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So much made of the fans not there this season
at 08:02 19 Sep 2017

nobody seems to spare I thought for us poor souls that actually had to watch that first half.
Tell ya who I like, Tom Adeyemi. Powerhouse with a brain
at 16:31 17 Sep 2017

Very decent signing on yesterday's preformance
INCREDIBLE GAME, absolute show piece for the sport
at 17:17 16 Sep 2017

Na, for those unfortunate enough to miss it.
That was world class quality sht . First half, wow just wow, to get two teams that bad was a sight. Ward stood out as bad today

Positives... fair play to NM for making the HT change, something he's waited to do on 75/80mins previously.

Adeyemi, really liked what he brings

Skuse, had a shot, and scored.

We won and game that a fully expected a draw in.

But please don't get carried away with the position we are in, the second we play any team 10% better than Bolton and we struggle today. Probably won't like that but it's true

[Post edited 16 Sep 22:57]
score tomorrow, and position in table come 5pm
at 21:53 15 Sep 2017

0-0 for me, and 9th
Who's the most qualified football expert on here?
at 18:25 11 Sep 2017

As in terms of badges you've gained etc?

No BSing either as it's pointless
anyway..... norwich putting song words in the program
at 15:52 10 Sep 2017

at first I laughed, took the p155. but thinking about it, they want an atmosphere to be generated, want fans to join in..... any new songs at ITFC get a few laughs, a few dribbly faces star at the singers.... then silence.
fair play to them for trying

but what would be good is a song to sing back to them when they get this going at PR in October....

if you haven't heard it already, its blues "parklife"

"all the germans,
so many germans,
they all go hand in hand,
hand in hand through there,


whatever your idea, the final line HAS to be "fark off!"
i'd take a loss if it means he learns from it
at 17:55 9 Sep 2017

but just as the mick inners get ready to w*nk silly over negative posts even they know its very unlikely MM will.

so slow to react to it not going right on the pitch, been said many a times, but the absolutely insane decision to not get in a CB is going to bite him right in the arse.

really hope august isn't undone by this decision
Draw written all over it tomorrow
at 15:37 8 Sep 2017

Hasn't it?
We'll defend our hearts out with thread bones
Is Jonas up for corners?
at 07:32 8 Sep 2017

I fancy him to bag one tomorrow. But only if he's being used as a 'big man up from the back'
Oposition players we've not & wont see at PR
at 17:49 5 Sep 2017

Which one player are you most gutted to have not seen play at Portman Road (oposition) in our 16 year absence from the top league?

I'd probably say Rooney in his prime. Pretty sure he's never played here
Ipswich Icons
at 21:45 2 Sep 2017

When you reckon they'll do one about a player that isn't still on the payroll?

Who we had so far, Milton and warm and another I forget, maybe Doz?

I wanna hear from someone that isn't still here
Three peaks challenge
at 14:00 30 Aug 2017

Cut a long story short, me and a mate are looking at doing this next year to raise money for a charity (or two)
Anyone done it?
Advise, tips etc etc

Thank you
Mings and Spence
at 06:27 20 Aug 2017

Now I liked TM, but what did he do/have that's spence hasn't done/got?

This time in 'that' season TM was getting bigged up all over the show, but not seen much for Spence.

How did he play yesterday in a CB 2?
at 08:27 17 Aug 2017

I can't stop watching the Norwich fans marching videos
at 21:36 13 Aug 2017

Had to watch the first one three or four times to believe it was happening.

I'm so so happy it is a thing
Long shot here, Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico
at 09:06 13 Aug 2017

Anyone got a mate of a mate over there with iFollow? Preferably a bar owner!
Injuries then
at 22:23 12 Aug 2017

Huws - ongoing (bet we don't see him until November)
Bishop - ongoing (as above)
Ademyi - on death bed (January my guess)
Smith - 2 months
Doz - season
Downes - ?? Suspect a week or so

Am I missing anyone?
So, this £10 we got on account?
at 17:56 9 Aug 2017

How do we use it?!
Trying to purchase online.... ??
That turn, run, and ball from Celina to McG!
at 12:35 9 Aug 2017

Had that been Tom Lawrence he'd have taken that on his own, all celinas highlights seem to be lovely through balls with ex team mates missing 1-1's... sure Sears Garner McG and Wag will enjoy a few of those each a season
its a little bit... encouragaing isnt it
at 21:59 8 Aug 2017

by sounds of things the young boys played very well, and McG found his shooting boots.

not getting carried away but if we carry on like this they might put us straight in the champions league final
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