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Ed Sheeran love in
at 17:44 6 May 2021

When we got Magical Vegas and their horrible gaudy logo over our shirts it seemed symbolic of where the club were going.

So Im very pleased with Sheeran. Good guy. Famous. Local. Putting money into the club.

And also the new structure that seems to be going in with the backroom staff appointments.

Plus the new owners giving the club some funding for players (even though Im still not a massive fan of this consortium style ownership).

Plus the new manager. Hearing Dyer speak the other day I got more of a feel that he knows his stuff. His enthusiasm with the U18s the other night could start to rub off on the first team.

So plenty to be encouraged about for a change!
Viewpoint spoiler alert
at 15:39 30 Apr 2021

Ummm...make up what you want cos ITV have pulled the last episode
Players desire
at 22:21 13 Apr 2021

In his last two interviews Cook has said that he doesn't think the pressure does affect the players and Im not so sure it does affect our players a great deal (the pain).

He cant be more clear that far too many of the team don't care enough. They have given up. Some know they will move on cos they haven't played well. Some are under the misapprehension that they might be worth better things (which they are not). And some are just taking the money.

Where are those nasty faces? Like Magilton used to snarl at people when he wasn't happy.

Way too many leaving the fields smiling in past games after being woeful.

This lot are so bad as a collective that I cant even tell who is still decent in such a poor bunch. Theres barely anyone in the squad without a significant list of minus attributes to go with their few positive ones.

I wouldn't blame Cook for just dropping anyone now and never playing them again if he thinks they won't be here next year. Id rather the U23s just played.

Existing shareholders
at 13:11 7 Apr 2021

I never thought Id see a penny back from the shares I bought at the time. I just saw it as a way of keeping the football club afloat when we could have gone bust.

However......now that it looks like we will be made an offer I assume that the roughly 10% of shareholders will get offered roughly 10% of the 40 mil sale price?

Better than the piece of paper that I currently have in the lounge in a frame!
That guy on the radio
at 17:28 2 Apr 2021

Drinnan on the right wing and wolf centre mid. LOL
Who are we keeping at the end of the season?
at 09:33 11 Mar 2021

Players out of contract end of the season:

Chambers, Donacien*, Wilson*, Nsiala*, Ward*, Bishop*, Skuse*, Huws, Nydam*, El Mizouni*, Edwards, Judge*, Jackson*, Sears*, Drinan, Wright, Przybek*, White*, Cotter, Clements*, Andoh*, Gibbs*, Hughes*, Z.Brown*, K.Brown*, Folami*, Morris*

Definitely keep:

Chambers, Wilson, Bishop, El Mizouni, Edwards, Judge, Gibbs, Morris

Possibly keep:

Skuse, Jackson, Nsiala

Get rid:

Donacien, Ward, Huws, Nydam, Sears, Drinan, Wright, Cotter, Folami

The rest I haven't really seen play.

I thought there were some signs of improvement
at 21:06 9 Mar 2021

We actually reverted more to passing out from the centre half but only Wilson looks comfortable. Theres a reason why they let Toto have it more.

We played it around ok. But where's the cutting edge going to come from? One real chance whole match. We need someone wide who can beat a player and put in decent crosses for a start.

Lincoln looked far better than us first half but made the mistake of sitting off second half. Which was a bit weird. But they probably thought this lot will never score.

But its a decent point and Im pleased for Cook that it wasn't two straight defeats.
[Post edited 9 Mar 21:07]
Whats at Bent Lane and whats at Playford road?
at 16:38 8 Mar 2021

Playford road is where we mainly train? Thats where the dome thing is right?

So whats at Bent Lane?

Can anyone explain to me how the consortium is likely to fund the purchase/plans
at 23:19 3 Mar 2021

It seems to me that they are going to buy the club not with their own money but borrowed money.

So thats 20 mil of debt straight off I think as Evans price?

And that debt will be a debt owed by the club and not the consortium as such?

Then they need 6 mil a year to fund the current "hole" in our finances. So lets call that 30 mil for 5 years.

Then they want to have some fund for new players - lets say thats 10 million.

Then theres the interest now on the debt at 5% a year.

Before you know it the club has 60 mil of debt again. And 3 mil of interest a year accruing.

Is there anyone who knows otherwise how this will likely work?
This may not be very popular
at 21:39 3 Mar 2021

But I thought that was a great email from Evans.

He set out how he continues to financially prop up the club even through covid. He has appointed a new manager. He's doing stuff to the ground. And he won't sell us out to anybody for the sake of it.

fair play to him.

Yes he's failed on the pitch and that is huge. But with this manager in place hopefully we can success regardless of whether its Evans or this American consortium behind it.

And lets not overlook that the consortium, whilst fresh and keen, would by the sounds of it be loading us up with debt that has to be paid back.

So Im not disappointed or pleased if the take over happens. The important think was getting rid of Lambert.
[Post edited 3 Mar 21:39]
If there isn't a take over imminent
at 14:00 1 Mar 2021

Lambert must really have had a massive fall out with Evans.

I doubt Evans was really in the mood to sack him given that a take over may occur and he could have left that to the new owners.

It feels like Lambert just forced his hand. That maybe no bad thing.

How ironic that performances have been much better with him disinterested and Gill doing more.
I would prefer the cowleys
at 07:29 1 Mar 2021

I think his positivity, planning, motivation and enthusiasm shines through.

If Cook does prefer 1 up front then we will be ground hog day at least until he can recruit.
Everybody on the phone in has caught the Mick Mills "you know" habit
at 17:21 27 Feb 2021

This needs to be addressed.
Most of the money from a pension fund?????
at 17:07 26 Feb 2021

No thanks.

Pension funds definitely don't care about anything other than returns on investments.

This could be worse than Evans.
If he thinks he will get one or two years of grace, he won't get it. And rightly
at 18:15 25 Feb 2021

Lambert on the next Celtic manager.

So why do you get two years grace at Ipswich and the right to get angry with journalists that ask the same question.
[Post edited 25 Feb 18:17]
If Lambert isn't sacked
at 15:27 17 Feb 2021

Then we need to know what he means by the structure isn't right in the club and what things need to change.

Didnt he say the same thing when he first joined?

So why hasn't he done something about it? What is this problem exactly?

And it has to be fully out in the open. I don't see now that he has played this card and still he's here that it can just be ignored.

But he cant blame all these bad performances on structure.

And then he has gone down the same old route of loan players. They must now be expecting to play and already know they are in a right sh1t show. Probably wishing they hadn't come.

And the permie players like Nolan and Jackson (for all their perceived flaws) are decent league one players and they are rejected to the U23s. Thats on Lambert.

The loan players are largely not much better than what we have.

And where is Evans in all this. Lets see some f***ing leadership.
Simon Jordan just now....
at 11:20 17 Feb 2021

Lambert is using the referee head push thing to deflect from the fact his team are stinking the house out.

he needs to ring his mate Evans and say that.
I want Brenner to boycott theist match interview
at 20:03 16 Feb 2021

I think no journalist should turn up
All our team have very neat haircuts
at 18:47 6 Feb 2021

Since Robson left nearly 40 years ago
at 22:18 3 Feb 2021

We have only had 3 managers that have taken the club forward.

They are Lyall, Burley and Royle.

Thats a pretty damning statement. Maybe open to slight debate but not much. The rest have managed us into a general decline and probably left us weaker than when they started the job.

We've only had two promotions in those 40 years as well.

How very, very sad. We deserve to be angry at the state of this club.

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