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Rubbish result and performance but what a day our daughters had..
at 21:16 19 Apr 2019

Arranged with Preston for our daughters to be mascots for today's game and thought it might just entail walking out with the teams but was so much more than that.

Preston looked us and them amazingly well. Arrived and were given a tour of the stadium and a bit of history about them then they were invited into the changing room to meet the players and get autographs from them. mist duly obliged and they were treated really respectfully.

Luke Chambers had a chat and so did Paul Lambert. Both extremely nice people and respectful. had some food and drinks after that end then the girls went down the tunnel to walk out with the team

Both walked out with Luke Chambers. They loved it.

And to cap it all even after a dreadful team performance Luke Chambers came to the girls after the final whistle and handed the girls his shirt. Very respectful guy and deserved of the supporters player of the year award.

I will also add thst the club were really amazing with the girls. so all in all awful game but some great highlights for us as a family
Starting 11 next season
at 22:58 14 Apr 2019

How many of the squad do you think will actually start for us next season. Here's my guess

Jackson or Keane

I'm probably wrong I know but doesn't leave much room for our youngsters does it. We also have Nolan Hues as well as Woolfenden Lankester Kenlock and Emmanuel. Let's trust PL and get behind whatever team he puts out

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Jack Lankester
at 06:06 3 Mar 2019

Away from the result yesterday...

It was my daughter's 15th Birthday yesterday and the club arranged for her to meet up with Jack Lankester prior to the game as he's her favourite player.

firstly I'd like to thank the club for arranging this on a match day. yes he's not playing but still had to arrange to come in at a time when he's morally doing pre game stuff

secondly just wanted to say what a nice lad he is. yes she was embarrassed and a little shy but he was really nice to her. had a quick football chat with him after about his future and the team and he was seriously a nice lad. let's build the team around players like this.

Teddy Bishop Flynn Downes Luke Woolfenden are the building blocks of this team

Relegation is disastrous for my loved club but it looks like that's what's going to happen. so lets make the best of a bad situation

PL building a team around these kids with a hint of experience and a goalscorer of course

Not a great day but a day she won't forget
Striker on a free
at 09:15 13 Feb 2019

Anyone think we might need to sign someone?

Not sure who though? Darren Bent is an option. ageing but you never know...
Rotherham winning!!
at 15:33 9 Feb 2019

come on Wigan
A view from up north about yesterday
at 06:05 3 Feb 2019

Long cold journey both ways to yesterday's game...

We really have to bring back Jonas. it doesn't matter if he's here next season. we need him for now

Downes is awful at the moment. I know we haven't got much to replace him with as an alternative but Chalobah did enough when he came on to show he's the better option

Keane made a difference 've when he came on but so did Quaker at Villa. We really need to try and play 2 up front. it's desperate times

I'm not saying it will be enough but things have to change. we have needed a goalscorer all season but still haven't got one. Judge should have put thst chance away he had.

he has made a difference but we need our own Barry Bannon in there to show some determination because we only really have a well past it Skuse. he's too slow now. gets caught out too often

we really need Collins and Chambers back. not for Sunday but for the rest of the season. we looked shocking at the back yesterday. Think Sunday is a write off but there's enough points left and enough equally rubbish teams down there this season to be in with a chance

we've also got Reading and Bolton to play so don't give up. it's not going to be easy and the likelihood is thst we are on our way to the 1st division but let's keep supporting PL and you just never know
Joe Mason released by Wolves
at 15:27 1 Feb 2019

Worth free signing?

Experienced player. Maybe just what we need
Nathan Jones Stoke City Manager)
at 10:56 9 Jan 2019

good appointment?
Apart from the rumours of Pilkington and Quaner
at 21:32 6 Jan 2019

possibly joining are there any more suggestions out there as genuine possible transfers in January?
Great positive from yesterday and 1 really negative
at 06:27 6 Jan 2019

I was home by didn't waste a full day only 6 hours!!

Awful game. Not many positives to be honest. Teddy looked OK. though Elder looked like it could be a positive change. Better than Knudsen by a long way and must admit I wore the " Knudsens not as bad as lots say" that for a while.

Keane looked OK. bit rusty but that's to be expected. Jackson looks lost but think that's how we play rather than him. not saying he's worth what we paid for him though.

Still think we have too many liabilities in defence in Pennington and Spence and need to do something about those too. Nsiala isn't much better though.

Edwards just doesn't look capable or running past a man or crossing a ball.

Yes it's a massive long shot but let's just hope that PL is backed in this window. You never know.

Great support yesterday by the way

[Post edited 6 Jan 6:47]
Total embarassment
at 22:19 5 Jan 2019

call yourself fans. totally embarrassing. acting like animals and thinking it's big to act thst way. keep away. it's embarrassing to have you associated with this (once) great club
Realisticly who do we need to sign to save our season
at 16:44 26 Dec 2018

Not sure how many will will be able to bring in but from today's performance it might be a lot.

what positions and who do you think we can or will get
at 21:50 12 Dec 2018

Whose your 11 starters for Saturday?
at 18:30 12 Dec 2018

Getting away from the Brexit excitement and back to football, who would be your preferred 11 for Saturday from those available

[Post edited 12 Dec 2018 21:53]
TWTD Disabled Supporters Group
at 12:06 2 Dec 2018

Do you think it would help with accessing ground information and help and support to each other by setting up a group on here?
Disabled supporters at Forest
at 12:00 2 Dec 2018

If there were and disabled supporters at the Forest game can you PM me please. just want to have a chat about the facilities (or lack of) at the stadium generally from seating to accessibility of access

Thank you
Score predictions for tomorrow?
at 11:34 30 Nov 2018

Just wondering what people think

Guess there's not much optimism around but I'm going for a lucky fortunate flukey desperate 1.1

Freddie to get his 5th in 5
Bolton and Preston all winning
at 15:16 24 Nov 2018

good job Milwall are playing Bolton. let's hope Hull don't take the lead....
can we stop all the Town players as threads
at 22:33 16 Nov 2018

God they are moronic and tedious

roll on some football games for people to whinge about
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