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We've been here before...
at 11:19 23 Feb 2024

Anyone else seeing a lot of parallels with tonight's game and Barnsley v Sheff Weds last year?

Similar time, although the Barnsley game was maybe a few weeks on. Barnsley the in-form team flying along and Wednesday had wobbled from a 10(ish) point lead at the top.

At one point I had all but conceded the league to Wednesday and was aiming for second but this game turned it all around and they suddenly looked more than catchable, whilst Barnsley looked a real threat.

I know Leeds are already an immense threat to us, I guess what I'm saying is that maybe Leicester are the ones to catch and tonight could be a similar turning point like that game was last year.

Leicester have a lot of parallels with Wednesday - top but getting on the manager's back. Not happy with style of play etc. It's not a long stretch to see them completely implode.
Football Cards
at 09:46 20 Dec 2023

I've recently dipped my toe into collecting football cards, saw a bit of hype and thought I would get involved.

Not in it to try and make money - but I got a few cards from a box break stream and wondered if anyone can give some advice on dos and don'ts?

Also how to value the cards as it seems a minefield unless one has recently been sold somewhere. I.e. got a /50 card, but can't see any guide to value on it.
Anyone else think...
at 10:54 13 Dec 2023

The pressure is on Narwich on Saturday?

The decade undefeated is all they're clinging onto at this stage, they're fearing a loss coming into it and it seems to mean everything to them.

We've got the confidence and belief in what we do at home to not have to feel any pressure. The worst case scenario is that we lose...not the end of the world. Give them the victory their season is depending on and we move on with bigger things ahead of us, comfortably still sat in the top two.
We are yet to beat a team by more than one away from home
at 09:43 7 Nov 2023

Which is by no means a moan, they've been excellent away performances.

After draws at Hudds and Brum now, it would be really nice to have a really comfortable win and just keep the momentum rolling.

Away Tickets
at 18:23 4 Sep 2023

I know this has been covered, but I’m getting really bored of this whole ego filled ticket mafia the membership scheme has created.

Just created a bunch of wannabe Twitter popular weirdos offering out their tickets to get the points.

Would love it if the club took the points off every single one of them.
Would we be the least disappointed to not go up?
at 11:58 18 Apr 2023

Hear me out here - I would obviously be gutted if we didn't make it now.

However, what a time to be an Ipswich fan again. Everything is so positive, if we don't go up this year then we've got an unbelievable squad ready to go again next year.

It might be the third tier but what a joy it is to support this team again.

On the flipside - Plymouth are enjoying their run, but judging by their comments they're viewing it as an opportunity they won't get again so there is some pressure and inevitable disappointment if they don't make it.

Wednesday fans - well we know they weren't even happy at the top. They don't have a manager they believe in, the squad is ageing and I don't know how confident they will be if they don't make it this year. Imagine there would be a lot of negativity around.

So therefore is the pressure on us the lowest, in some ways?

Not discounting Barnsley to make it either.
Peterborough Ticket
at 11:16 17 Apr 2023

Like I'm sure many others I'm looking for a Peterborough ticket for Saturday.

Plans have changed and I only live down the road - just looking for one if anyone has a flakey mate that has let them down!
It’s probably the wrong time to ask…
at 20:36 1 Apr 2023

…but if anyone has one unwanted Peterborough ticket going, please let me know!
Bookies are never wrong - right?
at 15:23 7 Mar 2023

For the gamblers amongst us...

Don't know if this has been posted already - but we're set to break the record for the shortest priced team in the EFL (excluding last game of the season) now at 1/7 (1.14) on SkyBet to win tonight.

Previous record for L1 was 23/100 (1.23)

We're good - but is it a forgone conclusion like this suggests?
MK Dons ticket
at 22:16 17 Feb 2023

Like many others, I’m sure - I’m after either one adult or two adult tickets for MK Dons.

Keep the post in mind if your plans change please!
Sunderland Ticket Available
at 21:06 9 Nov 2021

Hi guys,

I’ve got an adult ticket spare for the Sunderland game:

I know it’s not quite sold out yet but if anyone was looking for one in block 30 (which is sold out).

Face value - £27.50

Can meet at the game to hand it over.
Burns’ Disallowed Goal
at 11:59 26 Sep 2021

Thought at the time it looked quite tight but wasn’t many complaints.

Just watched the highlights and pausing it when Bonne flicks it on it looks pretty tight, possibly even onside.

Big moment in the game.
New Striker
at 15:30 11 May 2021

A lot of talk about who we would want and it's obviously one of the key positions we need to fill with a couple of signings before August.

What about Mo Eisa from Peterborough? They've put him up for sale, only bought for £1.3m so won't be silly money.

Assume he would have played at Bristol City when Ashton was there too?

Started really well when he joined P'boro just lost his way, think he would be a really good signing.
at 16:59 29 Dec 2019

I offered a ticket out for today this week which someone took. Turned down five other people for the ticket and at half 2 today he cancelled on me leaving me £26 short and another town fan from going (I know we lost)

Thought us town fans stick together? Think this is beyond poor form.
at 08:47 27 Dec 2019

Remember the Wimbledon game in August?

We weren’t great at all against a relegation candidate but as a crowd the atmosphere never stopped and I genuinely believed that made all of the difference and the reason we won.

Two massive games coming up now, especially Sunday where the home crowd are usually pretty loud and we need to take it upon ourselves to put the confidence and belief back in these players.
Want to see this?
at 13:03 20 Dec 2019

Want this to be your view on 29th December (hopefully with a few more people in it)?

One Lincoln adult ticket for sale - £26. My mate has lost the Christmas spirit and bailed on me.

This is the view from your seat, if you want it!

Section 5 Row S
at 22:11 20 Aug 2019

To the guy in row s in section 5 who left after 67 minutes because you were a disgrace and booing the team...

...that one was for you. Please never come back.
Tyrese Campbell
at 20:47 24 Jul 2019

Anyone know much about him?

Just been at Lincoln v Stoke and he’s scored twice in the first half, one of them a lovely finish.

Scored 5 in 15 for Shrewsbury last year, seems to be down the pecking order at Stoke. Could be worth a punt as our third striker?
Hurst Interview
at 15:55 21 Feb 2019

For anyone interested Paul Hurst has done a special with Not the Top 20 podcast.

Only the final 10 minutes or so on Ipswich and a lot of what we've heard since he left, but it's there if anyone wants a listen.

Available on all your average podcast sites.
The alternative January
at 14:15 11 Jan 2019

Anyone ever think 'I wonder who Hurst would have turned to in this situation to save us.'?

Must have been a few gems released from a League 2 club.
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