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a draw from a losing position
at 11:09 19 Nov 2017

in my mind, purely result based, that doesn't seem too bad.

its just when you factor in all the other pieces of a game that get chuck together that puts a slightly dull view on things; ANOTHER couple of sloppy goals to concede, (reviews ive read) of poor play for large parts of the game.

am I the only one thinking that celina would have been a much better option to come on yesterday as opposed to starting?
Hulls season/form Vs Ours, we've got to go there for the win, haven't we?
at 06:20 16 Nov 2017

Or will the fact that they were in the prem recently mean we approach the game thinking we'll be lucky to nick a draw?

If he picks the right team I see no reason why we can't take all three points.
aston villa - armed forces tickets
at 20:58 10 Nov 2017

very good of them doing such a thing.
murphy 27 goals
at 16:50 5 Nov 2017

between the 4 up top we already have 25.

just saying
post match comments, players and manager
at 14:51 5 Nov 2017

where are they? sat down to have a read and cant find anything. am I going mad?
Well that was alright, wasn't it?
at 08:21 5 Nov 2017

First half pretty sht it must be said. Not sure what their keeper was doing for the free kick from Wags, he seemed to tuck himself behind the wall as he ran up to take it!
Great header from McG, not seen him attack a ball at back post like that before, then Celinas finish just quality, tight angle and done so well to squeeze that in.

3-0 against a team low on confidence with injury problems, I'll take that all day long. But for anyone getting carried away just hold up, there was some terrible football at times (not looking for negatives I may add) but Webster chambers and Spence lumped that ball forward and out of play so many times. Where has the ball playing Webster gone? He was bringing it down when he had time or anything, felt like we had Berra playing again.

Knudsen is turning into an important player for us, keeps popping up at the back post, he's got a strong heart, like that.

Out of interest did anyone else get their tickets checked at top of stairs by stewards before taking seats? With the resin being 'been a few fake ones floating about' or was it just me?...
I never thought I'd see a world where ITFC rested players midweek
at 17:02 3 Nov 2017

For PNE at home on the Saturday.

Because essentially that did happen didn't it, he felt we didn't have enough to beat Cardiff so has saved them for PNE.

I'll be honest, it's not the end of the world, and if we beat PNE we'll have 1 more point than I thought we'd get from these two games.

Just saying, it's a bit of a depressing thing to say out loud
As its nearly Xmas, season of good will
at 13:30 1 Nov 2017

I just thought I'd say this, we might be a fan base dived, we might be a club in a massive rut, but fck me we still have a core of a fan base that care so much about this club. Would love to see that spill out to the stands with noise and atmosphere
X points off playoffs
at 21:36 31 Oct 2017

Won 4/4 start of season
Cardiff have spent BILLIONS
Only man that could do what he has with this funding
Kept us up
Got in playoffs
Back him until the end of season

What other reasons to keep him?
Sky Q box connectors
at 16:04 30 Oct 2017

Googled them and all sorts, can't find where to buy them!

Any sky engineers on here?

Forgetting all my anti MM opinions
at 19:31 29 Oct 2017

Heard a couple of things today which add up...

But in short, sheff weds want to appoint Mick
where do we fit Moore in the team in Jan then? (n/t)
at 20:45 28 Oct 2017

Lost 6/8, another defeat to our rivals (played awful)
at 19:13 28 Oct 2017

And he comes out fight talking as if we sit top of the league. We've beaten a team that hasn't scored a goal in 5. Insufferable arrogant fool

at 16:46 28 Oct 2017

1-0 down Bru on over Downes
at 16:15 28 Oct 2017

Sums him up perfectly. Jesus FCKING CNTING CHRIST!!!

Anyone still backing him isn't an itfc Fan

score today then?
at 05:50 28 Oct 2017

i'll go for a naughty 1-1, great hard fought away point at a team that are in a false position
Our chief exc doesn't know how many ST holders we have
at 23:50 26 Oct 2017

I'm gutted I couldn't have been there to point and laugh in his face.

I'm just an engineer and I know the exact figure of the customer base I'm working with. What a disgrace that lot truly are
'If offered a contract I'll decide if I sign it - isn't that nice'
at 14:04 26 Oct 2017

What's the fcking point
[Post edited 26 Oct 14:18]
For years I've been saying to myself
at 17:55 24 Oct 2017

'Take the bad times, accept them, hurt from them, because it'll make the good times even more enjoyable'

My own rallying calls are falling on deaf ears now. For the first time ever I'm am empty and at the end with ITFC.

Owner, management, players, fans... I see nothing to give me personally any hope for the future.

I'm sure some clever d1ck will pop up to say 'overeating' if you do please have a list of positives so I can try and take them in
Oi combover, where's my post gone? (n/t)
at 09:30 23 Oct 2017

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