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Loan players
at 22:22 22 Apr 2019

For me the worst players on the pitch today were the loanees, with the exception of Keane.

Elder is the most average left back i have seen for a long time.

Bree although decent is far too predictable and boring.

Chalobah, I have liked him a lot this season, i thought it was weak, lazy and at fault for their goal.

I kind of understand why PL played them giving certain players a rest and a chance to look at Elder.

But from now on lets just play the players that will be here next season

Yes we were awful - what do fans expect
at 18:01 22 Apr 2019

We arent where we are by fluke!

add the poor players we have to the fact we are already relegated is anyone shocked we were poor today!

Why are fans getting so up in arms about it.

Just close your eyes and wake up in August
Why are some fans sticking the boot in now
at 17:55 22 Apr 2019

I agree we were poor today.

However, what do you expect we have team deflated from relegation and a manager mixing the team up to evaluate his options for next season.

I got the sense from some fans today they felt we could still stay up today!

This is going to be treated like an extended pre season so lets just get behind the team and manager and keep the atmosphere going til August
A very good point from someone made to me at Bolton last Saturday
at 17:43 11 Apr 2019

The feeling and atmosphere around the club in comparison with the past 2 years is incredible considering our position.

Last season we had our own players coming out and saying PR was actually a difficult place for them to play because of the the tense and often toxic atmosphere.

Despite being bottom of the league it appears to be the polar opposite this season, players praising the atmosphere, players like Judge, Collins and Keane seeing good things and potentially signing despite relegation.

Most clubs in our position would look like losing the better players, I actually don't think we will lose many players. Probably Knudsen and maybe Dozzell if a big club comes in.

I completely agree with what some people are saying in terms of we should not be happy to be relegated. But it's happening so we need to try and turn it into a positive and look at how it could benefit us in the longer term. Statistics are on our side with clubs returning bigger and better so we need to ensure we do not fall on the wrong side of the statistics and get behind the club.

Lets enjoy a season for once, lets get PR rocking and have some momentum behind us.
There is a lack of leadership right through the squad
at 21:45 10 Apr 2019

We look strongest with Collins, Skuse and Keane in the side in my opinion.

Chambers might do all the shouting and say the right things but just doesnt play like a leader does not take responsibility on the pitch.

Main thing we lacked in the summer transfer window really, one thing Mick was good at picking out, signing leaders where you needed them.

PL has now signed 2 unfortunately one is always injured and the other is also injured.
Bolton away, is it safe to buy tickets and book travel
at 12:52 19 Mar 2019

With a winding up order tomorrow is there potential the game could be called off?

Hope not as rather looking forward to the trip
The penalty appeal
at 13:18 17 Mar 2019

All you have to do is watch the ball, it does not move!

how both ref and lino dont see that is ridiculous
Level with lowest point tally in Championship as of last night
at 17:25 13 Mar 2019

Sorry if already posted.

That should be one embarrassment avoided should we manage to pick up one more point
at 13:06 10 Mar 2019

Surely if PL agrees with ME that he doesnt want any sort of transfer budget, the budget for spending can go on wages?

Say for example ME offers a £1m transfer budget, Id rather keep what we have and have a budget of £0 and ensure we keep the players we need.
Seeing Nsiala getting a lot of stick for the 2nd goal
at 12:10 3 Mar 2019

Chambers makes an equally pathetic attempt at tackling the striker even so much that he pulls away from the challenge.

Maybe worried about a red card but in the 90th minute take the free kick and potential red (ref probably would have bottled it and given a yellow) and the hold on to the point.

This season has been all about poor decision making from players right through from the keeper to the strikers. From bart and gerkens calamitous errors to Nolans shocking pass earlier in the season, to Knudsen against Stoke and now yesterday.

Whether you blame Hurst or Evans or even some blaming Lambert you cannot stop players making stupid decisions like that.
Why do some fans think 2 or 3 up front means goals???
at 21:37 2 Mar 2019

If that was the case football would be easy

The amount of fans i heard complaining about PL playing one up top. PL has his hands ties behind his back with strikers with Keane and Harrison out just throwing two up top doesnt solve that problem you need a midfield to create something. Unfortunately nothing seemed to come off for Bishop and Judge today.
Chambers is the problem!
at 18:55 2 Mar 2019

We looked best defensively when he was injured.

So I've managed to get a group of 14 to go to the match Saturday
at 17:08 26 Feb 2019

If we all do that the place will be rocking!!!

Who can say no to a £12 ticket, £3 for the youngsters.
Season Ticket pricing
at 23:28 21 Feb 2019

lets not pay til the end of the season and we pay from a range of £3 - £5 per point depending on your seat.

Make them work a bit harder wont it.

In all seriousness tho id like us to follow huddersfield mould
So can we get PL in bottom north next Saturday? (n/t)
at 23:26 21 Feb 2019

Im not saying we should have won the game
at 15:25 10 Feb 2019

But when you look at the stats from today, how on earth are we 9 points a drift at the bottom.

more possession, corners and chances today, yes we clearly lack quality in both boxes but I still struggle to grasp the fact our position makes us look awful when we clearly are not that.

Little more quality up front, Judge getting his fitness up will be a huge for us i think
Right lets fill the ground Wednesday, bring friends, family, anyone
at 15:18 10 Feb 2019

Lets get the ground bouncing and show our support.

People moaning about the ST holder complaining about deals
at 12:32 5 Feb 2019

Personally i couldnt care less i want to see a full ground

BUT I do think do something small like a free pie and pint at the game would just the club are considering the season ticket holders who turn up week in week out.

Personally however do thinm there is something in the pipeline for next season
Surely the club should put the Norwich game on in fanzone
at 16:14 1 Feb 2019

Would make a decent whack of money
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