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Think we should give the club some credit
at 18:19 9 Jul 2020

I was critical of them when they brought out the awful leaving las vegas kit. Pretty vulgar logo and seemed to metaphor for where we were as a club.

However, you have to say in the last few years, with the re-engagement of the community trust work, the recent pretty extensive offer of options on season ticket refunds, price freezes and now more "ethical" kits, you have to say the club is making an effort.

There has also been more pro-active engagement from the owner. Not to mention his seeming commitment to keep this club afloat through this crisis.

Whilst we all just want success on the pitch as our ultimate gauge of "town happiness", I think most people would have to recognise the improvements made.

I really am looking forward to be able to go again and hope that for once we can achieve something on the pitch.
Place failed to have a single touch in Liverpool’s penalty area
at 22:22 24 Jun 2020

No touch in the whole game in Liverpool’s box. That’s an amazing stat.
Next season
at 13:49 24 Apr 2020

It seems pretty apparent now that social distancing is going to be here for at least the next year. On that basis there isnt going to be football being watched in stadiums is there? I cant see a viable scenario where social distancing of 2 metres is going to allow for that. (though if our attendances keep falling you never know!).

So that could mean a season of watching on tv. Which is probably fine for the premier league as sky PL payments are big enough to support them. But at league 1 level we know thats not the case.

The season ticket letter from ME is suggesting that we would watch it at home - and that the season ticket cost will be ok for that. But realistically is that viable? Even if we get all the existing ST holder to renew and become subscribers - thats no way enough money to cover current running costs? The loss of other match day revenue and commercial money will remain.

And in addition, even if we could make that work, how many other league 1 clubs could do the same? We cant even guarantee a league next year of viable football clubs.

So are we going to renew season tickets on that basis? It seems a huge leap into the dark. I may well out of loyalty and trying to keep my football club going - more than I expect to see a season of entertainment.

I think we need to have all league 1 players take pay cuts to the amount of revenue that the club can generate. They should be shown the books as such and told look our income now is only 50% (or whatever) and therefore we need you to take that as a cut in your wages.

How many would be open to that? Legally non enforceable. But without that I can only see administration for many clubs.

There are bigger things going on than football. But I cant help but think that the future of the club as we know it must be in the balance?

Am I being overly pessimistic? Happy to be told otherwise.....
Can someone please tell Mick mills
at 17:16 25 Jan 2020

To stop saying you know every sentence.

Decent game you know.
[Post edited 25 Jan 18:56]
Guilty admissions
at 21:23 13 Jan 2020

I will go first:

I like Chris Sutton as a football pundit. He has an opinion. It’s often tongue in cheek when he winds people up. Seems a decent down to earth bloke.

Anyone who thinks that Judge isn’t a good player
at 13:23 6 Nov 2019

You need to go and have another look at the Norwich away game last season. The guy is a class player who missed pre season and has struggled to get going. But you need to back these guys to regain form and then confidence. He clearly cares and I think he will come good.
The Keogh thing is a bit odd
at 11:06 31 Oct 2019

IGNORE - just seen theres a similar thread lol

It cant be co-incidental that the one player who is out of action for 15 months and a great cost to club wages with no return, is the one sacked. And the other 2 just get fined 6 weeks wages?

He wasnt even driving. So surely his main fault is being drunk on a night out? In which case most players in the football league would get sacked?

Surely the player most guilty is the one that was drink driving and driving too fast?
[Post edited 31 Oct 2019 11:08]
unbelievably we were first out of the hat last time we drew Lincoln
at 21:44 21 Oct 2019

fancy that

So was there a handshake
at 20:23 8 Oct 2019

Or a snub?
I’m very happy
at 19:16 28 Sep 2019

But it will be even better when we have beaten a side in the top 10 or two.

time for the diamond again?
at 15:36 16 Sep 2019

If we play Garbutt as left back and Kane V-Y as right - both are pretty attacking and could provide the width.

Then we can play Judge or Nolan just behind two front strikers.

With skuse sitting at base.

And Downes / Huws / Bishop / Dozzell as other mids.

I think that could work with the players we have. Will also allow us to keep 2 up front.

Maybe we will all reflect on Evans as our owner
at 12:40 26 Aug 2019

There have been times when I've been as frustrated with Marcus Evans. The lack of significant investment has meant a steady decline. However, you cant knock his commitment to keeping this club running and sustainable. And putting in money every year.

Im not sure Bolton wont yet get a reprieve but if they dont they are a significant club to go bust and out of business. There will probably be even more ramifications for financial fair play being adhered to in the long term.

I am a bit gutted if we lose our 3 points and 5 goals though! I know thats hugely shallow given Bolton are possibly losing their club.
When will huws start?
at 12:54 24 Aug 2019

I would rest skuse today and play huws from the start. Downes as the holding mid.
Who knew that ice cream could tell the future
at 15:19 5 Jul 2019

(Why can’t I paste the photo ??)
[Post edited 5 Jul 2019 15:26]
Norwood goals
at 09:50 12 Jun 2019

Just watched his goals from last year. Hugely impressive. Pace. Strength. Good headers. And left and right foot finishes. Doesnt matter what league it is, they were top quality finishes. Better defenders may stop as many chances but it looks that if he gets one, he knows how to finish.

You cant pile too much pressure on the lad and the whole team need to become more prolific goal scorers. But a very promising signing.
uefa cup final ticket allocation
at 09:48 10 May 2019

from the BBC site:

Baku's Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 68,700 but Uefa has allocated only 6,000 tickets to each club, a decision Arsenal described as "disappointing", adding that it presents them with "extreme difficulties" in how to allocate tickets".

Thats nuts. nearly 70k stadium and only 12k go to fans of the clubs. 6k each to arsenal and chelsea. How would you even know if you are Arsenal who to let have them given they must have about 50k season ticket holders?

It should be 90% to the clubs and 10% to the UEFA brigade.
This 12000 total to get a reduction
at 16:08 7 May 2019

To be quite honest - I'd rather the club kept the money and we bought players!!

is everyone really that desperate for what would be about £30.

What we really want is a good team to watch next year?
We are not coming straight back next year without some really good signings
at 22:14 27 Apr 2019

Let’s face it we show no signs of having any momentum going into the new season. We have no goal scorer. Keane looks like he would be a huge gamble to sign given his injury record.

Our midfield isn’t creative enough. Our defence is weak. I have been reluctant to berate chambers but he looked so shakey today. Nsiala did ok but always has a huge blunder in him every game.

The pluses are bishop, judge, downes, lankaster and that really is about it, I think skuse will be ok in div 1. And one of the two keepers.

It was pretty depressing stuff today. But I will be there next season. Please god this has to be the bottom! But I fear we may be down for a few seasons.

when do the season ticket renewals go out?
at 17:06 18 Apr 2019

I havent had mine yet...did they just announce the prices the other day - or were people receiving them as well?
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