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wonder if this week will be as eventful
at 06:19 12 Apr 2021

ill go for yes, but the football side of things will still remain horrific
No subject
at 22:05 10 Apr 2021

I wonder if its at the point yet where he just says

"many of you are out of contractin a few weeks, so those that want to try and earn a contract here please stay seated, those that really don't want to play for me, or be at this club, get up and walk out now. no hard feelings, but I just need to know who worth trying with or not"

3 months ago i wanted the manager/owner/players gone
at 20:14 10 Apr 2021

2/3 so far..... and only 7/8 weeks until the 3rd.

weekly post this, but they are the worse, most gutless tw*ts we've ever seen in out shirts. absolutely hate them
uppa towen
at 01:37 8 Apr 2021

Between trying to sleep, picking up the kids a couple of Guinea pigs there was the small matter of our club being taken over!

what a fantastic day for the future of this club. i cant bring myself to "thank" Evans for anything (time will tell if I'll do this for him selling us to the right people) but his mismanagement and ability to not learn from mistakes has seen us become one of the most depressing clubs you could be involved with.

Its not even been an emotional rollercoaster, because for that to take place that would require highs, and correct me if I'm wrong, but stumbling over the line into 6th, then losing in the playoffs to local rivals, who then go on to be promoted, isn't a high to me.

At 36 I know why i fell in love with ITFC as a kid, Burleys football, players I idolised, a club i was proud of. At 36 i absolutely take my hat off to anyone under 26/27 for following us, because its been horrible or the majority of that time. Today might just mean that the generation of fan we have lost might just have their ears pricked up a bit.

Its an incredibly strange situation right now with the squad, that we have so many out of contract, and so many that aren't even worthy of being in a L2 team. PO this year for me isn't happening, they lack just about everything you need to push on with 8 games to go. they are a bunch of no hopes that represent everything that ME's ownership has been. Seeing the back of them is the next big stage in the future of this club.

I/We have had the joy and positivity sucked from us, to a level that we've accepted such sht for so long, just accepting someone like KVY will be back again one day (for a game or two) that Drinian chases down the ball, that Judge picked up for a game. We as fans have taken such a beating that we almost believe we deserve nothing good.

Today that changed for me, not naïvely, because I know what a tough old game this is, but because the thing that annoys me with Americans is the thing I'm now finding myself excited by, their enthusiasm, drive, over the top celebration's etc - why cant us sleepy Suffolk folk be allowed to dream, and have our club in the limelight a bit. I want us to have an arrogance about us, a bit of fight (i try to ignore scum fans on twitter, but today when one took a jab at us i felt a rage to go back)

So here's to the future at ITFC, i hope its one to be fully of enjoyment and passion.
So Cook was MEs choice, or the yanks choice?
at 12:11 7 Apr 2021

Or both?

Irrelevant really now, but just wondered

Massive news, so glad to see the back of the man that took us to where we are was no care or attention

Might work out even worse for us, but something had to change
ST renewals
at 23:09 5 Apr 2021

Mentioned this earlier, if they are traditionally released this week, or around this time, then in an ideal world you'd think any possible takeover would be confirmed, or flatty denied, wouldn't you?

ME's pricing could be miles off what the new guys would set.

is this all going to fall nicely into place, takeover confirmed, a big speech we all get wet over, ST's prices released, we all rush out and buy, and all lie happily ever after.

na, this is Ipswich...…

ST prices come out, no more is said about takeover, release most of squad, bring in equally sht replacements, cook walks as he cant have his name dragged through mud.

Evans reins supreme.
2 seasons, to become 3
at 17:30 2 Apr 2021

that we've been in league 1, and I haven't seen a single player that i'd say was brilliant. what I have seen however is multiple solid players that are physical, aggressive, fit, and can follow instructions of how to play.

I long for 5/6/7 additions this coming closed season, all at around 6'2", big strong blokes that have some character. i'm fed up of watching skinny small little weeds. you never see our players arguing/shouting at each other mid game. nobody wants to win enough to care.
No subject
at 13:54 28 Mar 2021

“As I’ve just said to them in the dressing room after the game, everyone looks like they’re waiting for someone else to do something. I’ve never seen a team like that.
We’ve got to have go-to players that step up to the plate and go ‘Have that, cross that onto Norwood’s head.
I’m desperate to give Kayden Jackson a run down the centre of the pitch with James Norwood but it’s something I’ve never played and you’ve got to be a very direct team to do that.
You’ve got to have wingers putting balls in the box, you’ve got to be hitting second strikers but it’s something that I don’t see us being really good at."

and at no point will a single player read this and think "you know what, i'm going to be that man to lead us out there...."

they'll all hope someone else can do it for them.
No subject
at 14:24 23 Mar 2021

wont say the name, as if you are on twitter you've probably seen it.

but we'll call him T..... really not a fan of people taking the piss out of him, but even less of a fan that it appears when at a colu game someone, went way too far.... (colu fan, not Ipswich i'll add)

or have I completely mis-read that tweet/video?

im sure others will have seen it.
[Post edited 23 Mar 14:33]
first thought this morning
at 09:51 22 Mar 2021

was - he's got them d1ckheads in for training all week.

not sure if im expecting them to take anything in, or get any better
Locked down for the best part of a year
at 08:45 18 Mar 2021

unable to do anything fun, kids home schooling, and everything else that goes with it.....

but the only 2 times ive lost my sht, and been properly miserable, is after the Gillingham and Fleetwood loses....

to the point where i'm still angry now.

it really isn't just a game, is it
whats the deal with Wolf then?
at 14:21 17 Mar 2021

case of Cook sticking with the 2 CBs that had won 3 on the bounce, or not seen enough of him in limited training time?
I lhalf wonder if he'd do a job in the DCM role, hate seeing players out of position, but in this instant it might work
i think Cook should ask Stuart Watson in for a chat
at 07:30 17 Mar 2021

to go through what he's witnessed for the last 5/6 years, and where he thinks its gone/going wrong
because he is rarely wrong in his summaries of Town

out of contract
at 07:12 17 Mar 2021

Its probably on here somewhere, but I cant find it.

But who is actually out of contract in the summer?

and, did Hawkins ever play for Cook at Pompy?

I hate these players
at 21:32 16 Mar 2021

I hate this squad

Weak physically and mentally

Losers from front to back

No leaders

No men

Powder puff bullsht from absolute nothing footballers

They are a shambles
PC has got to coach some really bad habits
at 21:14 9 Mar 2021

Out of really average/poor footballers ASAP, or have a massive clear out.

I trust him to see this and in time be able to achieve it.

They just aren’t brave, attack minded. Revert back 80% of the time.

Yesterday highlighted so much for me
at 03:11 7 Mar 2021

a squad of players, that no matter who managers them, they are losers. we have 1/2 winners in that team that could drive a team on, but that's it. Downes and Norwood, even tho the latter often fluffs his lines, he atleast finds these positions.

4/5/6 years of consistently failing, not being up for the fight, its deeply engrained in them now. no urgency, confidence non existent. majority very quiet weak boys.

squad crying out for more battle hardened men.

edit. Freddie sears, wont ever score for us again
[Post edited 7 Mar 3:15]
subtle, dad like warning from PC
at 02:33 5 Mar 2021

saying he speaks to MM

Then saying about fans can be the 10th man and have a negative impact.

anyone else think "oh fck, he knows about all that, better behave"


said over on twitter, if you cross him I bet you fcking know it, reckon he gives 1, maybe two warnings then you're done
Coffee Cup Cook
at 23:28 4 Mar 2021

is such a better nickname than PR Paul

shall be known as CCC from now on for me
New stadium
at 00:02 4 Mar 2021

If we are to be taken over, seen a few posts suggesting we might end up leaving Portman road, which I personally don't see happening, but whatever.

anyway got me looking at possible locations that wouldn't completely uproot us, and the best location I see is alderman park, right by the ground.

loads of open space on the outskirts of Ipswich, with direct links to the a12/14, but Alderman park wouldn't require much upheaval
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