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No fight, just acceptance
at 15:28 21 Oct 2018

Took my daughter yday and sat in pioneer, next to NS, so I spent time looking across at the fans (where I normally stand) hundreds stood with phone in hands. Sarcastic cheers when anything positive was attempted. Booing. Barely a song started let alone sung (apart from when a bloke headed it back)

Everyone from top to bottom has accepted relegation. There’s no fight from anywhere, pitch or fans. What an absolute state we have become as a club.

our kick offs then
at 17:20 13 Oct 2018

either start of game, after a goal (against) half time.... every single one goes back to chambers, with a wallop to the left hand side of pitch.
just realised Halifax adopt the same tactic (live on BT sport) quality that
No subject
at 09:57 7 Oct 2018

As a complete neutral here (Not PH in or out)
at 08:05 6 Oct 2018

Would winning today be the worse thing that could happen? As (if rumours are true) he goes after a lose today.
A win, as great as it would be, could prolong his stay here and with a 2 week break it could be wasted time in searching for a new man to take over with some very important games in the weeks coming.
Again, reenforce the point I’m not PH out, so certainly NOT hoping we lose
If 50 points is the target to stay up
at 07:26 4 Oct 2018

That leaves us needing 14 wins from the reMaining 35 games.

(Realise 50 night not be needed, but to be safe safe!)

I’m not sure anyone comes in and saves us
Before Hurst was appointed
at 19:32 3 Oct 2018

Who on here was calling for him, and what are your thoughts on it all?
(In no way a dig, just wondering how you guys now view it)
Remember ther being a few that were really bigging him up, genuinely can’t recall who tho
Did Graham get a touch in that first half?
at 14:18 3 Oct 2018

I honestly don’t remember him being on the pitch
Nisala - i just cant accept that he's a better option than the Wolf?
at 08:07 3 Oct 2018

granted he's a physical presence, but Wolfenden isn't exactly a small boy.

he spends most of the game lumping it forward to an isolated Jackson who is expected to make something out of nothing.

You know what, I’ll take some responsibility for this
at 23:04 2 Oct 2018

I wanted rid of a boring safe pair of hands, 15th place finishes had me to the point of not wanting to be in the ground, I wanted a change and I knew it would be tough. But I didn’t realise quite how tough it would be.

We look absolutely bloody clueless. Nolan is fcking sht. Knudsen thick. Chambers honestly looks empty/lost.

We have a keeper on the bench on a new contract (guessing 10-15k a week) that the manager doesn’t fancy

The young lads all on loan.

I don’t understand what the fck is going on.

I’m not going to call for his head because I wanted this change, I’m not going to pussy about and prentend anything. But Hurst is struggling so so bad.

It is a total mess.

However, league 1 and going down doesn’t bother me. As stupid as that sounds. We aren’t ever going to be a premier league team ever again, so my only hope is if we do go down we can have a laugh in league 1, maybe even a playoff final or something. We aren’t a big club, we were decent when the TV was black and white. This is what we are now
Frimley give us a song
at 15:55 29 Sep 2018

Frimley frimley give us a song
The same as when it’s the super bowl
at 13:50 28 Sep 2018

I’ve really tried to get into this golf thing on TV... but I can’t. So boring
£85 to watch Ed Sheeran play
at 07:53 27 Sep 2018

on chantry park, the stage will be on the exact spot that the Kitchener used to play sunday morning games on, I watched big Dennis (the goalie) save a penalty with his face on that pitch, that's worth £85, not someone singing a few songs
Did any one seriously think a half fit Walters would be enough to really help?
at 18:45 26 Sep 2018

Personally it seemed a very desparate and crowd pleasing signing.

And the inclusion of him made it really easy to hit the ball long.

If we go down then fck it, just please go down with the football and ideas he (hurst) brought with him.

Get them playing a way he wants and they’ll recognise, them we hit the ground running for a moral boosting title win...

just where does this win come from then
at 00:22 23 Sep 2018

next 6 games look incredibly tough...

Sat 29 Sep 3:00pm Birmingham City A
Tue 2 Oct 7:45pm Middlesbrough H
Sat 6 Oct 3:00pm Swansea City A
Sat 20 Oct 3:00pm Queens Park Rangers H
Wed 24 Oct 7:45pm Leeds United A
Sat 27 Oct 3:00pm Millwall A

and its almost at the stage now where its not just 1 win that we need, 1 win puts us 4th bottom (if the rest of them lose) so to attempt pulling away from this sht we need a run of 3/4 wins... I just cant see it myself, not after today.
If it’s the the old guard that are an issue I didn’t see that today
at 18:31 22 Sep 2018

Chambers and Skuse our best players.

Nolan is a lost little boy.

A CB at RB

zero ability to unlock that defence

I think we are done this season, has a weird feeling around this club, more want to be right than actually attempt to create a togetherness.

Sad day, but I think today confirms we are in the sht and probably won’t get out of it
Who on here wasn’t at ‘that’ Bolton playoff game?
at 14:35 21 Sep 2018

Oh what a night...
ed sheeran - chantry park
at 06:06 20 Sep 2018

half price tickets for season ticket holders
The pace on Kayden Jackson
at 12:54 19 Sep 2018

Didn’t realise how quick the lad was until lastnight, so important we get Nolan on the ball knocking balls through to him (as we saw in closing stages)

He looks capable of making that step up IMO
An old school ipswich 5-0 on the cards Saturday
at 12:23 19 Sep 2018

Edwards, Jackson 2, Harrison, Nolan
It hurts my eyes watching Jordan Spence
at 22:51 18 Sep 2018

I'm sorry but that lad doesn't have a footballing brain, constantly needs instruction from others around him, where to be, where to run, it makes others jobs twice as difficult.

PH needs quickly start leaving him at home to play with his power ranges toys, because a footballer he is not
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