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AIR ambulance then
at 11:06 22 May 2019

But who can remember Tarricco flying into the stadium to put the ball on the centre spot... so random that
the old, or the young?
at 01:59 13 May 2019

I don't personally feel sorry for football fans of teams when things go wrong, its a choice to support and follow...... however looking at Town who do you feel for most,

the old - seeing what we were to what we've become,

or the young - who haven't seen anything as Town fans

matt clarke mate
at 20:57 11 May 2019

decent int he....

what a fck up by us
I dont care what anyone says
at 23:27 8 May 2019

but the spurs and Liverpool fans supporting from living rooms in Ipswich wont have enjoyed the last 2 nights as much as us lot enjoyed sunday being in the ground, supporting the local team.

Anyone else have a bit of a lump in throat at the end Sunday?
at 07:37 7 May 2019

I’m not talking full on wet lettuce, more that everyone was singing, arms in air, we’d won, sht season, a bit of light at the end of the tunnel....

Maybe just me, but something felt, I dunno, it just felt, you know?!
Anyone had the call yet?
at 10:27 2 May 2019

10 fans getting a personal invite to end of season meal

The amount of emails advertising this I half expect to see it on Groupon soon, uptake must be dog sht
wouldnt be surprised to see skuse as a CB next season
at 19:28 27 Apr 2019

played really well in there imo.
i like nsiala
at 18:32 27 Apr 2019

mistake in him I know, but he can defend. I think
"they" gonna go up today?
at 12:20 22 Apr 2019

or is there more twists to come?

I don't normally give two fcks about them, but as nothing else to think about.....
An absolute shower of sht at the back
at 06:58 21 Apr 2019

Am I out of turn saying we need a strong older experienced head at the back to organise them better.... whether that’s a proper keeper, or central defender?
Realise this is replacing two fan favourites, but I’ve been so unimpressed with chambers and Bart this year.
(Realise LC brings a lot to club before anyone starts)
(And the shower of sht at the back had been something ongoing for 3 years, poor goals consistently conceded)
[Post edited 21 Apr 8:20]
Rewarded the current
at 11:27 17 Apr 2019

Rewarded the new
Rewarded the young
Rewarded the old
Everyone has been rewarded with cheaper prices, I can’t see a single issue

Now, let’s see who supports this club, and who’s a wet arse
times the ST prices out then?
at 17:20 16 Apr 2019

my money is on it getting "leaked" on twitter tonight....

whatever happens im getting my sleeping bag out to be outside the shop to renew first
Damp proof companies - ipswich
at 22:31 15 Apr 2019

Anyone in here work for any? Own a company?

Got a little job need quoting for,

Many thanks in advance
Racism in football - Ipswich edition
at 08:08 7 Apr 2019

Hand on heart, in 25ish years of following Town I have heard 1 racist remark.

Can anyone say they’ve heard it within our following?
the soft touch that are ITFC fans
at 22:34 3 Apr 2019

was thinking about this today, absolutely no other club in this country would be sitting bottom of their respected league with fans remaining so silent against the owner that has ultimately put us in this position.
within a couple of weeks we will be mathematically relegated, i'm not saying I don't want to go out with the players and manager knowing we are fully behind them for next season, but the fact the ME is getting off without a single bad word in his direction is really pissing me off.

the barnsley number 26
at 12:39 23 Mar 2019

brick shthouse yep
fast yep
quality..... absolutely nothing

the pace of some of the L1 players does worry me a bit with Chambers aging tho I must say
thank god those dark days are behind us
at 12:15 19 Mar 2019

two of the experienced trusted guys...

"We were mid-table and there were no big expectations to win every game"

"We are only Ipswich, not world beaters"
ST packs to come out soon i reckon?
at 11:22 18 Mar 2019

sure it was early april last year, and the years before..... etc etc
Barts got to do better for their goal, hasn’t he?
at 12:13 17 Mar 2019

I’m no goalkeeping expert but he’s got to be claiming that in the air hasn’t he?
Just seems so scared to claim anything if there’s a chance of getting a bit hurt
Pennington vs Murphy
at 10:18 17 Mar 2019

Pennington absolutely bossed and bullied him from start to finish didn’t he. He done the exact thing Murphy done for us so well in that one season.
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