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blackburn fans on Mogga to us
at 09:41 18 Apr 2018

few bits on here from their view....

bit that stuck out for me, is he lives on teeside, kids at school there..... wouldn't be ideal, but then joe did hear this job interested TM, so maybe that's them (rovers fans) wishful thinking.
anyone else checking this place 5/6 times a day
at 12:53 17 Apr 2018

for the managerial appointment news?

I know nothing will happen for weeks, but cant help myself.

I'm like 90% excited, 10% nervous, then I remember its ME hiring, and it flips around
If there’s one album you need in your life, it’s ‘singing the blues’
at 19:17 14 Apr 2018

Found it at my parents, incredible
Really positive steps from club
at 17:34 11 Apr 2018

Listening to Klug interview - who I might add Joe, doesn’t look like he’s not going to enjoy it.

How nice would it be to be able to not only develope and bring through young players, but also coaches and managers into the first team.

Hopefully first step in the right direction
Will some of these players be able to move on without MM?
at 11:58 11 Apr 2018

Or will the new guy need to ship out MMs most loyal players and bring in his own men?
I know they are contracted to ITFC but I’m not sure they know that, I can’t see Chambers Knudsen Bart Hyam Skuse pulling in a direction that isn’t MM. I could be completely wrong, just wondering...
Next thing to leave PR
at 11:50 11 Apr 2018

I really hope it’s the club playing ‘my way’ so loud as players come out that ear drums bleed.
So away from the childish point scoring
at 08:48 11 Apr 2018

And weird uninsulting insults, GW and BK, assuming they’ve worked closely at the academy for a while now? Not expecting these players to turn into mancity overnight, but will be interested to see how they set us up for the remaining games.
Where does this rudderless ship go now then?
at 23:00 10 Apr 2018

Can’t suggest evans goes too because I haven’t got the money to buy the club, TWTD rules.
But The last few weeks have summed up ME as an owner, MM openly said he wasn’t happy with situation but he was on fcking holiday and doing nothing about it.

What ever happened next I hope we as fans unite and let that gutless owner know he’s a large part of the problem, I know some are far too cool, but this is your club afterall, if you can’t show a bit why are you here?

Onwards and upwards
perfect, didnt even have to witness his last game (n/t)
at 21:58 10 Apr 2018

Just seen this pop up on twitter
at 22:54 9 Apr 2018

Do the dates match to what he’s said today? I can’t think when he left etc
I know nothing of the Lincoln brothers, how they play etc
at 20:53 9 Apr 2018

But the footballing experts on here claim its hoofball, these same people backed MM, whilst telling us of little knowledge that nice football doesn’t get you out of this league.

So with that in mind, might they do ok in this league?
To clarify
at 22:41 8 Apr 2018

When MM says some thing against the fans we see on here some referring to the offended fans as snowflakes,
Now those same people are questioning whether to go to games because a few people said a few naughty words at a game.
Are they now snowflakes themselves?
Can’t keep up with you guys
Well, Liverpool Street was ugly pre match.
at 11:27 8 Apr 2018

But remember, everyone was young and silly once
Unsworth would be someone I’d like to see manage us
at 18:49 6 Apr 2018

Just read the eadt piece
BURLEY knows (n/t)
at 08:37 4 Apr 2018

MM to end the season in the premier league.
at 23:29 2 Apr 2018

Be a laugh wouldn’t it
Such a strange game for so many reasons
at 18:39 2 Apr 2018

Some really good individual performances (crayons, flamouoioi, Bart)
Some absolute shockers (Webster)
2/3 men left up top when defending corners
Attacking intend
Some really nice play
Some awful defending

Had we played like that all season the majority would have been content

And fair play to MM, for all I’ve said this week, he certainly still cares

And for all I’ve said over last 2.5 years, it hit me today, I’m more upset and angry at mick that it didn’t work out as I genuinely loved him for making me proud to be a Town fan again (albeit 3/4 years ago)

From a miserable southern c**t to a northern one, it’s been emotional
the more i think about it
at 22:01 31 Mar 2018

the more I think McClaren would be a good fit here.
good coach, wealth of experience, would probably be happy to do more than just the managerial role (as in take on bits the ME isn't clued up on)
would work well with the youngsters.

id guess he'll be on MEs list
Neil warnock
at 14:38 30 Mar 2018

If I was asked his age 10mins ago I’d have said 58/59....
He’s 69!
Maybe it’s just me
at 12:35 30 Mar 2018

But if he’s not that bother by a few boos why is he on every radio station mentioning it?

Certainly adds to the question ‘what exactly is he staying these 8 games for’?

It’s not going to get any better is it, honestly, the people booing will continue to, he’ll keep playing the victim. I just see no logic to him staying until end of season.
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