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Can team card points be used to buy away tiks? (n/t)
at 10:31 23 Jan 2022

I still have no idea how Walton changed shape
at 09:05 23 Jan 2022

Direction and position to keep that deflected shot out.

Was incredible. And great to see fridge straight to him after Burns scored to give him a ‘you made that goal’
Looks as though there’s about 20 tickets left for AFC Wimbledon
at 13:00 10 Jan 2022

Just grabbed 2
Said we’d win 6 of KMc’s first 7
at 08:14 9 Jan 2022

2 down, 4 to go…

What’s impressed me the most, but for him will be bog standard, is that he knows the opposition inside out, and sets us up in an exact way to beat them.

I’d hazard a guess he’s not had much time in his life to study wycombe or gillingham, but in a tiny space of time he and his team have watched, picked them apart, and set us up.

All that, and it’s not even his players… gel… whatever that was all about.

Sounds such a calm and assured bloke too, no fancy bo11oks, not trying to be funny, ultimate professional.

Long May this continue. Oh and we are finishing in the PO, said it weeks back.
13mins added on for cambridge vs pompy!
at 17:07 3 Jan 2022

draw - means another good result for us, in our quest to over take those above
I might be making this up
at 09:33 2 Jan 2022

but did i read someone say the KMc is looking to bring Simpson back?
Really enjoyable listen that pre match interview
at 23:03 29 Dec 2021

Very clear on what he wanted, and what he got.

Few of them played 2/3 levels above what they did for the man that brought them in, or maybe just maybe they’ve been coached in a very little time to preform in that way.

Really pleasing win, didn’t even feel too nervous in final moments, felt we were in control.

Said pre match we’d get a new manager bounce finally, and get 6 wins from next 7…. I’ll stick by that
Games called off for Covid
at 08:59 29 Dec 2021

what number of players with it is the cut off for the game to be called off?

and after the 7 day isolation, if they still feel unwell (but test negative) is that then only deemed as a normal injury and said player doesnt count towards the covid numbers?

Edmundson is quality isn't he
at 16:36 19 Dec 2021

dont think he'll be here long, but certainly enjoying him while i can.

Can’t believe I’m saying this
at 09:19 16 Dec 2021

But I’d have ‘him’ back to wallop a few fcks and cnts into this lot. Organise them to learn the basics, and get the basics mastered…

A young coach here right now is not what we need, it’s too much of a mess to even consider that.
We really are the cu.ntiest football club in history
at 21:54 15 Dec 2021

Folding would be too nice
Those that spoke about Lampard
at 10:01 14 Dec 2021

really did set themselves up for a fall from grace didnt they.

We are a mid table league 1 team, and have been for 3 seasons.

If it is Harris we are still slightly punching considering he's spent majority of his time in the championship.

All aboard the Neil Harris fun bus, it might not be pretty, but i think we've all come to realise that passing our way out of league 1 isnt working
Please don’t be Mogga
at 16:03 9 Dec 2021

Would break my heart seeing a bloke who loves the club get treated the way he ultimately would be by some fans.

moving forwards
at 01:00 8 Dec 2021

I was all up for Manning to come in, but after reading how pathetic this evening was, i really think a few "big" named players would turn their snouts up at him (even though he's currently managing higher in the league)

i'm swaying more to an experience name, i dont want warnock and pearson, but do they make more sense as could rip them a new one if needed?

or, a big name that has done it all as a player, and starting out, John Terry for example....

i really have no idea what happens with us going forwards. but i do know that its incredible we have 19 new players and they seem to have the equal fight in them as the last bunch of no hopes.
There’s been a big falling out
at 11:56 5 Dec 2021

Behind closed doors hasnt there, let’s be honest, as this wasn’t even likely to happen.

My guess is that MA started to ask a few tactical questions, PC started getting annoyed, and it’s all blown up.

I do believe that MA may have a hand in a few transfers that PC wasn’t keen on, trying to shoehorn them into his formation.

It’s a shame as I liked PC as a bloke. But it’s a results business, and he simply wasn’t getting enough results.
new rules
at 18:16 27 Nov 2021

They gonna make people pay for another pcr test on day 2 of arrival home? or allow that to be a nhs one?
almost making travelling pointless
In our absence from the Premier League since 2002
at 21:02 25 Nov 2021

Who’s the one team, and player (doesn’t need to be from same club) you really wish you’d witnessed live at PR?

I know being up there is more about us, but I can’t help but feel gutted I didn’t see the likes of Yaya Toure, Sergio, Ronaldo, Drogba etc
pcr testing
at 20:17 19 Nov 2021

If you've had Covid, i'm reading if you do a PCR test shortly after you could produce a positive result, even though you arent transmitting it anymore?
Surely that causes no end of issues when travelling abroad, if a country requires a 72hr negative test result.
anyone had this issue?
tickets for upcoming games
at 22:41 14 Nov 2021

so as of 10am tomorrow, i, as a gold card holder, can buy a number of other tickets for the sunderland game, yeah?
and they can all just be allocated to me. these are for mates who dont have itfc accounts/logins.
How many have Colchester sold for Tuesday?
at 13:17 6 Nov 2021

Anyone know
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