costs food and drink

A significant price drop would be needed for me .

Not renewing unless new manager in.

Mick stays then absolute huge reduction in ST price for me to purchase. Mick goes I’m back in the game.

I have regretted renewing all season! This year I’ll be halting the renewal process unless they offer large % discount (15-25%). McCarthy leaving might change my view but I’m not certain.

A manager change and I would go back in a heart beat and would probably bring my two girls now, or in a years time. I’m cool with the cost

I don't even mind having to switch to a bus part of the way if it's not every journey, but having to get to/from Newbury Park is a massive put off.
the lack of entertainment and the generally negativity around the club play a part, but so do the regular travel problems (the rail replacement between London and Ipswich).

My main problem is getting to and from Ipswich, don't drive and wouldn't anyway as I like a beer or two at a game. I'm with xxx, the train situation is what is stopping me going. 4-5 hours travelling, 5 changes, constant bus replacement services not to mention being charged £60+ (advance tkt) for the's a nightmare.

Ultimately it adds another hour each way to the journey from London which is significant especially when the team aren't doing well and the atmosphere is negative.

It's not just engineering work though, it's the train back on a Tuesday night. Up until the end of 2004 the then rail franchise holder used to hold the 21:43 (or equivalent) for ten minutes, most of which it then caught up before reaching Liverpool Street. Now there is a choice of missing the last few minutes or being nearly an hour later back
Season ticket survey....
at 10:38 18 Mar 2018

Ahead of Fans Forum this week just trying to do a bit of research. If you'd prefer to answer by PM give me a shout - but basically I need to gather some info on the following.

If you are a season ticket holder will you be renewing for the 2018/19 as things stand?

If you are not a season ticket holder will you be purchasing one for the 2018/19 season as things stand?

If you will not be purchasing one next season, would any of the following persuade you to purchase one?

- A small price drop, or prices staying the same
- A significant price drop
- A change in manager
- A combination of the above - please state
- None of the above


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Match abandoned - 19 minutes
at 11:34 17 Mar 2018

Should never have really started at Playford Rd. ITFC U18s didjtcgelp by putting in 2 silly sliding challenges - the second made the refs mind up
Ipswich pub news...
at 21:39 16 Mar 2018

Excellent news, a really good pub/bar in Colchester - probably the best one there from what I've found
Evans' biggest mistake
at 15:39 15 Mar 2018

Not backing Mick to spend the Murphy £3m in August - it wrote of that season and we've not recovered.

McCarthy was the perfect manager for Evans strategy, he clearly over estimated how much credit he thought Mick had in the bank and now he's going to to have to get rid of the only manager who has made his ownership look anything but a shambles.
Things haven't been the same under Mick since.....
at 15:25 14 Mar 2018

.....he put the reserves out at Old Trafford.

That was the beginning of the end - 23rd September 2015

Under Mick

Before then
P 133 W 59 D 36 L 38 - 1.60ppg, 1.38 goals pg

After then
P 121 W 42 D 36 L 43 - 1.34ppg, 1.12 goals pg

I'm sure there are other defining points, but that is when our home form fell of a cliff and it has never recovered.

Before that game under Mick we averaged 2 points per game at home (W39, D15, L12), since then it's 1.43 points per game (W23, D21, L17)
[Post edited 14 Mar 15:35]
When I saw that team sheet last night it read like a resignation letter....
at 09:17 14 Mar 2018

....and that performance was the rubber stamp on it.

No goals in 4 games and we started a team with no goalscorers in it. It's fine margins because Spence hit the post and then Ward could've equalised seconds before their 2nd goal - but the game played out as it looked as though it would when you saw the line up.

It took the p155, and whilst I like Mick and think he is a good bloke - it got the reaction it deserved from the crowd in the game even if I didn't partake.

Mick is loyal to a fault - to his players and to his boss and this has made him a lightning rod for all the abuse. He doesn't deserve that, but that isn't going to change. People hate him, irrationally so, but we are where we are.
Toxic atmosphere...
at 09:02 14 Mar 2018

....was more depressing than toxic for me.

A shame Evans wasn't there last night, as would have showed where the club is under his stewardship.

Only 2 positives were Grant Ward did very well and a league debut for young Ben Morris.
Sad evening at Portman Road
at 23:32 13 Mar 2018

Change is required and fast, Evans not acting is doing such damage currently.

I don’t hate Mick and never will, but this situation is benefiting no one
[Post edited 13 Mar 23:32]
That’s team reads like a resignation note (n/t)
at 19:08 13 Mar 2018

Best ever ITFC keeper?
at 14:33 13 Mar 2018

In my lifetime it has to be Bart now - previously I'd have said Richard Wright or Kelvin Davis, whereas Bart is going to be fans player of the year for 3 years in a row, that is unheard of.

How far off Paul Cooper is he? Admittedly Cooper was a keeper who won trophies, and a regular in a top side - but impression i always got was that he was a weaker link in the side and but for his penalty saving was nothing special

That may be doing him a disservice, like I said I'm too young to know - interested on thoughts of the older generation
NFL Free Agency Thread
at 14:09 13 Mar 2018

Things appear to be hotting up now we are in the 'legal tampering' window, and as Vikes fan the QB market is the key area for me.

With Bridgewater, Bradford and Keenum all free agents it's a really intriguing position to be in.

I expect we'll get Kirk Cousins for something like $27m a year, with a load of that fully guaranteed - seems to be between us and the Jets and with him having made $44m over last 2 years you'd hope he looks for the better situation rather than every last dollar.

Sounds as though Keenum will be signing for the Broncos according to Adam Schefter, I like him but it's no great loss. Cousins is an improvement, but by how much? Numbers are good but never convinces me in the big moments.

From Vikes perspective, sounds as though Jerrick McKinnon will go, which is a shame but that's the beauty of the NFL - you can't hoard players who are talented as the roster size and salary cap make it impossible.

EDIT - Brees signs new 2 year deal so this is now irrelevant
Interestingly Drew Brees is still available and Vikes have phoned his agent. I don't for a second think he will leave NO, but I'd like to see us make him a big offer as could make him think and at worst will hit the Saints cap space. He's a different league to Cousins, fully guarantee him $30m a year for 2-3 seasons and see what happens
[Post edited 13 Mar 14:17]
Little Kickers or similar
at 10:43 13 Mar 2018

Anyone done it with their little one? Recommended?
We'll win tonight
at 08:22 13 Mar 2018

We always do when we need a victory to quieten down the moans when they start to get to a level of getting out of hand.

Such a shame Saturday was such a damp squib, but the writing must be on the wall for McCarthy and hopefully we'll hear about his departure soon enough
Alan Pardew
at 16:33 12 Mar 2018

Not sure why he is considered such a bad manager here, that he'd be worse than Mick etc.

I'm not his biggest fan, but fact he still got a job in the PL this season shows he is still pretty highly rated - although this spell at WBA has been awful.

He's hardly in the Megson category though, is he?!

He's a great dancer too.
How much longer does it need to be before Bart not having signed his contract...
at 08:51 12 Mar 2018

...becomes an issue?

Been 6 weeks since it was 'agreed', he's now been called up to national squad and could potentially be going to a WC, admittedly we still have the option though.

Any idea what the hold up is and if it could lead to an issue?
[Post edited 12 Mar 8:52]
"To develop a team to play attractive and exciting football"
at 20:21 11 Mar 2018

Part of the 5 point plan. Compare that to....

“Let’s get Sheffield United here and let’s go gung-ho and let’s create loads of chances, make it an open game and get beat.

I’m not really into that, that’s never going to be the case.

We don’t set out for a 0-0 draw. We set out not to concede, but we don’t set out for a 0-0 draw.”
What are the big issues at Wet Spam?
at 12:22 11 Mar 2018

Not really followed it
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