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Looking like MV defeat could be near to 250
at 17:16 15 Jan 2019

Surely no PM could walk in to PMQs the next day after that.

People say she is resolute and determined, she is just plain stubborn and unwilling to listen to anyone but herself.

Many MPs are right in also blaming her front benchers for plainly going along with her and not challenging her enough
Any music in fanzone tomorrow?
at 22:55 11 Jan 2019

Trying to decide on where to drink tomorrow
Lets fill up the ground Saturday
at 16:35 6 Jan 2019

Show the true quality of our support, £12 tickets gives us a great chance to get behind the club and show them we are here to stay.

Should PL gamble and throw Harry Wright in the net
at 13:53 27 Dec 2018

Praised for his ability to play from the back and seems like he is held in high regard by most at the club.

Could he do any worse than the other two?
Gerken has to do better with that first goal
at 13:39 27 Dec 2018

Far too many errors in his game for me, we need an in form Bart back desperately
Are there any strong rumours of who PL is looking at in Jan
at 14:19 9 Dec 2018

Heard a lot of gossip but not seen anything strong

Someone must know a steward?
Need to do all we can Saturday to get the ground rocking
at 13:40 9 Dec 2018

Perfect chance to get a win with Wigan in poor form.

A decent crowd could be just what we need!
Yes it's dire
at 17:50 29 Nov 2018

But a part of me is still thinking, I am enjoying this season more than last.

Is it because we have something to play for?
Is it the more faster attacking play we are starting to see?
Is it the comical defending?
Is it the false hope the new managers have temporarily given us?

I'm currently feeling a mixture of emotions, a part of me looks at the squad and thinks it wouldn't take much for PL to make that a mid-table side.

Unfortunately the other part of me looks at the Jan window and:
a) being 2 months off;
b) not much normally happens in the Jan window;
c) ME seems to forget his wallet when he turns up to negotiations; and
d) who is going to want to come to a club 6+ points adrift.

I never thought I'd say Skuse looks like our most attacking midfielder
at 23:08 28 Nov 2018

Think there is an imbalance in the middle, no one collecting the ball, I would have thought Lambert would have wanted fast quick CMs in the middle driving forwards with Skuse sat behind.

I personally would go with Downes and Bishop/Dozzell and take Chalobah out of the equation using him as back up for either CBs or Skuse
Lot of stick for Bart tonight
at 22:42 28 Nov 2018

Yes he was at fault for their 1st goal but I do feel his distribution compared to Friday night has improved massively.

Think he needs his confidence back from what PH knocked out of him if we want to see him back at his best
Even at 1-0 I was saying we have far too many players not good enough
at 22:40 28 Nov 2018

Spence, Knudsen, Chalobah, Downes and Roberts that is too many players not playing well.

Spence as I think everyone can see simply just is not good enough

Knudsen although puts in a shift he makes some awful decisions going forwards and is very weak defensively

Chalobah stands about until the ball comes near to him, goes missing for 75% of the game. Dont mind a few misplaced passes but you have to g chasing it back if you lost it

Downes, felt harsh listing him but I did think he struggled today, in general has been good enough and obviously a promising prospect

Roberts, just spent the whole game moaning at the ref, doesnt attempt to challenge for the ball just goes down and hopes to get a foul.
One huge huge plus at the moment is the quality of our younger players
at 12:05 24 Nov 2018

From watching u23s and seeing some get their chances in the first team some look a cut above the older players.


That is a lengthy list of talented youngsters who I hope w w will soon see. Im sure i have missed a couple aswell
Did we all get too excited by Edwards
at 11:40 24 Nov 2018

Seems to me Lankaster has been coming on and playing to a much higher standard.

Hope its just a blip in form for Edwards as I really did like him at the start of the season
The key issues right now
at 11:39 24 Nov 2018

Firstly and most obviously we need a more dominant striker as an outlet for us defensively it is very difficult to defend when you clear the ball it comes straight back at you.

Secondly and for me most annoyingly, we still have not found a championship quality right back. Been struggling to think when we last had a decent right back, been the failure of Mick and Hurst in fixing this.

Thirdly the balance in the midfield is still off we looked far better once Teddy came on, although i think part of this was down to Downes having an off game.

Finally, the wingers and full backs are not joining up as well as previous seasons not sure what the tactic currently is there.
If we are going to insist on playing from the back
at 23:15 23 Nov 2018

We have to drop Chambers simple, he cannot play football.

if you want a cb to wear his heart on his sleeve amd throw himself into tackles he is you man

but if you want a cb who has the confidence to carry the ball and link up with the midfield then he is far from your man.

every pass from him either was misplaced, long or back to Bart who then knocked it long.

The answer might be play Chalobah who was solid for the England u20s i thought but with Skuse playing a deeper role for cover.

Overall we need to stay close to the other teams until Jan when hopefully Lambert can fix this mess
Around 20K already sold Friday night
at 17:39 20 Nov 2018

Great effort lads, keep going!
Folami worth a go Friday?
at 16:15 19 Nov 2018

Seen him in a few U23s and really liked his few appearance in the first team

Cant do any worse than what we have as it stands
[Post edited 19 Nov 2018 16:26]
A pub chat thought for you leave voters to mull over
at 01:26 3 Nov 2018

Do you really think having Britain back as a sole country going it alone will work for the general working man.

With the elitists etonians, Boris, Gove, Davis and Moggs running our country?!

With no EU to prevent ridiculous legislation and deregulation?

The electorate have once again been doupped and although I completely understand the reasons why people voted brexit, the idea sounds so much better than the reality when you really begin to look into thw future of our country
[Post edited 3 Nov 2018 1:27]
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