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The thing is if Boris and Rishi do resign...
at 00:01 13 Apr 2022

Then who the devil takes over?

As much as they should go, I worry about who's next inline.


Fook me what a list.

Shame Rory Stewart isn't about still as he might be the best of a exceptionally bad group.

Whatever happens I see no positives in them either staying or going. We are truly fooked.

Any chance the Conservatives can get a loan in from another party for the next 2.5 years?
Once we are mathematically out of the playoffs...
at 18:44 10 Apr 2022 you think that a certain Mr Sheeran will make his town debut?

Reckon ITFC will give him a run out?
Has your local garage passed on the 5p fuel duty cut?
at 20:16 24 Mar 2022

Just drove passed mine. On Tuesday it was 164.9 for unleaded, now it's 165.9

How exactly does this cut actually help people if the garages are not forced to implement it?
[Post edited 24 Mar 20:17]
“Listen, 100 per cent, you will not get me digging players out....."
at 18:36 16 Oct 2021

Except when you do.

No consistency in anything with you Mr. Cook is there? Aside from the dreadful team management during the game.

No idea where to go from here, really want to be supportive as not one to sack managers in a hurry but even for me it's getting to that point sadly.
I've been censored for the first time ever on TWTD!
at 14:39 2 Sep 2021

Do I get a medal or keys to the executive toilets?

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Whatever you think of Paul Cook....
at 17:09 28 Aug 2021

He gets more time. There is no point in changing tact just yet, however.....

He does not get a free pass, he has come in as Billy Big Balls saying that the club needed gutting and changing (Lambert-esque at times....). He has done that, but the results are not showing much of an improvement despite the spending and to be blunt his vision is severely lacking. He threw out a lot of our underperforming players before he had even had a chance to 'gel' with them which is what he now wants. Literally, after one game he tore into the squad, and then everybody stopped playing for him. Hmm, no surprise.

I am not advocating change as he has to be given time... however those who think it is wrong to challenge him at this stage are seriously deluded.

Something smells fishy and i am not talking about the contents of Baldricks trousers....
Excess Deaths in 2020 vs Ave 2015-2019
at 17:27 22 Jun 2021

Not sure if this has been shared but during 2020 there were approximately an additional 85k more death in 2020 than in the average of the previous 5 year period.

The number of deaths that are assigned to Covid so far is approx 150k, which will be the cause of death on the certificate, but some of these people would have passed anyway. The numbers only run till early Jan 2021, however, the mortality rate is less this year than last so the true impact of covid will be less than the 150k I imagine.
They do say that the fastest way to become a millionaire....
at 13:19 8 Apr 2021

is to start as a billionaire and then buy Ipswich Town.
Utter madness....
at 23:14 31 Aug 2017

Some of these comments tonight. People are forgetting that we've had a really good transfer windows that seems to be now classed as negative because we didn't sign a 4th choice CB on the last day of the transfer window.

Sure we have an injury crisis at the moment, but aren't these the times where our squad comes together and others step-up? Id rather save the cash and make the injection in January if we are still around the playoffs at that time.
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