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It’s a really poor start
at 20:31 13 Apr 2021

Well, I guess we’ve learned that Paul Cook hasn’t been able to organise/motivate a decent group of players any better than his predecessor, or the head coach.

Personally, that doesn’t fill me with a huge amount of confidence, but he will at least be given the opportunity to rip it up and start again, apparently. I do really hope he’s able to take advantage of that and everything just feels completely different next season. I’m sure it will.

In his defence you could perhaps argue that a lot of these players know they’re on their way out regardless of what happens, and they’ve given up.

Personally, think he should have done a lot, lot better, and writing this season off is criminally wasteful, but that no doubt makes me a “berk”, “idiot” or someone who doesn’t know anything about football 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Feck me
at 19:01 13 Apr 2021

Just when you can’t go any lower...
Drogba to be manager
at 17:20 10 Apr 2021

All makes sense.

Joking of course, but it’s a bit weird
Cook entering Lambert territory in record time
at 17:14 10 Apr 2021

No problems though.
A nice start for a change.
at 15:13 2 Apr 2021

i) We’re going to win 7-0
ii ) I like a back 3 – glad PC mixing is it up (if that is the case, I’m only listening today)
iii) A combination of Chambers, Woolfenden and Nsiala is a good mix of strength and skill
Right, we’ve done youth development, scouring the lower leagues
at 09:46 1 Apr 2021

What’s left?

Oh yeah! DATA!

Data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data data.

It’s the future!

There’s still scouring Europe/Africa/Asia/Ushuaia for untapped talent, but that might be a little bit expensive.
To be clear: I **really** want Cook to do well
at 17:57 27 Mar 2021

Obviously a great guy and has real spirit. Still time this season.
Ach. KVY injured again.
at 17:54 27 Mar 2021

Good interview from Cook as ever
at 17:51 27 Mar 2021

Being pretty honest, and saying he needs to improve as well.

Slightly different tone to the whole thing. Understandable enough, I guess.
I sense Andre is becoming the whipping boy
at 17:41 27 Mar 2021

which is a shame.
This idea you can make wholesale changes to this squad
at 17:24 27 Mar 2021

based on Evans’ history is probably wrong.

So, do we feel Cook could do something with a handful of new players and a lot of exits?
Really bad start from Cook
at 17:00 27 Mar 2021

Whether this is a good, bad or indifferent squad, Cook has failed to get anything more out of them than Lambert or Gill.

We shouldn’t have been happy with writing this season off. There’s no reason why the Cowleys can turn round Portsmouth but Cook can’t do anything with Town.

Huge pressure from the start of next season. Feeling like Lambert again at the moment.
Brenner literally stifling a yawn there
at 16:55 27 Mar 2021

Very poor start from Cook.
This is a really poor start to the Cook era
at 15:06 20 Mar 2021

I don’t think it’s worth tiptoeing around that fact, or asserting the squad was good enough to at least get in the top 6 under Lambert, but it’s not under Cook.

I’m absolutely not saying Cook should go – that would obviously be absurd – but we should be a lot more demanding than we were under Lambert, who really should have least been under pressure after our relegation season.

I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but if we don’t get in the play-offs we should be asking serious questions.

We don’t need another getting the team playing the right kind of football manager, we just need someone who can get a tune out of the squad. Like Matt Gill did.

On the positive side – I do like Cook and we played well for 25 minutes. And it’s great to see KVY again.
Plymouth are shoite though
at 15:23 13 Mar 2021

To be fair
Dozzell's outside of the foot pass then
at 15:20 13 Mar 2021


Downes bolting the gate shut too 👍
[Post edited 13 Mar 15:21]
Zip, pace and bite
at 15:13 13 Mar 2021

Everything we didn’t have under Lambert. Even Mills sounds excited!
Disappointing, but first game and all that
at 17:43 6 Mar 2021

Not really fair to say it's a rubbish squad and we should get rid of everyone, or that Cook should be doing more. Shame though, I feel a win would have set a charge up, rather than us all feeling a bit deflated again.

So, what do we feel Cook should achieve?

I know there's some fixing to do, but that's the same for most new managers.

For me the minimum is the play offs. I don't want us to be in another Lambert position where we're going on about rebuilding jobs and letting things slide. It's about time we had some expectations.

Incidentally, this site is virtually unusable on a phone.
[Post edited 6 Mar 17:44]
Good morning. We will win today.
at 08:45 6 Mar 2021

Remain unbeaten until the end of the season, and go up as champions.
at 20:31 3 Mar 2021

That’s a very weird start to the email, which is frankly doing my head in.

Not because of the new owner saga (I have no idea what’s going on and in a way don’t feel that bothered), but the whole sense of self-justification and retaining control of the situation. And the weird scope.

Oh well, provided a few minutes’ interest on a Wednesday evening.
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