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I'm a bit worried
at 08:27 27 Jan 2020

that Norwich are going to get a couple of easy FA cup games and get to the semis.... then who knows what. with teams not taking it as serious these days, and they know they are down....
tell me it wont happen
Praise the lord for Lincoln’s goal kicks
at 20:16 25 Jan 2020

Not a single one ended with any real attack from them, or saw them keep the ball for any decent amount of time

You are League 1, not champions league quality.

Playing around at the back at this level, lol
Do they do a young player of the year award for L1?
at 13:38 21 Jan 2020

if so, are there many candidates that stand out, apart from Flynn and the Wolf?
I don't follow the other clubs enough to know who they have playing for them
really enjoyed that
at 20:40 11 Jan 2020

today was proper chalk and cheese from what we've seen the last 13/14 games.

not sure you can single out a player for being the best out there, or the worse. they were all fantastic.
This clubs a fking shambles
at 18:25 4 Jan 2020

Fold and cease to exist

We literally don't ever have a single moment of faking joy

Exeter fcking city ffs
Whether this seems optimistic or pessimistic
at 13:57 2 Jan 2020

Does anyone know a rough date they set the playoff dates?
I know the final, but the semis aren’t mentioned.
Over last few years they’ve been the Friday Saturday Sundays the following two weeks from end of season....
Game management
at 17:24 1 Jan 2020

Hear that a bit from Chambers and a few others, something we lack.

Now i'm no expert, but if I'm the captain and on that pitch, the second Akenfenwaaaa comes on and they get the first freekick i'm getting someone like Edwards to stand infront of him, two reasons...
1 - any touch in the back Edwards goes over, free kick
2 - to be a pain

then i'm saying to those around me, if we don't win this first header, we clear the flick.

what then happens is none of the above, plus Norris goes wild.

Do we seriously need to question our captains ability to spot in play changes, tweeks, he as captain can make and implement? the more I see, the more I personally question him
I'm not entirely comfortable blaming it all on PL
at 17:31 29 Dec 2019

Them players need to take some responsibly out there.

Our captain, 300 odd games, all career in championship is playing like he's won a competition.

Judge, an international player cant play a position he isn't comfortable in? really?

plenty can be laid at PL's feet, respect that, but not the lot
big game today
at 09:40 29 Dec 2019

be nice to end the year with a win. can see it happening too. two back to back away wins and we all take a few steps back and chill
what has actually happened to Alan Judge?
at 07:55 27 Dec 2019

he looks as though he's had the ability sucked from him by the monsters on space jam!
Make it happen
at 13:42 21 Dec 2019

andre's role
at 13:53 24 Nov 2019

From what I hear/read Andre played pretty well vs Lincoln in a deeper role, spraying passes about and generally having more impact on the game, with that in mind i'd like to see a midfield two of him and downes given a go.

before anyone starts i'm not anti skuse, but I just think having him there to tidy up sometimes is a wasted opportunity and stops us taking control of the midfield and dominating games.

Downes can do what skuse does, already, and then has more to offer on top of that.

thinking back to Gillingham away (I didn't see this in real time, but on replays) but it was dozzells quick thinking and 50 yard ball into space that Jackson raced onto that got us the goal.

Watching Jackson try and muster something from nothing up top on his own
at 22:27 23 Nov 2019

With weak as piss rat boy Edwards continuing to be fcking useless is starting to really grate on me.

It’s amazing that we have nobody to lead the line apart from 5’5” Norwood. When he doesn’t play we really do look lost.

Wtf was chambers going to ground for? If he doesn’t already know refs in this league are sht, they will give poor decisions, don’t do things that will give them the choice

As my mate said, when we were on top and pressuring them why not chuck on Keane and Judge to sht them up?! Give them more to worry about.

Today was poor.

If we are to go up it won’t be the easy way, we have playoffs written all over us.
All Ipswich int we
at 13:55 22 Nov 2019

all behind Jason Doz
Pre Match, Half Time, Full Time - dressing rooms
at 09:17 22 Nov 2019

In your Town supporting life what three dressing rooms would you most liked to have been in for the 3 listed in subject.

Mine would be,

Pre Match - Wembley 2000

Half Time - TBC

Full Time - Bolton Home Playoff win
i dont normally give them too much attention
at 22:01 2 Nov 2019

due to them being far better than us at present, but WOTB is a good read....
wheres that post gone then? (n/t)
at 17:04 24 Oct 2019

shudder - back to my worse/most embarassing moment as a town fan (n/t)
at 19:21 21 Oct 2019

When all is said and done...
at 14:47 20 Oct 2019

Forget "we are poor on TV" or after "international breaks" Neither of those are why we lost today.
We lost because we try to shoehorn in players like Judge, and we have poor footballers like Edwards.
Today was absolute rubbish from start to finish. Not a single players come out of that with any credit.

Many others have said it but Huws and Keane were such obvious choices to start/come on. How has PL not seen that?

Rowe looked unfit, pointing instead of doing the work. Edwards has no end product, cant run with ball, cross, or tackle.
Dozzell, just isn't doing it for us is he, sad to see him constantly not grab the bull by the horns.
Judge looked lost, poor touch, somewhat uniterested.

so many wrongs in that game today from us.

Awful referring but that's the case even when we win
KVY OK? (n/t)
at 17:58 5 Oct 2019

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