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I want to be nice about Luke Chambers
at 07:53 17 Feb 2020

Because most you horrible lot are not.

Thought he was great on Saturday. Rallied the defence after Burton murdered us down our right, even swapping positions with Woolfenden to sort the problem out. Didn't put a foot wrong.

His long ball distribution has improved no end and he’ll even make the odd overlapping run forward.

That’s all.
You know what we need?
at 21:50 11 Feb 2020

A five year plan. It’s been a while.
Everything wrong with ITFC on show yesterday
at 10:54 2 Feb 2020

The team: Unbalanced. We’re reliant on loans in two positions, including goalkeeper, bizarrely. Kenlock comes on and is expected to be up to speed despite not having played for months. But we do have 75 central midfielders.

The tactics: Peterborough brought home Lambert’s limitations, even when we play relatively well. Their forwards pressed and made some really nice shapes and angles. We simply try to get round the sides, even when Chambers and Wolfenden get forward. It’s so plodding and predictable – and doesn't even work that well despite being so basic.

Lambert’s no need to worry comments after the match were completely risible. His comments about there being no money from transfers available for new signings predictable and depressing.

The ownership/management: Yet another five year “plan” announced a couple of weeks ago along with a bizarre five year contract for Lambert, presumably because there’s nothing else the ownership will do or say about our position.

All that’s really happening is the club is being kept afloat, while we fail to invest but flog off any useful young players. It’s like we’re on life support. Completely reliant on the manager working miracles (a la McCarthy) or us flukeing some form of run. Lambert is no McCarthy.

I read the O'Neill interview in Turnstile Blues. He’s obviously a nice guy who loves the club, and he makes all the right noises about history and painting the foyer so it looks vaguely professional, but what’s his background? Where’s the inspiration, drive or ideas? All I can see is an ex-teacher (no offence – so am I) who’s saying we need to be patient while the masterplan comes to fruition. Like we haven’t been patient for nearly 20 years.

All this poisons the atmosphere. The crowd is frustrated, so it gets on Kenlock’s back as soon as he makes the smallest error, or just openly laughs at him. The crowd chants for Thomas Holy. The loudest songs are just moaning at the ref. It’s all understandable, but doesn’t help the team. (It was clearly a penalty, incidentally.)

My 15 year old son wanted to leave when the third goal went in. God knows how he’s kept the faith so long.

Oh yeah, the price of a pie and pint has increased 25% on last season, the staff in the North Stand barely know how to use the contactless machines and my tea tasted of bleach. Which is what I felt like drinking after yesterday.
at 18:46 4 Jan 2020

By tactically withdrawing our forces from these piffling encounters.

For sure, we will assail the play-off semi finals with much energy.
at 13:33 1 Jan 2020

17 wins in 63? Relegation? No promotion?

Here’s a 3 year contract extension.

Sums us up: no ambition, no plan, clueless.
Seems a good starting line up to me
at 14:52 29 Dec 2019

We do miss Chambers. Downes our best midfielder and Nolan not doing anything.

Would *love* it for Dozzell to have a great match and our form to turn. COYB.
Lambert is presumably resigning
at 17:53 26 Dec 2019

Extraordinary interview.

If he doesn't walk that's ridiculous!
Great fun last night, but mainly rubbish
at 09:35 21 Aug 2019

Rubbish for 70m or so.

It's not the formation, just the style that was all wrong at the start. Plodding out from the back and keeping deep made it difficult for Kenlock and Jackson. Also wasted 3 central midfielders as we ended up having to bang it long anyway.

Chasing the game and getting it wide really quickly was far more effective. The Spurs guy is obviously very good. Kenlock benefited from that and playing another 15m forward. Felt like the Joe Royle era; would be far more effective in this league.

Still, shows we can do really well in this league. Lambert did his clever thing with the NS at the end, so we're all happy. Onwards to a 20 match unbeaten run.

Thought we were good in bits yesterday
at 08:06 11 Aug 2019

Probably deserved to shade it because, for all their second half possession, Sunderland didn't create much. Didn't think we created that much either, but we were more purposeful.

So, the good: Cole Skuse MOTM for me; calm, classy, didn't misplace a pass. Good partnership with Downes, who was snappy in the tackle. As we have 45 central midfielders, not sure how this will pan out, but that's a good partnership already.

Danny Rowe showed some tricky glimpses.

Jackson was dangerous, more effective than Norwood, who was a good targetman at least. Jackson is quick and makes some nice diagonal, slidey runs into the box. If we do use another midfielder Jackson probably deserves to keep his place, based on yesterday. But then Norwood can hold the ball up.

We defended well on the whole. Wolfenden lost his position a bit in the first half, but his tackling and distribution were really good. As for the goal, well that was bad from Chambers. I will add Holy seemed hesitant coming out for the ball on several occasions, and this seemed to confuse Chambers a bit. But still.

The season's boo boy will be Judge based on yesterday. We (quite rightly) have high expectations, and his delivery was poor. Although the bloke behind us was constantly calling Chambers a c*** after the mistake, so there may be some competition.

Great atmosphere. We've moved to the NS lower and it was fun (apart from said c*** bloke).

If Sunderland are one of the best teams in the league we'll easily make the play-offs, maybe better. We need some new fullbacks, although Mick Mills' suggestion on Radio Suffolk that Skuse move there was ridiculous. All in all a solid enough 7/10 performance.
Exciting times at Town
at 12:31 9 Aug 2019

Splashing the cash, at last

Ways to rationalise our complete demise, no. 1004
at 21:57 2 Aug 2019

Luton have played in a league above us in 1987.

It's also expensive cleaning the sides of buildings.
David Squires has it about right
at 20:21 1 May 2019

[Post edited 1 May 2019 20:30]
Just renewed season tickets
at 15:20 23 Apr 2019

£432 for me and my son, SBR lower is pretty good value I reckon. My son liked the look of Section 6 from the SAR upper.

My daughter's far more sensible and decided not to renew.
Swansea monumentally counldn't be arsed today
at 17:57 22 Apr 2019

Except for about 20 minutes in the second half, when they could have scored 3.

Still, we're going to Shrewsbury ho ho ho happy clap.
Paul, we've not played "18 or 19" good games
at 17:27 19 Apr 2019

5 or 6 good halves at most.

Happy clap!
at 17:11 19 Apr 2019

Happy clap!
Demonstrating today
at 12:26 13 Apr 2019

Won't happen, but should. No doubt we'll all be singing "Everything's going to be alright" and clapping along, and making a virtue of not being like all those other nasty clubs.

PL will say how wonderful we are and how we deserve more after the match.

I read on here there's no point in demonstrating because we're stuck with ME, or there's no real alternative. That's weird. The fact there is no alternative is just another symptom of our decline.

The club has been run into the ground over the last decade; that, in and of itself, is reason to demonstrate.

(I'm assuming we'll be relegated today, of course...)
"What's he [ME] got for his investment?" asks PL
at 09:48 8 Mar 2019

Exactly what you'd expect if you just cover running costs and pay the 18th highest wage budget in the league. Drift and the risk of relegation.

PL's right in the breadth of his vision, but I just don't see the money behind it. Or the ownership's vision or will, for that matter, and PL can't do it on his own. Worried the most likely outcome is mid-table in league one.
[shrugs] we weren't any worse than normal today
at 18:14 2 Mar 2019

Thought the Stoke perfomance was actually worse than that. We made a fair few chances in the second half and probably deserved a draw.

We are poor though. Just fail to build attacks too often and are still making crazy mistakes. Nsiala's messing around for Reading's winner was criminal.

Today's scapegoat was Quaner, who was actually, IMO, quite dangerous in the second half. The old moaning dudes behind me blamed him for absolutely anything that went wrong.

Bishop was playing as a striker in the first half. That was a mistake, although I don't get the moaning about the formation not being attacking enough: Bree and Kenlock were really pushing forward and Judge was up near Quaner and Bishop.

I can't understand why Kayden Jackson didn't get on at all.

I think the crowd finally came to terms with our getting relegated this season. 10 years of utter mismanagement and 23,000 turn up. I have mixed feelings about this: we're too accepting of our position.
Sarri's just tried to smooth all that over...
at 20:27 24 Feb 2019

...which plumbs new depths of patheticness.
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