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If Carlsberg do indeed, the perfect weekend , then let this be it
at 12:11 20 Apr 2024

I’m having a £5 on - just in case

Southampton loss
Leicester loss

Norwich city win
Hull loss

Birmingham win
Huddersfield loss
If you could be any of the Top 4 who would you want to be for going up purposes
at 12:16 14 Apr 2024

Base this purely on form, fan pressure, squad availability, games left to come and current league standings,

1) Leicester
2) Ipswich
3) Leeds
4) Southampton
Ticket in the North lower
at 12:40 13 Apr 2024

PM if anyone is interested

(Remove if a problem but won’t get a chance to send it back to the club as pulled over driving)
[Post edited 13 Apr 12:44]
Top 4
at 09:50 6 Apr 2024

All have chances of dropping points today

Our game doesn’t need any introducing or talking about. It’s a Derby game away from home. I personally think it’s our toughest game left by far

Blackburn are on a little decent run and can see them getting something vs saints

Leeds vs Cov is a tough game for Leeds and Cov desperately need 3 points to keep in the play off hunt.

I suppose on paper Leicester have the Easiest game today - but Brum won their last game and after Plymouth won last night they could fall into bottom 3 today with a loss. Dozzell to score?

4 draws at the bookies pays 330/1 with sky bet.Worth a £5
[Post edited 6 Apr 9:52]
I’m calling it now - Neil Warnock will help us go up
at 20:58 1 Apr 2024

Can see him going into Plymouth for the 6 games - and 3 games in he plays Leicester at Home on a Friday night
Can I swap a kidney ?
at 20:30 1 Apr 2024

I’m just kinda figuring out in my head what I wouldn’t do - to get a ticket For norwich on Saturday lol
People think we booed our players off - no chance
at 18:31 1 Apr 2024

Sky commentators are poor. Clearly booing a pretty poor performance from the officials
Cmon Fabio
at 21:43 31 Mar 2024

Get the win and set up a huge night of boxing at Portman Road

Can hear the Ipswich songs being sang in the crowd
You can bump this after the norwich game :)
at 22:27 30 Mar 2024

We will win the game because the left hand side of Norwich’s defence is as weak as we have seen in a while . Omari will score twice and have an absolute field day
How I see the run in :)
at 10:31 30 Mar 2024

I am always positive and have been super positive all year that we will get promoted

On paper we have some super tough games - but our home form is so good I do think we will win them all at PR, barring maybe a 3-3 vs Southampton :)

For some strange reason I think it’s gonna fall in our favour. I think norwich will beat Leicester and then it may mean that Hull and Cov games means nothing to them - plus the Fa Cup is a huge distraction for them.

Norwich away is by far our hardest game left toughest game left.
Norwich at 9/2 to beat Leicester
at 22:34 29 Mar 2024

This surely has to be a price
That can’t be ignored? At least them you are cheering them on to victory with ££££ at stake

Personally I want them to win on Monday. Any points dropped by the other 2 are so helpful to us
My thoughts on the run in….
at 11:51 17 Mar 2024

The run in is going to be a crazy few months - with ups and downs, where for a week we think we have ballsed it up, then to find ourselves roaring back into contention, or even kicking on to the unbelievable. We just don’t know

The part that hasn’t been discussed really - is that with the current squads of the Top 4, which of them have been in a position where you are expected to keep getting positive results at the back end of the season, and are favourites every game, and handling the pressure, and no doubt increased media focus, that comes with that

We dealt with that unbelievably well last season, and from handling that last 10 games last season like what we did, no matter if people say it’s against worse players players etc compared to this season, it’s all down to mindset and following a process, which we have shown we can do

I genuinely believe last seasons run in, will give us such confidence that we can repeat, that we will go up automatically

The other 3 squads for me - are fine on the front foot, but wobble when things get tougher

I think Leeds and us to go up due to there run in, with Leicester falling to bits as there support base implodes on them, as they are already doing
Sheffield Wednesday Fans
at 14:02 16 Mar 2024

All teams have a small bunch of absolute cretins - but Sheffield Wednesday this year take the crown in probably all of Britain for biggest, and most dangerous idiots

Pool balls being thrown vs Leeds into the away end is a new EFL investigation amongst others, which let’s be honest - could kill

Be safe today at the ground please and keep an eye out folks - especially if sat anywhere near the away fans
Very disappointed to hear a 70 year old man was knocked unconscious
at 10:40 10 Mar 2024

Awful to read the Cardiff forum and to hear an Ipswich fan (amongst a group of 40) attacked a 70. Year old man leaving him hospitalised. Reading an account from his son of the details it seems truthful.

All teams have knobs following them - but a 70 year old man?

Elkan Baggott
at 19:57 2 Mar 2024

Gone from being a player Bristol Rovers fans thought was dreadful, and a pointless signing, to within 3 weeks - man of the match, and someone they need to get for next season as he has been outstanding

Pleased for him
If Moore signs - have we had the strongest window in the entire Championship
at 15:13 1 Feb 2024

I think we have. 4 quality players

Discuss ?
A successful window already- can we top it off
at 13:05 31 Jan 2024

When you look at the complete lack of movement with most teams / I do feel it’s been a successful window already from the club - but with 1 more big signing at least I could easily say we have had one of The better windows for championship teams

3 players in so far with a hopeful large target man, and maybe a back up left back to go
Songs for Al Hamadi
at 11:42 29 Jan 2024

Have a tune in my head which fits kinda. Al Hamadi sounds like it could be crowbarred in . Just need a wordsmith to do the rest

Mary poppins

Chim chiminey
Chim chiminey
Chim chim cher-ee!
A sweep is as lucky
As lucky can be
The sun is shining and yesterdays news is chip paper
at 09:22 28 Jan 2024

The sun is shining and the birds are singing outside. The world hasn’t ended as some predicted :)

In some ways I’m being positive. If we had won 10-0 the club may have thought “we
Don’t need a striker and Jacks can continue ” or “ 1 striker may do”

I think that result will guarantee us 2 strikers coming in - even if it costs us slightly more than we thought, or wanted to pay. Almost embarrassed into paying more

It was only 6 days ago we were all going mental in the stands after equalising and going 2nd in the League against a team worth over £100m. That’s just football

In KMAC I trust
Maybe it’s an age thing - but I’ve never. been bothered about the FA Cup
at 19:29 27 Jan 2024

As a kid growing up the Fa Cup was important - but over the years it’s been diluted and diluted with other competitions - I’m not particularly bothered about it to be honest

Trying to take a positive out of it - KMAC should
Be banging the door even louder than he probably was for strikers. It’s embarrassing in some
Regards but it was just a freak of a game, and shows up even more we need 1/2 in

Let’s get a striker or 2 in - and concentrate on the important stuff
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