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The two sides of Paul Lambert
at 13:27 4 Mar 2020

I think we have seen two sides of Paul Lambert since his arrvail. One is a man who sees the whole picture - an old-fashioned club manager in every sense. He cares about the club, its place in the community, the history, the tradition, the infrastructure, the stadium - everything.
Then there's Paul Lambert the coach. His track record after Colchester and Norwich is not that great really. It seems that perhaps he's not actually a really good coach at all. The bloated, not that great, squad he has inherited and built lack a spine - no core of four or five good players around which to plan anything. Thast has to be down to him.

So what's the answer. We clearly liked getting our club back - God knows it was on its death bed. Now regrettably the patient is back in hospital and we don't know whether we hate Lambert for being incompetent, hate Evans for under-investment or just hate what modern football has become.
at 13:11 2 Mar 2020

Building a side comes down to creating a spine for the team. That means a decent keeper, a good organising centre half, a midfield dynamo and a midfield general, a winger and a goalscorer. Have we got those? Have we had those this season? Last season? Any season?

When Bobby Robson first started here that was what we did - Best, Hunter, Morris, Viljoen, Robertson, Belfitt

After that it was then a case of adding better players and building steadily. Systems only came into it to fit the players to the mould. 433 or 451 I guess in modern parlance.

The difference between competent coaches and others
at 14:11 25 Feb 2020

A competent coach comes to a football club and looks at the players he has inherited. For a while Lambert did that with us. We still lost games, of course.
Then bit by bit he tinkered - we went from a pretty obvious 442 to a slightly less obvious diamond. Then we got all confused and then wow we decided we'd be 532. But we did that without any proper wing backs, no leftsided player capable of being in a back three and a captain who was never the dominant centre back he is now being asked to be.
We play two up front - but one is a crock, the other is now a crock and the third is all pace and no finesse; and the fourth is coming back from a career threatening injury.
So what are we to do - play 442 with no disciplined wide midfield players; play 532 with no fit wing backs. Not sure I know.
But then that's the difference between a competent coach and others. The others all know best.
Disinterested manager means
at 07:04 11 Dec 2019

Disinterested players. 6,500 die hard fans. Everyone else disinterested. We got what we deserved last night. Okay the players all tried to a degree but there was no team. No cohesiveness. No closing down in pairs. No triangles. Not much tracking back. All the dirty stuff. The hard graft needed. All missing.

Who'd you blame. Has to be the coaching staff no?
Chalobah last game?
at 07:07 17 Mar 2019

Chalobah spent ages signing autographs and doing selfies with fans after the game. Was that his last game? It's logical from now on that we play only our own players and perhaps he knows that?
Apologies if this has already been posted
at 08:49 6 Mar 2019

Chambers - some balanced debate perhaps
at 09:20 3 Mar 2019

In a back three on the right yesterday he and Collins were done for pace. In the middle with younger quicker team mates he is a good leader. Centre half play is also about organ
isaion, leadership etc.
So who's at fault when a player gets slower and is asked to play in a position they cannot do?

We have spent most of Chambers career here asking him to play in positions that are not HIS best. Whose fault is that?

So, for just once let's cut the guy some slack...and really if we want to get promoted next season accept that we need some experience around which we play younger players. Play Chambers in the middle - as the right centre back of a back four or the middle of a back three. In those slots he's a fine player and a great captain.
Bobby Robson and the spine of a team
at 05:40 11 Feb 2019

I believe that it was Bobby Robson who once said that to build a decent team you needed a spine. Keeper, centre half, midfield general, goalscorer. After that things fitted around those four key players. Do tell which of those four we really have or even have had in the last ten five years. We have certainly never had all four st once.
The difference
at 10:09 30 Dec 2018

Between MM and both Hurst and Lambert is that by now McCarthy would have gone all defensive. A solid 442 with a don’t concede mentality. It would be deadly dull and might mean we had the points to be a little closer to safety. But MM was papering over the cracks of Evans continual under investment. We are now at best a league one club. The only difference between us and Coventry or Charlton is that they got to the depths faster.
A settled defence
at 09:06 2 Dec 2018

One of the first things managers try to do is get a settled defence. PL has tried that with what he sees amongst his players... none of whom he bought. So all this bleating on here about changing players is unhelpful. From what I've seen there's not another player in the club better than what he's picked. Clearly we have weaknesses... the most obvious is right back. But short of putting Chambers there again i don't think we have any real choices. And don't tell me Donacien.
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