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School absences - bit of a weird one
at 10:41 18 Oct 2021

My youngest tested positive for Covid last week and due to the current rules my eldest wasn't allowed to go to school for 3 days and then had to have a PCR test before he returns.

So he could go back to school today, but my wife doesn't work Monday or Tuesday so we thought it made more sense to keep him off until Wednesday to ensure he doesn't have a positive test as well (so far so good)

But the school phoned this morning, and said that because I had taken him to football on Saturday (which I didn't) that because he wasn't isolating that this was now an unauthorised absence.

It turns out that someone from the school has checked my Instagram page, and saw that I'd taken him down to Portman Road on Saturday morning to get a new shirt and we had a wander around the ground.

He doesn't legally need to isolate, as I don't, and we are testing every morning so I have no guilt on this - just seems very off from the school to be checking my social media, and then putting a black mark against his name when all we are doing is trying to take the sensible route because of how our childcare arrangements are and allows him to have an extra 2 days to ensure not infected.

He's only in reception, is it normal for schools to be like this?!
Matt Holland one of 3 new trustees to Community Trust
at 10:35 15 Oct 2021

Exactly the sort of thing I was talking about getting legends involved in the club the other day.

2 more to be announced today, hopefully the calibre remains as high
nothing to see here
at 20:45 14 Oct 2021

[Post edited 14 Oct 22:39]
Dai Rees and John Elsworthy
at 10:32 12 Oct 2021

Can a couple of those fortunate to have lived through the glory years tell me much about these two as players - main positions (in a modern sense) and style etc

Barry Cotter nominated for POTM in Ireland
at 10:59 6 Oct 2021

Good to see he is doing well out there

When we put performances like that last season….
at 18:47 2 Oct 2021

….we were told it was the players and it wouldn’t happen when we get new ones in.

When we put in performances earlier in the season like that we were told it wouldn’t again when Samy Morsy was in the side….

…and yet we still put in nothing performances when out battled and out thought.

Somethings not right here, and it hasn’t been for a long time
Just 7 Premier League clubs have over 50% of their squad vaccinated.....
at 11:36 29 Sep 2021

....that's the real issue if players like Morsy and Bonne go off on international duty - are they jabbed? And if not what will their quarantine rules be on return to the country....

Time for the season to take off tonight....
at 11:02 28 Sep 2021 more excuses, no more gelling, no more disappointment.

Go out and beat a poor Doncaster side comfortably, score a few goals and let's start climbing this table
Stats dump - some very interesting things in here
at 10:28 27 Sep 2021

In open play we are the meanest defence in the league - only 4.4 xG conceded this season. Means we have come up against some good finishing and bad goalkeeping, from set pieces we are 18th in the league - 2.9 xG against

Open Play - 13th best attack in the league
Set pieces - 19th best attack in the league

For all the promising attacking football we seem to see, we really do not create anything like enough good chances - final ball lacking?

Set pieces have to improve at both ends as well
Seems incredible that as we sit in the bottom 4 of League 1....
at 09:50 27 Sep 2021 we approach the end of the second month of the season, there seems to be little pressure applied to the club at the moment.

For me tomorrow is an absolute must-win game, if we go into October with just one win under our belt and in the relegation zone then we are basically out of automatic contention, and the play offs will be a massive stretch.

On the flip side, if we win, which we undoubtedly should do, then it's 7 points out of 9 and things feel a bit more positive - we need to start stringing proper runs of wins together though or we are going nowhere
And now Flipper is going as well....
at 15:15 23 Sep 2021

....that's a pain as were really good!

Just going to be back to the big 6 energy companies and spending a fortune
Green Energy ceasing trading.....
at 14:51 22 Sep 2021

......what happens if you have a decent sized balance with them at the moment?!

Could really do with not losing that money!
Never Lost At Home...
at 10:09 21 Sep 2021

....I'm sure everyone who is going to see this on here has booked tickets - but if you haven't and are as yet undecided it is really worth doing.

Most shows have tickets in £10-£15 range as well - it's a really great show and I know people can write more eloquent reviews than i can on this - but take my advice and go and see it if you haven't!
Get the fúck in!!!! (n/t)
at 16:59 18 Sep 2021

A positive.....
at 13:22 14 Sep 2021

.....the team in 22nd place after 6 games has been promoted automatically 3 times in the last 20 years, the same amount of times as the team that was second at that point

A negative.....
....the team there has also been relegated 10 times over the same period, and only got in the play offs once.

Being in the bottom 6 at this stage of the season for last 20 years....
Teams - 120
Automatic promotion - 3
Play offs - 3
Relegated - 43
Paul Cook v Michael Appleton next weekend…
at 08:24 12 Sep 2021

……could be quite an interesting game if you were to believe that Appleton was who O’Leary and Ashton had originally wanted.

Another game where we get out coached as badly as we did yesterday will make things very difficult
Big Ipswich article in the Athletic today
at 07:35 11 Sep 2021
Team tomorrow then.....
at 12:01 10 Sep 2021

Think i'd go with this - I forget who is available - but this is halfway between what i want to see (Pigott up helping Bonne) and what I think we'll see (Woolfie still in team)


Hladky, Woolfenden, Penney, Harper, Fraser, Barry, Norwood

It's hard at the moment to remember who you have forgotten to pick as not quite au fait with the squad as yet!

A tough day for some on the board....
at 11:18 10 Sep 2021

.....seeing KVY come out and heap praise on Chambers and Skuse........and then Paul Cook talk about how Mick McCarthy spoke so highly of Celina.
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