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Pre booked Holidays for later in the year
at 05:42 23 Mar 2020

i'm sure many of us already have these booked, paid for, in the process of paying for..... what are you currently doing about yours?

We have 2 more payments left on our holiday to Gran Canaria - late July. Personally I don't see it going ahead, so i'm thinking cancel the DD and swallow the two payments already made.
wife says to carry on the booking as Tui might offer to move it for another date etc, we do have yearly travel insurance, but I can see them having a get out in there somewhere.

in the grand scheme of things its really very low on the list of things to worry about I know, but just wondering what other TWTDers were in the same boat as I
Mortgage holidays
at 05:04 20 Mar 2020

Got a text about this earlier today from barclays, very fortunate that i'll continue to be paid through all this, so having a break from mortgage isn't something we will need to have.
however, just for ease do you think the mortgage companies will just blanket stop them all, or you'll be able to opt in or out?
My thinking is if everyone that can continue to pay, does so, then the strain isn't as huge as if everyone does it.
On the flip side if they do stop them all that means we'll have a decent chunk of money spare each month that could help family and friends that wont be getting any income.
Things I’ve learnt in last week
at 16:38 15 Mar 2020

People are proper selfish thick cnts
People will use any situation to argue about politics
People are proper selfish thick cnts
ST renewals
at 22:54 14 Mar 2020

Added to the 36643 others things clubs need to think about.

Clapped them off HAHAHAHA
at 11:00 8 Mar 2020

wet wiping at its finest
At half time
at 23:52 3 Mar 2020

Fleetwood subs were going through strict drills, keep ball, mini training session if you will.

our lot, will Norris was kicking it to them to control and smack back at him.

Joey Barton might be a lot of things, but he wouldn't touch such a poisonous club as us. his goals and ambitions were clear to hear on the radio before the game, wont stand for a single thing other than 100% - imagine judge in his team, he'd be off in mins, same goes for keane and the other wastes of space we have.
ive never seen a club with so many players
at 23:03 3 Mar 2020

unable to cross a ball
Chances KVY suffers a set back in next few weeks
at 21:18 13 Feb 2020


See these things coming a mile off with this club
Freddie is one guy I’d not want next to me in a warzone
at 16:18 13 Feb 2020

little puppy, soft as baby sht. Lock him in a room with Downes and Butcher
Little video doing the rounds on twitter
at 22:59 2 Feb 2020

Of an ITFC steward giving a Peterborough fan a few slaps round the chops from yesterday

I’d say he’s a pretty well known steward, and the twitter account is the Faircop solicitor - she doesn’t tend to let things go, rightly so, so if you know him, might be worth giving him a heads up
Clueless owner, poor manager, weak captain, no bottle
at 07:59 2 Feb 2020

unsure where my post went from yesterday, so felt i'd better get it back up.

unless we aren't allowed to mention the failures of the club on here?
5 times from a kick off we got to witness the ball back and chambers pump it
at 17:45 1 Feb 2020

5 times we didn’t achieve anything from it

Add that to the others across the season, you’d think the manager might change that tactic
I can handle losing, but not in the manner we did
at 06:04 29 Jan 2020

Admit I didn’t watch it, only had the radio to go by, but after reading many comments of those that did watch it the long ball bo11ocks reared it’s ugly head. I don’t think I’ve seen jackson successfully play that role so why did PL think that would be a good idea.
Stick to our game, and if we then lose then fair play.
Frustrating as ever supporting Town
I'm a bit worried
at 08:27 27 Jan 2020

that Norwich are going to get a couple of easy FA cup games and get to the semis.... then who knows what. with teams not taking it as serious these days, and they know they are down....
tell me it wont happen
Praise the lord for Lincoln’s goal kicks
at 20:16 25 Jan 2020

Not a single one ended with any real attack from them, or saw them keep the ball for any decent amount of time

You are League 1, not champions league quality.

Playing around at the back at this level, lol
Do they do a young player of the year award for L1?
at 13:38 21 Jan 2020

if so, are there many candidates that stand out, apart from Flynn and the Wolf?
I don't follow the other clubs enough to know who they have playing for them
really enjoyed that
at 20:40 11 Jan 2020

today was proper chalk and cheese from what we've seen the last 13/14 games.

not sure you can single out a player for being the best out there, or the worse. they were all fantastic.
This clubs a fking shambles
at 18:25 4 Jan 2020

Fold and cease to exist

We literally don't ever have a single moment of faking joy

Exeter fcking city ffs
Whether this seems optimistic or pessimistic
at 13:57 2 Jan 2020

Does anyone know a rough date they set the playoff dates?
I know the final, but the semis aren’t mentioned.
Over last few years they’ve been the Friday Saturday Sundays the following two weeks from end of season....
Game management
at 17:24 1 Jan 2020

Hear that a bit from Chambers and a few others, something we lack.

Now i'm no expert, but if I'm the captain and on that pitch, the second Akenfenwaaaa comes on and they get the first freekick i'm getting someone like Edwards to stand infront of him, two reasons...
1 - any touch in the back Edwards goes over, free kick
2 - to be a pain

then i'm saying to those around me, if we don't win this first header, we clear the flick.

what then happens is none of the above, plus Norris goes wild.

Do we seriously need to question our captains ability to spot in play changes, tweeks, he as captain can make and implement? the more I see, the more I personally question him
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