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Thats what you get when you put 3 budgies on the pitch
at 21:32 14 Jun 2024

Didnt Clarke see the play offs?
Happy transfer window eve
at 08:34 13 Jun 2024

How soon will it be before we sign someone? Could we possibly already have a deal lined up for tomorrow?

Here’s the runners and riders

Carl Rushworth
Joe Rodon
Ryan Sessegnon
Ben Sheath
Zian Fleming
Keiffer Moore
Omari Hutchinson
Jeremy Sarmiento (why does his Wikipedia page say he plays for pl club ipswich)

Who will be first? Will any of those actually sign? Who else is missing from the list.

Exciting isn’t it.

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Do players still get transfer listed?
at 08:56 9 Jun 2024

Is it my imagination or does that not seem to happen so much these days?

Ladapo would have to be on the list along with two or three more?

Maybe the club just don’t announce these things now?

What about other PL clubs, are any players denoted as available for transfer?
cam burgess interview
at 16:12 5 Jun 2024

Think its an AFL aussie pod, worth a listen.

Just watched the extended interview with Kieran on town tv
at 18:24 31 May 2024

It's a really beautiful thing. 50 minutes that's essentially a season review. There's a real sparkle in his eye and smile on his face as he talks through the season. You can see he's really comfortable when discussing matches and his recall of the detail from each of those games. You can tell this club means something to him beyond just being a club he's working at.

When he does leave, I think we all need to understand that he will have given his all and it's just time to go. Will always get a clap from me when he comes back. But hopefully all that is still a little way off and we write some more chapters.
I’ve watched so much ITFC content on YouTube it now gives me this
at 21:23 30 May 2024

Slap on auto translate to English in settings and see the Spanish love.
What is our manager model these days?
at 16:16 25 May 2024

Are we now a club where we have this Mckenna style of play and any future coach has to demonstrate they can adopt that and serve that up.

Or are we still open to any style and its more about getting the perceived good coach and allowing them to play whatever style they believe is appropriate.
[Post edited 25 May 16:33]
Dont worry. No mention of first team manager
at 22:31 20 May 2024
Did this interview get posted yesterday in all the excitement?
at 10:56 17 May 2024

Someones done us a rap
at 17:25 14 May 2024

Any TWTD posters going to Dusseldorf
at 16:24 9 May 2024

Im taking my son. Sounds like theres 160 going this year and im looking forward to it, especially with it being a bit of a promotion party.

Fortuna have an outside chance of making the top 2. Which would be amazing considering they initially picked us as their English club because our old history had been a bit of a mirror.

Superstitions and routines
at 17:29 2 May 2024

I hate all this stuff. Im scientific. Rational.

The pre Coventry game I thought i would do my two main ones that ive bought into this season as i had let them slip during our recent blip.

These are 1. I have to have watched all of lifes a pitch before the game and 2. I have to wear the white ipswich away shirt from a couple of years ago, with Bonne on the back cis the voucher scheme allowed for that.

I thought if we lose at Coventry i can forget about these forever.

But now what do i do. Am i tied into crazy stuff i dont really believe in. Should i not watch lifes a pitch?
[Post edited 2 May 17:30]
What we learned from Hull game
at 08:16 28 Apr 2024

1. Football is a hard game to follow. So many emotions. It’s draining me. Not just the 90 minutes but the whole week.

2. I said a few weeks back I didn’t see Moore as much of an upgrade over Hirst. And I still don’t. He took his goal well and held the ball up well. Considering it was his first game back, I thought it was a good performance and telling that he started.

3. Defensively we still concede far too many. We should be winning games when we score 3. People have bigged up Burgess but he should have blocked the cross for the second goal. And the keeper needs to be better on the third. Whatever league we are in next year, I think we have to tighten up. Some sides, like the Italians teams of old, manage to look water tight. We just look so open.

4. Hutchinson shows the quality of player needed to make the difference. He will be a huge miss if we don’t replace him. My “criticism” of Jackson has always been that his levels just aren’t up there. I’m not making this a thread about him, but my point is we need top quality replacements for Hutchinson.

5. Mass and Chappers. Both ok but both perhaps struggling to find their best levels. I can see Taylor isn’t the holding midfielder that Mass is and given my point 3 makes us defensively even weaker if he starts. So maybe he starts for Chaplin who I think has been struggling to influence games and travis gets a start over Mass for Tuesday.

6. Logically we are still favourites for second, but let’s be honest, we aren’t winning games at the moment and it’s hard to feel super positive. But I think we can just about do this still.
[Post edited 28 Apr 8:16]
Hey Bankster
at 21:34 26 Apr 2024

Im off the beach and going f@@@ing mountain climbing.
Why are Leicester allowed to get away with no points deduction this season
at 07:23 23 Apr 2024

Am I right in saying that they submitted their accounts deliberately late so as to avoid prosecution this year?

All leaves a bad taste that them and Leeds can have the squads they have based on a total disregard for the FFP rules which we are sticking to.

Points deductions will happen, but they should have been applied this year. We probably wont go up now and a huge factor will be that. If every relegated side keeps repeating that trick of not submitting accounts in time then they will forever just keep gaming the system. I’d love us to do this if only just to get the under dogs fighting back against this whole rotten system. Nottingham Forest will be the next lot.
Squad will need a refresh in the summer
at 23:34 10 Apr 2024

It seemed only Hutchinson was capable of unlocking Watford today and causing real trouble.

If we don't go up, then I think we need a fair refresh in the Summer, especially with Hutchinson likely to be back at Chelsea. We need a Jack Clark or a Philogene. We also need Taylor to come good as I think we would benefit from a creative and goal scoring centre midfielder.

Moore should be commended for playing through the injury he picked up, but I think his overall play leaves a bit to be desired. And he should have scored. Id like a top class centre forward in the side to challenge Hirst.

Think we will need the refresh to keep momentum into next season. We look like a marathon runner tiring as they enter the stadium. We aren't down and out, but we are flagging.

These boys have done an incredible job to get us here. I fear we may finish just short though with the tough away games we have.
Really disappointing today
at 15:37 6 Apr 2024

But theres loads to play for still. Even if that is the playoffs.

And if we dont go up this year, we could still be in a great position next season with a couple more additions in the Summer.

Really annoying that we keep stumbling against the budgies. We will have to stew in that for next 24 hours but then just throw it out of the window and move on.

Should we start with Taylor? I think Mass is a great lad but maybe we need a bit more creativeness in there. And a goal threat.

Moore also has done well for us but some of his layoffs and link up play is not where it should be. I said a while back i didnt think Hirst was far behind him in quality and I still dont.

Today reminds me though why im not in a hurry to get tickets for carrot road. Not sure ive ever seen us win there in the flesh. Its their day, but we might yet win the overall season battle

What we learned v Southampton
at 09:30 2 Apr 2024

1. Sometimes football goes beyond analysis and just comes down to heart. Ive been thinking these last couple of games that squad quality is becoming slightly less of a factor and heart and determination slightly more. As the games reduce they are becoming cup finals and about bottle as much as skill.

2. Southampton looked very good first half. I honestly thought our bolt was shot. I think they will be very strong in the playoffs, especially as they may be more mentally prepared for them.

3. Hopefully Moore was a back spasm rather than serious as Im not sure we can make AL Hamadi as our only striker option work.

4. This booing at half time. That was for the referee right? Not the team. Anyone booing please tell me.

5. Leif Davis just put another couple of mil on any transfer fee. Surely thats got to be 20 mil?

6. I don't know if we are going to do this or not. The parallels with lat season are still obvious. As are the away games at Hull and Cov mirroring Barnsley and Peterborough. If thats the case then we do it at Coventry effectively.
[Post edited 2 Apr 9:32]
One positive out of the budgie game
at 15:54 1 Apr 2024

They cant take much confidence out of that for next Saturday.

They look ok going forward but shocking under pressure and then they dont find a way to play out. Reminiscent of the second half at PR. I know anything could happen on the day, but I think we are a fair bit better than them.
Was rhat a penalty in the Newcastle game?
at 14:21 30 Mar 2024

The Newcastle lad has planted his foot between Phillips and the ball. hasnt touched the ball. Then gets kicked cos Phillips was in the process of kicking the ball.

I think thats harsh.
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