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High point/low point of the season
at 10:39 8 Apr 2020

High point - the late FA Cup win at Lincoln. A measure of revenge for 2 years ago and just nice to get the monkey off our back of failing to win any FA Cup matches in nearly a decade.

Low point - Lambert’s post match interview after the Fleetwood loss. Talking about the players’ struggle to cope with fans’ expectations. I was grateful for his candour but it was a stark sign of just what a mess we’re in and how unfit for purpose so much of our squad is. Couldn’t hack the Championship, can’t hack League One. They just want to bumble along in 14th place in the third tier and blame those who get upset about it. CoronaVirus has saved them from the atmosphere getting more toxic but I really hope that there’s a huge re-evaluation of where our season went wrong and lessons to be learnt.
Raddy Antic has died.
at 22:37 6 Apr 2020

For those unfamiliar with the name, he scored the late winner at Maine Road on the last day of the 1982/83 season which kept Luton up at Manchester City’s expense. Seems especially ironic in that it comes a few days after Eddie Large’s death, who was sitting on the Manchester City bench on the day of the game.
To the tune of Nice One Cyril
at 17:00 7 Mar 2020

F—k off Lambert
F—k off Evans
F—k off O’Neill
You’re a bunch of f—-ing c—-ts

F—-k off Nolan
You’re a useless t—t
F—k off to Paul Hurst
He can stick you up his bum.

Pretty much definitive towards all deserving targets, I would say.
Did the players actually celebrate Sears’s goal?
at 21:23 29 Feb 2020

On the video, all the celebrations at the equaliser were low-key enough to be non-exsistent. Even Freddie’s finish looked like a scuff as though he hoped he would miss.

They’re not playing for him are they?
All these drawn games at the moment - someone is going to score a late winner
at 16:44 29 Feb 2020

Aaaaaanndddd it looks like it will be Oxford.

Come on Town!
The hunted really look like they’re bricking it don’t they, Paul?
at 21:46 28 Feb 2020


I don’t want to worry anyone but looking at the bottom of the Championship
at 22:59 26 Feb 2020

there’s a chance that we could be still down in this division and joined by Huddersfield, Stoke and Middlesbrough next season.
Lambert deserves some kind of award for how he’s messed this up
at 17:01 22 Feb 2020

From potential champions to a 40% chance of 6th place in a matter of weeks is very special work.

Time for protests I’m afraid. And anyone bleating about supporting the team can do one. They’ve had plenty of support and have served up an unending diet of failure. Time to let them know just what losers they are and if it gets most of them out of the club, then all the better for it. There are so many people currently representing us that we would be better off without.
[Post edited 22 Feb 17:05]
Bloody Ellis Harrison
at 16:27 15 Feb 2020

scores for Portsmouth, so we drop out of the top 6 again.
Coventry going third as things stand
at 21:32 11 Feb 2020

Can you imagine Lambert working under the constraints that Robins works under? With his limitations, we’d be really up the creek wouldn’t we?
Lambert out
at 20:17 7 Feb 2020

This whole line about “The pressure will be off because we’re away from home.” Just --- --- you fraud. You can’t deliver anything for us because you’re ---- and have been for 9 years.

No ambition or courage among anyone representing the club. They might as well hand back the club’s Golden Share and become an amateur side because it seems they can’t handle any expectation whatsoever.

Remember - He’ll always be Scum.

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What a pathetic response to going top of the table last week
at 16:43 1 Feb 2020

The last two results show that the mentality at our club is all wrong. They remain what they have been for far too long - bottlers.

It's stamped through the club from top to bottom. It's heartbreaking to see.
Wycombe kick-off delayed due to an air ambulance being required
at 20:20 28 Jan 2020

for a supporter being taken ill.
Bloody Wycombe!!!
at 17:01 18 Jan 2020

Fcking knew that would happen.

We’re Ipswich Town, only a couple of minutes’ enjoyment of football is permitted.

Still a good comeback from a losing position, hasn’t happened often under Lambert, but good to see.
Can I suggest that anyone who dislikes Brenner Woolley
at 17:18 4 Jan 2020

stays clear of the video of Lee Martin scoring the winner today. It is the true exemplar of every criticism that has been made of him.
The Lambert contract and The Five Point Plan
at 23:26 2 Jan 2020

So he’s here for the foreseeable future. I remain unconvinced and have ranted at length over the last few months, but will get back in my box now given that it’s largely irrelevant what any of us think and that it will not have any impact on Evans short of us staying down this season and fighting a relegation battle at this level next year.

In terms of trying to see logic in the decision, I can only come back to the much derided Five Point Plan. At this level, the goal of trying to ensure that the Academy provides the bulk of our team seems a more realistic prospect than trying to get it started in the Championship.If Youth is to be the way forward, and we’re going to experience bumps and scrapes along the way with it, then it requires a manager who buys into it from the start and who is going to be given time to implement it. Hence Lambert gets a long contract. If Evans is trying to play a long game, it also suggests that promotion this year is not seen as make-or-break. At least not when set against establishing a team that could stay up and be built on. The problem is that it looks like yet more ofthe kind of “jam tomorrow” that we’ve been promised by Evans, Milne, Lambert and O’Neill over the years to a fanbase that has been continually short-changed.

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