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Deal for Parrott? What do you think?
at 14:03 14 Apr 2021


Worth it, seen enough or give him a chance?
When do you think the Shareholders will be contacted about the offer
at 12:59 12 Apr 2021

Does anyone who knows anything about these things when the shareholders have to be contacted regarding the offer ME stated for their shares, just wondering if they are actually worth anything
Shareholders, how much will they get per share? Any clever people on here have a
at 13:36 7 Apr 2021

I know that they won't be worth a lot, and guess it's probably, in the short to medium term, keeping hold of them, just in case there is some financial improvement in the business, but what do you think the initial offer for the shares would be by Gamechanger20?

There are figures knocking about around the £40million mark but I am sure that isn't just for the club, there will be some debt buying in there as well, but wondered what anyone with any knowledge about these things thinks a share price would be offered as it has to be in line with what Marcus accepted
isn't the England game in TV anywhere?
at 17:11 27 Mar 2021

can't find it
not even stadium noise today on ifollow?
at 15:03 27 Mar 2021

or is it just us??
Martyn Waghorn on a free
at 11:11 24 Mar 2021

Out of contract at the end of the season, what do you think?

Better than we have?
Past it?
Still well capable?
Where do you think we will REALISTICALLY finish this season?
at 11:05 23 Mar 2021

I have had a look at the run in we have, and it certainly does seem like we have a fairly easy run in compared to some others, especially Peterborough, and honestly think we have a great chance of finishing in the play-offs, I think the top 2 is out of the question but we certainly have enough to get into the top 6, I am saying somewhere in positions 4-6
Which goalkeeper/players would you like here next season?
at 10:46 23 Mar 2021

Certainly looks like Holy and Cornell are below the standard we need, I am not up to date with which are the quality goalkeepers out there we could realistically attract so can anyone suggest some options?

Which other players do you think would be good here next season?

Suggestions for Goalkeeper
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Nigel Adkins new Charlton Manager
at 11:30 18 Mar 2021

Just thought I would say...
ITFC Shareholders and Share Values
at 10:02 15 Mar 2021

Can someone with some knowledge about these things explain to me what value, if any, the shares would be worth if the takeover happens?

I always presumed they were actually worthless and would continue to be, when I bought my Debenture, but wondered if they would have any actual value after takeover?

Not expecting Bitcoin increases obviously........................
Why don't we try and shoot and thoughts on last night
at 09:49 10 Mar 2021

It seems to have been like this for a while, but we never, or very rarely, take an opportunity to shoot from outside or the edge of the box, like they scored their goal from last night, not sure if it's a confidence thing or lack of ability?

Dozzell had a chance similar to their goal but instead of shooting took the ball wide again with a pass, just wish someone had it in them

On last night performance, Lincoln were defensively very good but we didn't really penetrate much did we? thought Lankester went missing, yes it's his fist game in again but thought he might have taken the opportunity by the scruff of the neck. Edwards started well then faded. Bennetts came on, passed backwards, shuffled his feet then passed back as usual.

Dozzell was his usual self, gives not a lot going forward and takes the ball and then passes it back, I think I could do that!! Yes I am exaggerating, but we need more going forward from him

Toto, Wilson and Downes were the stand out players from last night and have to give a shout out to Kenlock, who again, looks so much better than Ward in every respect, guess Ward like a load of others will be out next season, whatever division we are in

We have a great opportunity to get in the playoffs if we can put some form of run together, but top 2 is likely well out of our grasp currently, playoffs are a lottery so who knows..

There are going to be loads of changes come the summer whatever happens

Get behind PC, you jus never know, it's nice to have someone who takes to the press 9and fans) openly and honestly..
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More confirmation that the takeover is maybe days away from local Solicitors?
at 12:58 8 Mar 2021


Can't see a reason as to why the solicitors would put this out there unless it was true, anyway have a read and see what you think
What a fortunate time to be playing Lincoln tomorrow night with their injuries
at 11:36 8 Mar 2021

They already have Liam Bridcut, Jorge Grant and Joe Wash out and now they have two more out for tomorrow nights game, Harry Anderson and Max Sanders, so hopefully a good time to play them if there ever was one

Hopefully a new look (not sure how much change there will be to the team) and new team commitment might just work in our favour

Changes, no idea, Holy looked poor but Cornell isn't much better is he

I think he will bring in Matheson and put chambers in at CB alongside Wilson, after that who knows, Judge may be back, think we missed him on Saturday, Bennetts needs to learn how to run past a player, shoot and cross, so would expect a change and maybe give them something new to worry about and play Jackson and Norwood with one behind the other in the 1 up top he likes to play

Edwards or someone needs to replace Bennetts, just to give us something on the wing

Downes in midfield for either Bishop or Dozzell, who has been poor, in fact both of them were on Saturday

Basically we could change loads, but not sure what difference it would make, we should be good enough to take the game, on a good day of course
Gary Roberts confirmed as assistant
at 13:02 2 Mar 2021

Good news plus he can't score against us tonight!!
Betting suspened now on Skybet
at 12:53 1 Mar 2021

It's him..............

Now back to 1/6.............no idea what's happening
[Post edited 1 Mar 13:04]
Lambert rules himself out of the Celtic job!!!Probably wouldnt have got it
at 16:22 25 Feb 2021

So where next for him?
Frank Yallop for Manager/DOF
at 11:28 24 Feb 2021

You heard it here first ( or second if you heard it somewhere else first)

Already been employed by our supposed "new owner", so if it's true (?) it might be a good shout

Get your money on it now!!!
[Post edited 24 Feb 11:32]
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