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Is the guy that runs the Facebook page Alan Austin on here (n/t)
at 17:52 30 Jun 2020

Ipswich 33/1 (ew 1/5 top 3) - seems big
at 16:02 18 Feb 2020

Based on the weekend's game - and the fact that we may have Kane V-Y back soon then I think that is a pretty good price

Squad is more than capable of going on a decent run - if Keane, Jackson and Norwood can find the back of the net with a bit more regularity then I think we aren't a bad bet

I appreciate results before that haven't gone our way but we have a chunk of home games now and if we keep playing like that we will win the majority of them
at 23:38 1 Feb 2020

Lad has been singled out for a lot of abuse this season but thought he was one of the better players for us out there today (along with Downes) - booking was very unlucky as ref had let a lot worse go and you could see how annoyed he was

Shame as I don't think Donacian can play in that position so we may have to change formation for the next couple of games
[Post edited 1 Feb 23:38]
I like that set up
at 17:17 1 Jan 2020

Thought PL got the formation right today - I would have KVY in place of Edwards when fit - Huws, Dozzell, Downes, Bishop (hopefully) and Skuse all interchangeable and same up top with Norwood, Jackson, Keane and Sears

Good battling point today
[Post edited 1 Jan 18:14]
Bury - What does Steve Dale get from the collapse of the club
at 14:30 22 Aug 2019

I have been looking online but can't see anything obvious - why is he hell bent on letting the club collaspe ? Is it just a case that he is hoping for a knight in shining armour come come flying in during the last couple of days and pay him more for his share than is currently offered ? Or is their some value in the ground or other assets attributed to the club ?
I actually enjoyed that game
at 17:36 17 Aug 2019

A lot better than the dross we had to watch last season

This is a team who have spent more than us this summer and have players used to playing at this level.

I think both Kenlock and Donacian had shockers but overall I liked the way we set up

Don't know why Jackson is getting abuse as he and Norwood worked their tales off - Rowe played well before fading and both Skuse and Downes looked class in midfield

Would love to see Huws in a three - maybe with us playing wing backs once Garburtt is fit again

Really don't understand all the moaning - we'll win at least 2 of the next three games if not all three
Huws & Judge
at 17:04 3 Aug 2019

Looked different class when they came on

Fair play to Kenlock and Donacian who looked a lot better second half

El Miz looks like he had bulked up a bit as well

Overall happy with that - would have taken a draw before the start especially with the players out
Ipswich to sign Welsh International
at 14:31 1 Aug 2019

or Lincoln reject

Guess we can see whose glass is half full and whose is half empty

Lad will do a job I am sure - believe people have lower their expectations as to who we can sign - both from the players desire point of view and also based on the wages we will be offering

We won't be signing CCV any time soon
at 17:17 6 Jul 2019

Did he go out to Germany at all ?
Luton Town
at 20:07 30 Mar 2019

Always had a soft spot for Luton Football Club - we always used to get their results on Anglia News (not sure if that is still the case)

I think if I'd told you a couple of years ago that they would be starting 2019/20 in a league above Ipswich then you wouldn't have believed me

Still goes to show that it isn't all doom and gloom when you go down - and they really went down the leagues
Dylan Connelly moved to Wimbledon
at 18:01 16 Feb 2019

Both he and Shane McLoughlin both played for Wimbleon today - Mick was a big fan at one point
Quaner and Keane
at 13:02 14 Feb 2019

Just been back to watch the highlights and both showed some really good touches throughout the game that were picked up - Keanes little back heal and also the touch on to Jonas at the corner were both good pieces of skill

Would really like to see these tow play together for the next few games - I doubt we'll keep both (or possibly even one of them) if we do get relegated - however it will be good for our midfield to have something to aim at (and the ball won't keep coming back)
at 20:26 7 Jan 2019

Offer him a contract now based on a good 2nd half

Wait another month or so but try and give him some games to prove his fitness

Give up on the guy and let him go free at the end of the season

If you were Lambert what would you do ?
Actually pretty happy with Keane
at 18:00 2 Jan 2019

Especially if it is with a view to a permanent signing.

He is the sort of player we need to be signing about now - someone who wants to prove a point and is hungry to do so. Can anyone really see the likes of Murphy or Gestede in the trenches if things are still going wrong in a couple of weeks - both sat on decent contracts knowing that they will be fine at the end of the season whatever the results
Decent first half
at 15:54 29 Dec 2018

But penalty the sort of thing that goes against you when you are at the bottom - think Jackson is still too lightweight but nearly set up Sears for the equaliser and their keeper made a great save from Trev

All not lost in this game but still massive issues with RB, CM and CF that we desperately need new players

Spence was unlucky and hasn't been as bad a people saying - still needs replacing though as he is the new Town boo-boy
Why is it Cameron's fault ?
at 12:37 12 Dec 2018

So I expect this will get down voted looking at the majority of posts on here but I am struggling to see why David Cameron gets so much of the blame for the current situation

Obviously he was PM and took us into the referendum so from that point of view the buck stops there - however I believe he did it for the right reasons

Back then the UKIP party was getting a lot of support - both from the out and out right wing and also those disenfranchised by the main two parties. They were promising a lot with very little substance but were gaining votes at a local level and looking like doing very well at national level too

So in DCs mind - and I am sure in the mind of most centralists - it was a case of proving that the country did not want to go in this direction - very similar to the Scotland Independence vote - a remain vote would have pretty much undermined anything that UKIP stated was the will of the people

From then on out it should have been up to all of us that wanted to remain to persuade those planning to vote exit that it would not be a good idea. There is no point in whining now and blaming others - we should have done more - we were all too complacent (something I think that Cameron was very guilty of too)

I know of parents of my friends married to European Nationals that voted for exit - I know a lot of well educated people that fell for all the 'anti-immigrant BS' that the exit-ers were spouting because their kids schools and doctors surgeries were full. We all know plenty of people that were not the ignorant, racist bigots that the left likes to portray as those that voted for exit - but yet we did not do enough - so the blame lies with us as much as anyone else

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