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31st January prediction
at 15:33 14 Jan 2021

Either Lambert, Evans or O'Neil will be asked why we didn't sign anyone in Jan window and the response will be having 5 injured players back are like new signings.

Then cue our first couple of games in Feb where 3 of the 5 hobble off with injuries.
[Post edited 14 Jan 15:40]
All the issues PL blames were so obvious in the summer
at 22:54 9 Jan 2021

It was clear our team was young, it was clear they were a little light weight. It was clear the team needed some experienced players in the core. It was clear the experienced players were have were getting towards the end of their career and not up to the pace

He has had 2 transfer windows to fix these issues and done very little
How are we still playing make shift wingers???
at 22:50 9 Jan 2021

It has been obvious for years we have needed an out and out winger yet our squad is depleted of them.

Any news on Fleetwood game being called off?
at 11:37 28 Dec 2020

Can't help but feel we are going to have a ridiculously busy schedule from Jan to end of the season (out of our control I know).

Hopefully the fact it allows some of injured players time to get back in the squad earlier will negate the busy period issue.
John Terry as manager anyone?
at 00:14 27 Dec 2020

I have previously thought we need an experienced manager who knows how to get a team defending and attacking effectively.

But now think maybe a gamble could be what we need.

Played under some great managers, currently working with a very good manager at Villa and seems to want to try his hand at managing as I believe he has been mentioned for Derby job.

Question would be would he come to league 1? Probably not unfortunately
When will we know if boxing day game will go ahead? (n/t)
at 15:35 21 Dec 2020

We think we have it tough imagine supporting Arsenal
at 14:35 14 Dec 2020

at 20:09 13 Dec 2020

In no way am I putting this all on him but...

He has not been our best player, so how he has not been dropped/rested for a game and Donacien given a chance I really don't understand.

He seems to have a feel of no matter how he plays he will not be dropped and that is a really poor mentality to have in any player.
Wards comments
at 20:07 13 Dec 2020

Not sure he realises it will happen again and has been happening for about 5 years now.

A few words is not going to change that
Dortmund sacked their manager
at 14:13 13 Dec 2020

Didn't Lambert play there?

Worth a punt Dortmund he will get playing some fantastic stuff, unbelievable!
Evan's Statement
at 14:01 10 Dec 2020

The general picture he paints is that the reason some fans aren't happy with the club and the way he runs it is because we don't have an owner willing to throw money around.

On the whole I think that is a lazy judgement, most fans just want a competent owner who can hire more than 1 decent manager in his 13 year tenure. We want an owner who realises when something isn't working before it's too late. We want an owner that realises when you sell your best player that money has to be reinvested wisely. We want an owner that either understands football or hires someone else that does.

It's not fair to suggest ITFC fans just want a billionaire owner in charge, most understand that carries risks, we just want competency that doesnt seem like too much to ask!
[Post edited 10 Dec 2020 14:01]
Any news on tickets for Saturday
at 22:42 7 Dec 2020

Anyone lucky/unlucky enough to get one?

Website said close of play Monday 7th December but all seems a bit quiet on here
Continuously seeing fans that have cancelled STs over past couple of months.
at 11:53 7 Dec 2020

Anyone know of any actual figures that have cancelled since the summer, either due to COVID-19 or performances.

The club and media keep mention 9,000 ST holders but I find it hard to believe we are still at the same figure as the original uptake in the summer?
Protesting, it needs to be tactiful
at 02:13 5 Dec 2020

Previous protests have not worked.

Magilton, Keane and McCarthy have unfortunately backfired.

Clearly there is a reason for this, which is my main point removing PL and keeping ME opens us up to the same mistake happening again and the club/ME just squandering more cash on a new manager.

IMO both PL and ME need to go just removing one does not obtain the desired effect
So if we lose tomorrow PL goes right????
at 02:06 5 Dec 2020


This ITFC twitter unfollow protest
at 15:30 4 Dec 2020

Ipswich's Twitter page down from 170.6k to 170.4k in just one afternoon from a simple tweet.

Things turning very quickly, and the fans seem to be in unison with anger towards PL, ME and the club in general.
He will be gone by end of tomorrow
at 23:47 1 Dec 2020

After that post match interview no owner in their right mind can see he has a future here.

With injuries as they are things are not going to turn rosy anytime soon and if anything they will get tougher.

Time for a change and try to bring some kind of spark back to the club
“We had to have a look at Dai, because he’s really good with his feet,” s
at 20:05 28 Nov 2020

Is the guy on drugs?

His distribution was shocking today, kept falling over and knocking it into touch
Lincoln team leak
at 17:32 28 Nov 2020

Surely this came from the Ipswich camp how did someone on here find it?

Have they bugged the managers dressing room?

Maybe they just guessed it right?
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