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only seen MK's goal on SSN
at 09:16 4 Oct 2020

looked to be the man all alone at the back post with weeks of space to control, pick his spot, was that Chambers man?
or was there more to it, and the full build up shows the guilty party? or collectively poor from us
When will we see Ward or Downes again?
at 18:21 3 Oct 2020

as its us, i'll say march for ward. and pre season for downes
If some of the balls Dozzell plays
at 09:29 27 Sep 2020

Are done by prem players they are absolutely drooled over.

I just wanna shut my eyes and wake up at the end of the season to see him with an entire season under his belt to show that weekly
Fingers in the ears
at 20:30 26 Sep 2020

Not sure why they’ve gone for this. Chambers maybe, childish, but ok. But Bish, I don’t get that one
RIP the police office shot in Croydon
at 09:11 25 Sep 2020

Terrible story
Cash vouchers
at 11:47 9 Sep 2020

Anyone gone to pick theirs up yet? Going down later, just wondering if it’s a simple process or do I need to go a day when I have had 2 hours kip. Thanks in advance
iFollow question
at 07:42 4 Sep 2020

I’ve never purchased it, just wondering is there anything to stop pubs or social clubs buying the stream for a tenna then putting it on?
The whole "we are stuck with him, best support him"
at 16:51 29 Aug 2020

I kind of see that thinking, but his career has been going downhill for a long time now, its not just a light switch that can be flicked and things go from sht to good.

its just going to be another wasted season supporting this club. he'll probably go around oct time, we'll then appoint the wrong man, and repeat.

hard to really see where we go with an owner who is so slow at reacting at important times.
This conversation in my house today
at 17:39 21 Aug 2020

after looking at the fixtures, and seeing how they fit around my shift, filling in my calendar etc she says,
"oh we have a weekend in mind for (friends) bday weekend away, May 29th 2021 so mark that in as you'll need to be about for the kids"

me - "that's the playoff final weekend that"

been with her 11 years and mentioned the possibility of playoffs maybe 300 times

her - "whats the playoffs and when will you know when you are in them?"

me - "not as simple as that, its fine though, theres multiple things that can happen between now and then so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it"

5mins later, her - "ive text her and said I cant make that weekend, but we are struggling for another one so doubt we'll even go"

different breed aren't they
[Post edited 21 Aug 17:40]
these games up playford road - friendlies
at 20:26 20 Aug 2020

assume its the same pitch as they play the u23 games on, as the scaffolding is set up ready for the camera man
The voucher option C
at 15:39 27 Jul 2020

apologise if I've not read the answer - but are these sent out as physical vouchers, or added to an online customer number?
if the latter, how will they be used in the bars etc?
60 rolls of turf, meter long lengths
at 10:48 23 Jul 2020

£3 a roll, collection IP5 if anyone needs any

needs laying asap

DM if interested
just noticed scums last game of the season
at 14:35 14 Jul 2020

away to man city....

that could be a real icing on the cake for this season for them, take our record.....

now that is something i could celebrate, them going down means nothing to me, but getting dicked by 10 would be wonderful
anyone watching colwho? (n/t)
at 18:02 22 Jun 2020

You aren't going to like this
at 07:02 18 Jun 2020

but had a dream "they" were in the FA cup final, and 10k fans per team were allowed to attend.....
troy deeney
at 13:50 15 Jun 2020

just reading a bit from him about footballers coming out as gay...... if I were a player, and gay, I think i'd seriously consider coming out now. get it over and done with while no fans are in the stadium to take the piss..... then next season probably very limited numbers of fans again for a while.

but as im not a player, or gay, I guess that's easier said than done.

Edwards got a contract extension didn’t he?
at 20:55 14 Jun 2020

Sure I read he did
As a player he's too good for us
at 12:49 4 Jun 2020

and will be gone before too long. but i'd happily see KVY as our captain going into next season. Speaks fantastically and on the pitch from what I've seen of him he leads by example.
Who will be the first club
at 06:28 28 May 2020

to play a player that tested positive for covid-19 then?

see that scandal coming a mile off, manager asking the doctor to turn a blind eye as they need the points.

I'll go for Villa
20 years ago I was down PR getting on a coach to WEMBURLEY
at 08:09 25 May 2020

The rest is history...

Dancing on the roundabout by blockbusters on the return to ipswich, walked in front door about 1am

What a day

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