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Genuinely fcking gutted Smith has gone
at 19:12 22 Jan 2018

Last time a player leaving made me this gutted is Tarrico, I was 12!

May not have been the best but could see what it meant to him.

So long Tommy, will always dream of a team of Tommy smiths.
Cor must be a few buzzing with that
at 16:56 20 Jan 2018

An away point, always great to get.

40 quid to watch our team get - by Hoolahan again
at 18:52 19 Jan 2018

To watch our manager out thought,
To watch our team out fort,
To watch 25k in yellow jump around
To watch us again fail to get a win against them

To watch MM send us out to hold out for a draw

Good deal that

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What would have been your ideal shirt sponsor?
at 19:23 12 Jan 2018

Pornhub for me

And fake taxi for the away shirt
Sky sports news - Carl Robinson
at 02:58 9 Jan 2018

Before anyone starts I’m not suggesting him as manager, I’m not saying they’ll never concede or win the league...


Sky sports news have run a piece on him/Charlton using drones in training, so as soon as training finishes he can go in and access the session from above, watch back how close the players are, off ball movement etc etc...

He ended it by saying along the lines of - if we don’t try new things we stand still, standing still you achieves nothing, but if you try new things and even if it doesn’t help atleast you’ve tried to improve

Imagine firstly MMs reaction to a drone above head in training, and secondly ME putting his hand in his pick to buy the drones for the club
I don’t know if any of this makes sense
at 19:03 7 Jan 2018

I’m not sure where my head is at and who I’m more pissed off with.

Does a single person take the blame or is this a collective thing?

I’m sure I’m not the only one on here that asks questions to myself in my head regarding the whole situation at the club and just can’t come to any conclusion, am I over thinking it all? Probably... should I just accept we are what we are and if I don’t like it walk away? Almost definitely... will I? Will I fck, I am Ipswich, Ipswich is me.

Few thoughts I have in my nut...

Mick obviously knew/knows the budget, why is an ambitions/proud man/manager happy to work under these conditions? Is he just happy to do the absolute minimum but pick up a tidy wage? Why doesn’t he publicly try and force MEs hand and get more money?

Micks snapping at the fans (I believe) comes from frustrations built up that he’d love to drop ME in the sht regarding money, shift the blame, but he wants to remain the good little employee.

ME did back MM in the summer, decently IMO, what sort of work went on to analyse Huws injury? Have we got massively lucky so far that Garners shoulder has broke?

MM has been pretty successful with a couple of transfers, received some big fees, if he knew he’d not get proper money from them sales to invest in his team why didn’t he kick and scream to not sell these players? Again, is he just happy picking up his wage with minimum fuss. In the past we’ve seen managers (wider football) leave clubs over not getting funds to spent.

To me it seems we have an owner that doesn’t want to put in more than he already does, he has a manager happy to work with those limitations, because the manager knows the owner can’t demand any more than bang average results due to the restrictions he’s under. Those two comfortable, this is boring little Ipswich, the boredom has killed off the passion many once had, goals don’t get celebrated like they once did, singing isn’t as loud and proud.

No ambition - bored fans


Think I’d like to see Warburton here next.
at 23:43 6 Jan 2018

Seems a decent bloke, eye for a player, plays some nice stuff (based on what I remember of his Brentford team)

He’s also been a sporting director, so could help ME learn a thing or two
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‘MM sees this new Irish lad as a better prospect than Moore’
at 16:58 6 Jan 2018

Then leaves him on the bench for 90mins when 1-0 down without having a shot.

Couldn’t make it up.

We haven’t had a single shot on target, in 90mins of football.
at 16:50 6 Jan 2018

I mean, surely nobody can defend that?
If Moore goes
at 06:22 5 Jan 2018

What odds can I get on 1, or 2 of our forwards getting injured until the end of the season?
Seems a very typical Ipswich thing just waiting to happen
Truce ABB please
at 19:51 4 Jan 2018

Give me some reason to still care about this cnting club, I know you two will help me
Micks Ipswich all
at 23:56 2 Jan 2018

Ipswich 21st in EFL Championship for possession.
1st for blocked shots.
23rd for chances created.
20th for successful passes.
3rd for goals scored from set pieces.
22nd for number of shots.
24th at dribbling past opponents.
23rd at tackling. #ITFC…
Down we come with the decorations
at 23:13 2 Jan 2018

Say what you like about ME, but that 25/30 mins tonight is down to the manager and players. How often do we see teams down to 10 win a game through grit and hard work.. this lot and the man controlling them are fcked.

In this, a decent season, we are two points better off than last year. Unbelievable really.
Worst and best calendar years in ur ITFC time?
at 19:20 31 Dec 2017

Best - 2000

Worse - 2017
[Post edited 31 Dec 2017 19:23]
Not a huge fan of computer games
at 15:49 31 Dec 2017

But the parents got kids one of those mega drives with a load of old school games built in.... Find me a better game than sonic, I dare you

Also, walked in on the kids fighting "like the mortal game" mortal kombat! Ffs
Our number 10 yesterday, sub that came on
at 09:34 31 Dec 2017

Anyone know who he was?
Anyone pre written their "we done well considering their team is worth X amount"
at 13:27 30 Dec 2017

Ready for if we lose?

MM has already proved away to derby that the money thing isn't really all its cracked up to be. Go out there with a plan and balance across the pitch and you stand half a chance. For what it's worth I think we'll do well to draw today. If we look at QPR and Derby with only the 1 point as a return it'll be pretty piss poor in my opinion.

Let's just hope it's a reading type game

I’ve just told the sheff weds fan at work to stay away from MM & leave him her
at 16:25 24 Dec 2017

When he suggested they’ll have him now as I suggested 3/4 months ago...

What’s happening to me!
Ipswich locals
at 08:15 24 Dec 2017

Anyone know if any of the pubs are doing a family Xmas event this afternoon into evening?

Newbourne Fox has a Santa’s grotto but parking will be mental! Trying to avoid that if I can

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