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James Collins = Matt Elliot
at 18:45 11 Jan 2019

and Collin Quaner = Shefki Kuqi

All going to be fine, 4-0 Town tomorrow.

(Not 2-1 Rotherham)
Thought Hurst came across quite well
at 18:42 11 Jan 2019

in the Sky interview. The "no dickheads" thing is a bit Bielsa like; you can see why we were enthusiastic in those early days. The thing about sports science is a bit odd, though; we were quite unscientific in that regard as we looked slow and unfit.

All very clear that the problem *is* Evans: poor choices, poor contract management, lack of funds and leaving a void around the club.
Sleaford Mods are playing Ipswich
at 19:53 9 Jan 2019

which at least makes a nice change to ELO tribute acts.
at 17:29 5 Jan 2019

Sounding a lot more fraught in his Radio Suffolk interview than normal... Unsurprising, obviously, but the positivity has disappeared completely.
Agree with Alex Mathie on that
at 17:00 5 Jan 2019

Like Lambert and all that, definitely not a "Lambert Out"er, but...

Mathie made two points which I think were right:

- Pointless playing 4-5-1/4-3-3 for so long after we went behind
- We should be looking to win second balls. Which is basically the same as saying this possession based football isn't really right for our situation. It's too brittle, as we've seen countless times this season; we can't force a win and are too easily bullied.

I was thinking: How low can we go after that?.. but there's worse to come, isn't there?
Scraped a draw today
at 19:50 22 Dec 2018

Thought we were OK. Sheff U probably the best team I've seen at PR this season; passed it round *lovely*.

The good: defence solid enough. Harrison's goal was great. Chalobah ended up playing well. Spirit strong. Knudsen. Atmosphere good. 1300 SU fans, about half them in Santa costumes. Beer (Fireside) OK, the crisps and coca-cola cost too much. We nabbed a draw.

The bad: as ever, our players aren't as good as the other team's. For too long the midfield either refused to take the ball or released it way too early. Lambert obviously wants to pass it out from the back, but the team can't do it and ends up punting it downfield. I'm not sure we're approaching our situation the right way.

Chalobah did end up accepting the ball and driving it forward. We miss Cole Skuse a lot.

Still, we're in touching distance. Some good loan signings and we *might* have a chance. But I think we're going down.
Kayden Jackson
at 13:56 24 Nov 2018

At the risk of getting overexcited at the sight of one of our players actually scoring, I kind of think we should be starting Jackson. I do get why Roberts starts, but his hold up play isn't *that* good.

Actually, I'd maybe swap Jackson for Sears. Again, I get that Sears adds energy and attitude, but he doesn't score or set up much. Jackson does at least have some pace and movement, and seems to be able to find the net.
That was mainly good
at 18:23 3 Nov 2018

Jordan Roberts made a difference: it was good to have a long ball option. And we pressed a lot, at least in the first half.

Lambert has also found the best role for Freddie Sears, which is no small feat. He was our best player, shifting all around the front line and linking play well. Jordan Spence played well too, and Pennington made the best tackle I've seen at PR for a long time.

We looked a proper team at last.

The bad: well, we panicked. PNE were threatning a bit before the goal, and there was an odd gap left in the wall for the free kick. When they lost their keeper, everyone thought we'd just start shooting at will and pumping crosses at Paul Gallagher; we just sort of assumed it would happen. The crowd got restless, and the players rushed things too much. PNE finished stronger than us because we were panicking.

Still, I'm optimistic. Oh, and from the SAR stand, the NS sounded in very good voice, which was great to hear. Good work getting a Paul Lambert song going early doors, even it doesn't scan :-)
The more I read about Lambert, the more I like
at 11:04 27 Oct 2018

Smart, good guy, a proper manager. Liked him as a player too, admire any British player that tries their luck abroad.

Really pleased with this appointment, feeling positive about the season again.

Folks, 2 MM threads are top of this board; should be looking forward
Massive props to the Radio Suffolk caller suggesting
at 18:48 25 Oct 2018

Arsene Wenger.
Lambert's a prickly, unsentimental character
at 18:44 25 Oct 2018

Not a million miles from Mick in that respect.

I'm thinking this is probably as good as we can get at the moment. I reckon he works best grabbing smaller clubs and building them into some sort of unit. That's what I hope, looking at his record.

Plus, I think he'll love the thought of taking Norwich on.
Roy Hodgson was out of management for a long time
at 14:26 25 Oct 2018

Seem to remember he was dismissed on here as a possible GB replacement back in the day (I am that old. There was a very funny poster called bigearedboysonfarms, what became of him?..but I digress). Obviously still a good manager.

So GB. Maybe. But maybe it'll be Hogg on a temp basis, supported by Klug. It's a mess whatever.
Put Hurst out of his misery
at 21:33 24 Oct 2018

New manager needs as much time as possible.

Hurst has got this all wrong, but really, what utter mismanagement from Marcus Evans. We are in the soup.
QPR had 12 corners and 13 shots yesterday
at 12:23 21 Oct 2018

Actually seemed like more corners. Lucky they were crap at them.

Shows how easy it easy to pass through us, although at least our last ditch defending is OK (excepting Nsiala's kamikaze tackle).
Marches do very little, I think
at 09:21 21 Oct 2018

But read today 750,000 Brexit voters have died since 2016, while 1.6m young people have reached voting age. Perhaps Brexit is going the way of the Tory party, through natural wastage.
One positive from today
at 20:25 20 Oct 2018

The left hand drier in the Legends Bar men's toilet has been fixed.

Thank you, Mr Evans.
Waghorn, McGoldrick, CCV, Conolly, Celina, Garner, Webster
at 19:16 20 Oct 2018

I know Hurst hasn't helped by buying average players, but we have a very basic problem with the quality of the squad. How on earth has this been allowed to happen?
This idea ME would sell if he could break even
at 08:48 3 Oct 2018

Basically means he'll never sell. At what point would he sell? Can't really accept another 10 years of managed decline.
Poor tactics tonight
at 22:40 2 Oct 2018

Senseless replacing Jackson (who played OK anyway) with Sears as it meant we had no proper strikers on the pitch. At 2-0 down. Lots (well some) crosses had no targets.

Very clear tonight we lack any squad depth to change things. I don't mind Nolan, but he was too lightweight, shoved off the ball too often. Would have made more sense to replace him at half time.

Thought we started well, but crumbled quickly after the first goal. Clueless going forward, really brittle in defense. Boro won at a canter.

Set pieces dire.

Positives? Chalobah was great until he tired about 10m from the end. Looked like he was willing to take Boro on by himself, tackling and passing brilliantly, even shooting well. Dozzell looked slick, a lot better than Nolan. Sears threatning for a couple of minutes. Some spirit.

But it's rubbish really, isn't it? A right mess. Hard to see beyond relegation as things are.
I thought that sounded OK
at 17:21 29 Sep 2018


And we haven't thrown in the towel in a game yet. Some sturdy last amn standing defending. My man Nolan scored too.

Brum should've won, though.

Kind of a holding result. Boro are good but not invincible. Big game Tuesday (but aren't they all?) Quite looking forward to it. Might look really bad though in a week's time.

Onwards and upwards.
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