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Presume Tommy Smith won't be in the squad for Saturday...
at 11:16 15 Nov 2017

A presumably 24 hour flight from here to NZ, a game where he gets injured, followed by a 19 hour flight to Peru and potentially a game (possibly at altitude) and then another 14-15 hour flight home getting back at some point on Friday.

Hopefully Mick gives him the weekend off!
Flynn Downes - England U19s
at 13:15 8 Nov 2017

If he starts a chance to see him in action here...

Horrible day
at 12:04 4 Nov 2017

Horrible weather, a horrible game ahead of us potentially.

If today goes wrong, and we go behind early and atmosphere turns toxic it could end up being an awful day.

I wouldn't bet against a new manager in the dugout at Hull if all goes wrong today.
COMPETITION TIME - Team tomorrow....
at 15:26 3 Nov 2017

I genuinely don't think anyone will guess it as Mick seems to have a bit of a scattergun approach to it.

If anyone guesses it correctly (one guess per poster), I'll buy them a pint in the Arcade Tavern tomorrow at 6pm, or if they can't make it a virtual pint will be sent their way.

Here's my guess:

Liam Gallagher
at 20:31 2 Nov 2017

Doing a cracking little live set on Radio 2 and the Red Button
Interest rates up....
at 12:03 2 Nov 2017

...only by 0.25% but they've been down for so long you'd guess it is first step in bringing them up again
The Modern Mann podcast...
at 08:37 2 Nov 2017

....always a good listen, but last week there was an absolutely incredible interview with Brett Archibald, a Saffer who was stuck at sea for 28 hours on his own.

Listen if you get the chance:
at 08:08 2 Nov 2017


Subs: Gerken, Smith, Iorfa, Nydam/Downes, Sears, Garner, Connolly

Get into 'em, f*ck 'em up.

McCarthy v Warnock
at 08:00 2 Nov 2017

Both managers who are Championship stalwarts, with more ups than downs, both like to play a more direct style of football - but was listening to the Blue Monday video after the game on Tuesday and made really good points with regards to differing styles.

Warnock gets attacking players on the pitch, and allows them to just attack without too much worry about defending, whereas Mick wants all his players to defend before they earn the right to attack.

Warny has been successful with this in the past, getting the best out of a player like Adel Taarabt, and is being successful again. Is the best way out of this league to attack your way out of it now?

I don't think Mick is a dinosaur who's been left behind, but has maybe become too conservative for this division - whereas Warnock is excelling with a more gung ho style

Kew Gardens, London travel advice....
at 13:25 1 Nov 2017

In a few weeks I have a weekend away with Mrs where I need to achieve the following:

Sat - Drive somewhere in/close to London to a hotel and park up
Travel into London with buggy and baby to do a bit of touristy stuff like Santa in big department store etc
Travel back to hotel

Sunday - Do something in the day, either back in London or close by to where staying
Go to Kew Gardens about 6pm-8pm then get back to hotel/car and drive home

Any suggestions on somewhere convenient to stay on that side of London allowing easy access to both Central, and Kew as I get a bit lost on the West....

Winter running advice...
at 12:46 1 Nov 2017

....not really done much - and have tended to run in shorts and t-shirt normally bu getting quite cold.

Hit me up with advice for under armour, hats, gloves, tights etc as I need to train through the winter.

Don't really know where to start but when I did Park Run I wore a thin jacket as was too cold and ended up sweating my nuts off after about 2k!
Get Huws pulled out of the Wales squad
at 11:27 1 Nov 2017

Nonsensical call up for friendlies
Did anything really change last night?
at 08:09 1 Nov 2017

Maybe the toxic atmosphere got worse amongst the rabid Mick-outers but that is about it.

It's f*cking boring though, those that have an irrational hatred of Mick get worse and worse by the week - might have to give social media a break for a bit.
Mick's Press Conference
at 08:48 29 Oct 2017

Now i'm not particularly precious and generally come down on the side of Mick because he is doing a job with restraints that many don't seem to take into account properly.

But the press conference yesterday is an absolute joke, and a whilst he's trying to kick in the teeth those that aren't supporting and creating a negative atmosphere, I think he ends up giving the whole fanbase a kick in the teeth.

We were dire in the 1st half, and snuck a win against one of the poorest sides in the division. Any 3 points away from home is a good 3 points, but we nicked that one and he comes out like we've just played Wolves off the park and beaten them.

Be humble for once, rise above it as a professional. I can understand wanting to stick one to those doubting him - but it's not good enough and not befitting of the manager of ITFC.

I personally thought it was a disgrace, and any good will he could have clawed back has gone the other way.

Oh well, onto Cardiff.
[Post edited 29 Oct 8:54]
QUIZ - England U17s....2007 World Cup
at 11:58 27 Oct 2017

In the 2007 World Cup, 2 current ITFC players were in the squad as they got to the quarter finals...

Can anyone name them without cheating?
Not good at the moment
at 09:48 23 Oct 2017

Not taking good chances when we get them, and when we fall behind can't break teams down when they are strangling the life out of the game.

Every game is on a knife edge and feels dependent on who scores first.

People have been saying it a while, but we do really need to try and nail down a formation and style, and preferred starting XI because this constant change doesn't seem to be helping the players and leads to poor performances from players like Spence who are asked to play a different role every week - the lop sided ness of the formation meant everyone had to be on their game and McG didn't look fit enough to play, let alone 90 minutes.

Very few positives yesterday, I thought Webster looked comfy on the left and thought Nydam put in a really mature performance.
What a hit from Ben Folami for the U23s....!
at 16:21 20 Oct 2017

U23s game live on QPR website
at 14:28 20 Oct 2017
Yellow and green...
at 12:12 20 Oct 2017

“I won't allow anything of a blue colour in my house or car. I have never bought any blue-coloured clothes nor let the missus buy anything blue. I feel sick when forced to see those disgusting, blue shirts and dislike teams such as Everton because of their colour. That's how much I loathe Ipswich.”

From Harry's notes - this must be bloody difficult for this guy! Yellow (and green) are, objectively, pretty unpopular colours - avoiding them is pretty easy. But blue - ITFC fan or not - is a great colour.
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