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That was an Ipswich style bottle that by City! (n/t)
at 22:43 4 May 2022

3 spare tickets for tomorrow upper north
at 20:21 29 Apr 2022

Free to anyone that wants them

Pm me if you are interested...
[Post edited 29 Apr 22:51]
Thompson getting some unnecessary stick but....
at 23:26 19 Apr 2022

What is it with his throws.

I think on 3 occasions he just threw it straight to a Wigan player.

I noticed th same thing on Saturday.

He has an odd throw that looks like it could be useful but he seems to have no control over where it actually goes.
at 23:22 19 Apr 2022

Tonight really showed what a difference a decent striker can do for you. Keane didn't get a sniff all game yet he scores two very good striker goals.

For me with Bonne and Norwood it felt like we were playing with 10 men. Bonne kept screaming for the ball whilst in offside positions and Norwood spends half his game chasing down defenders and the goalkeeper needlessly. If we are going to play one up top the striker has to be more clever, too many times Bonne needed to hold it up and he tried silly flicks and turns.

I dont think our main striker for next season is at the club, Jackson will be a great asset when we want to stretch teams but for me the other 3 add very little.

Another striker (maybe 2, a youngster on loan or something) and a LWB and I think we have decent squad, another CM would be a bonus though but Bakinson is growing on me.
Sam Parkin hit nail on the head
at 15:07 16 Apr 2022

We have learnt nothing new today about Ipswich.

Solid defensively, but need more fire power going forwards.

Will be interesting to see how McKenna views it over the summer.

Does he go down the route of signing wingers and go back to 4 at the back or does he stick with the wingbacks and bring in a more attaching LWB.

For me we need a set piece taker and a playmaker to sit next to Morsy, not completely sold on Evans or Bakinson so be interesting to see who we sign in the summer.

One other side issue I see is do we think Celina, Chaplin and Aluko are good enough no.10s. For me as good players as they are they all drop too deep and don't support the striker.
Dead rubber game
at 14:48 16 Apr 2022

McKenna needs to find a way of motivating this lot, could really see in that 2nd half Rotherham just wanted it more.

More intensity more appeals to the ref.

We looked like we were on our holidays.
Yellow cards really killed us in that game
at 14:41 16 Apr 2022

Took away any press we could put in, we need to stop being so petulant. But also need to appeal for things and get opposition players booked in the same way Rotherham did to us.

Another issue was Morsy not having his best game, really shows how important he is to the team. If he has an off game we lose control completely.
Hope the feel good factor doesnt disappear now the season is practically over
at 12:33 5 Apr 2022

Wigan and Charlton at home could potentially be big attendances, would be good to stay behind the team and really start building for next season.

[Post edited 5 Apr 13:08]
Edmundson out is obviously not a good thing
at 14:18 11 Mar 2022

But I do just wonder, providing Burgess is match fit and sharp, having an actual left footer in the left CB role could be a good thing.

I dont recall what Burgesses long passing is, but if he can quickly get the ball sprayed out to Burns when counter attacking which is far easier as a left footer on the left side
Controlling games
at 15:01 27 Feb 2022

I've been wanting us to control games for so long so have to say I am delighted with where we are now.

Clearly we have issues in the final third but our ability to control a game even against some of the better teams in the league has to be applauded.

We are miles away from the end to end uncontrolled style of Paul Cook and I personally am very happy with that.

Unfortunately we may have to wait until next season but I strongly believe McKenna will fix the scoring issue. I only hope he also looks at the set piece issues we have to do more with the amount we get.
Sam Morsy was immense yesterday
at 08:45 13 Feb 2022

But can someone tell him to have a shot when he gets to the edge of the box.

We have seen him strike a few and he does have a decent drive on him his shots, fancy him to score in the coming weeks.
Do we have a striker issue
at 11:50 6 Feb 2022

Watching the past few games all three strikers haven't really had much of an impact on the game.

Tbf to Norwood he was out on the left for a lot of yesterday but I'd still expect him to have an influence on the game.

Morsy an obvious issue in all this, without him you lose those driving runs and forward passes. Watching Carroll is like going back to the McCarthy days of sideways or backwards football.
Scott Fraser
at 12:40 31 Jan 2022

I have no doubt Fraser has ability in him.

But fans suggesting we didnt give him time/he was played out of position need to have a look at the games he played.

He was in the team against Barrow, Crewe, Accrington, Wimbledon, Col U, Charlton (his worst performance of the lot), Shrewsbury, Cambridge.

These are all games he should have been standing out in, but he didn't, for me he is far too light weight and doesnt come close to playing over, Chaplin, Aluko and Celina. when you watch these 3 they often stand our and there quality shine through irrespective of whether they are in their preferred position.

If we are making profit in this sale then for me it's a no brainer.
Morsy back up is a must
at 17:20 29 Jan 2022

We cannot rely on Morsy not being suspended or injured.

I personally would go all out for Matete and play him alongside Morsy, two powerhouses in the middle would make us much stronger.

Find the Bakinson signing an odd one just don't see what he adds yes he needs to get match fit but from what I have seen and heard I don't think he is the type of player we need in our 11, maybe a good player to come off the bench.
Away Day Travel
at 10:32 20 Jan 2022

How strict are rules on a beer on the coach?

Considering using my team points from Pack Our PR for MK Dons travel.

1/2 Travel on away travel bus
at 13:35 19 Jan 2022

What is the 1/2 Travel option?

At first I assumed it was just one way, but then saw it is the same price???
Will the transfer window tactic be, sign Bonne and Walton
at 16:00 4 Jan 2022

And free up some space for a couple of loans, possibly a LB and a winger?
Lincoln Game
at 13:02 2 Jan 2022

Any mention of when they are likely to rearrange this game for?
Fans claiming McKenna inexperience is a risk
at 17:05 16 Dec 2021

Are they the same fans that didnt want Harris?

It seems to me the club were never going to please all, they had to choose a direction and they appear to have chosen long term.

I can certainly get on board with that, a manager that has spent his career as a coach in the prem should be able to get this lot playing.

If you look at how well Manning is doing at MKDons, inexperienced coach that stepped into management and he seems to be doing very well.

Is it a gamble yes, but we all thought Cook was a sure thing and look how that turned out!
SkySports reporting it now
at 14:45 16 Dec 2021
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