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Blue Action
at 10:33 17 Jan 2019

I'm sure everyone agrees these guys are doing a fine job in improving the atmosphere. Lambert speaks about it in his letter, but even before then I've commented a few times on how much better the atmosphere has got in recent weeks and these guys are a big part of this.

They've put themselves forward, they've invested no doubt a load of time and money into this and it is really working.

For anyone that agrees, have a think about making a donation - these things are a labour of love and sure it will be massively appreciated.

I've only done £10 as January a loooong month, but I'm sure anything they receive will be greatly appreciated

**Just to clarify, I am absolutely nothing to do with Blue Action, but just think anyone who is enjoying the atmosphere and can help should give the guys a little helping hand.
Ben Folami
at 09:34 17 Jan 2019

Out for the season, had an operation on his achilles earlier this week. Sure Lambert will confirm at pre-Blackburn presser
Non-Alcoholic Ghost Ship
at 08:18 17 Jan 2019

Trying to drink a bit less at the moment, but had to go for a post exam beer with some mates yesterday and noticed this in the fridges at Isaacs.

Was an enjoyable pint, felt like I was drinking a beer and not left out in that respect, as only so much fizzy pop that can be drunk at a time.

But £4 for a bottle seems a bit steep for a non-alcoholic beer - it always seems pointless going out when not drinking - a coke can be £3, a lime and soda even ends up that way for what is literally water and cordial - and having a shandy doesn't reduce the price of a pint. All seems strange to me
So this vote of no confidence tomorrow?
at 21:43 15 Jan 2019

A formality for May - or any chance she loses and we get a GE?

Does he put a 2nd ref on table at a GE, and tempt likes of Soubry and Clarke to vote against Govt?
230 votes - just resign FFS (n/t)
at 19:40 15 Jan 2019

James Collins interview
at 08:12 15 Jan 2019

On the always very good, Elis James' Feast of Football podcast

I've not actually listened to it yet, as only just downloaded it so can't comment on it's quality but sure it will be interersting to ITFC fans
Dawkins v Pilkington
at 08:57 14 Jan 2019

Obviously I only saw highlights of Pilikington, but that assist for the 1st goal was top draw. Such a shame we couldn't get that one over the line as were clearly very, very close to doing so.

Dawkins looked like a player who hadn't played in a year and a half, I know Edwards has struggled lately but I don't really get Dawkins being ahead of him, even ahead of Jordan Roberts in a wide role feels a stretch
Kent based blues
at 12:45 10 Jan 2019

The U18s face Gillingham at Priestfield in the Youth Cup tomorrow - 7pm kick off.

if anyone can get along I'm sure the youngsters will appreciate the support, I'll be there
I don't really get the full back situation here at the moment?
at 08:37 9 Jan 2019

Left back

Knudsen and Kenlock in position, Knudsen had been first choice until he (presumably) indicated that he was not willing to sign a new contract here and wanted to explore other options and then Kenlock came in. Callum Elder brought in on loan now to ensure we still have 2 players for that position, and Knudsen now out of the picture (but still here)

Right back

Spence at right back, who is nowhere hear as bad as is being made out but is struggling. Donacien not seen as a RB by PL, and Emmanuel out on loan at Shrewsbury who isn't getting a look in (16 minutes in the league since new manager appointed 7 games ago).

So at Left back, we have 3 players capable of playing regularly in this league, and at RB we have just 1.

Why do we not get Emmanuel back to challenge Spence? Or sign someone? And if Knudsen doesn't leave this month then was the Elder signing a waste of time and a loan spot?

This is about all I can fault Lambert for currently, but it is confusing
Lambert continuing to get it
at 20:41 8 Jan 2019

I really hope he is here for the long term, and that he can start getting results
Quaner signed. (n/t)
at 19:58 8 Jan 2019

Protesting about Evans
at 11:27 6 Jan 2019

If you are going to do, do it.

Stop posting about it and hope someone else does it for you.

Just arrange a protest - a sit in after the game chanting Evans Out is probably as good a bet as any as it is simple and will be noticed and just get on with it.
Am so bored of the Evans chat....
at 11:15 6 Jan 2019

.....he is what he is as an owner, willing to put in a few million a year, which realistically isn't enough to compete. But I can't imagine anyone lining up to take club off his hands.

Decision making is generally poor, has got a lot more wrong than he has right - and still relies to heavily on a manager to run the club from top to bottom.

It felt obvious that Mick was going to be hard to replace, despite what some people thought, and I can't believe we got it so wrong. I was worried at how long the search took at the time, and we should never have waited that long to appoint Hurst or anyone. It was stupid - but another failing of Evans.

Mick was the right man for us, but his time was up. Lambert feels the right man for us so I'll just get behind him and the club.

Lambert, like Mick before seems to enjoy working with Evans. Until Lambert resigns, I think Evans is the right man unless some multi billionaire comes along wanting to buy the club.

All this anger directed at Evans now is either way too late, and should have been what was happening when it was being directed at Mick - or is just ill judged for me.
Bishop showed how lacking in Championship quality Nolan is (n/t)
at 18:41 5 Jan 2019

Birthday present advice....
at 12:44 4 Jan 2019

Need to get my brother in law something, he's early 40s, quite awkward to buy for.

Some kind of tech gift normally goes down well - budget of approx £50

Any new techy things that have come on the market that are good?
at 12:25 3 Jan 2019

Seems the wrong month to try it for me, january is such an awkward month after Christmas it takes a few weeks to get into the swing of doing anything.

I'd rebrand it for February, plus Feb is shorter so much more manageable!
[Post edited 3 Jan 12:25]
at 08:13 3 Jan 2019

Presuming Keane signs, as expected today, we now have

Trevoh Chalobah
Janoi Donacien
Callum Elder
Will Keane
Matthew Pennington

So we are unable to sign any more and they all be in the matchday squad

Donacien seems well out of favour, so presumably we have space for one more - but if Lambert is saying we need 5-6 players - and presumably we are looking for short term deals, how is he going to square the circle of only 5 being allowed in the squad?

Potentially recall Wolfie and send Pennington back to upgrade at CB?

When Lambert was appointed...
at 20:35 29 Dec 2018

...I said if we could stay in touch and be 5-6 points away from safety then I'd be happy enough when the window opened

Well, here we are - a win at home to Millwall will likely see us in that position when the window opens.

No-one said it will be easy, but very little margin from error from here on in - recruitment needs to be decisive and Lambert needs to get it spot on.
Be Careful What You Wish For (n/t)
at 16:53 29 Dec 2018

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