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Cardiff City 2-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 15:04:52

Defence poor yet again....
Burgess probably the best of the 4.....ball watching way too often, for sure.
Chaplin in particular hasn't been at the races for a few weeks now. Only interested (& shoots, regardless) if the ball is coming to him, rarely tries to win it.
Shocking defending again, just didn't get away with it this time.
Ipswich Town 4-3 Rotherham United - Match Report
at 08:17:27

Well that game was as painful and frustrating as the journey home afterwards (road closures et al, an extra 40 miles endured!).
Every aerial battles seemed to be a full on collision, and a free kick. Rotherham seemed to end up with the ball from so many of the 50-50's. Keeper and defence were woeful, mainly due to Rotherham pushing up to 4 players up high at every free kick and goal kick we had and harassing us immediately the short passes were made (very effective , we never settled, didn't learn).
We should have been out of sight at halftime, but as we weren't and our defence (Wolfy and Clarke in particular) had a was torture.
Who to play right back on Saturday? Clarke needs a rest and may actually not be available....Wolfy just needs to sit the Birmingham game out too, and as good as Walton was last season I am not sure he can do the things Hladky can (when he does them well/properly, which he didn't again last night).
This Keeganesque 'we will score more than you' mantra is flipping stressful !
West Bromwich Albion 2-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 08:49:07

It's been coming for a while....the lethargy, standing on the ball and passing backwards, the number of times an ITFC player was standing still meant we simply never really got going. A few balls down the right early on were good, and I thought Wes Burns going to have a good game......but with Chaplin in particular not giving him any help they came to little and it all dlowed down from the right. Davis similarly had little help from Broadhead.
I thought Hirst was OK, as was Williams, poor end of the ok scale, but the rest were pretty poor. Chaplin was woeful, as was Wolfenden.
The age old defending issues (nobody jumping, heading, attacking the ball, allowing the ball to come into the box) was frustrating, but this isn't the first time this season that its happened so frequently......its just the first time we've not got away with it, as Hladky didn't have one of his superman games!
Hopefully a wake up call, to coaches and especially the players. I'd like to see one or two others on the bench, Humphreys for one, so something and someone different given a chance to shine and put some pressure on to the usual 16.
Williams at Town Today as Blues Close in On Fifth Signing
at 11:18:21

KM and MA do seem to have their heads screwed on.
Although Williams is rumoured to have had an attitude problem in the past, McKenna would know all about him and whether he can work with hom and set him straight. He's of an age now where he should be looking to play more first team football, and as back-up to both sides (as a full-back) would make sense all around.
Clarke is still looking a bit too hot-headed for me, not quite a full-back nor a centre-back, and has had a few injuries already.
One thing I've not read in the comments over the last few days, is that maybe Leigh has ambitions to play more international football....I think he played a handful of times last year for Jamaica. More playing time at club level may allow that to happen, and maybe missing for chunks of the season isn't what ITFC want of him when he counts towards the counting 25 in the squad.
Luton Eyeing Walton Claim
at 16:16:17

It feels possible that a big offer could result in a sale. Seems unlikely it'll be Luton that may entice him away though, but a big money offer might tempt ITFC to sell and re-invest, and wages offered could be enough for him to give it a go. Hope not!!

I think the comments above about Luton, S***hole, backyard, are out of order. Unless you few are living in mansions in a great leafy suburb and are already retired/ semi-retired, then I think reign that in.

Over the years I've heard and read of many players not interested in signing for us, Ipswich being out in the sticks, backward, too quiet etc. etc....
Gills Linked With Pigott
at 09:20:47

Hopefully, for his sake, he gets a club, plays more and starts putting the ball in the net.
I did see those early games for ITFC, and was incredibly frustrated after what I'd heard when he arrived.....for me he was looking purely for contact from opposing players, to win fouls, and very rarely looked to win the ball or even hold onto it when it did come his way.
Fleetwood Town 2-2 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 14:45:00

Well that was frustrating, and sort of expected after the high of already succeeding in the push for promotion.
That was a very sloppy display, not the usual zip of passes to teammates but more little flicks and half-efforts.
Thought Luongo in particular was very good, my MoM, and Ladapo held the ball up much more effectively than usual, to bring in other players. Ball was pretty good too but should have been replaced after the hour, as he ran out of steam.
Clarke did look very poor, control, passing and positional wise he was all over the place, really thought he was going to give away a penalty as well when he flew into the sliding tackle after his woeful pass...right back may still be our weakest link. Sign Hirst and another centre-half and we might be ready for the Championship.
Job done, and having feared a letdown late on in the season, a draw on the final day having already secured promotion is way better than OK.
We were good this season, scored goals, showed we could keep clean sheets despite dodgy moments in a lot of games, but at last, hallelujah, we are there, automatically, despite that very poor spell (10 games?).
Well done the Town, awesome outcome, well done players, coaches, Gamechanger, and of course the fans too.
Love it!!!!
Peterborough United 0-3 Ipswich Town - Highlights
at 19:42:19

Why is it that regardless of the score, whether ITFC are home or away, the highlights are always so biased towards the efforts of the opposition?

Every other form of media suggests we are on top, and have the most decent efforts, yet the oppo are the ones to be shown as in effect unlucky not to have finished on top.
Town Closing in On Clarke Signing
at 19:27:13

Welcome back to ITFC young fella.

People are talking about Donacien being the one who he is coming in to replace but I reckon it's more likely Vincent-Young, who seems to have fizzled out somewhat after a few false dawns (injuries no doubt haven't helped him). We've conceded a few goals when he has had to come on, and that side doesn't seem as strong as the left when Leigh comes on for Davis.

Just seems more likely to me.
Youngster Stewart Set For Northern Irish Loan
at 13:45:06

I thought he was one of a number of youngsters that looked very impressive when the ITFC u18s were on the TV a few years ago (v Liverpool, in the semi-final games).
The Liverpool lad up front, Polish fella Musielowski was the standout player in the same way as Theo Wallcott was back when Town won the FA Youth Cup v Southampton.
But Stewart, Valentine, Humphreys and Gibbs, along with Alexander and Armin I thought were excellent. Baggott was good if not a bit casual on occasion.
Buabo up front was only about 16 at the time, but did look a fair bit out of his depth, unlike those others.
I hope he comes back and gets chances like CH has.
Charlton Athletic 4-4 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 19:06:47

I rest my case....professional footballers, 3 centre-halves around the 6 yard box.....yet we still can't get a head to the ball (or Walton a glove to it). Just seen what was effectively 3 similar goals concedes. Same old same old, been like it for years.
So frustrated, again!
Port Vale 2-3 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 13:28:21

I'm not sure about anyone else's thoughts on this, but the two goals we've conceded are similar to many earlier in the season. Yes, there's loads to be positive about, attacking wise it can be a joy to watch, but WHY CAN'T WE EVER WIN A HEADER?
You think of a Butcher, Beattie, Berra, De Vos, Mowbray, Linigan, McGreal, Wark, Scales, Thetis, Usworth, Sedgley, Thatcher etc.(a very wide range in quality), and they'd attack the ball and clear fact my Saturday and Sunday teammates could cope with crosses better than the ITFC 'defence'.
We can't defend set-pieces and we are pathetic from our efforts at corners. I've lost count of the number of times we've conceded 30 seconds after having won a corner.
Things are fabulous, it's been years since we could feel some positivity and want to go to live matches again, but surely the coaching team can work out that a good old fashioned mentality of CLEAR IT is required to keep the ball away from the net!!!
Town to Wear Blackout Kit Against Derby
at 15:46:52

I shan't be able to make the game, but ought to be able to watch it on Sky.

At least it ought to be easy to work out who is who, because I for one, really struggled with the similarity of kit for the Plymouth v ITFC match. But my two lads in their twenties were also finding it tough (& no, it wasn't the setting on the 42" smart telly either as they were watching it elsewhere 😀). The whites on the sleeves, white shorts and dark socks.
Plymouth Argyle 2-1 Ipswich Town - Highlights
at 07:32:14

I too felt Chaplin blocked / played for a free kick. If he simply stays on his feet, even being so darn small, the player doesn't get the ball, time or space to get a shot in on goal.
Did anyone else find (my kids as well as i) that it was often difficult to distinguish between the two sides....the kit looked pretty similar! White shorts, the dark tops with white on the sleeves and socks too. Very surprised, for a televised game, that it was allowed (& yes, I know, nobody has a b&w TV any more, but lots watch on devices and TVs smaller than 42").
McKenna: We'd Have to Look at Plymouth Postponement
at 09:15:29

My bad...its Portsmouth, not Plymouth, included in that. Doh!
McKenna: We'd Have to Look at Plymouth Postponement
at 09:11:03

Having just bought tickets for the rearranged Cambridge game, it seems the club are now considering postponing a POPR match, a bit frustrating, especially as these rearranged Saturday games always end up as a midweek one. Which is nowhere near as convenient or easy to work around. 😞
McKenna: We'd Have to Look at Plymouth Postponement
at 09:07:18

In response to Marcus.
A resounding hands down for me....I was brought up there, Swaziland as it was called back then. At the time my old man was the one and only golf professional in the country. 😀
And despite it being 40 odd years ago, not sure how many of you have messed about with that geoguesser game, but I could find my way around and recognise/ remember parts quite clearly (things don't change much in that part of the world, obviously).
McKenna: If They're Not Desperate to Come to Ipswich, We'll Walk Away From the Deal
at 13:19:16

That seems to me to tick all of the boxes, is common sense (who would have thought it), and probably as close to the way Burley and Sheepshanks worked regarding potential new signings (albeit that the player 'stats' have become an industry in itself since those lofty days).
Do the characters fit with the club ethos, will they get on and become part of the whole team and squad.
Just one thing left then boys....GET PROMOTED!
Burns Left Out of Wales Squad For World Cup Play-Off
at 12:11:02

Chris Gunter...unattached....plays on both wouldn't it be good if we had Burns on one side and Gunter on the other.
Jackson, El Mizouni and Burgess Start Against Barrow
at 17:03:32

ErWereZombies....Alexander is one of a number of very good players coming through. Part of the exciting crop that did so well in the U18's league and Cup runs last season.
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