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The £1.50 booking fee
at 07:54 29 Jun 2022

Is that applied if buying tickets down at planet blue too? Or just online…

Got to nip in shop those week, so if I can save myself £10 and buy in shop I might hold off getting the West Ham tiks.

Ta in advance
bbc iplayer
at 10:35 26 Jun 2022

I might be going mad here, but why cant i see the Paul McCartney set on the bbc iplayer?

Paddle boarding/kayaking
at 17:06 15 Jun 2022

Anyone on here partake in this regularly?

Just brought a paddle board so looking for different spots to go around here.

So far I have down by the Maybush, Dedham, flatford, Felixstowe if not too choppy…. Anywhere else?
Disney Florida
at 18:17 7 Jun 2022

Looking for tips if i may good people.

looking to go next august, 3 weeks ideally, stay in a villa, rent car etc....

people have said to avoid the main airport and maybe fly into sanford as queues are smaller, however, as the majority of time will be spend queuing for rides i guess i may as well start as i mean to go on!

it seems to be one of them place that people have loads of hints and tips if theyve been before. and we are in the early stages of planning it.

ta in advance

If they fail in the Play-offs
at 21:35 30 Apr 2022

we go for Scott Twine, dont we?

scored 4 today!

granted championship clubs will be all over him, but we'll have some pulling power
mcgoldrick out of contract in the summer i think i've just read
at 22:32 24 Apr 2022

wonder if he'd fancy another go down here
lol - and some will bang the drum to keep him (n/t)
at 12:42 16 Apr 2022

Corrie Ndaba
at 11:55 10 Apr 2022

Certainly getting some good reviews of late, and it also looks as tho he's bulked up a bit.

arms like tractor tyres in a pic i just see on twitter.

could slot in nicely as our 3rd CB
that young arsenal kid (from ITFC) is getting his debut tonight
at 14:28 4 Apr 2022
Dumb animals
at 11:17 1 Apr 2022

Kids guinea pig has decided to wedge itself into a space maybe 2inches, between wall and cage, then get stuck, and died over night.

How selfish, got to explain to them it’s died now.

Season ticket renewal (moving seats)
at 18:05 27 Mar 2022

I’m sure the answer is in the print and smacking me in the face! But I’m looking to renew ST, but move seats, with the addition of getting two child’s STs too…

I assume an email is best for this?

Also, is there anywhere you can currently see all taken ST seats, so to then pick where you’d like to sit?
I don’t watch any championship football
at 19:15 26 Mar 2022

So question to those that do…

If this team were currently in the championship how would we get on?
I’d hazard a guess
at 17:50 26 Mar 2022

That the teams currently in the playoffs are begging for us to not make the playoffs.
That was brilliant
at 17:07 26 Mar 2022

Until the final ball.

Wasted so many chances though
Obviously the developments to the stadium are exciting to hear
at 17:12 18 Mar 2022

and it's lovely to know the club are in good hands.

But does anyone honestly care that much about the surroundings, what dugouts look like etc?

i walk through the turnstile, 5meters, up about 12 steps, turn right 2 meters along, in my seat.
might have a half time drink
then back to seat, and leave.

simplistic are I - i still miss the corner of the north stand between cobbold, played half time football down there many a times

Best atmosphere in…
at 21:52 12 Mar 2022

… can’t remember how long

Was beautiful in PR today.

Lovely football, noise, packed away end.

Just proper
[Post edited 12 Mar 21:53]
6 more wins, and a draw
at 10:24 9 Mar 2022

and thats us finishing top 6.

looked at table 34 times this morning, it hasnt changed, will check again 68 times more before day finishes, will let you know if anything happens

Sone massive games this weekend
at 22:43 8 Mar 2022

If we get a win, it could be that weekend when we jump a place or two!

They all look so well drilled and switched on two what the manager wants of them, even burgess coming on, played his part. We obviously want our best players, but I believe our lot fear nobody
If/when we lose the ‘toss’ pre match
at 15:41 8 Mar 2022

And need to swap ends, why is there a huge sigh, like we’ve just been told we are starting the game with 6 players and a minus 2 goal difference?

Both ends have a goal to score in, does it matter THAT much?
Don’t normally look at what ncfc are up to
at 10:04 6 Mar 2022

But I’ve a feeling this time could be the time they completely waste everything they’ve done over the last 15 years.
Multiple promotions and great work off the pitch, they are seemingly very very low right now.

Happy days
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