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Would have been pleased with that result with 11 men; ecstatic with 10 men
at 17:10 18 Aug 2018

Well done to them all, a great point in trying circumstances.
The next two matches will be particularly interesting as we will start both
at 23:22 14 Aug 2018

matches as underdogs, which we probably haven’t been in any of the games we’ve played so far. How this feeds into the mentality of this developing side will be interesting to see. If we give too much respect to Villa and Derby, we could be in trouble. If we get on the front foot against them and try to be bold, get the crowd involved etc, we have a chance.
Tedious stat of the day
at 17:23 11 Aug 2018

We’ve now lost 3 of our last 4 matches with Rotherham and but for McGoldrick’s 95th minute leveller in October 2016, it would be 4 in a row.

Anyone else heartily sick of Rotherham?

Going forward, perhaps we’ll do better as underdogs vs Villa and Derby. I don’t expect the world, but it would have been nice to see the positivity of the New Era stretched out longer than the time it took Danny Graham to get Blackburn’s equaliser.
It’s the right transfer policy for this manager, but it’s at least provided
at 22:09 9 Aug 2018

clarity in my expectations for the season. A retread of Jim Magilton’s first season in charge with a bottom half finish and the promise of a team going forward. Of course the only thing that can blow Hurst off course will be Evans selling the club and expectations changing as a result.

I will gladly take Hurst and the newcomers causing us to take the division by storm, two years earlier than predicted.
Ugh! The annoyance of writing a long poetical post about watching Ipswich with
at 14:08 5 Aug 2018

a summer cold, only to lose it all when you check something on another tab of the iPad.

I’m not going to re-write it. So to summarise the main points:

1) Team performance was brilliant opening 15 minutes; all at sea for 15 mins after conceding that atrocious equaliser; 35 minutes of huff and puff until Ben Morris came on.

2) Edwards was standout performer. I loved the fact that he seemed to get stronger and faster the longer the game went on.

3) Chalobah looks a talent. At their best, Harrison, Donacien and Edun show us what Hurst is looking for from his teams. If/when it clicks, it will do us a lot of good.

4) Luke Woolfenden looks the part.

5) Edun’s equaliser provoked that wonderful and rare cheer/laugh phenomenon.

6) Draw was fair. We didn’t play anywhere near well enough to win, but a loss would have been harsh for one poor 15 minute spell.

7) I felt more and more unwell as the match went on. So much so, that when going for my post match pint at the Kingfisher, it took considerable self control not to ask the barmaid for a hug as well as a pint.

This was all expressed more eloquently in the original post. F’King IPad security logouts....
BBC predictions - f'king morons!
at 12:51 3 Aug 2018

So a guy with 500+ matches in the lower leagues whose led each team he's managed into promotion chases is predicted to finish in the bottom three, while Frank Lampard who has never managed until tonight will take his team to a 3rd place finish. These experts need to stop sucking Lampard's c0kk and apply some perspective to the subject they write about.

I don't generally bash the BBC but this is a crock of sheite.
[Post edited 3 Aug 13:00]
Saw the Bobby Robson documentary at the cinema tonight
at 23:05 7 Jun 2018

I really enjoyed it. The Ipswich stuff was well known of course, but always nice to see us winning cups in CinemaScope. Also felt stupidly proud at the shot of McGoldrick, Ward and Sears shaking Mark Robson’s hand when he was guest of honour for the Newcastle game.

Found the stuff about his year at Barcelona very compelling - I knew nothing about that bonkers Copa del Rey tie with Athletico Madrid - and was inwardly punching the air for Bobby that just as the Louis Van Gaal shaped vultures were circling, his team pulled out a stunning comeback - engineered partly by him making a bold double sub at 3-0 down.

The England stuff reminds you that with a shade more luck it would be Ipswich 2 Rest of the World 0 on the global stage.

“I left a beautiful job, surrounded by beautiful people to try and win the World Cup” - that’s our club he’s talking about, folks.

Of all the talking heads, Gazza moved me the most when he said, “I felt safe with Mr. Robson. Safer than I felt with anyone else.” and he came up with the title too. But leave it dear old Jose to come up with a perfect summary, “A person is only dead, when the last person who loved them dies”. Bobby Robson will live on for decades to come.

See it.
Two hopes for next season
at 14:45 6 May 2018

1) We stop pissing away points to late goals. It sums up the ethos of the club these last few years that we finished above Norwich on goal difference rather than by clear points. And on that tack...

2) That the ire directed against McCarthy this season now turns against Evans. He deserves it - he diesn’t need a manager, he needs a miracle worker and is expecting him to do it with kids and no money. He failed to back the one competent manager he had. And if his next choice fails to be competent, given the lack of backing he will receive, then it’s time to get Evans out. I don’t trust him and fear we have a potential Ellis Short situation on our hands.

All that being said, “Who’s the pride of Anglia...”
We're Ipswich Town - we can't have nice things
at 17:11 14 Apr 2018

Well, that's how Mick's last 2 years felt and today's comical conclusion to the match really seems to sum that up.

Really hope our next manager can instil something in our players to stop them soiling themselves whenever 5 minutes stoppage time goes up in a tight match.
Looking ahead - Nottingham Forest have gone 6 games without a goal....
at 23:21 10 Apr 2018

.... 2-1 Ipswich on Saturday?
“We won’t let the season peter out...”
at 17:06 7 Apr 2018

Feck off, Mick.
Feck off, players.
Feck off, Milne.
Feck off, Evans.

Why can’t we have nice things?
For anyone who wasn’t there yesterday, this Blades fan’s match video is wort
at 11:11 11 Mar 2018

h a look. Pretty much catches everything worth seeing apart from Celina’s second half daisycutter, with plenty of comedy Northern swearing thrown in.

The lack of quality we showed yesterday was pretty dispiriting. I dream of an alternative season where Huws/Dozzell/Bishop/McGoldrick/Adeyemi etc were all available, but we had what we had, and it wasn’t good enough though we showed plenty of fight. Unfortunately, our passer couldn’t pass (Gleeson) our physical threat didn’t get on till the 80th minute (Garner) and our pace didn’t get on at all (Sears/Ward). Thought Sheff Utd should have had 2 penalties as well.

“He’s a f***ing professional footballer!”

[Post edited 11 Mar 11:16]
Praying for a 3 goal Sunderland win at Millwall
at 16:19 3 Mar 2018

as that would move us back into the top half.
One of those weeks where football is bloody horrible to us
at 21:51 21 Feb 2018

Is this really all we have to look forward to - last ditch heartbreak and more fine margin losses?

Looking at it objectively - & objectivity be damned but still - a draw was right
at 15:28 18 Feb 2018

Both sides controlled a half each. Norwich really came on strong second half but we defended well and Bart made saves when needed. While they were battering away at us, I kept saying to myself, “Just give us one chance. One chance.” And then it came. 89 minutes gone, and Chambers the man to do it. How glorious! In your face, Chris Reeve!
But as we saw last season, we only get 6 minutes of pleasure in this fixture, because any more than that would be getting above ourselves. I’m sure in his dreams tonight, Knudsen would have taken another touch or 2 before playing the ball to Waghorn or he would have gone to the corner flag. As for Bart, crucial saves but again an error from him gives Norwich their point. Was it an error though? He was always 2nd favourite for that ball and must have been afraid of giving a penalty away.

The defence, especially Carter-Vickers, played really well. Iorfa had a good game too. Midfield were great in the first half, but the second was agony to watch. As Norwich pinged it around and came at us with pace, I yearned for a time when any of Huws/Dozzell/Bishop/Adeyemi could be out there to throw the pressure back on them. Strikers worked hard, another assist for Waghorn. As for subs, who would have guessed that Spence would have the impact- winning the free-kick that brought the spell of possession and pressure leading to the goal.

Mick’s F off is going to be the story, it would have been even if we had held on to win. It wasn’t right though it showed the pressure he is under. Maybe for his own health, he should walk away to a new challenge. But the “Your football is...” song came through loud and clear on TV. I don’t know if that was us or the Budgies, but if it was us at 0-0, away from home in a local derby and under the cosh...Have a word with yourselves lads, there’s a time and place.

Had we won, I would have playfully suggested the play-offs were on again given what was coming out of Norwich in the run-up to it. Instead, it’s time to dread Wednesday night. If the players are drained by today (though I expect McCarthy will ring a few changes) then Cardiff under Warnock are dreadful opposition to come up against.

I’m philosophical now, later it will start to hurt for a bit. Though it’s of a piece with the life of an Ipswich fan these last few years. I hate Gary Weaver as a commentator- “They’re back in the conversation” no they aren’t, they’ve equalised, you fanny. But he hit the nail squarely on the head when he said that Ipswich’s disenchantment has been down to “16 years of the same scenery, regular FA Cup 3rd round exits, regular failure to win this fixture” and today was a microcosm of that: 45 minutes of decent work just lacking the polish to finish it off; 35 minutes of furrowed brows and worry; 6 minutes of joy/elation/unbridled happiness and hope only for it to die out the minute the cheer has finally left your lips. They’ll get you out of your seat, but only long enough to shove you back into has been thus for far too long.

For all that, well done to the team for coming back from there with something, at least. And, just remember friends - we’re getting closer and we’ll do the bastards next year.
[Post edited 18 Feb 15:37]
Calm down with the Mick to Barnsley rumours
at 21:51 8 Feb 2018

It would make for a nice story, but I feel that Barnsley’s new owners are probably going to go continental in order to appeal to those vital Venezuelan markets. Probably get a Brazilian so that “It’s just like watching Brazil” gets revived if the Tykes win their first two matches next season.

As for Mick, he clearly has 17 year olds who can play both CM and on either wing to sign for us from Vauxhall Motors once Evans has opened his wallet and waved the beer mat on which the Five Point Plan has been written.
People on the news comments who talk about Mick's 80 signings at Ipswich
at 12:09 26 Jan 2018

make me laugh. Like we have a squad of Winston Bogardes clogging up the place.
Did anyone else open their Twitter feed this morning and find someone called
at 11:32 9 Jan 2018

@suburbangentuk being , deservedly from all accounts, trashed?

Sounds like he emotionally conned half of the women on there.
Took ages to get on here due to server issues
at 22:15 2 Jan 2018

Did the place go into melt down after the third or fourth goal?

Very deflated. Spence truly fckd his teammates over tonight. Yes, from everything I’ve seen Fulham were hammering at the door and our lead was a smash and grab job, but we had that lead and with 11 men we could have held, but defending for 36 minutes with 10 men at Fulham - tough gig.

Season feels like it’s at a tipping point now. The shocking injury situation needs an influx of fresh faces sooner rather than later and anyone who distinguished themselves in the cup match on Saturday should also be kept around the squad going forward, just to freshen us up.

Tough times at the moment.
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