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Any iMac security experts here?
at 11:04 9 Jan 2022

I upgraded my 2012 iMac last year with an SSD and more Ram. So Id like to keep it going for quite a while yet. But the iOS is going to go out of support sometime this year with no more updates.

How big an issue is that? If I use Chrome as the browser then I assume Chrome would still be updated so vulnerabilities whilst browsing are less?

Or the other thing I was wondering is whether I just install windows on it. Ive never done that before but I assume if I did that then it would just not have any issues as long as I booted up Windows each time I use it?

Anyone out there with any thoughts? Im a bit worried about doing online banking etc if the IOS is out of support.
Bidens speech
at 11:48 7 Jan 2022

“Make no mistake about it, we are at an inflection point in history . . . between autocracy and democracy. The pain and scars from that day run deep. We are in a battle for the soul of America — a battle that, by the grace of God and the goodness of this nation, we will win.”

Who would have believed that these words would have been coming out of a presidents mouth?

And how can so many Americans still believe in Trump? About 10% of the population still believe that the Democrats (elites) are doing awful things with babies.

This world of disinformation and lies, made somehow real just because people retweet it, is truly disturbing.

The irony is that there is no bigger "elite" than Trump. He throws everyone under a bus to save his own skin and is prepared to finish democracy if it means he "wins". If he doesn't run in three years, then it will be his son. He wants to be Putin.

Scary stuff.
Cook - I never took training pre season
at 13:21 6 Jan 2022

Can someone please explain what that means? I cant for one second believe that he never had the players together and coached them pre season. That cant have just been the fitness team or whatever they are doing pre season training??

Ive a bit of sympathy for his comments. I think the manager has to have more control and say of the running of the club than just being a first team coach. Its a bit worrying for me. I don't think the tail should wag the dog.
Im reverting to superstition
at 17:50 29 Dec 2021

Twenty years ago in the Burley era I had my lucky pants. By and large they brought success. AC Milan type red and black just for the info.

When they wore out and got binned I dismissed them as stupid superstitions that just cant be entertained by any rational or intelligent person.

But look whats happened in the last twenty years. Despair inflicted by the abandoned lucky pants.

The good news is that I think Ive identified another item of clothing that is bringing good luck whenever Ive worn it this season....the new away shirt.

So the good news is that I will wear it from now onwards in this new era.

Im guaranteeing no defeat tonight - at least a point. Rejoice the PL is coming.
club have posted video interview
at 14:58 20 Dec 2021

Opposition manager team talk
at 22:01 15 Dec 2021

Press Ipswich high up the pitch with energy because they are clueless trying to play it out from the back. Doesn't matter who plays for them, it's just absorbed in their DNA. Eventually they will either overplay it and gift you a chance. Or they will kick it long to Jackson who will either not get it or just gift it back instantly.

And when it comes to the midfield just run at them because they stand about like startled chickens in car headlights. Not knowing who to pick up. You can even do a couple of back heel passes just to show them up a bit more.

But most of all boys, just believe it's so easy. Your confidence will shine from minute one.
[Post edited 15 Dec 2021 22:29]
How have we managed to do this
at 20:48 15 Dec 2021

We have changed the owners, the management, the whole playing squad and we are not one step further forward.

Clueless football. Can't control the ball or pass our way out of trouble. No passion. No idea. No shots.

Im struggling to understand how Covid stats get interpreted
at 12:19 15 Dec 2021

This is from The Times:

For every 1,000 infections, 44 people ended up in hospital in South Africa in the first wave, 101 in the Delta wave and 38 in Omicron. He and his colleagues estimate that after correcting for vaccination status, age and previous infection, Omicron is a third less severe than the original Wuhan strain of coronavirus, which is in turn less serious than Delta.

So thats 1000 infections. Not if you get it etc. Its an infection. First wave 44 hospitalisations per 1000. Omicron 38 hospitalisations per 1000. So if its a third less severe then why isn't it 15?

How can you you allow for "other" factors when what we are looking at here is infections and hospitalisations ratio?
football style
at 10:59 14 Dec 2021

Have the new owners ever come out and said the style of football that they wanted the club to play?

Under Evans he had stated that he wanted to see us become a passing side - my simple interpretation of it. Every age group to play the same style.

Im not sure if in the supporter meetings the question has been raised, but are we under a continuation of that philosophy or is there no new philosophy?

I cant see Harris would fit if we had established that we were going to be a passing side. But now im thinking that Ashton etc have never said that we will be.
[Post edited 14 Dec 2021 15:01]
I was encouraged by morseys post match interview
at 18:22 11 Dec 2021

Thought he sounded genuine. Maybe he is more comited than I thought.

Or am I just nieve?
Neil Harris lost his last six games as a manager
at 14:32 10 Dec 2021

Is this really the best we can do?

His Millwall side was also pretty direct.

If its him I despair. We might as well get Warnock as a stop gap in that case.
[Post edited 10 Dec 2021 14:38]
Think the new owners will suddenly become more worried about Omicron
at 21:46 7 Dec 2021

They aren't going to see a special atmosphere at PR.

What a frickin shambles. Yet again. Yet again.

The first thing a team needs is energy, fight and commitment. This squad, like the last just fold. We cant get rid of them all again neither.

I'd take Warnock now. Bit of old school and call a few of them out. Can't see this is a time for fresh young manager trying to impose himself on this lot.
[Post edited 7 Dec 2021 21:47]
Frank Yallop
at 18:41 7 Dec 2021

Someone on one of the Ipswich YouTube debate thingies described Frank Yallop as an Ipswich legend.

I know he probably just said it lightly and didnt expect me to have a eyes roll moment about it all. But FY was at best an ok fullback. Not as good as say Tarricco, or Mings or Cresswell or Herman or Wilnis.

Not a legend.

Why was Paul cook doing the John mcgreal interview
at 19:36 6 Dec 2021

He hasn't really gone. It's all a ruse.

He knew he was going to be sacked. Suggested we employ John mcgreal. And has locked John in his house
[Post edited 6 Dec 2021 19:38]
Think we’ve made a big mistake sacking Cook now
at 16:38 6 Dec 2021

I know the results have been disappointing. But some, stressing some, of the performances have been a big improvement over recent years. I think the recruitment wasn’t quite right over the summer and that’s bound to be the case when recruiting so many. But with a couple of tweaks in the next window I was hopeful we would pick up. I’d have taken top 10 this year and push next.

Cook came across as a decent guy and clearly the players liked him and indeed many came because of him. Think American owners who are distant and let’s face it not exactly football experts have made a decision based on points return only. I seriously doubt they have a target / plan in mind.

It’s a pointless debate now as he’s gone. But I will be hugely surprised if we now kick on to get promoted this year. I think we will probably be very underwhelmed with who gets appointed as well. Followed by another mini clear out.

Just my view. And who cares really. I would agree that cook and the players have disappointed to date.
I will give you a name of someone who' would get us promoter next season
at 21:10 5 Dec 2021

Noone would want him out of principle.

I don't even really want him.

But Sam allardyce would probably do it. I mean if you have a bookies list that we've got, he doesn't even sound so bad?

I don't even want him. But I bet he'd be a success.
The McGreal appointment is a bit odd
at 13:10 2 Dec 2021

in the sense that he is assisting Kieron Dyer in the U23s.

And that was what Terry Butcher was doing.

But then there was an announcement that Terry was leaving as there was no role for him. Only to be replaced by another former ex Ipswich centre half.

I feel a bit for TB. Not sure what went on there but he must be questioning it himself?
If Cook was to get sacked in the near future
at 22:17 1 Dec 2021

Who is available out there that would take this club forward?

I'm not an expert on lower league type managers that we could attract or are available. But I'm struggling to think of anyone. Some of the ones that are doing ok won't be released by the club's. Ones out of work right now??

Maybe we need a foreign manager. Be our first.
Everton fact in last six years
at 19:54 1 Dec 2021

They have spent half a billion pounds on players.

That's an amazing amount for a mid table side.

Manager speak
at 14:34 26 Nov 2021

“Don’t forget, we’ve put together a brand new team in the summer,” Cook continued. “I don’t want to go back to it because it’s not an excuse"

Translates as....I will go back to it and use it as an excuse, even though I know its wearing a bit thin. So I'll acknowledge it shouldn't be, but really can I please use it, again. And keep it in my back pocket.

Despite that I still quite like his honesty and at least saying that he can see it from a fans point of view etc. He knows that the trajectory has to be upwards or he won't be here. He certainly gives more of an honest assessment that Lambert was doing towards the end.
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