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I have sussed out how we get a result
at 15:52 29 Sep 2018

Watch the Ryder Cup and both times I have switched to Geoff Stelling he announces that we have scored. Yeeh.
My thoughts so far on the season.
at 18:28 22 Sep 2018

Like last season but with:
a) worse players
b) Lack of belief
c) poor leadership

What now!
Anology of what we have seen this season
at 22:42 21 Aug 2018

We swapped the family cow for some magic beans. Lets hope they grow soon.
Car boots can throw up some amazing things
at 13:16 29 Apr 2018

A work colleague offered me the chance to buy some Ipswich Town annuals of the late 70's and early 80's plus an AZ Alkmaar UEFA Cup Final programme from the second leg at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. He had bought them at a car boot sale somewhere.
Absolute fascinating reading of the 74, 75 season along with 78, 79, 80, 81 seasons. Full of facts that I didn't know or had forgotten.
Articles of Escape to Victory filming, Johnny Warks first game at 17 and Paul Coopers record breaking penalty saving season.
Also Paul Cooper signing for Ipswich after Birmingham bought Gary Sprake.
Fantastic reading.
[Post edited 29 Apr 2018 15:58]
The first thing the new manager does
at 22:52 21 Apr 2018

Is to get 2 decent full backs in pronto. If the rest get rid of injuries and stay fit we wont be far away from a squad who could be there and thereabouts.
£10 credit to spend in club shop
at 13:06 21 Apr 2018

Anyone of you know if the credit added to season ticket added after prices went up is still valid or have I missed the end date?
Game to help decide play off contention on Sky
at 13:03 2 Apr 2018

I have seen a lot of games at PR and this is certainly no better in terms of quality. Maybe in the quality of hoofing.
Glad that out team has more backbone
at 22:19 6 Mar 2018

Than some of our supporters.
Met 2 Wolves fans on the way to the game.
at 21:18 27 Jan 2018

Parked the car and it was pissing down so retreived my Ghost Ship bobble hat from the glove compartment and started the walk to the ground. Passing Isaac's I heard the unmistakable sound of a Black Country accent say "hey mate are you going to the football?". I replied yes you can walk with me and I'll show you where the away supporters entrance is as it just near where I enter the ground.
Had a general conversation regarding theirs and ours chances of getting a result. They weren't very confident TBF as they were against a McCarthy side and knew what to expect. I said it would be 1-0 either way whilst the chatty one was confident of a 3-1 defeat.
Got to the subject of Mick and they still hold him in high regard with only their current manager being able to hold a candle to him.
They asked me what was the Ipswich supporters opinion of him. I replied 50% thought he was doing an ok ish job given the circumstances whilst the rest seemed to hate him.
So what do they want then was the next question to which I replied "change whatever that leads to".
"What with the owner or with Mick"
" Both" I answered.
At which time we had got to the ground. We all shook hands and went our separate ways. Them to sing their way home, me to trudge back to my car after another disappointing result.
Anyway it was nice to have a sensible chat with 2 lovely guys from Wolves.
Is Liverpool losing
at 21:48 22 Jan 2018

To Swansea worse than us drawing at Bolton. Just a thought.
Is this a good time
at 22:07 2 Jan 2018

To wish you all a Happy New Year. Did we win?
If Jordan had only curled his shot
at 21:18 16 Dec 2017

Into the top corner after his fantastic charge forward in the second half. Top performance from the guy today and well deserved praise from all round me for him. As Darcy would say "thankyou".
just as well the team and Mick
at 19:21 28 Oct 2017

Dont give up when things are not going well. Our supporters though seem to think its OK.
Mick never changes to a winning team so
at 22:50 12 Sep 2017

He must make changes Saturday after losing the last 2. If he doesn't I will be very disappointed. If he does my thoughts are that it will keep others on their toes and keep the whole squad fresher for important games coming up.
Luke is back up to speed quickly
at 19:40 29 Aug 2017

Booked for persistent fouling.
The Nodge German experiment has stated well.
at 18:56 26 Aug 2017

Was it based on Klopp and Wagner being German so it must be a good idea. He doesnt seem to have much pedigree as being a super coach, or am I wrong?
Question Time
at 20:55 9 Jun 2017

Why is it the only 2 people who are talking sense are the 2 who have not been or not are politicians?

[edit:not football]

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