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Parrott is a proper player isn't he (n/t)
at 22:42 2 Mar 2021

Have to remember Evans is apparently keeping 5%
at 09:06 1 Mar 2021

It's in his interests for us to get promoted this season even after he has sold his majority shareholding. It seems by all accounts as if the takeover is close to being complete but wouldn't surprise me if Cook is in before it does.

Pure speculation but Evans could be due another lump of cash if we do get promoted this season?
Funny how a week can change perceptions...
at 08:49 28 Feb 2021

I'm now looking at the table - we have 17 games left, 14 of which are against teams below us. We've already played 4 of the current top 6 home and away. Already played Oxford/Blackpool home and away and they look the two most upwardly mobile teams.

And crucially change is afoot in the managerial department.

Still here as we speak so presumably in charge again tomorrow now
at 08:04 22 Feb 2021

When will this nightmare end....!
It's actually impossible for him to pull it back from here IMO
at 08:20 10 Feb 2021

Even somehow getting promoted (which he won't) doesn't counter balance the general ill feeling towards him and the complete disdain he has treated the media and in turn the fans with.

It is so clearly the end and every day Evans keeps him here lets the rot set in even further. It's beyond comprehension.
It feels harsh off the back of a poor team performance generally...
at 22:38 9 Feb 2021

but how long are we going to persist with McGuinness making mistakes as a raw, young kid that isn't even ours?

That free kick he gave away was Toto-esque in it's rashness. Such a stupid challenge, late and didn't need to be made. Several times we've been punished from those now.
[Post edited 9 Feb 22:38]
Is it a conscious decision from the club/Evans for PL not to speak?
at 10:22 5 Feb 2021

As every time he opens his mouth he p!sses people off? Or is it that PL is refusing to deal with the local press?

Also thought it was a bit odd we had no comments on the new signings the other day too.
Promotion or bust
at 08:24 2 Feb 2021

With Lambert in charge seems to be the 'plan' - although hard to use that word with Evans. For all the bluff about long term plans etc we are as far away from that as we ever have been. More loans than we can play, our own kids not going to get an opportunity and ultimately we aren't thinking any further ahead than the end of this season at all. We have to go up, I understand that, but we've left the lunatic in charge of the asylum so it all feels a bit redundant.

However, we've accumulated a squad of players that should comfortably make the top 6 from here. If we don't then Evans only has one man to blame - and that's the Scotsman with more lives than a cat. No excuses.

If we don't go up, I really worry about what this club will look like 12 months down the line with contracts expiring and the salary cap taking a stronger hold.
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What hope have we got?
at 09:11 31 Jan 2021

With an owner that truth be told doesn't really want to be here and a manager that doesn't want to be here.

The tone is set at the very top - we are complacent, totally lack leadership, have an excuse culture and would rather erode away at the expectations of the fanbase than admit we have failed and need to do better.

I think even the most ardent of fans and people with genuine love for ITFC inside and outside the club just feel so worn down and powerless right now. It's so so sad.
People still cancelling STs as we speak
at 10:26 28 Jan 2021

But ME will keep pro-longing the inevitable. He's done, get rid.
Virtually every stat you can generate is negative
at 22:28 26 Jan 2021

6 losses in 7 home games
Lost 8 out of 8 against the top 7 this season
As close to the bottom 4 as we are 1st
9 points from last 10 games
19 consecutive games without leading at HT

And that's just this season - it doesn't even take into account the shambles of last year or the weak relegation.

Does Lambert think he's above doing an ITFC press conference now? (n/t)
at 12:10 22 Jan 2021

[Post edited 22 Jan 12:10]
No penalties this season
at 09:17 11 Jan 2021

That sums up how little we have players running at opponents in and around the box and how little activity we have in the penalty box generally. Lincoln have 8 by comparison.
It seems like Evans is going to keep backing him
at 08:40 10 Jan 2021

Thomas on the way in imminently. We want another attacking option too. And PL can't get anywhere near the best out of one of the best squads in the division already.

Lambert has Evans and O'Neill in his back pocket. Injuries, COVID, young team, negativity around the place. All excuses that are being lapped up by an owner that is himself looking for excuses.

The big question for me is who is setting any standards within the club - the answer, nobody. It's a self perpetuating cycle of mediocrity.
[Post edited 10 Jan 8:41]
Woolfenden interview quite telling
at 22:23 9 Jan 2021

Clearly frustrated and biting his tongue a bit. Has a dig about instructions from the sidelines, poor goals conceded and people needing to stop talking and start doing it on the pitch.
[Post edited 10 Jan 8:17]
We deserved that
at 20:44 9 Jan 2021

As that is the type of game we have been winning undeservedly this season - Gillingham, Crewe, Shrewsbury, Burton.

First half was the slow, pedestrian football we have become accustomed to. We seem incapable of starting games quickly. If we come out of the blocks and get an early goal that is a totally different game. Which brings me to why Norwood and Downes weren't starting if they were fit? Get the game won and then get them off - we have 5 subs to play with. Norwood offered 100x more than Drinan and played very well second half.

Taylor talked before the game about us needing creativity but we cannot defend either. We've just conceded 3 goals at home against Swindon - and they looked like scoring every time they came forwards. Ward and Chambers look like two 35 year old full backs - lacking legs, particularly in a system that requires them to get up and down the pitch. McGuiness looks like a naive 19 year old. And Woolfy has regressed monumentally.

We are poorly coached, poorly organised and poorly managed. LAMBERT OUT.

[Post edited 9 Jan 20:46]
at 14:36 31 Dec 2020

Surely they are going to have to take the initiative here and start moving fixtures about? If multiple clubs have games postponed due to opposition COVID cases then games can be arranged without wasting the fixture date?
As people will know, I'm far from PL's biggest fan
at 14:50 22 Dec 2020

but he's spot on about the testing. It's not good enough that it's not being funded or some financial support being given so that club's can be testing players in line with the Premier League protocols.

Whilst club's have strict procedures in place at training grounds and on match days, players are still coming into close proximity on the pitch (as close as you would in any other job!) with others:

a) from different parts of the country - some from higher risk (tier) areas
b) that haven't gone through any proper testing process

Players don't exist in their own football club bubble. They go home to families, they have to undertake day to day duties like the rest of us and they have their own personal circumstances I am sure. One of our players has a partner that works at the Hospital as an example.
I avoided the game completely yesterday
at 10:27 13 Dec 2020

Seen talk that the fans in the ground made their feelings known? How vocal are we talking?
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