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Ipswich Town v Sunderland Your Report added at 09:06:19
Really enjoyed the game, tense at times, sloppy at times too, but it's a pleasure to watch the forward movement and desire to attack (under McKenna) after so many years of breaking away and then turning the ball back to allow the opposition to reorganise and eventually losing the ball again).
I can't work out whether Edmundson is clumsy or the ultimate sneaky pro, as he bundled people over fairly frequently and got the yellow for a fairly innocuous one it appeared (cumulative maybe?).
Travis very good, Taylor gave 100% and really battled away despite the number of times he gave the ball away being in double figures. Broadhead just hasn't been the same player for a while now....he had a rare opportunity to drive forward from the left in the second half but for some reason laid it off but in the first couple of months of the season he'd have headed for the goal and got a shot away or created something for a teammate.
Woolfy scares the 'whats-it' out of me....I understand he's to draw the opposition in so as to create space and an overlap somewhere within our half but does he have to leave it so late to pass it? It nearly cost us, again. I love Clarke's physicality and passion, but him getting done trying to run the ball out, was fairly typical....he isn't quite quick enough it seems and does have people run past him and round the outside fairly often. I could see him being better as a right sided centre-half maybe in a three-man set-up, with more support on his outside (probably on a level with a Ben Thatcher maybe).
It was great to get the win, superb effort all around.....and Jackson too had a super game, really hassled the Sunderland backs all game, he really did put a shift in, with a really good finish too.
Fleetwood Town v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 15:38:14
Thought the ref was very poor.
Seemed very blinkered, and the yellow cards issued were ott (apart from Clarke's, he was a liability from the moment he stepped onto the pitch, and didn't learn). Cards one way and barely a free kick given when a Fleetwood player did something similar.
Very sloppy performance.
But we are promoted, so here's to next season!
Well done Town!
Ipswich Town v Derby County Your Report added at 22:21:52
Most....doh....predictive got me again....Morsy!!
Ipswich Town v Derby County Your Report added at 22:20:59
Thought Edmondson had a fabulous game tonight. Jackson worked very hard. Walton was very sharp. Poor old Janoi really worked hard, had to deal with a number of passes that were underhit or behind him and it seemed he then found it difficult to get his passes away to the intended target.
Most was much more controlled after the early yellow.....that may well have done him and us/ITFC a favour as he was then much calmer.
Well done Ipswich...a win, and on the telly! Awesome.
Plymouth Argyle v Ipswich Town Your Report added at 20:12:12
I thought Walton was good.
Defensively we've had a warning more than once this the ball away cheaply was going to result in a goal before too long.
Thought midfield ran out of steam, same plan/idea/effort throughout, whether on top or behind. I personally thought the substitutions came too late at the time, but enjoyed the game.
Bearing in mind we could have had two players sent off, it could have been a horrendous result. That said, sods law that the best player on the pit h was a canary, who too could have been off. The problem with being in Division 3, I guess. The ref let a lot go, was quite lenient in my opinion, and for a change didn't get fooled by the theatrical (Cosgrove etc. Who i thought did what Piggott was meant to be doing for us last season i.e. ruffle feathers, cause mayhem).
I enjoyed the game, but not the result. Wish we could put the ball in the net when the xhances come our way!
Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers Your Report added at 20:35:12
Enjoyed the game, and the atmosphere.
Frustration remains, however, as we didn't quite look like we'd put the ball in the net (per usual), and there were way too many occasions that we tried to take the ball past Bolton players when in a defensive position and the ball ricocheted off feet and knees, only for them then to be given a chance to break. Other teams will punish us for those frequent lapses.
Let's hope this being the start, means improvement and cohesion......onwards and upwards COYB.
Ipswich Town v Wycombe Wanderers Your Report added at 00:00:52
We do like to make it tough for ourselves....and I can't help feeling that we way too frequently get the ref offside and it costs us free kicks. Bonne in particular was too vocal, and Norwood had a cracking game but does rare up too much.
When the ref made the mistake of just speaking to their player early on when he took out Aluko, he must have realised his mistake, as Town then ended up getting a couple of cards fairly swiftly.

Hladky made a few very odd decisions on when to boot upfield and when to tippytappy in our penalty box. Some crazy choices, and a shocking punch when he could have re-tied his laces b4 catching it.
Penny needs to actually jump for the ball not just hop a bit, and steam down the line past Aluko to either take a pass or take a player away to create space. Hanging around in the vicinity doesn't help his teammate at all.
Donacien, Edmundson and Woolfie did pretty well, a few moments, but.....
Sone and Evans were good in both defensive and attacking efforts, particularly Aluko.
Morsy is just a bit slow for me, but does a lot of good stuff too, mixes it a bit.
Burns was getting quite frustrated, a few dodgy crosses, but in the main looked quite dangerous.
Norwood and Bonne struggles first half, couldn't work out who was going to take flick ons etc. Didn't see too much of the ball. Norwood in particular battled well, a bit too vocal with the referee for me, but worked back hard.
Bonne however was whingeing constantly, trying hard to win free kicks instead of win the ball.
Chaplin lively when he came on!
Ipswich Town v Sunderland Your Report added at 21:55:18
Well Jackson completely screwed everybody's evening up, and probably gave Lambert a stay of execution.
Dozzell in particular was hopeless, I'm sorry but I don't see the hype around him, a little boy in a man's world! and Ward was very poor too.
Thomas worked hard, Woolfie and McG were OK. Edwards an OK first half but disappeared. Holy was pretty sharp, alert and did a sweeper type role fairly effectively.
Poor, as always. Embarrassing....
Ipswich Town v Sunderland Your Report added at 08:26:12
That will teach me to submit b4 finishing.
Anyway, shall keep reading up on the real write-ups by genuine attendees and who knows, I might be tempted back.
Ipswich Town v Sunderland Your Report added at 08:24:18
High scores.....seems that at last there is reason for some optimism.....
It's just down the road from us, but having seen both of the Stevenage + Southampton games too in recent years, I couldn't bring myself to waste more money on three (kids and I) tickets, food ET al
Ipswich Town v Sunderland Your Report added at 06:19:32
Lincoln City - deserved to win, they again played as a team, and scored a goal ITFC cannot and will not score in 2016/17..........because two players knew what each other was going to do, and played, in fact passed the ball to the intended area!!!
Well done.
The irony was it was Lawrence our recent saviour who caused it.......a half hearted run, another foul against, a terrible free-kick and one Linclon player had the nouse & skill to control it, wait for support and find a way past our defending players (shb defending players, not capable of defending players).
It reminded me of why I don't bother any more!!
Ipswich Town v Sunderland Your Report added at 19:57:24
Hunt awful. After a decent 1st half from Tabb.
Bishop and Skuse okay.
Sears worried Rovers, ran at them and looked good until going for goal (yes, I remember the one excellent effort)
But defensively we are simply woeful. Why oh why don't our centre halves jump to meet the damn ball, head it clear, don't worry about their man when the ball is in the that point they need to stop the thing reaching that player.
We were great defence wise early on in the season....then everyone started talking about it...then we forgot how to!
But we believe, we trust the lads, big Mick (loved his reaction to that odd restart from Hunty, when he kicked it off for a throw-in.....f'ing this and that, lol) can stuff the budgies!!!
Ipswich Town v Sunderland Your Report added at 19:54:48
A leftback in Fryers who looks hungry and can defend.....swap him for Mings please Mick, at the first opportunity.
Varney was excellent today, as was Skuse and Bart. Murphy excellent today too.
Smith probably our poorest player, but worked hard.
The corner was a soft one that they scored from, but excellent effort by Town.
Fleetwood Town v Plymouth Argyle Your Report added at 21:25:07
At the game today, Ambrose scored in front of us.......just about managed to stay in my seat.
Happy days. Really enjoyed the game. Great defensive effort by all but Mings.....I just can't work out why there is all the hype about him! Really, we ought to have done better with those first half chances, but overall was delighted.
Fleetwood Town v Plymouth Argyle Your Report added at 21:39:29
Thought Bialkowski was excellent.
Mings is far too casual, swinging his boot at and missing numerous times today, his control is so poor too......seems more determined in attack than defence, apart from the one blinding tackle. Chambers was best defender by far. Stephen Hunt worked really hard and made up for Tyrones lack of effort a number of times.
McGoldrick definitely didn't have his shooting boots on, but defensively and effort up and down the pitch was excellent.
The rest were no better than okay.
But three points fab....keep it going boys!!!
Lincoln City v Bristol Rovers Your Report added at 19:43:05
Apologies for the number of words that follow-for a change an feeling positive.
Took my kids to a game for the first time in a while and they were buzzing before, during and were still so afterwards. itfc dominated, plenty of action, some goals and we won......not what we were used to before we gave up to watch rugby whenever we could (but supporting the town from afar.)
Luongo was excellent, more in the dos Santos class than Townsend and Livermore.
Loach was okay, not much to do, a good kick, but his control of the thru balls and backpasses when he used his feet were a bit worrying.
Chambers was solid enough when facing opposition. But wasn't impressed when facing his own goal.
JET and CHOPS and Scotland were impressive, as was Carlos and cressie too.
Martin didn't quite look match fit but worked hard for most of his game time.
Tommy S and Hyam were more than okay too.
Overall, we are hopeful for the new season. Passed it around well, but some fairly aimless crosses at times. On another day we could have scored more so quite encouraged........and the kids have marked off some other games in the programmes fixture list.
Could be like the old days and back to Portman road a dozen games a season rather than just the once since Keane the destroyer turned up.
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