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He he the absolutely not run by the Saudi royal family FC
at 16:20 8 Jan 2022

1-0 down at home to Cambridge.
Evans is getting so much more involved too
at 15:42 8 Jan 2022

We were so static before this – Morsy was about the only player who would collect the ball from the centre backs. Now it’s everyone.
Aluko is fúcking unplayable
at 15:37 8 Jan 2022

“champagne football”
Decided not to go last minute
at 14:43 18 Dec 2021

Was a surprisingly tough decision. My son (16, double jabbed, but only as of today) is going.

I maybe overthinking it!

Looked busy on the drive in, so a big crowd still, I reckon. Just hope everyone enjoys the match and keeps safe.

Good to see Burns back.
Liking the leftfield McKenna and Pert appointment
at 08:39 17 Dec 2021

Was kind of hoping for Warnock in a bid for promotion, but this is suprisingly leftfield for me, and we have gone down the experienced route recently to catastrophic effect.

Be good to see a different style of play. I felt that Cook wasn’t really that different from Lambert. Slightly quicker, and with better players, but way too much sideways passing and little pressing.

Any Bielsa influence is fine by me.

Also perhaps marks the end of us betting everything on the manager. This has got to be a good thing.

My only fear is that it’s more a kind of “trendy” appointment from Ashton; as in all the “modern” clubs have this structure and a young coach with new ideas, but it turns out he can’t actually manage a struggling L1 team.

Still, quite excited all in all.
Nice to see us going direct
at 20:55 15 Dec 2021

after four years of tapping it around pointlessly for 4 years.
Was that it?
at 17:15 15 Dec 2021

Get jabbed!

We know that.
So we’re agreed. Warnock til the end of the season.
at 11:25 9 Dec 2021

In a bid to get hold of this squad and in the play-offs/not sliding down the table.

While he’s in place get the young/hungry/tracksuit/tactical/project/right-culture manager ready for next season where, hopefully, they get a full Championship pre-season to get up and running.
C’mon TWTD hive mind, we have the power!
at 20:47 4 Dec 2021

It’s got to be…

Nietzsche said we should never leave an act in the lurch
at 20:01 4 Dec 2021

He was right.

I was going to post something about how PC should have been given another few games, how I liked him and really thought it would work out. But that’s wrong. Just sentimental.

It’s absolutely right as his record was awful. Worse than Lambert, whose reign was ludicrously extended and ended up descending into bitterness and hostility. Cook had already started to complain about the fans, media etc. It’s best this was cut short for everyone, including him.

This is the right decision for two reasons.

Firstly, it says that we have high expectations. If you don’t perform, you’re out. We’ve settled for mediocrity for way too long, coming up with excuses for utter rubbish.

Secondly, it gets rid of our over-reliance on the manager. Probably the worst thing about the Evans era was his dependence on selecting the right man, rather than running the club properly or investing in the squad.

I’m assuming Ashton is telling a porky when he says no-one is lined up. Let’s see if we can get someone who can get us moving in the right direction quickly – no more excuses.
It’s the fans, it’s the players…
at 16:35 4 Dec 2021

Anything or one but the manager.

I haven’t gone today, sounds like the right choice.

Still time to get a winner.

Still scratching my head at how Paul Cook has managed to get us here.
“Identity”, “culture”
at 14:35 29 Nov 2021

Load of bøllocks.
Mick Mills kind of said PC’s time is nearly up there
at 17:27 28 Nov 2021

Which is a really good indicator of what’s about to happen, I reckon.

This kind of makes me sad as I really like PC. But we’re about at the end of the line, I reckon.
Bit of a decision to be made, I think
at 22:24 23 Nov 2021

That was very, very poor. Cook out-tacticked and the team looked thoroughly lacking in belief after the second went in.

Presumably if they’re serious about getting promoted quickly the owners are thinking about if it’s getting near decision time.

Paul Warne looks a good manager….
Loving this rude ref interview
at 17:57 20 Nov 2021

Is it Macauley?
Eh? When did the owners say they were happy with a 4th L1 season?
at 17:25 20 Nov 2021

Classic Ipswich.
I’m not watching the match
at 21:26 16 Nov 2021

… but I think I can tell that was a great goal :-)
Getting fücking done over by a crap L2 team
at 20:16 16 Nov 2021

Never just gets better, does it?
Town fans sounding in very fine voice
at 15:22 30 Oct 2021

Great stuff 👍
at 17:50 24 Oct 2021

Pogba off too.

Ho ho ho!
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