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Three at the back, the new one up front?
at 17:59 5 Dec 2021

Pretty much the entire top 6 in League One playing 3-4-3/3-5-2/3-4-1-2/3-4-2-1 - should we be looking for someone who sets up like this?

Suits Donacien (can be a ball-playing Right CB, rather than a stay-at-home RB)
Burgess (more comfortable on the left of a 3)
Penney (Burgess behind him masks his lack of aerial ability)
KVY (CB behind him when he gets forward)

Lots of potential variations amongst the front 3 as well.
at 18:16 1 Dec 2021

5 league matches
Charlton (A)
Wigan (A)
Sunderland (H)
Gillingham (A)
Wycombe (H)

Usual questions. What points do you expect us to get, what points are the minimum to keep the wolf from the manager's door.

I expect we'll get 7 again (we'll beat Gillingham, win one of the home games, draw one of the other 3) and think the minimum is 8-9 and Cook will be gone by January.
What would a different manager do?
at 14:37 29 Nov 2021

What do we reckon a hypothetical different manager would actually do with these players?
New formation? 3-5-2? 4-3-3/3-4-3/4-4-2? Anyone coming in from the cold? Any Cook faves immediately out of the side?
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Well, that was chastening
at 23:49 23 Nov 2021

Think the worst thing about it was how run of the mill it was. When Bolton battered us they scored virtually every shot on target against a team that were a total shambles in terms of organisation.

But tonight we didn't even fall apart for most of it, we just weren't good enough to hurt them even slightly. I'm not sure we were even below par particularly, just our usual selves.

Dare I say it, totally indistinguishable from the defeats to Rotherham in 2019-20.

Made me wonder - did we recruit badly? Are we stuck with a group that just doesn't function at the level we've paid for? Or is it just Cook?

Either way, I can't see that he survives many more of these. From the reaction at the end you can see how close the club is to burning up the goodwill generated in the takeover. The idea that it's a good idea to let that go on until the Summer and even to next year is laughable.
[Post edited 23 Nov 23:58]
Tomorrow's Line-up
at 17:54 22 Nov 2021

Go on then, what you want/what you think it'll be.

I reckon:

Donacien Nsiala Edmundson Penney
Morsy Evans
Aluko Chaplin Edwards

Which, unless Burns and Coulson are fit is probably what I'd pick too.
High points totals?
at 10:13 22 Nov 2021

If everyone keeps racking up points at the same rate then the Top 10 will look like this:

1st 98 points
2nd 92
3rd 92
4th 89
5th 87
6th 84
7th 81
8th 74

We're on target for a ridiculous final league table. Surely it's not going to finish this way? And why isn't the table more normally balanced?
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Every time you think we're there
at 17:18 20 Nov 2021

Every time you think we're about to lift off we just crash back down and end up back again at our old friend win 1 draw 1 lose 1.

The goal conceded is one of those things, but alarming how we ended up in much the same rut as we found ourselves against Oxford - unable to break down a decent defence and getting increasingly ragged as we fail to do so.
[Post edited 20 Nov 17:18]
U23s Line-up
at 12:07 9 Nov 2021

Fair few I would've assumed might feature in today's Pizza Cup game?

Town: Bort, Alexander, Stewart, Armin, Smith, Healy, Humphreys, Ward, Chirewa, Siziba, Yengi.

Subs: Ridd, Crowe, Morris, Curtis, Hughes.
at 00:18 3 Nov 2021

Did Coulson going off inadvertently do us a favour? Thought they were quite happy with dropping it on his head as out ball until he went off, at which point they were forced to work harder to press us back?
at 09:46 31 Oct 2021

Wycombe (a)
Oxford (h)
Sunderland (a)
Rotherham (h)
Crewe (h)

Four tricky ones and a "home banker" (with us, who knows!). So, what's your (a) expected points haul and (b) minimum to keep Cook in the game?

My expectation is 7. I think we'll win 2 of the home games, draw one of the away games.

That's probably the minimum too? At this point we're mostly past work in progress and should be aiming to be one of the best teams in the league going forward. Losing all those big away games would be pretty disastrous.
at 17:51 23 Oct 2021

Last minute winners are the best thing in the world, aren't they?
Dai Cornell
at 20:40 20 Oct 2021

Anyone notice he's Posh's number one now? Played the last half dozen games, a couple of clean sheets too. Seemingly well-loved by Peterborough fans too.

Didn't see that one coming at all!
Cor, we needed that!
at 21:41 19 Oct 2021

Much trickier game than we made it look! Defended well at 0-0 and 1-0, pushed them back second half and fully deserved it.
Donacien 2 assists
at 21:22 19 Oct 2021

thoroughbred attacking full back!
Home to Oldham
at 13:26 17 Oct 2021

Fine, yeah, home game against a team in L2.
"I Don't Shut Up Shop"
at 11:05 17 Oct 2021

What's going on here then?

3 minutes left and our defence is on the edge of our box and our midfielders sat in a bank of five barely 10 yards in front of them, applying zero pressure to the man on the ball. This is the move that led to the corner.

Is this not "shutting up shop"?

October Points?
at 17:30 29 Sep 2021

Accrington (A)
Shrewsbury (H)
Cambridge (A)
Portsmouth (A)
Fleetwood (H)
Plymouth (A)

What's your (a) expected points and (b) minimum to keep the Cook show on the road?

(a) I think we'll kick on from here, but there'll be at least 2 hiccups. 13 points. (b) it's a generous fixture list and Cook reckoned we'd be past the worst of things by now, so I think 7 or less and he's bang in trouble again.
The Turning point
at 22:10 28 Sep 2021

A tense game of bad head tennis between 2 out of form teams. Then Samy Morsy gets annoyed at losing ball in the 13th minute. A fire is lit. He hares 30 yards after the culprit. Terrified that this small hulk is coming to smash him, the poor man can do nothing but aimlessly hack the ball away. Seconds later the ball is the net.

Samy Morsy just made everyone else better.
Macca's Stealth Mode Gone International
at 19:15 27 Sep 2021

From the Spanish sports paper Marca:

"la mayor 'robada' de cartera de la historia" (the biggest pick pocketing in history!)
Lankester doing alright
at 13:38 22 Sep 2021

One of their better players in the Pizza Trophy

Dad's pleased

I'm now vaguely remembering that Jack was one that Cook took a shine to when he first arrived?
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