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Mark Ashton
at 19:18 22 May 2024

I know it comes with the job, but my god that bloke has some work on currently

- KM staying/going
- getting players signed up on new deals
- letting players go
- all the work around the stadium
- the work up the training ground
- endless AOB bits that will need his attention

I’d have chucked the computer out of the window by now and said ‘fck this’

What player are you most looking forward to seeing in the flesh next season?
at 10:51 22 May 2024

(Not that I really care too much for anyone if they are are a Town player, but sometimes you just have to appreciate quality)

Over the years I’ve often thought about those players we didn’t get to watch at PR, huge names in the footballing world.

Foden is one I can’t wait to watch live next season, of course him being on the losing side, but he’s some player
Sake… pinkun reporting he’s been sacked, or to be very shortly
at 09:47 17 May 2024

Thought he’d done a grand job personally
Playoff game tonight
at 09:29 16 May 2024

I’m going, early goal from Leeds, 2-0 at half time.
3-0 FT

I don’t think scum will offer anything going forwards and be out of the match before it’s even started.

However, if they somehow manage to take it to penalties - they’ll win!
Good thread on MUFCs redcafe forum
at 10:00 15 May 2024

RE McKenna.

(Actual fans as opposed to the drips on Twitter or Facebook pages)

Cut to the point, from the posts I’d say 50% would take him now, 50% saying see how he goes over next year or two. Didn’t see anyone saying no.

I really hope we have him for atleast the coming season, If he gets us anywhere from 10th - 16th I’d say he’s more than proved his worth in the PL, given us some amazing memories, and wave him off with a tear.
Re-watched Town in 50 earlier
at 16:48 14 May 2024

One thing I noticed, I didn’t see Morsy in the changing room whilst the drink was sprayed everywhere, but AAH was… then Morsy does appear and takes beer to the beer…

Then when lifting the trophy someone sprays him right in the face…

I’m assuming as a practicing dedicated Muslim you can’t pick and chose the moments you break from your beliefs. Must be bloody hard in those situations for all involved.
Watch the scum game today
at 22:30 12 May 2024

Taking off my ITFC fan hat, I can honestly say it was the worse team I’ve seen in a championship playoff game.

I couldn’t work out what they were trying to do, they had absolutely nothing about them. Sara, Rowe, Sargent… just nothing from them.

If Leeds get an early goal on Thursday it could end up a 3/4-0
[Post edited 13 May 7:48]
In our 22/23 year absence
at 12:26 11 May 2024

What’s the one premier league player you’re gutted that you didn’t get to see play at PR?

For anyone that watches the youth teams
at 18:14 9 May 2024

Do we have anyone that could possibly knock on the door and step up to the squad next season?
Considering we’ll likely lose a chunk of fringe players.

Only as as I’ve just seen Emmanuel Okunowo post a highlights reel, I know they only show the good bits, but he doesn’t look bad at all.
FAO Phil
at 21:07 8 May 2024

Out of interest, next time you speak with the club, if you remember, could you ask if there’s an update on the poor bloke that had the heart attack at the game Saturday.
Among the joy of the last few days I keep wondering how he is.
Biggest myth - norwich have a loyal fanbase
at 19:08 8 May 2024
Strange to think
at 11:43 5 May 2024

That next season our aim is to stay up/finish 17th.. when we’ve spent the last 23 years aiming to go up!

Great thing is, you know our owners won’t just buy any old player, cash cows, they’ll all have to be a certain type. Might not see us stay up, but you’d think we’ll give it a bloody good go, and do it our way.
Highs and Lows
at 08:49 5 May 2024

Of course yesterday was incredible

But any news at all on the bloke who suffered the heart attack in the north stand upper in second half?

If he survived, massive shout to the guy the jumped from the disabled section to give him CPR.
Tell you what would make the nerves worse
at 20:07 3 May 2024

Is if we were playing Leeds tomorrow (home or away)

Imagine that!
If the appointment of KM was fully down to Ashton
at 10:19 1 May 2024

We really do owe him everything don’t we.

His stock (Ashtons) must be the highest it’s ever been, can CEOs be poached?!
Can we discuss the actual performance, and a player or two?
at 09:23 1 May 2024

Or fck it, shall we just not bother today.
Every player, member of the coaching staff, member of staff at the club…
at 13:52 30 Apr 2024

And last of all, every supporter, will have a life story up to this point. Highs and lows. People that they wish that were are to share this moment with but unfortunately aren’t.

As supporters we have taken kick after kick, dragged to the lowest points this clubs ever seen. But here we are today.

There is nobody else in football that I’d trust more than McKenna with ‘my’ club… no player I’d trust more to captain ‘my’ team than Sam Morsy.

Our heros. And I’ve absolute belief they finish the job over the next two games.

(My has been stuck in commas, I mean ‘our’ but was from a personal opinion so opted for my)

Anyone want a laugh?
at 10:05 29 Apr 2024

Spent, what, 22/23 years for this moment, 4 points away from going back to the PL…

Only to fall off my roof yesterday, end up in hospital with a fractured spine… facing 6 weeks in a body brace, unable to go to Coventry and unsure if PR on Saturday is a wise choice. (Although I have a mate that sits in the disable section with his boy, so he has kindly offered to swap seats, I’m directly next to that anyway)

(Before you ask, all tickets will be taken if I can’t 😂)

Moral of the story, when the family go out, be lazy, don’t try and be productive and clean the roof lantern… 😂😂

Atleast I got Hull in though, swings and roundabouts innit.
Hladky kicking the ball to Burns
at 08:50 28 Apr 2024

How does a player on the pitch, who should be finely tuned into what is going on, manage to pass the ball out to Burns who was made to step off the pitch after getting treatment (it was absolutely obvious he was off the pitch - we had maybe 10/15 seconds of that being where the focus and attention was)

Not seen the third goal back yet, but on the first he’s given Morsy the ball in a seriously tight spot. Felt that was really naive of them both in that situation, we understand that’s how we play, but 1-0 approaching HT, manage that situation better.

VH also seemed to flap in another couple of other situations.

Those things aside, what a great game. Two teams not holding back. Really enjoyed it.

First visit to Hull… what an absolute shthole it is. Ground decent though.

Quality noise from the away end

4 points to go
Watching the Brighton Vs Man City game
at 21:00 25 Apr 2024

IF we make it up there, you reckon KM holds his nerve and we try and play out from the back against the very best in the PL? because it’s not working for Brighton, with dare I say it, much better players than us.
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