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If Britain were to vote to rejoin the EU
at 09:12 3 Jun 2022

Would we have to wait multiple years for our application to be considered?

Im unclear why this process seems to be so long, or whether previous membership would cut out not of that. I still hope that one day we will rejoin, but I hadn't quite appreciated that the process seems to run into decades.
Paul Mariner biography
at 15:37 18 May 2022

Currently reading that.

One of my favourite parts so far is when he describes coming out of the Wembley tunnel and the Ipswich players at that stage being unaware just how many Town fans were there. And they were turning round to look as they emerged and getting goose bumps.

And then he says (unintentionally funny)....I just wish time could have stood still, even if for just one minute.

I think I know what he meant :-)
Ive got covid at the moment and its giving me really weird skin problems
at 09:58 18 May 2022

Ive got big hives come up. Some patches of dry skin. Some what almost look like insect bites that then puff up and bruise up in colour. Not pleasant.

Anyone else had that?

Every other normal covid symptom seems to have almost gone in 4 days. Full testament to the vaccines I think providing a good immune response. But as someone who has hay fever etc, I wonder if my immune response is over doing it and causing the skin problems.

Are we allowed to express some incredulity about the vardy court case
at 21:41 16 May 2022

Or does that put Phil into meltdown?

Just asking before I express some.

I’m now more interested in the question than what I have to say. Which is only minor and as worthless as the whole event.
Interesting that Bonne starts
at 11:55 30 Apr 2022

Last game farewell, or last chance to impress McKenna?
PSG fans walk out of stadium early and don't celebrate the title win with the pl
at 13:34 25 Apr 2022

All because they got knocked out of the champions League by real Madrid.


Another plastic club full of self entitled fans
Matt Le Tissier
at 13:19 6 Apr 2022

What a tool.

From anti vaccination to now questioning the western media portrait of Bucha.

I despise this world of lies and manipulation. When Russia still won't own up to the Salisbury poisonings, despite the huge amount of evidence, why would we ever believe anything they say?

What we don't need is tw@ts like Le Tissier and George Galloway giving Russia propaganda any sort of credence.

Im totally sickened by what we are seeing in Ukraine. I wouldn't have believed it even of the Russian army that such inhuman stuff could be carried out. But it clearly is.

And whilst Im waffling on, god help us with climate change, because I think Russia's appetite for scaling back on gas and oil is less than zero.
Positions to fill in the summer
at 12:38 3 Apr 2022

1. New left wing back. We need a Wes Burns on the left. That maybe too much to ask, but certainly someone more attacking than what we have. Thompson isn't anywhere near PL standard and I think would be available, but I don't think he is effective as a wing back. Got hooked for losing his cool again plus some awful crosses into the box.

2. New centre forward. We need someone with more physical presence and can hold the ball up. An Ironside or a Stockton perhaps. Essential.

3. Another centre mid. More physical but still technical.

4. If we don't keep Celina then someone else for that role. I think him, Chaplin and Aluko are all good players but maybe a little too similar. They probably aren't creating enough either.
Did anyone see the soldiers on Sir Alf Ramsey way?
at 12:17 3 Apr 2022

I saw two in uniform as I walked in. One was sat in a car talking into a headset and another was walking about near the ticket office, also talking into a headset.

I assume they may have been on some sort of exercise rather than anything "real".

Anyone else see that?
The refund that we just had
at 15:07 30 Mar 2022

What was that for? That seems to be the third refund that we had in total. Ive lost track of why they keep giving them back to us. It feels like Im getting paid to go to the football. Great! My sons season ticket has worked out at £115 for U23 price!

And aren't we also going to get one for the Lincoln game as part of the delayed xmas promotion thing?
Has the BBC News been hacked?
at 13:21 18 Mar 2022

The latest news section for me is all in foreign language?
I thought this Russian ex pilot was inspiring
at 12:45 13 Mar 2022

and worth sharing

Aluko outstanding last night
at 09:27 9 Mar 2022

When was the last time we had a player that constantly takes the ball in tight spaces, under pressure, who not only doesn't lose it, but in a split second actually makes something happen with a tight turn or a lay off.

Easily my man of the match. Ive no idea why Reading got rid of him. Its only a shame he's not 4 or 5 years younger and we could plan around him longer term.
I see Russia have at last suggested something
at 14:16 7 Mar 2022

Maybe we are seeing that they are looking for a way out rather than total war.

Im not sure it will be acceptable to Ukraine though.

Russia has said that it can stop operations at "any moment" if Ukraine meets Russian conditions.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says Ukraine must recognise Crimea as Russian, and Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states.

In addition to this, Peskov says Ukraine must amend its constitution and reject claims to enter any bloc (like Nato, for example).

He adds that Russia will finish the "demilitarisation" of Ukraine, and if these conditions are met Russian military action will "stop in a moment".

The Kremlin spokesman insists that Russia is not seeking to make any further territorial claims on Ukraine.
Alot of things in the premier league world pass me by
at 08:59 28 Feb 2022

I read on the BBC just now that the goalkeeper who came off the bench for Chelsea - the reserve keeper!!! - cost 71 million.

"Kepa Arrizabalaga is the world's most expensive goalkeeper after signing for Chelsea for £71m in 2018"

A 71 million pound reserve goalkeeper.

Just had an email from Bulb
at 15:55 25 Feb 2022

My energy bill is going up from £125 a month to £215.

Happy 2022 everyone!
The question to ask now is about the Baltic States
at 09:47 25 Feb 2022

As these are NATO countries and we are committed to defend them, that would mean military action. But are we really prepared to do that? For all the reasons that we don't want to do it in Ukraine.

Its worrying stuff. Putin couldn't even wait till we'd got over Covid before dropping the next crisis.
Comments from Doncaster game
at 22:10 10 Feb 2022

I didn’t see the game and when i read some of the posts on here, I thought we must have struggled a bit like we did on Saturday.

But after reading the Doncaster fans forum I got a different impression. Largely huge praise for us a a passing football side.

Top comment for me being:

“ Credit to Ipswich, played like prime Barca, we were 5/10 yards off them all time time, I’ve not seen a team at this level for a long time play like they did tonight, cracking one touch and move from them. ”

Are some of our fans just too harsh. I’ve been waiting years to start reading paragraphs like that again.
You’ve got to love the table Putin sat Macron at
at 19:08 7 Feb 2022

Should make for a good conversation.
Random thoughts on todays game
at 23:35 5 Feb 2022

- That was pretty poor. Passing out from the back was so laboured and not confident at all. If we cant pass it out from our own third easily then we just invite pressure.

- Norwood played out of position. Too wide. Didnt look very effective there.

- Piggott did ok in my book. But why don't we play some balls onto his head. And then pick up some knock downs. It was all to feet and too predictable.

- Failure to create anywhere near enough chances. Again.

- New left back looked a downgrade on Coulson. Hopefully he will get better. Their left back looked better!

- Edmundson less sure of himself in a back three.

- Carroll. How did he play for Spurs? Far too much sideways and back. No dribbling.

- Wolf. Good game. Ive been really impressed with him recently. He seems to have cut out the mistakes and solid. He's been the stand out defender to me.

- keeper did well. Looks solid. I like how he looks to get the ball forward with some urgency as well.

- Evans largely did ok but I felt played deeper again. Without Morsey he didnt seem to want to push forward very much.

- Great crowd for Gillingham. I hope the support keeps up as its so much better seeing the stadium fuller. But even the crowd couldn't really be bothered today. Maybe no one believes that we can get to POs.

- Despite it all we won. And theres alot to be said for winning.
[Post edited 5 Feb 23:35]
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