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Scapegoat Town 11
at 11:54 17 Nov 2018

Players that were regularly abused by the fans - need a couple of defenders




Who are all these players that Hurst wasn't playing ?
at 20:43 27 Oct 2018

That are going to make such a difference

Nydam, Woofenden and Morris are not getting games on loan and Drinan has scored a single goal

Emmanuel seems to be doing OK but arguably right back is probably our strongest position depth wise with Spence and Donnacian + Crowe in the youths

Maybe Rowe or Folami might get a game but really don't think they are better than anyone we have in the squad already

Unless we can get Huws or Bishop back then I don't see what Lambert can change between no and January in terms of personnel
So who does Klug start with on Saturday
at 17:45 25 Oct 2018

an't see it being all that different from the Leeds team
Does anyone feel sorry for Hurst ?
at 19:57 22 Sep 2018

He’s come into a job that he must have dreamt about getting over there past 5/6 years and he’s been given the opportunity to sign players that he thought were good enough to play further up the league

He was unfortunate that heads were turned on our three better players and that the players out injured last season -Huws, Bishop and Dozzell weren’t ready to go this season

A couple of dodgy red cards and a last min goal from Rotherham have cost us a couple of points and games like today and the Norwich game could easily have gone in our favour

I just wonder if he would be getting as much abuse if they had - if we’d have been sat on 8-10 points would there be as many calls for his head

I can’t say I was impressed with what I saw today but Bolton did to us what we did to Villa

Personally for the sake of the club I would love to see us get a couple of wins in the next 3-5 games so we could get a bit more positivity around here
Is it really all that bad
at 20:48 18 Sep 2018

Having watch the first half and then come on here I expected to see negativity but really - worst team ever ? Worse than anything Jewell or Keane put out - I don't think so

Few players have been poor - Spence, Ward and Chalobah have not been at the races but overall I don't think we have been dominated - they are just a good side who have played the same position since the start of the season and know what they are doing

Personally I would like to see Donacian move to RB with Kenlock in at LB - maybe Edun and Dozzell/Huws (when fit) into midfield but overall I like the shape and hope that Jackson and Harrison can get the chance to build up a partnership
Thoughts on the first half
at 13:11 2 Sep 2018

Team does look like they haven't played together - which they haven't

We look solid at the back - Pennington is a lump and does the right things defensively - Spence is defending well

Midfield - looking overrun - Graham and Edwards too wide - not massively impressed withe Graham in open play but corners have been good - think we'll swap him for Edun soon

Walters looks busy up front but no link up play with Jackson - really need these guys to get some games

Overall two poor mid table teams
Waghorn + Marriot didn't come off the bench today
at 18:18 25 Aug 2018

Shows what a gulf there is between the haves and the have nots in this league

Going to be a long one for us this season - but I haven't seen anything yet that makes me think all is lost - next weeks loan signings - together with getting Huws and Dozzell fit will make a big difference
Desperately unlucky
at 17:51 25 Aug 2018

2nd week in a row that a poor refereeing decision has cost us

We are suffering from changing too many players all at once but there wasn't a great deal of choice - Webster, Waghorn and Garner all wanted to leave so we couldn't stand in their way

I think we were a bit naive with our forward purchases, I have seen enough in the two lads to think that they might still come good but we are missing someone with a bit of Championship wherewithal

Still not going to panic just yet - off the 5 games every single one of them could have had a different result (in our favour) with a bit of luck - we haven't been massively outplayed and I don't think we will be

Those League 1 players looked pretty good today
at 17:47 18 Aug 2018

Thought all of the new signings from the lower leagues looked very good today - considering they were up against a lot of seasoned Prem and Champ players - I know the situation helped but definitely signs that we have some good players there
High player turnover in todays game
at 16:50 21 Jul 2018

Was just looking back through the 'on this day' pages and noticed that of the players given numbers in 2014 - 4 years later only 4 of those players are still at the club and two of them are goalkeepers

I know that this is pretty common for most teams but I am sure if you did the same thing back in the 1970s, 80s and even 90s then that sort of turnover wouldn't be there

Question is, is it a good thing ?
[Post edited 21 Jul 16:51]
Value on Matt Clarke - and do we have a sell on for him
at 16:02 27 Jun 2018

Have heard that Pompey fans think that they got the better of the deal with Webster and know Clarke has been linked to a move up from there as well

Will be interesting to see what he sells for - and Phil (or anyone) - do you know if we have a sell on clause for him ?
Chris Smith & Woolfy
at 15:58 27 Jun 2018

Surely a good chance for one of these two to step up now - Ipswich promoting yoof players is what the fans have been calling for and now we have a chance to do that

Klug thinks highly of the pair of them - as did MM

Couple with the fact that we now have the cash to purchase Nsiala then I am not all that unhappy with Webster moving on - pretty sure he would have gotten a decent pay rise out of it as well so can't deny him that
Two bang average teams with pretty much nothing to play for
at 17:14 17 Mar 2018

Is what we saw today - goal went in their favour but could have just as well gone in ours - we're missing any cutting edge which is no surprise with the injury list of our more talented players - Huws. McGoldrick, Bishop and Dozzell

Players know that there is nothing to play for and that there is every chance that the manager will not be here next season

Just no point in getting worked up about it

For me there is the nucleus of a good team there - spine of Bart-Webster-Huws-Waggy-Garner is a good platform for us to build on next season - we have picked up 52 points this season with very little support for the team or the manager + some horrendous injuries
Current situation
at 16:50 15 Mar 2018

I watched the press conference today and to be honest felt sorry for all involved

The whole debate around Mick's tenure has gotten out of hand. In Mick's defense we are actually having a decent season especially considering the money we have spent. We have had a lot worse seasons over the past 13 years and yet the has been so much negativity this season from the fans

On the reverse of that, Mick is really not helping himself and I think his stubbornness and inability to 'want' to work with the fans has made his position untenable

There is a nucleus of a decent side right now - probably (when fit) one of the best first teams we have had in the last 10 years - and most of that is down to Mick and his signings.

I think from Mick's point of view, he knows this and is mightily annoyed that he isn't getting the recognition - however I can not see how Evans can back him in the summer knowing that season ticket sales will be their lowest for a long time and that the slightest hint of a poor start next season will result in even more protest from the fans

Personally I would like Mick to stay but I think that he, and realistically even most of the people who still support him, know that he has lost the fans and nothing short of a miracle will change that

Sad all round really but can not see anything other than a new manager in place next season
Midfield has worked well so far
at 20:33 21 Feb 2018

Hyam has looked great and think Ward has been everywhere - Skuse typical no nonsense performance

All round a really good game so far
Natives are not happy - Sunderland here for the taking
at 15:50 3 Feb 2018

Sunderland started well but we have been the better team for the last part of the game - they are gone now

Love to see Celina and Carayol running at them
I would love it if Sears scored today
at 14:23 3 Feb 2018

Some of the posts I am reading about Sears today are a disgrace - this is the same old crap that is handed out to a chosen player each year - Knudsen got similar last season and is now one of our better players this season

Not sure why it is so important to single out a player and abuse them - maybe we should just get behind the team that is on the pitch - I am not even sure some people on here actually want us to win anymore as it weakens their hatred to .. Mick, Evans, Sears or whoever else they don't like that day
So much doom & gloom on here
at 14:49 31 Jan 2018

I honestly wonder what would make people happy on transfer deadline day - I am pretty sure that even if we announced the signing of Messi & Ronaldo there would still be people saying we should have given Morris & Patterson a chance instead

I get the fact that we have stagnated and that a lot of clubs around us haven't - I also get that Mick's time with us is probably up but some of the comments I read on here are just thoroughly depressing (and a lot are just plain rubbish)

This season hasn't been all that bad - we have been in the top half for pretty much all of it - we have scored a decent amount of goals and we have also seen the likes of Downes, Nydam and Kenlock make a good number of appearances The midfield has been decimated with injuries and the likes of Bishop, Dozzell, Huws and Adeyemi would have made a lot of difference if a couple had managed to stay fit

I think that we have a nucleus of a good team - Bart-Webster-Huws-Waghorn-Garner and have seen genuine improvement in last seasons whipping boy Knudsen - add in some of the youth teamers and a couple of potential summer signings and we should have a good run next season - would just be nice is the supporters could get behind that
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