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George Burley interview here....
at 13:06 18 Jan 2022

Must say, and I'm clearly biased as part of the BM team but I found it absolutely fascinating.

I knew Burley was obviously good, but he seems somewhat underrated compared to some of the others, maybe as 'just a full back' which isn't fashionable position.

But to come down from Scotland at 15, win Reserve League player of the year at 16/17 then make debut marking George Best at Old Trafford at 17 and then basically never look back and play every game from that point until you leave the club is very special. I noticed when Dyer did the 1-11s during lockdown on here all the comments were saying how GB was just a totally modern full back and would fly in todays game.

Some real key messages re practice, practice, practice and just how dedicated both he and the whole squad were. Matt Holland mentioned it when we interviewed him as well that sometimes it was boring but was just pure repetition until it could be done in your sleep - an interesting note on who he thinks the only better crosser is than him who he worked with.

I'm more looking forward to the management one dropping tomorrow morning as is an era that I lived and loved - but this was a fantastic listen

Had a couple of interesting messages about academy players let go...
at 13:31 17 Jan 2022 the summer over the weekend.

Flynn Downes - apparently is absolutely ripping it up at Swansea, and been brilliant - the Swans fan who messaged me was to see do we have a good sell on as they'll struggle to keep him past the summer.

I hope/presume we do have a sell on, and hopefully can see a decent chunk of any profits. I always thought a smaller PL side buying him and then loaning him to a Champ side was an absolute no brainer like Brighton have done with Matt Clarke. At £1.5m was such a low risk move but hopefully this route helps us benefit more financially

Teddy Bishop - apparently due to covid and injury crisis at Lincoln they have had to move full backs to centre back, and Teddy has been playing at right back for them! I can't say I've ever seen him play there even at any youth level even for a minute.....I'd be surprised if his body holds up to that and just had a look and sounds as though may be the case:

The midfielder-turned-right-back has been struggling with a groin issue which saw him taken off in the games against Sunderland and Cambridge.

It is a long-standing problem which may require him to come out of the side for a period soon.

Speaking ahead of the game at Rotherham, Appleton said: "He's going to be 50/50 for tomorrow. He's had the issue for a while. We don't expect him to be out for a long time but if we don't address it at some point, that might be the case.

"We'll be guided by him and the medical team. At some point he's going to have to miss a game or two. Hopefully we can somehow get him to the Plymouth game on Saturday when we know we've got a full week [without a midweek game]."
Fingers crossed for this to be true re Walton
at 11:05 17 Jan 2022

Blue Monday keeping the positivity and great content for ITFC fans....
at 11:03 17 Jan 2022

.....forget about all the rubbish in the timeline.

Released today at 5pm - approx 1 hour interview with the absolute legend that is George Burley talking about his playing days at Ipswich

Released Wednesday morning at 7am - approx 1 hour interview with the absolute legend that is George Burley talking about his managerial career ay Ipswich.

Serious content going out there, and hearing in such detail from the man who has been involved for more matches than ITFC than anyone else, across the greatest era ever, plus the era that those of my age remember most fondly.

500 games as a player, 413 games as manager - true ITFC royalty.

Keep an eye on the YouTube channel - and if you can subscribe to it and like the video when it drops that will be great

Arsenal v Spurs yesterday was postponed due to Arsenal....
at 08:29 17 Jan 2022

...player availability.

Guess how many players Arsenal have who have tested positive for Covid?


Yes, that is right - just one player unavailable due to covid. But alongside some injuries and players at AFCON the PL agreed to postpone the game.

Bayern Munich had an outbreak, and last week they named a bench where there wasn't one single player on it who had previously played in the Bundesliga.

Arsenal played Liverpool on Thursday in League Cup, and their U21s hammered Chelsea in the Papa Johns Trophy the night before - mental. No wonder Spurs are fuming
I assume the plan is to keep Sue Gray so busy she never...
at 15:58 14 Jan 2022

....finishes her report

ITFC related shirt display....players at international tournaments
at 16:31 12 Jan 2022

....I'm nearly finished converting my garage in garden into a den and planning on sticking some shirts on the wall (much to my wife's annoyance)

I have grabbed a few and got them printed up - A 'Dyer 23' shirt from 2002 World Cup, a 'Wright 22' GK shirt from Euro 2000 and a 'Mings 15' from Euro 2020/1.

Was planning on trying to stick to ITFC related tournament shirts.....considering getting a NZ 2010 WC shirt (Smith 19), a 2018 Denmark (Knudsen 5), a 2002 Ireland (Holland 8) and a Poland 2018 GK shirt (Bialkowski 12)

Are there any glaring omissions from ITFC international players at tournaments (bearing in mind I'm in my mid 30s......other possibles were Guentchev from USA 94 and Thomsen from Euro 96 but not sure any ITFC players been at tournaments in recent times - maybe Amir Karic and Finidi at an AFCON but think I'll stick to World Cups
Brighton local reporter saying Walton has been recalled
at 12:49 10 Jan 2022

There really needs to be some transparency from the EFL....
at 12:48 30 Dec 2021

...on all these call offs.

Are we expected to believe that clubs who have 40+ professional players can't name a squad of 14 players?

This isn't a dig at Lincoln, who have a smaller squad, but when teams like Charlton who have one of the better U23 squads are calling games off, or teams like Portsmouth, whilst smaller clubs like Wimbledon are keeping them on then something is amiss

Clubs are taking the p155 where they can get away with it to suit themselves
Good result in a very tough game
at 21:48 29 Dec 2021

Could see some of the stuff McKenna was trying to implement and a lot of it was positive.

We had to ride our luck a little bit at times, but some great spirit shown there and winning close games, especially at Portman Road, is not something we've done for a decent amount of time.

I like the set up at the back, up the pitch was a little bit round pegs in square holes so be interested to see where we end up once McKenna has had a chance to get some players who suit his style a bit more.

Car crashed into the Brickies from what I've heard....
at 12:39 23 Dec 2021

....hopefully everyone ok and pub not had too much damage
So we head hunted McKenna, rather than him applying for the job (n/t)
at 13:59 20 Dec 2021

Are we expecting hospitality to be locked down soon?
at 12:24 20 Dec 2021

This lockdown by stealth is just killing them as it is.

Spoken to a few publicans this morning, and they are tearing their hair out - they all expect it to be shut down with an announcement today - but if it isn't they are being killed by directives telling people not to go, but not getting any support.

I was at a Xmas do at Milsoms on Friday, there was due to be 200 there but ended up as 80 - I'm not sure what refund policy was but the industry is absolutely on it's knees at the moment.
Article in Athletic with bits about McKenna and Pert
at 10:40 20 Dec 2021

This bit is notable, but whole article worth a read:

McKenna was highly rated by Jose Mourinho and successor Solskjaer and made a strong early impression on Rangnick but he’s going to Ipswich — a big club with potential in the third tier, a league they were many people’s favourites to win both last season and this, in part because they have the division’s highest wage bill after they were taken over by an American pensions fund. Yet they finished ninth in May and are 11th after Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Sunderland, which drew a crowd of 29,005 — Portman Road’s biggest for almost seven years.

He may be highly thought of as a coach but McKenna’s also only 35 and has yet to manage a professional men’s team and all that entails — media dealings for one. But at United, he was more than capable of delivering strong and hard coaching and development messages. He drove technological advances, the methods and processes too. Many players will miss him and felt he was unfairly criticised as results worsened under Solskjaer.

Martyn Pert, who has gone with McKenna to Ipswich, is a linguist and was also the direct contact for some of the United players out on loan. He told them what their situation was back at their parent club. Another of his roles was to maximise training for the players who weren’t getting game time.

A lot of United fans won’t give too much thought to this — they were part of a regime that came up short — but it’s not straightforward. You now have coaches taking training who have yet to win the players’ trust, people they’ve never heard of. Players can be negative forces — more so if they’re left out of teams.
Athletic piece on Ipswich today
at 07:31 17 Dec 2021

Ipswich Town: The rebuild gone wrong – over to you, Kieran McKenna
Sir Bobby to McKenna (via Jose)
at 15:21 16 Dec 2021

Good article on McKenna in The Athletic
at 14:53 16 Dec 2021
This image makes me feel very comfortable about Kieran McKenna
at 14:52 16 Dec 2021

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